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    Maybank Credit Cards

    Maybank Credit Cards in Singapore

    A couple of decades ago, it was not all that rare to hear horror stories of shopping cartful of goodies only to gasp at the cash counter as you realize that you had left your wallet at home and you didn’t have enough bucks to cover the bill. Later it became a simple matter of pulling out your card and think no more of it. Credit cards have moved miles from there. Every bank introducing more and more credit cards by the day, determined to reach people from all walks of life, has made this quite a competitive field.

    Even if you are not really hung up on reward points, free miles and rebates, there are a great many quieter benefits that do not make it to the bank’s promo banners. Whether you wish to travel a lot, invest or save money or deliver a buffer to settle debts, MayBank offers it all to help you meet your financial goals.

    Credit Cards Offered by Maybank

    Maybank offers a plethora of Credit Cards that cater to the needs and desires of every demographic’s satisfaction be it students, professionals or for simply for personal use. Below mentioned are the broad categories of needs that Maybank caters to -

    1. Personal Credit Cards
    2. A Credit Card for personal use is no less important than one for business or any other use. Hence, the same level of care and dedication should be invested in choosing the right Credit Card for you. Maybank offers a wide selection of Credit Cards for personal use that are tailored for your needs. For instance it rewards you for your indulgence whether it is traveling or shopping with extra miles or points where you can further indulge yourself to suit your well groomed lifestyle. If your life revolves around your family, Maybank even offers you Credit Card options that not only rewards you but your family as well with desirable cashback rewards. If you are a person who enjoys both the local as well as the international flavor, you have options that suit this life choice as well. You can find below the list of Credit Card options that Maybank provides for your personal use so you can have an overview of the options that you can choose from.

      • MayBank World MasterCard - The Maybank World MasterCard gives you the privilege to travel the world with class by beginning your journey at the 5 star private terminal at Changi Airport in Singapore. It also gives you VIP access to JetQuay. It's renowned golf privileges have earned this Credit Card the winning position at the Her World Nu You Credit Card Awards 2015 as the ''Best Golf Card''.
      • MayBank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard - The MayBank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard is an ideal Credit Card for personal use as it guarantees cash back for all purchases made using this card. You get 5% cash rebate with purchases made using this Credit Card at at all participating merchants in Singapore as well as Malaysia and 0.3% cash rebate for all other purchases.
      • MayBank Platinum Visa Card - The MayBank Platinum Visa Card offers you privileges for any and all purchases made using this card. You can plan your life using this card and exactly the way you want to live it. You can earn up to 3.33% cash rebates on all purchases made locally, 0.3% cash rebates on all purchases made overseas with a very minimal interest rate of 15% per annum. Apart from these attractive privileges you also get SGD 3 off movie tickets using this Credit Card.
      • MayBank Horizon Platinum Visa Card – The Travel Card - Make your journey even more memorable and worth your money using the MayBank Horizon Platinum Visa Card. This is purely a Travel Card because you can earn upto 8 air miles every dollar that is spent using this card until the end of September. It is simply one of the best air miles card out there in the market. This Credit Card also makes your journey stylish by giving you access to selected VIP airport lounges. The cash rebates earned on this card can be used for offsetting the mobile data roaming bills that are charged on your Credit Card.
      • MayBank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card - As the name itself suggests, the MayBank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card is meant for all those crazy footballers longing to celebrate in style and with class with the Champions of football. Use your MayBank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card and avail attractive discounts on purchases made for Manchester United merchandise and kits at the Manchester United retail as well as online stores. As a bonus for your loyalty to the team, you also earn extra TREAT points when Manchester United win a Premier League match so you can keep the merriment going.
      • MayBank DUO Platinum MasterCard - Is constantly spending on petrol draining your savings each time you need to fuel up your vehicle? In that case the MayBank DUO Platinum MasterCard is suited just for you. This Credit Card is primarily a petrol Credit Card because it gives you 5% cash rebate on petrol charges when used in Singapore or Malaysia. This card also offers you access to TREATS programme organized by Maybank . You can use your TREAT points to convert them into DUO dollars and redeem numerous DUO Rewards, or you can also use these points to offset the purchase price of Nissan or Subaru cars.
      • MayBank Catholic High Alumni Platinum Associates Card - A card highly suited for Catholic High Alumni members, the MayBank Catholic High Alumni Platinum Associates Card provides a waiver of the annual fee for all Catholic High Alumni members for as long they remain members. It also offers complementary supplementary Credit Cards for family and friends. The more you spend using your Credit Card, the more the Alumni seeks to benefit from it because a donation is made to the Alumni depending on your card purchases. The card also provides you with access to airport lounges and TREAT points on card purchases wherein you can redeem an array of TREAT points offers and premiums.

