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    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.


    OCBC Credit Cards 2018

    Credit Card Application

    OCBC has numerous credit cards that offer countless treats and benefits catering to a large segment of credit card users. You will enjoy several entertainment, retail, travel and dining privileges with cards offered by OCBC. In addition, you will also get to enjoy access to premium airport lounges, limousine and concierge services and a lot more. These cards also offer a number of promotions, some of which are applicable even in other countries. OCBC also has a few co-branded cards such as the OCBC Robinsons Group Card that offers discounts on fashion brands at Robinsons store throughout the year.

    Features and Benefits

    • Enjoy annual fee waivers on few cards.
    • Enjoy signup offers when you apply for OCBC credit cards.
    • Enjoy balance transfer and cash advance facilities on your OCBC credit cards.
    • Get cashback, rewards, discount, rebates, miles, and other exclusive privileges.
    • Use 0% Instalment Payment Plan and PayLite to divide big-ticket purchases into instalments.

    Most Popular OCBC Credit Cards and What They Offer

    The list of credit cards in the OCBC portfolio and their perks are listed below:

    Card Name Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions Interest Rate for Cash Advance Best Suited for Explore Card
    OCBC Titanium Rewards Card S$192.60 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Online shopping In-store shopping
    OCBC Cashflo Card S$160.50 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Shopping Entertainment
    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card S$160.50 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Great Eastern insurance plans
    OCBC 365 Card S$192.60 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Shopping Dining Petrol Grocery
    OCBC Robinsons Group Card S$192.60 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Shopping
    OCBC Plus! Visa Card S$107 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Grocery shopping at FairPrice Petrol Teleco bills
    OCBC FRANK Card S$80 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Online shopping Entertainment
    OCBC VOYAGE Card S$488 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Travel Shopping Petrol
    NTUC Plus! Visa Card Free (NTUC membership fee applies) 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Grocery at FairPrice Petrol Other in-store purchases
    OCBC Arts Card S$160.50 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Theatre and events
    OCBC Platinum Card S$160.50 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. General spends
    OCBC BEST Denki Card S$160.50 25.92% p.a. 28.92% p.a. Electronics and appliances

    OCBC Bank offers a wide variety of credit cards. You can choose a credit card based on the category in which you spend the most.

    OCBC Titanium Rewards Card
    OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

    Best for Shopping

    • 10 OCBC$ per dollar on shopping online or offline.
    • 10 OCBC$ per dollar when you pay using selected mobile wallets.
    • e-commerce protection.
    OCBC Platinum Card
    OCBC Platinum Card

    Best Family Card

    • Best dining deals.
    • Discounts on tickets for family activities.
    • Health and wellness special deals.
    OCBC BEST Denki Card
    OCBC BEST Denki Card

    Best Electronics Card

    • Up to 12% BEST Rewards for purchases made at BEST Denki.
    • Up to 2.5% cash rebates every year.
    • BEST Denki Safety 5 Premium Warranty Programme.
    OCBC Arts Card
    OCBC Arts Card

    Best Entertainment Card

    • Up to 20% of ticket prices.
    • Priority bookings.
    • 3 OCBC$ per dollar spent on ticket bookings through SISTIC.

    Best Miles Card

    • 2.3 VOYAGE Miles for every dollar spent in foreign currency.
    • 1.6 VOYAGE Miles for every dollar spent on local dining.
    • 1.2 VOYAGE Miles for every dollar spent on local retail spends.
    FRANK Card
    FRANK Card

    Best Card for the Young

    • Up to 5% rebate on entertainment.
    • Up to 6% rebate on online shopping including app-based cab bookings.
    • Up to 5% rebate on party nights.
    OCBC 365 Card
    OCBC 365 Card

    Best Cashback Card

    • Up to 6% cashback on local dinners.
    • Up to 3% cashback on online shopping, groceries, and recurring telco bills.
    • Up to 23% savings on fuel.
    OCBC Robinsons Group Card
    OCBC Robinsons Group Card

    Best Fashion Card

    • 5% cash rebate across 18 fashion brands all year round.
    • For every dollar spent outside, earn Robs$1.
    • For every dollar spent overseas, earn Robs$3.
    NTUC Plus! Visa Card
    NTUC Plus! Visa Card

    Best Grocery Card

    • 12% off everything at FairPrice on salary credit.
    • 12% off everything at Unity.
    • 3% off books and other items at Popular.
    OCBC Cashflo Card
    OCBC Cashflo Card

    Best Card for Instalment Purchases

    • 0% interest on instalments spread over 3- or 6-months.
    • 1% cash rebate on monthly bills of S$1,000 and above.
    • 0.5% cash rebate on monthly bills below S$1,000.
    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card
    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card

    Best Card for Insurance Premiums

    • Up to 1% cash rebate on select Great Eastern life and general insurance products.
    • Up to 1% rebate on instalment payments.
    • 12-month instalment plans for select Great Eastern insurance plans.


