Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    OCBC Cash-On-Instalments Loan

    OCBC Cash-on-Instalments allows you to borrow money from your credit card or EasiCredit account by leveraging in the available credit limit. This is a fixed repayment loan, which means that you have to pay monthly instalments over tenures ranging from 1 to 5 years.

    What Are the Benefits of This Cash Loan?

    With the OCBC Cash-on-Instalments, you will get the following benefits:

    • Flexibility to utilise your existing credit limit instead of applying for another personal loan or line of credit.
    • Fund disbursal to any bank account of your choice.
    • Fixed repayments, making it easier for you to manage your finances.
    • Low processing fee.
    • An applied interest rate of 0% p.a. on the 1-year tenure.

    What You Would Be Paying as Interest

    The interest rates applicable for various tenures for an amount of S$10,000 are as follows:


    Applied Interest Rate (p.a.)

    Processing fee

    EIR (p.a.)

    1 year


    6% of the approved amount


    2 years


    2% of the approved amount


    3 years


    4 years


    5 years


    Keep in Mind These Things

    • You cannot borrow less than S$1,000 in one application.
    • The processing fee is debited from the disbursed amount before it is given out to you. It will not be refunded to you whether you or the bank cancels the account immediately after approval.
    • The first month’s repayment amount will also be deducted from the loan disbursed to you.
    • The amount that you borrow through this facility will get reduced from the available credit limit on your EasiCredit or credit card account. For example, if you’re borrowing S$5,000 through the OCBC 365 Card, and your available credit limit at the time of borrowing was S$8,000, then the new limit on the card after a Cash-on-Instalments Loan is disbursed to you would be S$3,000. As and when you repay the amount, the limit on the card will be restored to that extent.

    Who Is Eligible for This Loan?

    To be eligible to borrow under this product, you will have to fulfil the following conditions:

    • You have to be at least 21 years or older.
    • You must have an annual income of S$20,000 or more if you are a Permanent Resident or a citizen of Singapore.
    • You must have an annual income of S$45,000 or more if you are a foreigner.

    If you wish to know how much your monthly instalment will come up to, then you can use the loan calculator available on OCBC’s website. This will help you decide how much money you can afford to borrow at your current financial levels.

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