    3. Business Credit Cards
    4. Choosing a Credit Card for your business endeavors goes beyond the utility aspect of it. It is a statement of prestige for owning a corporate card. Maybank Business Credit Card allows you the option of customizing your business cards to add your business logo to your Credit Cards. It also provides you to have the maximum control over the expenses rendered by your company by giving you the option of presetting the credit limits before giving it to your employees. Find below the Credit Card that Maybank provides you for your business needs.

      • MayBank Business Platinum MasterCard - Earn world recognition using your MayBank Business Platinum MasterCard with privileges that sets you apart and gives you a greater competitive advantage. A corporate Credit Card ideally suited business expansion, your company benefits with a cashflow package tailored around your business needs. The card allows to set preset credit limits so you have the majority control over your company's expenditure. The MayBank Business Platinum MasterCard also gives you the freedom to customize your card with your business logo. It also provides you with innumerable benefits including interest free credit for up to 51 days and low interest rates per annum.

    5. Student Credit Cards
    6. Managing your expenses as a student is a herculean task at hand. However, it is also advantageous to own a Credit Card for educational purposes. Maybank helps you find the balance between the two. It gives you an option for a student Credit Card that comes with a preset spending limit and attractive cash rebates on your purchases you can use it for all your educational essentials. It also provides you with features to track your expenditures every second of every minute or every day at your own convenience. Find below the Credit Card that Maynak offers students.

      • MayBank eVibes Card – The Student Card - You no longer need to be 21 years of age to own a Credit. The The MayBank eVibes Card is purely a student card that can owned by anyone between 18 -30 years of age. Specially designed for the student population, this cards allows a preset spending limit of SGD 500. It also provides you with 1% cash rebates on anything and everything you purchase using your MayBank eVibes Card. To keep your expenses in check, you can also avail the feature to track your expenditure online at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    MayBank credit card rewards are designed to allure individuals to buy one. Paying off the entire month’s bill in one go regularly will ensure that you pay no interest or extra fees. This not only fetch you an impressive credit score, but also up your lifestyle. There is a card for every lifestyle which can fetch you reward points and gifts related to your interests. For instance, if you are a traveler, MayBank travel credit cards can get you free air miles, waivers in hotel price and more.

    • Applicants need to be at least 21 years of age.
    • Annual income requirement of SGD 30,000 and above for Singaporean citizens and SGD 45,000 for foreigners.
    • Duplicate copy of NRIC (both the sides)
    • Income proofs such as pay slips and IT Returns
    • Duplicate copy of any national identity card
    • Duplicate copy of passport and relevant visa papers if you are a foreigner
    • Cash/ treat points for every SGD spent
    • Consolidated bill once a month for your convenience
    • MayBank credit cards provide Auto PayBills to make it easier for you to donate to charity.
    • If your entire travel expenses are paid through your MayBank credit card, you can avail free travel insurance.

    The Cash Advance offered by Maybank is flexible, fast and extremely convenient that allows easy access to funds be it local or overseas. You have access to local and international ATMs and over the counter or you can even transfer funds via Dial - A - Transfer from your Credit Card Account to any of your other bank accounts if they are maintained in Singapore.

    • There is no service fee that is charged for Dial-A-Transfer service
    • The process is very simple, it is a one time registration procedure
    • You can receive extra or emergency funds up to your available credit limit.
    • You have easy access to the transferred funds through any local or foreign bank’s ATM network, over the counter withdrawals or cheques. However, note that S$5 is charged in case of an overseas non Maybank ATM.

