Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS)

With this scheme, a GST-registered business which is part of the aerospace industry will get additional benefits in relation to GST suspension on imports done for eligible aircraft parts. This scheme aims at enhancing the flow of funds of a business which belongs to the aerospace industry.

Here, businesses comprise:

  • International airlines
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Distributors of eligible aircraft parts
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) industry players

What are the Benefits of This Scheme?

With AISS, an authorised business which is GST-registered and is from the aerospace industry will qualify for GST suspension on imports done during the following circumstances:

  • Imports his/her own commodities for business-related purposes.
  • Imports commodities that belong to his/her overseas principal who is non-GST registered for the purpose of supplying (in Singapore/export purposes) as a section 33(2) agent*.
  • Imports commodities owned by his/her non-GST registered overseas principal which will be subjected to a re-export consequently, as a section 33A agent*.
  • Imports eligible aircraft parts that belong to either a local or an overseas person.
  • Eliminates locally sourced/localised eligible aircraft parts that belong to the ALPS (Airport Logistics Park of Singapore) or other FTZ (Free Trade Zones).
  • Eliminates eligible aircraft parts that belong to the FTZ/ALPS as a receiver in order to make taxable supplies.
*Section 33A agent

When specific conditions are met, as a Section 33A agent you’ll be in a position to make a claim for the GST amount you’ve paid at the time of importing on behalf of a foreigner. You can make this kind of a GST claim when you import any commodity that belongs to a foreigner and later export that commodity (without more supply of goods).

*Section 33(2) agent

As a section 33(2) agent, you will be allowed to import/render commodities on behalf of a foreigner who has not registered himself/herself for GST within Singapore.

Which Aircraft Parts Qualify for This Scheme?

Eligible aircraft parts include parts/equipment which are built & designed for exclusive usage (unique use and doesn’t have alternative usage) in relation to an aircraft which include:

  • Not utilised or expected to be utilised for pleasure or recreation or
  • In case it is utilised or planned to be used for pleasure/recreation, it must be solely utilised/expected to be completely utilised for an international travel purpose from a location:
    • Out of Singapore to a location which is outside Singapore or
    • Within Singapore to any location which is out of Singapore
    • Out of Singapore to any location which is within Singapore

They comprise equipment/parts that are incorporated/installed in the navigation, propulsion, general structure, or the communication systems of such an aircraft.

What You Need to do in Order to Apply for This Scheme

You’ll need to submit the following documents:

  • GST F21 (AISS application).
  • Most recent financial statements (audited).
  • A declaration from your end (in writing) stating that you’re a player within the aerospace industry. This declaration should be confirmed by an approved representative from your firm.

In case you’re currently under MES (Major Exporter Scheme) & intend to qualify for extra benefits under the Approved Import GST Scheme, you’ll need to be a new AISS applicant.

Self-review/Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme

In addition to submitting the documents mentioned earlier, you must perform either of the steps listed below:

  • A self-evaluation has to be done through ASK (Assisted Self-Help Kit). Later, you should submit the ASK declaration form which is certified.
  • Note: The certification of the ASK declaration form has to be done by an in-house/external tax advisor who has an accreditation from the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals. He or she needs to be either an Accredited Tax Advisor or an Accredited Tax Practitioner for GST.

  • Commit or have pledged to take part in the ACAP (Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme).
  • Note: In case you’re an effective ACAP applicant, an ASK declaration form is not necessary when the review results of ACAP and the report submission for ACAP are pending.

Other Schemes Available

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