Aviva Travel Insurance Singapore Review

If you are one of the clever ones who knows that things just might not go according to plan while on vacation, Aviva Travel Insurance might be just what you need. Aviva Travel Insurance is not your run-of-the-mill insurance. It comes in 3 plans that have extensive coverage for golf and extreme sports enthusiasts. It is also great for travellers looking to celebrate their wedding overseas. If your trip abroad will include any recreational components, be sure you consider this travel insurance. Compared to other general travel insurance, it maximises value for money and coverage - making it a good option for savvy travellers looking to go on vacation.

Aviva Travel Insurance: Travel Lite Key Highlights

  • S$1,000 accidental dental expenses coverage while overseas and in Singapore.
  • Up to S$3,000 loss of travel documents and passport.
  • Up to S$10,000 provided as hospital income overseas and up to S$600 in Singapore.  

The Aviva Travel Lite plan is a basic insurance plan for those not looking to splurge on insurance, but want their most important bases covered. It includes the essentials, but does not go on to cover scenarios like trip cancellation for any reasons and unauthorised usage of your credit cards should they be stolen while you are on vacation. In addition to that, you may find it difficult to change the dates on which you are travelling should some emergency arise, because that scenario is not covered either. Overall, it provides the bare necessities of travel insurance to give you some peace of mind while travelling abroad.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
S$50,000 S$250,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$3,000

Aviva Travel Insurance: Travel Plus Key Highlights

  • S$2,000 change of travel dates coverage for any reason.
  • Up to S$5,000 loss of travel documents and passport.
  • Up to S$50,000 provided as hospital income overseas and up to S$1,000 in Singapore.  

The Aviva Travel Plus plan is a mid-tier plan that provides greater coverage for all your travel insurance needs while you are overseas. While it covers some of the basics like loss of passport or any other travel documents, and trip cancellation  - it ups the ante by providing coverage should you need to change your travel dates or make changes in your trip itinerary. The only category is does not provide adequate coverage for is in the case that your credit cards are lost or stolen abroad and you need financial assistance in recovering from any unauthorised charges on them.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
S$100,000 Up to S$2 million Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$5,000

Aviva Travel Insurance: Travel Prestige Key Highlights

  • S$5,000 loss of passport or travel documents coverage.
  • S$8,000 accidental dental expenses coverage while overseas and in Singapore.
  • Up to S$50,000 provided as hospital income overseas and up to S$6,000 in Singapore.

The Aviva Travel Prestige Plan is a top-tier plan that provides comprehensive coverage for all your conceivable travel insurance needs. It sets itself apart from other providers in that it delivers unlimited Overseas Medical Expenses coverage. Also, it provides the maximum coverage for Personal Liability, at S$2 million, when compared to the other two plans. This is in the event that someone, or more than one person, is injured and you need emergency financial assistance in covering any expenses as a result, such as the claimant's expenses and legal fees. And finally, should your credit cards get stolen while you are on your trip, this plan promises S$1,000 in coverage on top of everything else.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
S$500,000 Unlimited Up to S$2,000 Up to S$2,000 Up to S$8,000

Aviva Travel Insurance Promotions

  • Single Trip: Until 31 December 2018, enjoy up to 20% off on all your single trips when you apply code: “TTALLNEW”.
  • Discount for NSF Personnel: You could enjoy a 30% discount on your travel plans if you or an immediate family member has an active MINDEF/MHA Group Term Life policy with Aviva.
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Comapare Aviva Travel Insurance Plans

Plan/Coverage Aviva Travel Lite Aviva Travel Plus Aviva Travel Prestige
Type of trip cover Single/Annual Single/Annual Single/Annual
Accidental death and TPD cover S$50,000 S$100,000 S$500,000
Medical expense cover in Singapore S$10,000 S$50,000 S$80,000
Overseas medical expense cover S$250,000 S$2 million Unlimited
Emergency medical evacuation S$250,000 S$2 million Unlimited
Travel inconvenience cover* Up to S$5,000 Up to S$15,000 Up to S$20,000
Pre-existing medical conditions Not available Not available Not available
Pregnancy cover Up to S$1,000 Up to S$5,000 Up to S$8,000
Personal liability cover S$250,000 S$1 million S$2 million
Fraudulent use of credit card cover Not available Not available S$1,000
Extreme water sports cover Up to S$250,000
Winter sports cover Up to S$250,000
Wedding & photo shoot cover Up to S$1 million
Golf holiday cover Up to S$2,000

*Travel inconvenience cover includes: trip cancellation, trip postponement, change of travel dates, change of trip itinerary, delayed departure, overbooked mode of transportation, missed departure, missed connections, delayed baggage, loss of baggage, and loss of passport or travel documents, among others.

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What Is Not Covered: General Exclusions

  • Any travel to, in, or through Iran, Iraq, Syria, Liberia, Afghanistan, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Any loss, liability, or damage caused due to negligence or a willful act on your part.
  • Any loss, liability, or damage arising from any pre-existing medical condition, directly or indirectly.
  • Any damage, injury, or loss resulting from the influence of alcohol, medication or non-prescription drugs.
  • Any damage, loss, or injury directly resulting from a mental problem or insanity.
  • Any intentional self-inflicted injury whether it be suicide or attempted suicide - while insane or sane.
  • You will not be covered while you willingly take part in any sport or recreational activities with an inherently high level of risk.