    There is absolutely no annual fee that you need to pay to avail this feature. Even the Dial-A-Transfer service is available free of cost to all Maybank Credit Card Principal Members.

    All Maybank Principal and Supplementary Credit Card members are eligible to apply for this feature.

    • Prevailing cash advance fee is applicable here - S$15 or 5 percent of the amount charges are applicable depending on whichever is higher.
    • Prevailing finance charge on cash advancement is applicable here - 2 percent a month being calculated on a daily basis starting from the date when the transaction was made until the date when the full repayment is received.

    Maybank aids in your savings to a great extent. With Maybank Fund Transfer, you get to save while making a transfer from your Maybank Credit Card to a Credit Card from any other bank, current or savings account or credit line.

    • You do not have to pay any interest for the first 6 months
    • The processing fee is minimal. The processing fee is as low as 1.38 percent which is an EIR at 2.96 percent and at a 0 percent interest rate.
    • Even supplementary card members can transfer funds from the Principal Credit Card Account to the Credit Card of the selected bank or credit account or line.
    • You can avail cash savings of up to 89 percent. The following table demonstrates how much you can save.
    Options A B C
    Amount of Fund Transfer SGD 10000 SGD 5000 SGD 2000
    For 6 months, the interest payable with other credit cards or line of credit is at 24 percent p.a. SGD 1200 SGD 600 SGD 240
    For 6 months, the interest payable with Maybank p.a.* SGD 0 SGD 0 SGD 0
    Minimal Charge for Fee Processing

    1.38 percent

    (EIR p.a.: 2.96 percent)

    1.68 percent

    (EIR p.a.: 3.60 percent )

    1.88 percent

    (EIR p.a.: 4.02 percent)

    Fee Payable for Processing SGD 138 SGD 84 SGD 37.60
    Cash savings

    SGD 1062

    (89 percent)

    SGD 516

    (86 percent)

    SGD 204.40

    (84 percent)

    * NOTE: The interest payable option is subject to your account conduct. If your account does not show good conduct, the prevailing 24 percent interest rate will apply.

    All Maybank card members are eligible to apply for Fund Transfer.


    Applying for a loan from a bank is always an exhausting procedure. However, FlexiCash is an instalment loan on your Maybank Credit Card where you can enjoy ready and available cash at very low interest rates. Without undergoing the lengthy process of loan procurement, FlexiCash promises speedy approval in just 3 days. It has a relaxed loan repayment through installments over 12 or 24 months with minimal interest rates starting from 5.88 percent p.a. with no processing fees. See below for a better understanding of loan procurement and repayment with FlexiCash

    Options A B
    Loan duration 12 months 24 months
    Principal amount SGD 8000 SGD 8000
    Interest payable per month with other credit cards or line of credit at 24 percent p.a. SGD 160 SGD 160
    Interest payable per month with Maybank FlexiCash SGD 39.20 SGD 45.87
    Your Savings

    SGD 120.80

    75 percent

    SGD 114.13

    71 percent

    All Maybank Cardmembers are eligible to apply for FlexiCash


    FlexiPay allows you to make payments for purchases with your Maybank Credit Card through an instalment plan even at stores that do not accept Credit Card payments. You can further your financial flexibility because of the low interest rates offered with payment options for 6, 12 or 24 months repayment options. The fees and charges for Flexipay can be found in the below table.

    Loan Tenure Applicable Interest Rate Admin Fee Effective Interest Rate
    6 months 2 percent SGD 30 14.02 percent
    12 months 4 percent SGD 30 13.50 percent
    24 months 6 percent SGD 30 16.14 percent

    NOTE: You can also use your Maybank FlexiPay for car insurance, road tax, tailor services, home renovations and more.

    For further details regarding which shops accept and do not accept Maybank Credit Cards, contact the bank or visit their website.


    Maybank PoshEzyPay allows you to enjoy interest free instalments when you make purchases at select luxury brand boutiques. You can comfortably spread your instalment payments between 3 to 6 months. You only have to pay a low administrative fee of S$30 for each approved application with absolutely no interest.

