CIMB Fast Saver Account

CIMB is one of the leading banks across the globe that offers great financial services and products. These products and services are designed to meet all your needs and requirements. Saving money is of utmost importance if you want to have a smooth tomorrow. If you wish to set your goals and get a head start on savings then you must control your hard earned money with CIMB Fast Saver Savings Account. From the first dollar that you save in your CIMB Savings account, you can earn great returns. You can open a CIMB Fast Saver Savings Account online without having to visit the branch. The process of opening the account is extremely convenient and hassle free.

Features and Benefits of CIMB Fast Saver Account:

The CIMB Fast Saver Account comes with a myriad of lucrative benefits and features. These are as follows:

  • The rates of interest that you can avail with CIMB Fast Saver Account is 1% per annum on the total balance in the account. However, the minimum deposit that you must make is S$1,000.
  • When you make an application for this account online, you can instantly get your account number.
  • You will not have to meet multiple conditions to be eligible for enjoying 1% per annum rate of interest with this savings account. These conditions are online banking transactions, salary crediting or credit card spends.
  • The e-statements are free of cost and you can retrieve them via internet banking.
  • You can access the services of internet banking through CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. You can also access the same on your mobile phone to carry out transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • Transfer your funds instantly via FAST when you choose a participating bank in Singapore. No service charge is required when you transfer funds to specific CIMB accounts in Malaysia.
  • Savings accounts should help you make more money instead of costing you money. Thus, there is no fall below charges for this particular account.

Rates of Interest:

The rate of interest for this account is calculated on a daily basis and it is credited to you on a monthly basis. The daily interest is paid on the total daily balance provide the balance is a minimum of S$1,000 at any given time.

Balance in the account Rate of interest (per annum)
For the First S$50,000 1.00%
Amount more than S$50,000 0.60%

CIMB Fast Saver Account Promotions:

Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer.

Particulars – When you save your hard earned money CIMB by depositing it in the Fast Saver account, you stand a chance to win cash prize of S$50,000. When you start your Fast Saver Savings Circle with your family and friends, you can get points when your Circle saves money.

Terms and Conditions – Please get in touch with CIMB to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

Fees and Charges:

Types Charges
Minimum Initial Deposit that you must make S$1,000
Minimum amount that must be there in your account for earning interest S$1,000
Fee when your balance falls below the minimum requirement Nil
Fee for early closure of the account (within a period of 6 months from the date of opening the account) S$50
Account Fee (monthly) Nil
Fee for carrying out transactions at the counter S$5
Account linking for the existing ATM card and / or ATM card S$10 for every new ATM card or for existing ATM card account linking


If you wish to have a Fast Saver Account with CIMB, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The minimum age at which you can apply for the CIMB Fast Saver Account is 16 years.
  • This account is available for ‘Joint-Or’ and ‘Individual’ applications.
  • The minimum initial deposit required to initiate the account is S$1,000.
  • In case of a single account, you can transfer funds through FAST from the individual account that you have with any other bank present in Singapore.
  • In case of a joint account, you can transfer funds through FAST from the individual accounts of each applicant with any other bank present in the island.

Documents Required:

  • The citizens of Singapore, permanent residents of Singapore and the Malaysians must provide their NRIC during the time of application.
  • The foreigners must provide their residential address proof and passport.
  • Some of the other documents that might be required are Work Permit, Employment Pass, Student Pass and Dependant’s Pass.

How to apply?

  • To apply for the CIMB Fast Saver Account you will have to click on the button that says ‘Apply for CIMB FastSaver’ on the official website of the bank. You will get an online application form when you click this button. Enter all the required details and fill the form properly.
  • When you submit the online application, you will immediately get the Fast Saver account number.
  • To activate the CIMB Fast Saver, transfer a minimum amount of S$ 1,000 through FAST from an account that you have with a different bank in Singapore.
  • In case you are first time user of CIMB Clicks Internet Banking, you will get a code for activation within three working days from the date of account activation through mail. Go to to perform the first time login so that you can start using the FastSaver account.

News About CIMB Fast saver Account

  • CIMB Came Up with New Savings Account Referral Programme

    If you have an existing FastSaver account with CIMB, you have the opportunity to get attractive rewards if you get another person to sign up for the same account. This FastSaver Referral Programme is valid until 31 March 2018.

    21st January 2018

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