UOI Travel Insurance Singapore Review

Are you going on a long holiday? If yes, you can get complete peace of mind with the travel insurance offered by United Overseas Insurance known as Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance. With this insurance policy, you can enjoy your trip instead of worrying about any unpleasant incidents. With this policy, you will get cover for house burglaries while you are away on your trip. You will also be covered for credit card frauds.

Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance: Silver Plan Key Highlights

  • Adults who are 70 years old and above will get up to S$75,000 for accidental death and permanent disablement.
  • Adults below 70 years of age will get up to S$300,000 for public conveyance.
  • Get a hospital confinement benefit of up to S$5,000 if you are hospitalised overseas.

If you only require a basic plan that covers all the necessary benefits, you can opt for the Silver Plan. You will not enjoy any frills with this plan such as coverage for damage to your sporting goods while you are on your trip or coverage for a pet shelter. However, if there is a burglary in your house while you are on your foreign trip, you will get up to S$3,000 with this plan. If your flight is hijacked, you will receive up to S$3,000. If you lose your travel documents or cash while you are overseas, you will receive up to S$3,000.


Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$150,000 Up to S$250,000 Up to S$500 Up to S$500 Up to S$3,000

Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance: Gold Plan Key Highlights

  • Adults who are 70 years old and above will get up to S$125,000 for permanent disablement or accidental death.
  • Get a hospital confinement benefit of up to S$10,000 if you are hospitalised overseas.
  • Get a credit card indemnity benefit of up to S$1,000.

If you do not want to take any chances whatsoever when you go on a trip, you can opt for the Gold Plan. With this plan, you will get a higher amount on almost all major covers. For example, if you want to get treatment from a Chinese medicine practitioner while you are overseas, you will get up to S$300. If you want to call someone because of an emergency, you will receive up to S$200. You will get unlimited benefits for repatriation of mortal remains. If one of your family members wishes to see you while you are hospitalised overseas, you will get up to S$5,000.    

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$250,000 Up to S$500,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$5,000

What You Can Expect From Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance

Plan/Maximum Coverage Silver Gold
Medical expense cover in Singapore S$15,000 S$30,000
Emergency medical evacuation Unlimited Unlimited
Travel inconvenience cover S$5,000 S$10,000
Pre-existing medical conditions NA NA
Woman’s benefit NA NA
Personal liability cover S$500,000 S$1 million
Additional cover Home protection, hijacking, terrorism Rental vehicle excess, home protection

What is Not Covered: General Exclusions

  • You get injured or sick because of an act of terrorism involving nuclear or chemical weapons during your foreign trip.
  • You take part in military, air force or naval operations or if your work involves handling harmful substances like explosives.
  • Unexplained losses during your time away from Singapore.
  • You try to commit suicide or harm yourself in any way deliberately.
  • Mysterious disappearances while you are abroad.   
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS or other related illnesses.
  • You travel to a foreign country against your doctor’s advice.
  • You are involved in a sporting activity or other risky sports such as car racing, rock climbing, mountaineering, underwater activities and more.

Things to Consider Before Getting Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance

  • You cannot enrol for an annual multi-trip plan if you are over 60 years old.
  • A child cannot be a part of the annual-multi trip plan.
  • The cover offered to people over 70 years of age is much less compared to adults below 70.
  • The cost of the insurance premium is based on which part of the world you intend to visit. For instance, with Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance, there are three major regions- ASEAN, Asia and Worldwide.

Here’s How You Can Buy Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance

You can purchase Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance policy online by getting a quote. There is a step-by-step procedure that requires you to enter your personal details, the number of insured persons, the total number of countries you wish to travel, type of plan you want to choose, and the travel duration. Once you have entered all the relevant details, you can proceed to make the payment.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

If you wish to make a claim, you will have to download the claim form from the website. Once you fill in all your personal and travel details, you will have to mail the form along with other necessary documents such as medical reports, police reports, bill receipts and other documents to the claims agent, Broadspire by Crawford & Company.

You can also get in touch with United Overseas Insurance at 6632 8639 during business hours. You must also notify United Overseas Insurance of all your claims within 31 days once the policy expires.

UOI Travel Insurance Hotline

If you need any assistance regarding your travel insurance, you can call the following hotline numbers:

Phone number (65) 6632 8639, 62227733
Email address [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Anything other like fax (65) 6632 8040

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the eligibility requirements to purchase a Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance?

A.  If you wish to purchase the Unisure Leisure Travel Insurance, you will have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be a Singaporean/Permanent Resident/foreigner with a valid work employment pass/dependent pass/work permit/student pass.
  • Your foreign trip must start and end in Singapore.
  • You must have a domicile in Singapore.

Q. Can I purchase a Unisure policy after I leave Singapore?

A. No, you must purchase a Unisure insurance policy before leaving Singapore. If you buy a policy once you are on your trip, the contract will not be applicable.

Q. Will I get any refund if I cancel my policy after the policy is activated online?

A. You will not get any refund for a single-trip policy if the Certificate of Insurance is issued. In the case of an annual multi-trip plan, you will get the refund subject to short period rates mentioned in the policy.

Q. Can I purchase a Unisure Insurance Policy for a one-way trip?

A. No, United Overseas Insurance does not offer an insurance policy for a one-way journey.

Q. Can I purchase a Unisure Insurance Policy if I am 18 years old?

A. Yes. You can purchase a Unisure Insurance (Single Trip) Policy if you are 18 years old as there is no age limit. However, the cover offered to people who are 70 years or older will be much less than adults below 70 years old.

Q. How much time will it take to receive my insurance documents once I apply online?

A. You will receive all your insurance documents within five business days from the day your application was confirmed. You can also opt for just the soft copies of your document that you will receive on your registered email.

Q. When will I know if my online purchase has been successfully made or not?

A. Once you make the payment, you will get a copy of your Certificate of Insurance on your registered email. If you have also entered your mobile number, you will get a text message informing you about the successful online application.

Q. Who all are included under the family plan?

A. Under the family plan, you and your spouse will be covered together with any number of dependent children (below 18 years of age). Your dependent child who is over 18 years of age will also be covered if he/she is studying in a recognised university in Singapore.

Q. How will the premium be calculated?

A. Your travel insurance premium will be calculated based on the plan you choose and the number of days in your trip.

Q. Will I get any premium discount for my child?

A. Yes, you will get a discount of 25% on single-trip premiums with Silver and Gold Plans, only if the child is with you for the whole trip.

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