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You don't just build a life for your family, you also create a lifestyle for them. If you are the bread maker of your house, you always feel a burden to ensure the continuity of this lifestyle that you have created for your family. Leaving behind an inheritance for your family is a way of showing them that a lifetime's worth of hard work was a way of ensuring that they do not have to compromise on the lifestyle they have become attuned to. Insurance is a great way wherein you can leave behind a piece of yourself for your family. But trusting someone to safeguard your legacy is to trust someone with your entire life's work. You cannot just hand it over to someone else without trusting their credibility. You need to find a financial institution that has known to serve its customers with value added services and sheer commitment such as Maybank.

Maybank has spent more than 50 years earning the trust of its customers by providing them with financial solutions for every need. They have made themselves accessible by locating their branches in various locations across Singapore so they can aid with solutions to their customers' financial concerns from every nook and corner. They have also harnessed technological advances in their systems to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, but most importantly serve their customers better. They have ensured that their customers can have the choice of conducting their business transactions through both electronic as well as traditional channels as a way of leaving the choice to the customer's comfort zones.

About the ePremier legacy

This bank strives continuously to outdo itself in order to maximize customer satisfaction with the kind of policies offered. With the introduction of the ePremier legacy, you can enhance your life's hard work by converting it into a lifetime coverage for your family. It is a onetime premium for a lifetime guarantee for your family where you can leave your inheritance without any hassles or at the cost of the lifestyle you have set for them. No matter how high the standards you wish to maintain for your family, you can secure their future with the ePremier legacy because it guarantees a coverage of at least S$500,000.

The striking aspect is that under this policy, the funds can be liquidated immediately easing the whole process of inheritance. The whole point of applying for an insurance is that your struggles and sacrifices are not transferred to your family, but what does get carried along the line is your strength, devotion and perseverance that your family receives in the form of the inheritance and ePremier legacy guarantees that your family in fact receives it in the easiest possible way it can.

Features and Benefits

ePremier legacy compliments your savings by taking care of multiple facets to secure benefits for your family. It seeks to provide custom made solutions while planning your legacy as well as for asset distribution of your estates in order to retain the wealth that you have worked extremely hard to preserve for your family to reap the benefits.

  • A lifetime of protection at a one time premium
  • By making a single premium payment using the ePremier legacy policy, you secure a lifelong protection of your inheritance for the financial security of your family.

  • High coverage guarantee
  • The ePremier legacy guarantees a lifetime insurance of at least S$500,000 under circumstances that include death or a condition of terminal illness before 71 years of age. This gives you the opportunity to leave behind a high valued cash benefits for your family.

  • Immediate liquidity guarantee
  • With this policy insurance, your family can avail 80% value of your single premium. This assures an immediate guarantee of your savings for your family to avail.

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Maybank Term Insurance FAQs

  1. What are the payment options available for the ePremier legacy?
  2. The ePremier legacy offers a one time premium payment option wherein you make a single payment which can be availed by your family.

  3. What is the insurance amount covered under the ePremier legacy?
  4. The ePremier legacy can be used for a lifetime insurance for at least S$500,000. It helps ensure a high valued cash benefit for your family to avail.

  5. Up to what age can I apply for the ePremier legacy?
  6. You are eligible for an ePremier legacy application for up to 71 years of age.

  7. What is the liquidity policy for the ePremier legacy? How much income can my family derive immediately under this policy?
  8. The ePremier legacyguarantees immediate liquidity of your funds. Your family can derive 80% value of your premium immediately.

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