5 Ways to Renew Road Tax in Singapore

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Is it time to renew your road tax yet? This can be paid online, in person at a collection centre, or can even be deducted automatically by GIRO. You can also choose to pay this tax either every 6 months or annually. But before renewal, you need to meet certain conditions.

Prerequisites for Road Tax Renewal

Make sure you tick all these boxes before you head on to pay the renewal tax:

  • Insurance cover for your vehicle: Your vehicle needs to have insurance cover for the whole duration you are paying road tax. The insurance you choose should also cover third-party liability for physical injury and death.
  • Inspection of your vehicle: You will receive a notice 3 months prior to the tax expiry date in case your vehicle is due for any inspections.
  • Paying outstanding fines/warrants: You may not be able to pay your road tax if you haven’t cleared any pending warrants or fines from:
    1. Land Transport Authority
    2. Housing Development Board
    3. Urban Redevelopment Authority
    4. Traffic Police
  • Having the number plate seal of your vehicle inspected: Weekend cars, revised off-peak cars, and off-peak cars need to have these inspected at an authorised inspection centre.
  • Vehicle Parking Certificates for heavy vehicles: Owners of all heavy vehicles should possess a Vehicle Parking Certificate that is valid.

Once these provisos are met, you can pay road tax in the following ways:

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1. Paying Your Tax in Person

You can renew road tax in person at an authorised centre for the Land Transport Authority. There are certain documents you need to present in their original form when paying your tax in person. Those documents are:

  • A cover note or the certificate of insurance (a copy or other documents related to these, or presenting them in an electronic form won’t be entertained).
  • If necessary, an inspection certificate of the vehicle.
  • An inspection certificate for your number plate (if your car is being used only on weekends or during off-peak hours).
  • The parking certificate for your vehicle. This applies if you have:
  • A heavy vehicle weighing more than 5,000kg (maximum laden weight).
  • A bus with seating for passengers numbering more than 15.
  • A mobile crane or trailer.
  • A recovery vehicle weighing more than 2,500kg (unladen weight).

2. Paying Road Tax Online

To make payments online, visit https://vrl.lta.gov.sg/lta/vrl/action/pubfunc?ID=RoadTaxEnquiryDT, and quote your vehicle plate number and the last 5 characters of your ID. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before you make the payment.

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You can pay using either credit card or debit card, but they have to be either Visa or Mastercard. You can also make payments with internet banking facilities with DBS/POSB, Citi, OCBC/Plus!, Standard Chartered Bank, or UOB (using eNETS Debit).

Best Credit Cards to Pay Your Taxes in Singapore

Card Name: OCBC Voyage Card
Card Type: Miles
Annual Fee: 1.5%

Before you make your online payment, take care to ensure all the requisite procedures for renewal are complete. This needs to be done at least 3 business days earlier.

3. Paying at AXS Stations

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You can pay at AXS Stations using your ATM card from POSB, DBS, HSBC, Citi, OCBC, Maybank, UOB, or Standard Chartered Bank. If you want to use a credit card, then POSB, DBS, Diners Club International, and Citi are accepted.

To pay road tax at an AXS e-Station or m-Station you will need:

  • A POSB or DBS debit card (Mastercard).
  • eNETS Debit for internet banking.
  • MasterPass.
  • Or DBS Paylah!

All prerequisites for renewal must be made a minimum of 3 business days in advance.

4. Paying Using GIRO

In the case of GIRO too, you will need to make sure all prerequisites are taken care of before the deadline given on the payment schedule for GIRO. Download the GIRO application form at https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/dam/onemotoring/Forms/Interbank_GIRO_Road_Tax.pdf and send the completed form to LTA.

Your application for GIRO usually takes about a month to process. So, if you have a road tax payment due in the next 30 days, you should pay using another method. If you want GIRO to be applicable for your upcoming tax payment, you should have it set up well in advance.

Once your application for GIRO is approved, LTA will let you know. After this, all future renewals will get processed through GIRO.

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What Are the Prerequisites for GIRO?

LTA will send you a payment schedule once your GIRO application gets approved. This usually happens a month prior to your next road tax payment.

The deadline to meet the conditions for renewal will be mentioned in the schedule along with the date the tax is going to be renewed. If the deadline for the prerequisites is not adhered to, GIRO payment will not be accepted and you will have to effect the renewal through other means.

If the day your payment is due happens to be a Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday, payment will get deducted 1 business day in advance. Keep your account sufficiently funded on your payment date.

Timeline for GIRO Payment and Actions to be Taken

  • A month prior to the tax expiry date, you will receive the payment schedule for GIRO. Whatever conditions need to be met, have them cleared by the deadline mentioned in your payment schedule. Otherwise the tax amount will not be deducted through GIRO.
  • On the day the tax expires, or 5 or 10 days prior to it (depends on what you’ve selected when applying for GIRO), the tax amount will get deducted from the preferred bank account.

Stopping a GIRO Payment

You need to make a request via https://www.lta.gov.sg/feedback/. Your GIRO arrangement will be stopped automatically, given that two conditions are fulfilled. They are:

  • Your vehicle is either transferred or deregistered.
  • Your ID type or ID number was changed on the LTA database. For instance, if you removed information of your passport and added your NRIC information instead.

5. Paying Road Tax at Collection Centres

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If you are planning to visit a collection centre for payment, you should first find out what the accepted payment modes are and their working hours. You should also take care of any pending renewal prerequisites beforehand.

If you pay at SingPost by cheque, your cheque needs to be made out to “Singapore Post Limited”. And if you pay via cheque at an authorised collection centre, it needs to be made out towards “LTA”.

Find a list of various collection centres here

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Road Tax on Time?

Paying the tax before it expires can save you money in late fees. Keeping or using a vehicle when its road tax has expired is also an offence that can land you a fine of up to S$2,000.

Find out how much you will owe in late fees based on the type of vehicle you have.

Car’s engine capacity Within a month after road tax expires Over 1 month, but less than 2.5 months Over  2.5 months Over  3 months
For Cars
1,000 cc or below S$10 S$60 S$80 S$230
1,001 - 1,600 cc S$20 S$70 S$90 S$240
1,601 - 2,000 cc S$30 S$80 S$100 S$250
2,001 - 3,000 cc S$40 S$90 S$110 S$260
Above 3,001 cc S$50 S$100 S$120 S$270
For Business Service Passenger Vehicles
N.A. S$50 S$100 S$120 S$270
For Motorcycles
300 cc S$10 S$30 S$50 S$130
300 cc or above S$10 S$60 S$80 S$230
For Other Vehicles
N.A. S$50 S$100 S$120 S$270

Now that you have the lowdown on the road tax renewal procedure, we hope that you always pay your tax regularly, and on time!

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