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    UOB offers several types of credit cards in various categories. With a UOB card, you’ll qualify for benefits like annual fee waiver, instalment payment plans, and the balance transfer facility. Also, a few UOB credit cards offer you a cash credit when you sign up for a new card.

    You’ll be able to link your card to mobile wallets and make hassle-free contactless transactions. A UOB credit card will help you save on your travel bills, fuel bills, dining, shopping, online, and overseas transactions. You need to be a Singapore citizen/Permanent Resident/foreigner in order to qualify for a UOB credit card.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Get annual fee waiver on some cards.
    • Earn cashback, cash rebates, miles or reward points.
    • Get cash credits when signing up for new cards.
    • Link card to mobile wallets to make contactless payments.
    • Enjoy balance transfer facility.
    • Pay for purchases by choosing instalment payment plans.

    Most Popular UOB Credit Cards and What They Offer

    Find the interest rates, annual fees, and more for each UOB card, in the table below:

    Card Name Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions (p.a.) Interest Rate for Cash Advance Best Suited for
    UOB PRVI Miles Card S$256.80 25.9% p.a. Travel
    UOB Visa Signature Card S$214 25.9% p.a. Online shopping Fuel Contactless transactions
    UOB YOLO Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Dining Online fashion Entertainment
    UOB One Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Shopping Fuel
    UOB Delight Card S$85.60 25.9% p.a. Grocery Contactless transactions Recurring bills Dining
    UOB JCB Card S$64.20 25.9% p.a. Travel to Japan. Shopping for Japanese brands.
    UOB UnionPay Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Dining Entertainment Shopping
    Singtel-UOB Card Free 25.9% p.a. SingTel customers
    Metro-UOB Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Shopping at Metro
    UOB Lady’s Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Fashion Luxury brands Taxi rides
    UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card S$192.60 25.9% p.a. Shopping Entertainment
    UOB Professionals Platinum Card Free 25.9% p.a. Dining Shopping
    UOB Visa Infinite Card S$1,926 25.9% p.a. Private clubs Golf Overseas dining and shopping
    UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card S$406.60 25.9% p.a. Shopping Taxi rides Lifestyle

    The different types of credit cards offered by UOB are:

    UOB Visa Infinite Card
    UOB Visa Infinite Card

    Best Privileged Lifestyle Card

    • 2 miles per dollar on overseas shopping of select luxury brands and dining.
    • Access to exclusive private clubs.
    • Personal concierge service.
    UOB Delight Card
    UOB Delight Card

    Best Grocery Card

    • 3% discount on recurring bills and contactless payments.
    • 10% off more than 4,000 house brands at Giant, Cold Storage and Guardian.
    • 8% rebate at top marts like Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant, and Guardian.
    UOB PRVI Miles Card
    UOB PRVI Miles Card

    Best Miles Card

    • 1.4 miles per S$1 spent locally.
    • 2.4 miles per S$1 spent overseas.
    • 6 miles per S$1 spent on select hotels and airlines.

    Best Card for the Young

    • Up to 3% rebate on online fashion.
    • Up to 13% discount at travel booking websites.
    • Up to 12% rebate on entertainment and dining.
    UOB JCB Card
    UOB JCB Card

    Best Card for Your Japan Trip

    • Up to 6% cash rebate on select Japanese brands.
    • Special promotional offers on your visit to Japan.
    • Free Wi-Fi at more than 200,000 hotspots across Japan.
    UOB UnionPay Card
    UOB UnionPay Card

    Best Card for Duty-Free Shopping

    • 24-hour concierge service.
    • 2% cash rebate on local and overseas spends.
    • Up to 10% discount at more than 100 overseas airport duty-free shops.
    Singtel-UOB Card
    Singtel-UOB Card

    Best Telco Card

    • S$300 worth of Singtel vouchers every year.
    • Up to S$360 cash rebate on Singtel bills every year.
    • MobileShare Supplementary Plan for data, talktime, and SMS bundle.
    UOB One Card
    UOB One Card

    Best Petrol Card

    • Save up to 25.20% on petrol.
    • Up to 5% cash rebate on all spends.
    • Up to 3.33% interest p.a. on savings in UOB One Account with a minimum monthly spend of S$500.
    UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card
    UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card

    Best Online Shopping Card

    • 10 UNI$ or 4 miles per dollar on online shopping.
    • 10 UNI$ or 4 miles per dollar on entertainment.
    • 10 UNI$ or 4 miles per dollar on contactless payments.
    Metro-UOB Card
    Metro-UOB Card

    Best Co-branded Card

    • 10% off merchandise at Metro.
    • 5% Metro$ rebates on purchases made at Metro.
    • Invitation to Double Metro$ Day.


