AXA travel insurance claim

AXA is one of the prominent insurance providers in Singapore. You can make a claim very easily by filling the form and uploading the necessary documents to support your claim.

Making a travel insurance claim

  • To make a claim, you need to visit the website. The claim form asks you for basic information like the name of the policyholder and the policy or certificate number.
  • You also need to fill in your contact details as well as your NRIC/FIN number.
  • You need to fill in the details of the travel dates and the date of loss and location of loss, and select the type of accident. Choose whichever is applicable to you.
  • It also asks for a detailed description of how the incident occurred and the amount you want to claim.
  • Suppose you have involved another party in the claim, you would need to mention that as well.
  • Fill in your bank account details to make the transfer easier for them.
  • You would be required to sign a declaration saying all the above information is true, an authorisation giving consent to discuss your medical condition with the insurer, that is AXA and a Customer's Data Privacy Consent which allows AXA to use and store your personal information.

Documents required to file a travel insurance claim

Furnishing documents to support your claim is mandatory while making a claim. The documents include proof of travel such as the flight tickets or boarding pass and the filled out travel insurance claim form. Apart from that, the other documents to submit will depend on the kind of claim you make. It could be any of the following:

  • Medical report or death certificate for trip cancellation, trip postponement, replacement of traveller, and accidental death or Total Permanent Disability.
  • Along with medical report and death certificate, you also need to provide a post mortem report, investigation report and police report, if applicable.
  • For all your medical expenses overseas, submit the medical invoice, discharge summary, and medical report.
  • For baggage-related claims, you need to submit documents stating the compensation paid by the airlines, a copy of flight itinerary in case of delay, photographs to show the kind of damage, and police report in case of thefts.
  • A copy of flight itinerary is useful to make claims for trip postponement, cancellation, delay, diversion, missed connections and overbooking.
  • If you lose your credit card while on travel, you need to file a complaint with the local police as well as inform the credit card company. Retain a copy of the report to make a claim.
  • AXA also covers loss of sports equipment on travel. If this happens, keep a copy of the police report and receipt of the replacement made.
  • In case you contracted Influenza A on travel, you would be quarantined. AXA Travel Insurance provides a quarantine allowance if you submit a medical report from a doctor overseas.
  • AXA also provides coverage in case of unfortunate hijacking of your airplane. In such a case, you would need a letter from the airline confirming the incident and the time period of the said hijack.
  • Since tourists are a soft target, if you are kidnapped and held hostage overseas, you need to file a complaint with the police and submit a copy of the same to AXA.
  • AXA also provides home care benefits that means if your home was robbed while you were away, you will be covered if you provide photographs of all the items that were damaged. You could also submit the receipts of these items.

Uploading the applicable documents

  • Once you have these documents ready, you have to upload them. Make sure they are not more than 3MB in size and are in xls, .xlsx, .docx,.doc,.jgp,.gif, .png, .jpeg, or .pdf, .txt format.
  • You could fill either the e-form or download the PDF. In case you want to submit the hard copy of the form, you need to submit the form along with the documents to AXA to an agent.

Wait for approval

The next step is dependant on the Claims specialist who will check the validity of your claims. If they find your claims as valid, you will be compensated under your insurance cover.

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