Things To Consider Before Getting This Travel Insurance Plan


Many plans out there do not cover pregnancies if you are suddenly unfit to travel because of the high risks involved in coverage. Aviva travel insurance is different in that it does offer coverage - and not even as an add-on. It covers up to S$8,000 if you go with the top-tier Travel Prestige plan and are looking to get extensive coverage. However, it is also provided free of additional costs in even the basic plan. So you can breathe easy knowing your pregnancy is no reason for you not to enjoy your travels.

Pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition is any medical condition, injury, or illness that occurred before the date an insurance policy kicked into gear. Like most other travel insurance, pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by Aviva, simply because they are not unforeseen accidents or illnesses that could have otherwise been avoided.

Unauthorised credit card charges

The premium Aviva travel insurance plan, Travel Prestige, covers any unauthorised credit card charges in case of credit card loss or theft overseas. These usually involve individuals losing their wallets, or having their cards stolen, and having to come home and deal with the sizable unauthorised charges themselves because their policies did not cover such incidents. Note that the Aviva Travel Lite and Plus plans do not offer coverage for this aspect.

Sporting activities

Aerial activities including free flying, bungee jumping, zip-lining, parachuting, and flying fox are not covered by Aviva. The only exception to this would be hot air ballooning. Coasteering, outdoor rock climbing, mountain biking, and abseiling will also receive no coverage. Trekking above 3,000 metres falls under this category, as does rafting, canoeing, and kayaking above Grade 2. Finally, any leisure or sporting activities where you will be getting financial rewards will not be included under Aviva’s coverage.

Here’s How You Can Buy Aviva Travel Insurance

You can purchase any of the Aviva Travel Insurance plans through one of the following channels:


You can purchase Aviva travel insurance on the company website by filling up an online form, in which you will be required to describe your travel plans in detail. Once the plan has been approved, you can make your payment on the site, at which time you will receive an acknowledgement of your insurance purchase.

Aviva Branch

You can visit your nearest Aviva Travel Insurance branch to purchase an insurance plan of your choice.

Mobile app

You can download the Aviva Travel app to benefit from their quick and easy service. The app is available in both the Google Play store and the App Store for your convenience. All you need to do is select your plan type, your trip, and the package and you will receive your quote in a few second on the screen.

How To File a Travel Insurance Claim

File a Travel Insurance Claim Offline

You must submit the completed claims form with all the required supporting documentation no later than 7 days after the incident.

Claims submissions should contain the complete details and facts of the event, from the circumstances surrounding it, to its actual occurrence, and the full extent of the damage or loss you incurred.

Claims that require original documents to be submitted to get reimbursed for direct expenses paid for by the policyholder (sales, medical receipts, etc.) should be delivered to:

Aviva Travel Insurance Claims, Aviva Ltd.,

4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre 2,

Singapore 068807

File a Travel Insurance Claim Online

You may submit your claim online for added convenience.

Claim form: You can submit your claim using the claims form available online on their website.

You will receive an acknowledgement from Aviva through phone or email within 2 business days. If additional information is required, Aviva will contact you within 7 business days.

Aviva Travel Insurance Hotline

Customer service number +65 6827 9966
Travel assistance helpline +65 6322 2022
Email address [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. At what point during the trip should I purchase travel insurance?

A. If you have to make deposits for your hotel or airlines, it is advisable that you purchase your travel insurance before those arrangements to protect yourself from charges stemming from cancelling your trip. Aviva’s Travel Prestige plan offers “Change of Travelling Dates For Any Reason” and “Trip Cancellation For Any Reason” coverage that would come in useful should you need to cancel your trip and get your money back for those deposits in some way. Just ensure you purchase this insurance within 7 days of making any deposits or prepayments for your trip, or you won’t be covered adequately.

Q. I am planning to travel from Singapore > Malaysia > Singapore > the UK > Singapore. Would I need to get a single or multi-trip plan?

A. In this instance, having a annual multi-trip policy would be a more economical option when compared to buying several single trip plans. A multi-trip policy would be most appropriate considering the single trip policy ends when you return to Singapore from your first departure.

Q. What coverage does the Overseas Wedding & Wedding Photo Shoot add-on provide?

A. Not only does it cover any accidents or damage to your wedding gown, it also covers personal liability to your invited guests (e.g. should the gazebo at the wedding venue collapse on them due to strong winds), and grants you coverage should your wedding planner go bankrupt and leave you high and dry. Thankfully, it also covers any loss or damage to your wedding photo album as well.

Q. In the event my bags are damaged, lost, or stolen - do I contact the police?

A. You must report the loss or theft of your property to the police in 24 hours of the incident occurring, and get a written report from them to submit as supporting documentation for your claim. If you think any other party (hotel, airlines, or transportation company) may be responsible for the theft/loss, do inform them and get a report of the event in writing from their side as well.

Q. Can I purchase insurance if you are already overseas?

A. No. You can only purchase travel insurance prior to your departure.

Q. What is maximum period of time that I can get covered for?

The longest period of time you can get coverage for, for any single trip would be 182 days overseas. If you, on the other hand, have an annual multi-trip policy, you can be covered for 90 days per trip for several trips during that year. This policy is valid and in force 12 months from when the policy payment was made.

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