    UOB provides several promotions on its credit cards throughout the year. Check the dedicated UOB promotions page on our website to know more about the latest promotions.

    UOB Rewards Programmes

    The bank offers the following rewards on its cards:

    • SMART$ rebates on UOB One, YOLO, JCB, Preferred Platinum Visa, Visa Signature, Professionals Platinum, and Delight Credit Cards.
    • Metro$ Rebate on Metro-UOB Card.
    • UNI$ reward points on UOB Lady’s Card, UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, Visa Signature, Professionals Platinum, and Preferred Platinum Visa.

    Complimentary Privileges

    Some of the most popular privileges are:

    • Complimentary airport limousine pick-up/drop.
    • Travel butler.
    • Personal concierge service.
    • Special dining experience at Michelin-starred restaurants.
    • One complimentary ticket on purchase of another at select theatres.
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi service at public places on some cards.
    • 20% rebate on items you purchase in your birthday month on some cards.

    UOB Credit Card Hotline: For any assistance or query, call the bank’s 24-hour hotlines from anywhere in the world.

    UOB Cards Eligibility Requirements

    Check the qualifying conditions for Maybank credit cards here:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age Other criteria
    UOB PRVI Miles Card S$30,000 S$40,000 21 NA
    UOB Visa Signature Card S$50,000 S$50,000 21 FD collateral of S$20,000
    UOB Lady’s Card S$30,000 S$40,000 21 Only for women
    UOB Professionals Platinum Card S$30,000 S$40,000 21 FD collateral of S$30,000 acceptable Only Selected professionals
    UOB Visa Infinite Card S$350,000 S$350,000 -  
    UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card S$120,000 S$120,000 - Only for women
    Others S$30,000 S$40,000 - FD collateral of S$30,000 acceptable

    Documents Required

    Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

    Salaried employee:
    • Photocopy of NRIC (both sides).
    • Recent 3 months’ computerised salary slips.
    • Latest 12 months’ CPF contribution history statement along with latest computerised salary slips OR
    • Latest IRAS Tax Bill with computerised salary slips or 12 months’ CPF contribution history statement.
    • Photocopy of the NRIC (both the sides).
    • Most recent copy of your IRAS Tax Bill.


    • Passport with at least 6 months’ validity.
    • Employment pass (Q pass or EP with at least 6 months’ validity).
    • Most recent telephone or utility bills with proof of your residential address.
    • Most recent computerised salary slips OR
    • Most recent IRAS Tax Bill along with latest computerised salary slips OR
    • Letter from company or employer certifying your employment and your 3 months’ salary details.

    Loan on UOB Credit Cards

    Facing a cash crunch? UOB allows you to borrow on your card. The UOB credit cards personal loan offer is available to all principal cardholders with a few exceptions.

    UOB Credit Card
    • You can borrow a minimum of S$1,000. However, the bank has a final say in the matter.
    • You can borrow up to 95% of your available credit limit.
    • Application will be processed in three to five business days.
    • Early redemption charge is 3% of the outstanding loan amount or S$150, whichever is higher.
    • The bank has to be notified at least 30 calendar days if you want to prepay.
    • Reward points won’t be awarded on transactions related to this plan.

    Security Features

    UOB makes transactions made on your card safe by:

    • Sending you SMS alerts after every successful transaction.
    • Using 3-D Secure protocol to authenticate your online transactions.
    • Making you enter a one-time password for internet purchases.

    UOB Increase Credit Limit

    For a temporary credit limit increase on your card, call the bank’s hotline. It may only be allowed for the following purposes:

    • Medical emergencies.
    • Overseas travel.
    • Weddings.
    • On compassionate grounds.

    Things to Know About UOB Credit Cards

    How to Redeem Points?

    Through Internet Banking/Calling the Hotline or Instant Redemption

    UOB offers reward points in the form of UNI$. You can exchange these UNI$ for dining, travel, entertainment and shopping vouchers. To redeem, you must have an internet banking account. Once you sign in, you can search for vouchers by merchants, UNI$ range or any of the seven categories. Alternatively, you can call on the 24-hour customer service hotline and redeem your rewards. UOB also has an Instant Rewards programme which lets you redeem your vouchers instantly at more than 4,000 stores and restaurants.

    How to Redeem Miles?

    Through the Mobile App

    You can convert your UNI$ to either Asia or KrisFlyer miles at the conversion rate of 1 UNI$1 to 2 air miles. An administrative fee of S$25 will be charged by the bank per conversion. You can get in touch with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer helpline or Asia Miles helpline to get an update regarding the conversion. You can also convert the reward points for Scoot and Jetstar vouchers. You can browse through the mobile app and redeem your reward points on the go.

