Etiqa Travel Insurance Claims

Etiqa provides various insurance services to its customers. Etiqa’s insurance policies cover motor accidents, property, hospitalisation benefits, personal accidents, and travel. Etiqa’s travel insurance policy stands out in the market as it not only combines a comprehensive array of benefits, but is also quite affordable. There are essentially 2 travel insurance policies offered by Etiqa - ePROTECT travel and Travelcare Plus.

The ePROTECT travel policy is available for different journey types, be it single trip or yearly multi-trips. It has coverage plans for individuals, families, or groups. The benefits can also be categorised based on 3 different packages – Basic, Economy, or Business. The policies also earn you a discount of 51% on single-trip plans, and of 35% on annual plans.

Travelcare Plus is available exclusively for Maybank customers. The policy covers medical expenses, financial losses, and travel inconveniences. Besides, it comes with a 24-hour assistance when you plan trips to destinations abroad.

Documents Required to Make a Claim

The following documents are necessary in order to make the claim:

  • A document that shows proof of journey. It could be in the form of boarding pass or air tickets
  • A copy of insurance certificate, which is needed for group policies.

Making Claims for Etiqa Travel Insurance

Making claims for an Etiqa travel insurance policy is a fairly simple process. Take note of a few relevant conditions before you go ahead and make that claim:

  • The policyholder must contact the team dedicated to Etiqa Claims to know about the procedure for claiming travel insurance in case of an incident. The claim must be made within the working hours, i.e. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • There’s another way where the policyholder can download the Claim Form, complete it, and submit it along with other supporting documents. The list of documents consists of either a medical certificate, medical reports, original medical bills, airport irregularity report, Letter of Administration or Probate, or a police report lodged abroad.
  • The policy brings in a Loss Adjuster who undertakes the investigation for a travel claim, in instances that involve the death of a person.
  • The claim will be processed once it’s found submitted in order, and the required payment will be made to the insured person. This also takes into account cases involving the Loss Adjuster.
  • If you have a TiqConnect account, the payment against the claim will be credited the next working day into your eWallet.
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