How To Make A Travel Insurance Claim

How you prepare a travel insurance claim can make a huge difference on the amount you get as compensation, especially if you do not have all the supporting documents with you. The process of making a claim requires detailed preparation of all the relevant documents and it often varies from one insurer to another. There are different types of travel insurance claims, the most common among them being travel inconvenience claim, medical expenses claim, and death and permanent disability claim. You will require different documents for each condition.

Most insurance companies in Singapore require you to submit a travel insurance claim form online which you will have to submit within 30 days of the incident. For example, with AIG travel insurance, you will have to submit the finished form and the necessary documents within 30 days of the event which might give rise to a claim. With AIG, you can either submit the form online, through the online claims portal or you can send a mail by post to the travel claims department.

In addition to the claim form, you will also have to submit your complete travel itinerary and a copy of your passport. If all your documents are in order, your claim will be settled within 10 working days. However, if the insurer requires more clarification, the time taken to settle your claim may go beyond 10 working days.

Things to Do When Making a Travel Insurance Claim

  • With respect to medical claims, you must ensure that you have all the relevant medical bills and medical reports that clearly state what happened during your trip and how much you had to spend.
  • When it comes to a liability claim, you must not make any offer or admission and you must ensure that any claim made against you is put in writing.
  • For any sort of baggage or travel delay, you must get the right documents from the airline stating the reason for the delay, period of delay and the flight number. In the case of checked-in baggage loss or theft, you must report to the airline straightaway and make a claim to them. Also, make sure you file a police report and get a copy of the same. You must also get a damage/loss of baggage report from the airline.
  • If you have lost your passport, you must report the incident to the concerned local authority and get a written acknowledgement.  
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Required Documents to Submit in Support of Your Claim

Together with your online claim form, you must submit all the relevant documents that your insurers will require to verify your claim. There are different documents for different types of claims:

  • For medical expenses, you will have to submit the doctor’s memo or the inpatient discharge summary or the medical report. Additionally, you must submit the original medical receipts and bills.
  • If car rental excess is covered, you will have to submit the car rental agreement, original repair receipt, and the damage report.
  • For all personal liability incidents abroad, you will require the details of the third party involved, original receipts, any communication received from a third party, and the details of your solicitor.
  • If you are involved in a personal accident abroad, you will require a copy of the grant of probate, a death certificate (in case of death), birth certificate (if your child is involved in the accident), police report, and medical reports.
  • If your baggage is delayed in transit, you will require travel itineraries, acknowledge receipt, and the boarding pass.
  • If your flight gets delayed, you will have to submit your travel itinerary, boarding pass, and an airline letter.
  • If your trip is delayed or cancelled, you must submit the original receipt or invoice of purchasing the extra air ticket and any document that supports the unanticipated circumstances that led to the curtailment or cancellation.
  • If your personal effects are damaged, lost or stolen, you will have to submit original repair receipts, any compensation letter that you received from the hotel, airline or other parties, original purchase receipts, property irregularity report, and the police report.
  • If you become a victim of fraudulent credit card usage or if your money is lost or stolen, you must submit the bank investigation result, written confirmation from the bank about the fraudulent credit card use and the police report.

Pro-Tips That You Can Use When Making a Travel Insurance Claim

Here are some of the steps that you can take while making a travel insurance claim:

  • Inform your insurer as soon as you are back from your trip if you wish to make a claim.  
  • Many insurers will have separate forms for making different claims, so while you are filling up the form online, make sure it is the right form.
  • If you do not wish to have your claims process delayed, make sure you have all your supporting documents ready.
  • Do not wait for long if you have not heard from your insurer after you have submitted the claim. You should not wait for more than two weeks.
  • Make sure you file an appeal if you are not convinced with the compensation amount you received.

Most travel insurance providers will keep you updated about your claim by email or by post. If you wish to find the status of your claim, you can call the 24-hour travel claims hotline number. Some insurers also offer a chat facility on the website for any enquiries that you can make use of.  

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