RHB Safe Deposit Box Secures Your Assets

The RHB Safe Deposit Box is useful when you are trying to keep certain valuables safe from theft or if you don’t want to keep them at home. Whether these are important financial documents, a portion of your wealth, precious stones, or valuable artwork, there is lots of room to safeguard almost anything under the sun in a safe deposit box with RHB. The boxes come in multiple sizes to choose from to suit your particular situation.

Things You Must Know about RHB Safe Deposit Box

  • The safe boxes come in 7 sizes ranging from 300 to 3,000 cubic inches.
  • You may access your deposit box during banking hours exclusively.
  • You may access your valuables at any of the 4 strategic branch locations across Singapore.

What Can You Put in a RHB Safe Deposit Box?

You can store anything from collectibles to jewellery and sensitive documentation, in the safe deposit box.

However, the following exceptions do apply:

  • Any perishable good or substance.
  • Any explosives or hazardous material.
  • Any illegal items.
  • Any items that can be of nuisance to the bank or banking customers.

What Are the Rental Fees of a Safe Deposit Box?

Box Type Dimensions (Cubic inches) Annual fee (before GST)
A 300 S$140
B 350 S$170
C 650 S$220
D 900 S$280
E 1,200 S$290
F 2,000 S$380
G 3,000 S$680

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • You must maintain an RHB Current or Savings Account.

How to Open an RHB Safe Deposit Box?

Kindly visit any of the 4 RHB branches in Singapore to open your safe deposit box.

To learn more about the safe deposit box you may visit the branch, call on the helpline, or choose to email them for assistance.

What Are the Locations Where I Can Register?

There are 4 strategic locations where you can open a safe deposit box with RHB:

  • Bukit Timah Branch
  • Jalan Besar Branch
  • Katong Branch
  • Geylang Branch


Q. Are there any important conditions I should be aware of before registering for a safe deposit box with RHB?

A. A minimum fixed deposit amount of S$5,000 will be required as collateral to secure your box.

Q. Am I allowed to make copies of my safe deposit box key, in case I lose the original?

A. You will be given 2 keys to the deposit box, so you will not need to make another copy should you lose one. You will not allow anyone else to make duplicates of your keys, or do so yourself.

Q. What should I do if I lose my keys for any reason?

A. You must first notify the bank immediately upon discovery of the loss, theft, or misplacement. The lock may then be replaced at your cost. The bank will not be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the loss of your keys or by the opening of the box by the bank by force.

Q. Can the bank open my box for any reason without prior consent?

A. Should the bank suspect that the box is being used for any illegal or improper reasons, it may force open the box without any consent on the part of the customer.

Q. Who is responsible for insuring the contents of the safe deposit box?

A. The bank is under no obligation to insure the contents of your box. The onus rests solely on you.

Q. What is the termination policy for the safe deposit box rental?

A. You, or the bank, may terminate the rental by providing 1 month prior notice in writing to the other party.

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