Wise Traveller Travel Insurance Singapore Review

The Wise Traveller provides travel insurance with the help of Allianz Global Assistance and Tokio Marine Insurance, and is not an insurer on its own. It offers an annual plan for global travellers who are 65 years old and below. This plan can only be accessed by The Wise Traveller club’s members.  It offers comprehensive cover in United States Dollar (US$) for annual plans, should you be making multiple trips in a year and want your travels to be cost-effective and economical, The Wise Traveller only provides one standard plan for all its members, which comes with discounts for over 100,000 hotels globally, and other exclusive travel offers.

Standard plan

This policy comes in one annual multi-trip plan. The coverage varies from individual to group, and includes family cover as well for those looking to travel with their loved ones to any destination across the world.

The Wise Traveller: Travel Insurance Plan Key Highlights

  • US$500 provided as loss of travel documents and passport coverage.
  • US$500 provided as emergency dental coverage.
  • US$7,500 trip cancellation coverage.

For a standard plan, The Wise Traveller plan offers a comprehensive cover for loss of baggage at US$ 3,500. Additionally, it also offers unlimited emergency evacuation coverage. Get coverage of up to US$7,500 for travel inconvenience. This makes it a good option for those who routinely suffer from baggage delays, lost travel documents or passports, and trip cancellations, while travelling across the globe on business or for leisure. Get up to US$200 in case your money is stolen while on your trip. And lastly, you’ll get coverage of up to US$750,000 for personal liabilities.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
US$ 150,000 US$225,000 US$750 US$750 US$3,500

What You Can Expect from Wise Traveller Travel Insurance

Plan/Coverage The Wise Traveller
Type of trip cover Annual Multi-trip
Medical expense cover in Singapore US$5,000
Emergency medical evacuation cover Unlimited
Travel inconvenience cover* Up to US$7,500
Pre-existing medical conditions cover Not Available
Pregnancy cover Not Available
Personal liability cover US$750,000

*Travel inconvenience cover includes: trip cancellation, change of trip itinerary, trip postponement, missed connections, delayed departure, loss of baggage, delayed baggage, and loss of passport or travel documents, among others.

What Is Not Covered: General Exclusions

  • Any pregnancy or childbirth related complications.
  • Any damage, injury, or loss resulting from the influence of alcohol, medication, or non-prescription drugs.
  • Any travel to, in, or through Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Syria, or Cuba.
  • Any HIV and/or HIV-related conditions.
  • Any illegal or unlawful acts of detention, confiscation, or destruction by customs, or any other authorities.
  • Any loss, liability, or damage arising from any pre-existing medical condition, directly or indirectly.
  • Any damage, loss, or injury directly resulting from a mental problem or insanity.
  • Any participation in professional sports where you stand to get monetary rewards.
  • Any loss, liability, or damage caused due to negligence or a willful act on your part.
  • Any intentional self-inflicted injury whether it be suicide or attempted suicide - while insane or sane.
  • Continuing with your trip while having been advised against it by a medical practitioner in Singapore.
  • Any extreme sports from parachuting, paragliding, hang-gliding, skydiving, and BASE jumping, to cave diving, and free flying, etc.
  • Any claim derived from, or related to, the hospitalisation or death of any individual aged 65 or older, who is not on the certificate of insurance.

Things To Consider Before Getting This Travel Insurance Plan

No Single trip plans available

This travel insurance policy only offers annual trip plans. Therefore, if you’re looking for coverage for a single trip, this policy will not be beneficial to you.

Pre-existing conditions

In the event that you suffer from complications arising from a pre-existing medical condition while overseas, you will not be covered by The Wise Traveller travel insurance.

Emergency medical evacuation

This travel insurance plan offers unlimited emergency medical evacuation coverage, which comes in useful should you find yourself in any situation that requires you to be airlifted or transported by other means to an emergency care facility.


Any claims arising due to pregnancy, childbirth or any related complications while on your trip overseas, Wise Traveller will not pay.

Unauthorised credit card charges

This plan does provide some coverage for the fraudulent usage of your credit cards. This means that in the event they get stolen, you will not be held entirely responsible should your card be maxed out in the process.