    OCBC has several promotions stretching across categories such as shopping, online transactions, fashion, leisure, dining, and more. To know more, visit the recommended card promotions page on our website.

    OCBC Rewards Programmes

    Reward Programmes

      The following Rewards programmes are applicable across different OCBC credit cards:

    • VOYAGE Miles on the OCBC VOYAGE Card.
    • BEST Rewards on OCBC BEST Denki Card.
    • OCBC$ Rewards on OCBC Titanium Rewards, Platinum, and Arts cards.
    • Robs$ on OCBC Robinsons Group Card.
    • LinkPoints rebate on OCBC NTUC Plus! and OCBC Plus! Credit Cards.

    Complimentary Privileges

    The following privileges are available on some or all OCBC cards:

    • Golfing privileges.
    • Concierge service.
    • Limousine service.
    • Free travel insurance.
    • Access to JetQuay Quayside.
    • Access to premium airport lounges.
    • Complimentary breakfast and room upgrade at select hotels.
    • Priority reservation at select events and restaurants.

    OCBC Credit Card Hotline: For any assistance, call OCBC Card hotlines. The bank provides separate hotlines for regular customers and premium banking customers.

    OCBC Cards Eligibility Requirements

    To get an OCBC credit card, you need to meet the following parameters:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age
    OCBC VOYAGE Card S$120,000 S$120,000 21
    Others S$30,000 S$45,000 21

    Loan on OCBC Credit Cards

    Borrow a lump sum amount by converting the available limit on your card using one of the following loan options:

    OCBC Credit Card
    • Cash-on-Instalments:
      • Loan tenure of 12 to 60 months.
      • 0% interest on 12-month tenure and 5.8% on the other tenures.
      • One-time processing fee which is just 2% of the approved loan amount.
    • ExtraCash Loan:
      • Loan tenure of 12 to 60 months.
      • Interest rate as low as 8.18% p.a.
      • Borrow up to six times your monthly salary.
      • Easy repayment options include:
        • Cheque.
        • Mobile banking.
        • Internet banking.
        • Cash deposit machine.

    Security Features

    The following security features are available on your card:

    • One-time passwords to make your online purchase transactions secure.
    • Alerts for every card transaction.
    • Activation and deactivation of magnetic stripe for overseas use.

    OCBC Credit Limit Increase

    For temporary credit limit increase on your card, get in touch with a customer service officer from the bank. Temporary credit limit increase may only be granted for the following purposes:

    • Funeral expenses.
    • Wedding expenses.
    • Travel-related expenses.
    • Medical expenses.

    A credit card is a wise choice for better financial management and liquidity. Optimise your returns by learning more about card management best practices.

    Things to Know About OCBC Credit Cards

    How to Redeem Points?

    Rewards portal/Phone Banking/Online Banking/Mobile Banking

    Redeem the gifts you want by using OCBC Rewards webpage, Phone Banking, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking services. Only principal cardholders can redeem OCBC$. Here is a step-by-step guide on redeeming OCBC$:

    • Sign in to ocbc.com/rewards using your credit card number, NRIC and Date of Birth.
    • Choose the items that you want to redeem and checkout.
    • Once the acknowledge page is generated, you will get the Rewards Voucher within seven working days.

    How to Redeem Miles?

    Call the Voyage Exchange

    You can use your VOYAGE miles to get flight tickets on any airlines directly without converting. However, VOYAGE miles can also be converted to KrisFlyer miles and one VOYAGE mile equals 1 KrisFlyer mile. To redeem, call the Voyage Exchange and inform the consultant about the kind of redemption you want. Once you confirm your plans, you will receive tickets via your registered email.

    How to Use the Internet Banking Login?

