Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    TCC 50% Loan

    The Credit Cooperative or TCC has a vision to be a first choice Credit Cooperative that provides innovative and customizable financial services to its members. It provides fair and family oriented banking products to not only its members but also the families of the members too. Their professional mission is to provide the best financial solutions based on their cooperative values. Their values include being fare, caring, convenient, honest, flexible, nurturing, responsible, responsive and reliable. Their top notch services can extend to all major financial concerns of consumers. TCC can help you realize your educational aspirations and goals with their local education loan or strengthen your belief in the institution of marriage using their Marriage Loan for couples to support each other, you can convert your house into your dream home with the all changes you have always wanted, with the TCC Renovation Loan and many more. The rates provided by the bank are very competitive so it can be afforded by anyone.


    The following individuals are eligible for the TCC 50% Loan –

    1. TCC Ordinary Members
    2. TCC Family Members
    3. TCC Associate Members
    • The TCC 50% Loan is offered at a flat rate of interest. The interest rate has been fixed at 6% per annum.
    • When you apply for this loan online on the official TCC website, you will get to enjoy a flat 10% discount on the processing fee.

    Loan Requirements and Documentation

    • Only members on TCC (ordinary/ family/ associate members) are eligible to apply for the TCC 50% Loan.
    • The member must have an Investment or Savings Lodged with TCC that is equivalent to the loan amount
    • The member must carry their NRIC for processing their application for the loan
    • Surety/ Sureties may be required on a case to case basis

    How to Apply

    • Visit the official TCC website and download the application form for the loan
    • Take a print out of the form. Complete the application form by filling in all the required details and signing the form
    • You can submit the form to TCC via email or by fax with all the requested documents.
    • As an alternative, you can also submit the form and apply for the TCC 50% Loan in person by walking into any TCC office near you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who can apply for the TCC 50% Loan?
    2. TCC Ordinary Members, associate members and family are eligible to apply for the TCC 50% Loan.

    3. What is the interest rate structure for the TCC 50% Loan?
    4. TCC offers their 50% Loan at a flat interest rate. The rate of interest for this loan is fixed at 6% per annum.

    5. I am a foreigner. I do not have an NRIC. How do I apply for the TCC 50% Loan?
    6. It is a must for any applicant to have an NRIC to apply for the TCC 50% Loan. The NRIC is required for processing the application of this loan. Without this document, the applicant is not eligible to apply for this loan.

    7. How do I apply for the TCC 50% Loan?
    8. First, download the application form available on the TCC official website and take a print out of the same. Fill in the necessary details and sign on the forms. You can then email or fax the form along with the required documents to TCC. If neither is a suitable option for you, you can also go to any of the TCC offices near you and submit the form and documents in person and apply for the loan.

    9. Does the 10% discount that I will get if I apply online for the TCC 50% Loan applicable on the interest rate structure?
    10. No. The 10% discount is given on the processing fee when you apply online for the TCC 50% Loan.

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