Secure Your Assets with [email protected] Safe Deposit Boxes

[email protected] is a non-banking institution with a safe deposit vault in Singapore. The locker system is completely automated and can be accessed only from an ATM in a private room. To rent a safe deposit box here, you do not need any savings/current accounts and there are no time or entry restrictions for the boxes.

This is What You Can Get With a Safe Deposit Box

  • Choose from 3 boxes - small, large, and golden number.
  • Get access to the box at any time throughout the year.
  • The facility on Orchard Road is equipped with panic buttons, alarms, and security cameras.

How Well Is the Safe Deposit Box Protected

Gunnebo Security Group has designed the security system for [email protected] This security system in the facility has been linked to the fire centre of the building. [email protected] has 2,000 safe deposit boxes, which are protected under a 24-hour surveillance.

Customers can access their deposit boxes at their convenience using a self-service terminal with a touch screen in a secure room. [email protected] uses Multi-layer Identity Authentication, which has 4 levels of check – access card, PIN, biometric scans, and a key to open the safe deposit box. You have to use the access card to enter the private room and the locker can be opened using the card, PIN, and the key.

The personal data on your card will instruct the robotic system to deliver the identified safe deposit box to the ATM in the room.

Special Offer for UOB Members

If you are a UOB Privilege Banking and Privilege Reserve customer, you can get an extra 6 months free when you rent a large box for 3 years. This is exclusively for new sign-ups. Existing customers will get 3 additional months for free with the renewal of the large box for the next 3 years.

The offers are valid till 31 December 2018. You must be at least 21 years old to register for a large safe deposit box.

What Can You Put in [email protected] Safe Deposit Box?

The valuables you can store in a safe deposit box are as follows:

  • Jewellery.
  • Collectables like rare coins, stamps, or precious metals.
  • Family heirlooms, historical records, or photos that are irreplaceable.
  • Bonds and stocks certificates.
  • Adoption papers and birth certificates.
  • Citizenship papers and military documents.
  • Divorce papers.
  • Pendrives with important media files.
  • Important business agreements and contracts.
  • Passport, if it is hardly used.
  • Real estate papers like deeds and mortgages.
  • Confidential photos and records.
  • Photocopies of financial records.
  • Original will.
  • Living trust documents.
  • Power of attorney.

What is the Cost of Renting a [email protected] Safe Deposit Box?

The size of the boxes (depth x width x height) and the costs associated are mentioned in a table below:

Box size Dimensions Annual fee
Small 325mm x 235mm x 137mm S$888
Large 325mm x 235mm x 206mm S$1,388
Golden Number 325mm x 235mm x 206mm S$3,888


Q. How do I register for a safe deposit box?

A. You can open a safe deposit box in [email protected] by visiting the office or online.

Q. Once I register, how can I pay?

A. You can pay for the box using credit/debit cards, cheques, or cash. The renewals can be paid via bank transfer, automatic GIRO payment, or by cash/cheque.

Q. Are there any weight restrictions on my valuables?

A. Yes, the maximum weight of the box cannot exceed 30kg (around 66lbs). If the inventory is too heavy, the system will notify you.

Q. Who else can have access to my safe deposit box?

A. If you jointly own a safe deposit box with a spouse, child, or a friend, then he/she can access the box. If you are the sole owner of the box, then the person you designate with a power of attorney can have access to your box.

Q. What happens to my deposit box if I die?

A. In case of your demise, the co-renter will have immediate access to the box and he/she can view the contents. But, if you are the only renter, then the executor you designate to take care of your estate or the legally appointed trustee who oversees assets placed in trust will have access to your safe deposit box, based on the local laws. Please note that the power of attorney will lose its authority upon your death.

Q. Are my valuables covered by any insurance?

A. No, your items are not covered under any insurance policy. It is advisable to insure your items before you store them in the box.

Q. What happens if I lose my key and card or forget my PIN?

A. In case you lose your key and access card or forget your PIN, you must notify [email protected] immediately. Then, you need to go to their office with a valid identity card and they will give you a new card, key, or PIN code. Charges apply for the replacement of card and key.

Q. Are there any other fees and charges I should know about?

A. Yes, there are. You need to pay an admin fee of S$150 and a key deposit fee of S$200 when you open a safe deposit box.

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