    You can have complete control over your finances by logging in to your OCBC Internet Banking account. Some of the tasks that you can carry out in relation to your OCBC credit card are as follows:

    • Paying credit card bills
    • Activation of your card
    • Resetting your card PIN
    • Checking your unbilled transactions
    • Checking your account summary
    • Applying for a supplementary card
    • Redeem bonus rewards points, gifts and benefits
    • Checking the current and outstanding balance on your card
    • Activating and deactivating usage of your credit card abroad

    How to Check the Unbilled Transaction?

    Online or Mobile Banking

    You can check your unbilled transactions through internet banking or mobile banking.

    How to Check the Reward Points Earned?

    Internet or Mobile Banking/Hotline/Rewards Page/Monthly Bill

    You can check the balance of your OCBC$ on your monthly credit card statement, on the OCBC rewards page, through internet or mobile banking, or by calling the bank’s hotline number.

    How to Check the Points and Miles That Are About to Expire on Your Credit Card?

    Monthly Bill/Mobile or Online Banking

    All OCBC$ earned will expire on the last day of the 24th calendar month following the month in which the OCBC$ was credited. For example, if you received 100 OCBC$ in July 2016, they will expire on the last day of July 2018. You can find details of your points on your monthly statements, or through online/mobile banking.

    How to Pay Taxes Using the Credit Cards of This Bank?

    You can pay your taxes using the OCBC VOYAGE credit card. With this card, you can opt to pay the entire amount or pay it over 12 months with a 1.9% processing fee. The facility of paying your tax will be activated once you get your Tax Bill for the year 2018. You will even earn extra miles if you choose to pay your tax using this card.

    Here are the steps that you need to take to pay your taxes:

    • Apply for the card and finish the Tax Payment Facility form. Do not forget to attach the NOA for the year 2018.
    • Fill the form and mail it to OCBC bank address or fax the form.
    • Your card will be approved within three business days, , if you’re applying for the first time.
    • Once your card is approved, you will get a text message.
    • It will take four business days for the facility to get activated. Once it is approved, you will get a confirmation letter.
    • As per your payment plan, you will get the miles and the resultant repayment sum will be charged to your card. This will be seen in your monthly statement.

    Is There a Mobile App?


    OCBC’s mobile banking app is known as OCBC OneLook. With this app, you can easily navigate through various features. It allows you to manage your cards and other accounts anytime, anywhere. This app is available on both Android and iOS.

    Does the Bank Offer Invitation-Only Credit Cards?

    Yes – OCBC Voyage Visa Infinite Card and its variants

    All variants of the OCBC VOYAGE Credit Card are invitation-only cards. You can get the bank to get in touch with you by leaving your contact details on the webpage.

    • You could express interest in the OCBC VOYAGE Card if your annual income is S$120,000 or more.
    • Only OCBC Premier Banking customers are eligible for the OCBC Premier VOYAGE Card.
    • Only OCBC Premier Private Client customers qualify to be invited for the OCBC Premier Private Client VOYAGE Card.
    • If you want the Bank of Singapore VOYAGE Card, you have to be a Bank of Singapore customer.

    How to Check the Status of My Requests?

    Hotline/Mobile App/Online Banking
    • You can check the status of your credit card-related requests by getting in touch with the bank through its helpline number.
    • You can also keep yourself posted in case of any requests through your OCBC internet banking account or the bank mobile app.

    How to Make Payment Using Cheques

    • Pay your credit card bill by dropping the cheque into any Quick Deposit Box at the various OCBC Bank branches in Singapore. OR
    • Mail the cheque to the bank. However, you must cross the cheque and make it payable to OCBC bank.
    • Do not post-date your cheques.

    How to Convert Bill to Instalment Payment Plans

    Transactions on your OCBC cards can be converted into two kinds of instalment payment plans:

    • PayLite
    • 0% Instalment Payment Plan You can convert your purchases to instalment payment plan by meeting the eligibility criteria imposed by the bank and the respective merchant.

    About OCBC Bank

    OCBC, one of the largest and oldest serving banks in Singapore, offers a number of quality services in the personal banking space. It also has a major presence in commercial banking and wealth management spaces, too. The bank has several financial products and services in its kitty, and credit cards form an important part of the bank’s portfolio. OCBC cards are known to offer value and exclusive deals to cardholders.

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