E Stamping in Singapore

What is e-Stamping? It refers to getting your official documents such as rental agreements or property deeds stamped in your office, home, or even a Service Bureau. To use this facility, you need to log into the e-Stamping Portal and pay a duty for the document you need. You don’t have to pay any fees to use the service.

Feed in the information of the document on which you need to pay stamp duty. You will then be provided with the amount you are required to pay. Once you make a payment, you can instantly print your “Certificate of Stamp Duty”. If you have registered on the e-Stamping website previously, you can sign in to check details of past transactions or request a refund of stamp duty.

There are a bunch of different ways in which you can pay stamp duty. You could use:

  • Online banking.
  • GIRO.
  • NETS/Cashcard.
  • eNETS.
  • Cashier’s order.
  • Cheque.
  • Cash.

You will, however, have to make all payments in full as there is no instalment option for stamp duty. Prefer using GIRO? You should know that for GIRO payments, you should first be registered on the e-Stamping Portal.

How to Log in to the e-Stamping Portal

As an individual, you will need your SingPass to log in and other entities will need a CorpPass. Are you registering for the first time? Then, you have to provide general details such as a registered user type, the name that needs to be registered, the type of identity you will provide, and the identity number.

Additionally, you have to give your contact and address information, the GIRO details you want to use, and the details of the individual registering on the portal.

Services Accessible Through the e-Stamping Portal

There are several e-Stamping services IRAS offers you. Check out the services you can access from the comfort of your home:

  • e-Stamping of your documents.
  • Paying any additional stamp duty.
  • Retrieving Stamp Certificates.
  • Amending Stamp Certificates.
  • Requesting refunds.
  • Seeking an adjudication or an appeal.

Are There Any e-Stamping Services That Don’t Require You to Log in?

Yes, there are! For e-Stamping, you will need to provide IRAS with certain details. They include your contact information, details of the document you require, and in the case of land or property transactions, details of the property.

Convenient e-Stamping Services Open to You

Lease agreements such as:

  • Lease or tenancy agreements.
  • Variation of the lease.
  • Surrender of the lease.
  • Novation/Assignment of a lease between tenants.
  • Assignment of a lease between owners.

Mortgage documents include:

  • Your mortgage.
  • Transfer of mortgage.
  • Equitable mortgage.

Sale and purchase agreements:

  • Agreements for the sale or purchase of property.
  • Sellers stamp duty for agreements for the sale or purchase of property.

Other services covered are:

  • Share transfers.
  • Payment of additional stamp duty.
  • Checking the authenticity of a Stamp Certificate.

Additional Services You Can Use

On the e-Stamping Portal, you can also amend a Stamp Certificate or file an objection to an assessment. You will have to cite the appropriate reference numbers and make your request. You can also view details of your Stamp Certificate by quoting the document reference number and the Stamp Certificate reference.

Do you need information for past transactions? You can find this information here as well by citing your document reference number, payment mode, and payment reference number.

If you do not have your payment reference number handy, don’t worry. You can instead provide the identity number of the landlord, seller, transferor, or mortgagee. If you are the seller, you can quote the identity number of the tenant, buyer, transferee, or mortgagor.

Now that you understand the e-Stamping process, do make use of the system to get your documents stamped from the comfort of your home.

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