How You Can Buy The Wise Traveller Travel Insurance

  • You can purchase The Wise Traveller travel insurance online by visiting The Wise Traveller website and choosing from 5 worldwide plans.
  • After paying for your membership to their program, you can determine which rewards you would like to take advantage of, from private hotel rates, to travel discounts, and other exclusive member benefits.
  • How To File Travel Insurance Claim

    Offline Travel Insurance Claim

    To file a claim with The Wise Traveller, you must first download the claims form available on their website. Then follow the instructions under “Option 2”. Complete the necessary details on the printed form and then mail it with the supporting documents to the following address within 30 days upon returning to Singapore:

    Allianz Global Assistance

    12 Marina View,

    #14-01 Asia Square Tower 2,

    Singapore 018961

    Note: If you are thinking of submitting a dental or a medical claim, you will have to mail the original documentation, as well as a copy of the acknowledgement email, to the Allianz Global Assistance address provided above.

    You can view the complete list of supporting documents needed to file a successful travel claim here.

    Online Travel Insurance Claim

    You may submit your claim online for added convenience. Please ensure you have your Wise Traveller member number on hand, along with your supporting documentation. You also submit it via via mail.

    Documents To Be Submitted

    For medical and dental expenses claim:

    • An itemised account(s)/receipt(s) of the costs incurred.
    • Medical report, hospital records, dental report, etc. as applicable to be submitted.
    • In case of minor injury or illness, you must provide a medical certificate without which the claim will not be processed.

    Loss/damage of luggage or personal effects:

    • Flight tickets and baggage tags.
    • Receipts confirming proof of ownership.
    • For damage to personal belongings, quotation for repairs to be submitted.
    • In case of loss/theft of baggage, a police report, PIR or Property Irregularity Report from the airline, a letter from the hotel, etc. as applicable to be provided.
    • In case you received a compensation from the airline, a stating the same to be submitted.

    For trip cancellation:

    • Contact details of your travel agent along with a letter containing all the travel charges incurred. This should include all charges paid and any amount reimbursed.
    • All the terms and conditions pertaining to your booking arrangements.
    • Documents detailing the reason(s) for your trip cancellation.
    • In case of trip cancellation on medical grounds, a medical certificate completed and issued by your doctor or dentist who suggested the cancellation should be submitted.
    • In case the cancellation occured due to death, the death certificate is to submitted.

    Wise Traveller Travel Insurance Hotline

    Customer service +65 3158 3598
    Emergency travel assistance helpline +65 6327 2215
    Email address [email protected]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is there an age restriction for The Wise Traveller travel insurance policy?

    A. Yes. The current Wise Traveller travel insurance policy covers all members who are up to 65 years old. Should you be any older than 65 years of age, no coverage will be provided.

    Q. To which countries will I be able to travel to, given the policy provides global coverage?

    A. If you have the Wise Traveller Secure policy, most countries are covered. Only a few countries are excluded due to security issues and general political instability. Currently they include Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia, Iran, Syria, and Sudan.

    Q. How many trips can I take every year with my Wise Traveller membership under the current travel cover?

    A. Your policy is valid for as many trips as you would like to take throughout the membership year. Regardless of whether you choose to travel once a year on vacation or travel every week on business, you will be covered. This is especially true in the event that you encounter medical emergencies, accidents, emergency evacuations, or any other travel inconveniences while abroad. Add to that the travel discounts and exclusive offers you are eligible to receive every year with your membership.

    Q. Will The Wise Traveller travel insurance plan cover my entire trip or do I need to purchase additional insurance?

    A. Yes. Your entire trip will be covered with one travel insurance policy for as long as the trip lasts, as long as it falls under 90 days. Your travel insurance coverage begins on the date of your departure from Singapore and lasts for the duration of your trip. Your coverage will end on the day you arrive back in Singapore for that trip exclusively. As a Wise Traveller member, you will have coverage throughout the year for as long as your membership is valid and current.

    Q. Will my family be able to travel overseas without me?

    A. Yes. The Wise Traveller travel insurance program provides a family subscription option where each family member acts as an individual member on the plan. This allows any individual on your plan to travel independently. Each family member is given the full benefits that come with the plan and there is no limits on benefits based on the family size, age, or family relationship, etc. That being the case, each individual family member can enjoy full travel coverage and the accompanying benefits from the plan every time they choose to travel.

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