    How to Use the Internet Banking Login?

    With the UOB Personal Internet Banking, you can do the following:

    • Access eStatements for the past five years.
    • Pay your bills to multiple billing organisations.
    • Receive UniAlerts for credit card bill payments and account activities.
    • Transfer funds through a mobile number and withdraw the money from any UOB ATM.

    How to Check Unbilled Transactions?

    Through Internet or Phone Banking

    You can check your unbilled transaction either through personal internet banking or phone banking.

    How to Check the Reward Points Earned?

    Through Phone Banking/Internet Banking of UOB or Call Customer Service

    You can check your earned rewards points through the following ways:

    • Sign into your phone banking account and follow the instructions.
    • Log into your personal internet banking account and follow the instructions.
    • Call their 24-hour customer service hotline and follow the automated instructions.

    How to Check the Points and Miles That Are About to Expire on Your UOB Card?

    Through UniAlerts/Phone Banking/Call UOB’s Customer Service or the Airline’s Helpline

    To check the UNI$ and air miles that are about to expire on your card, you can do any of the following:

    • Log into your phone banking account to check for expiry dates.
    • Register for UniAlerts through internet banking to receive the latest updates on your card.
    • Call the customer service hotline or the specific airline’s helpline to speak to an executive.

    How to Pay Taxes Using UOB Bank's Credit Cards?

    Through Internet or Phone Banking

    You can pay your taxes via GIRO payment mode through internet banking. Alternatively, you can pay your tax amount through phone banking as well. However, note that IRAS does not accept credit card payments directly due to high transaction costs.

    Is There a Mobile App?

    Yes, You can download the UOB Mighty app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and pay at over 50,000 terminals. Simply link your credit card to the mobile app and start paying by scanning the QR at the participating outlet. With this app, you can get competitive FX rates, exclusive dining offers, special credit card deals, among others.

    Can You Transfer Funds from the Cards to an Account?


    You can transfer funds from your credit card to any account at 0% interest rate with UOB Funds Transfer:

    • You can apply for this service through internet banking or by submitting an online form.
    • You can choose your repayment tenure ranging from 3 to 18 months with a low processing fee starting from 1.49%.
    • This service also allows you to pay a minimum amount of 3% of the outstanding amount or S$50, whichever is more.

    How to Check Status of My Requests?

    Through Phone or Internet Banking or Call Customer Service

    To check the status of your requests, you can do any of the following:

    • Call the customer service hotline.
    • Sign into your phone banking account.
    • Log into your personal internet banking account.

    How to Make Payment Using Cheques?

    The cheque must be crossed and made payable to UOB Card Centre. Write the credit card number and the amount you want to pay on the back on the cheque and Payment Advice. You can either drop this cheque at any UOB Quick Cheque Deposit box or download the business envelope from the website and mail the cheque to the bank.

    How to Convert Bill to Instalment Payment Plans

    With UOB SmartPay, you can convert your high bill amount of S$500 into affordable instalments with a one-time processing fee of 3% or 5%. You can select tenures of 3, 6 or 12 months at 0% interest. Convert purchases to this plan through the following channels:

    • SMS
    • Online form
    • Personal Internet Banking

    Note: You will not earn UNI$ on purchases converted to this plan.

    About UOB Bank

    UOB has been a long time staple when it comes to banking in Singapore, a feat that has been a result of their consistent performance and dedication to serving their customers. With over 80 years of experience, UOB has amassed the necessary skill sets to provide innovative banking products and solutions to its large customer base. Among their impressive assortment of banking products, their credit cards seem to be a popular choice. When it comes to credit cards, UOB has carefully curated a list of cards that cater to different segments of its consumer base. Cardholders can find a card for almost every type of expense they may come across. UOB credit cards can be divided broadly into different categories such as Dining, shopping, rewards cards, cashback cards, and travel credit cards. UOB credit cards might be heavy on the features but aren’t heavy on the price tag. Affordability of the cards have been kept in mind and the annual fees of the cards are priced moderately with the exception of a few elite and exclusive cards. Cardholders can also expect an annual fee waiver on the card for the first year. If the benefits and price tag weren’t enough incentive to opt for a UOB credit card, the joining promotions are sure to change anyone’s mind. Joining promotions are kept practical and almost every card offers a joining promotion of S$80 worth of cash credit. Regardless of the lifestyle or preferences, UOB has a card for everyone.

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