    Terms and Conditions

    • A minimum of S$500 per single transaction needs to be made to qualify for Maybank PoshEzyPay
    • Only purchases made at boutiques of selected luxury brands qualify for Maybank PoshEzyPay

    For further details on PoshEzyPay contact the bank or visit their website.

    • All card transactions that are not made in US dollars, will first be converted into US dollars before further converting it into Singapore dollars. For this scenario, the bank will charge the card member the converted amount plus an administrative fee of 1.5%. This excludes Infinite, World MasterCard and Visa Diamante. For the aforementioned cards, the administrative fee is 1.75% or a value that the bank determines fit to charge.
    • Additionally, for all transactions made in foreign currency, they will be charged up to 1% on the converted Singapore dollar amount by respective card associations. Similarly, for all transactions that are in Singapore dollars but are processed overseas will be charged an administrative fee of up to 1%.

    If you have failed to make the minimum monthly repayment by the specified due date, 5% of the minimum payment due or S$50, whichever is higher will be charged.

    • If your account is over limit, 3 percent of the credit limit plus the excess over the credit limit will be charged.
    • For Classic and Platinum Credit Cards - The minimum monthly payment includes S$20 or 3 percent of the outstanding balance depending on whichever is higher and also includes any outstanding amount or past due from the previous statements.
    • For Fund Transfer Account - The minimum monthly payment includes S$10 or 3 percent of the outstanding balance depending on whichever is higher and also includes any outstanding amount or past due from the previous statements.
    • AXS Stations - Not applicable for Debit Cards
    • AXS Station QuickBill - Not applicable for Debit Cards
    • Cash Payment at Maybank Branches
    • Cheque Payment - Not applicable for prepaid cards
    • iNETS Kiosk
    • Interbank GIRO - Only applicable for Flash Debit Card top ups and Credit Card Payments
    • Maybank ATMs - Not applicable on Prepaid Cards that are not registered with Maybank
    • Maybank Cash Deposit Machines
    • Maybank Online Banking
    • Other Banks' Online Banking
    • SingPost SAM - Not applicable for Debit Cards

    For detailed information on the aforementioned payment options, contact the bank or visit their website.

    Credit Cards -

    • eCard (Classic) - Free
    • eVibes Card - Free
    • Flash Credit Classic - Free
    • Maybank Platinum Visa - Free
    • Maybank Platinum MasterCard - Free
    • Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard - Charge for the Principal Card is SGD 80 and Supplementary Card if free for the first 2 cards
    • Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa - Charge for the Principal Card is SGD 150 and Supplementary Card if free for the first 2 cards
    • Maybank DUO Platinum MasterCard - Charge for the Principal Card is SGD 120 and Supplementary Card if free for the first 2 cards
    • Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa - Charge for the Principal Card is SGD 60 and Supplementary Card if free for the first 2 cards
    • Maybank World MasterCard - Charge for the Principal Card is SGD 240 and Supplementary Card if free for the first 2 cards
    Maybank Credit Cards and Features Maybank World MasterCard (Personal Use) Maybank Business Platinum MasterCard (Business Use) Maybank eVibes Card (Student Use)
    Annual Fee SGD 240 Free Free
    Benefits 10X TREAT Points or 4 air miles at selected stores/establishments 2X TREAT Points when you spend overseas 1% Cash rebates on all purchases made

    - Minimum age should be 21 years.

    -Minimum annual income should be S$80,000

    -Age of the director should be between 21-60 years.

    -Company must be operational for atleast 2 years with an annual sales overturn of atleast S$200,000

    -Applicable for ages between 18-30 years.

    -Your annual income should not be more than S$30,000 p.a.

    • Apart from earning cash points which could be redeemed while dining, grocery shopping etc, MayBank Credit Cards manage you to surprise unexpectedly.
    • Enjoy 10 percent discount at POPULAR Book shops with Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard. And what is more, they throw in surprise rebates on selected books every now and then.
    • MayBank credit cards also shower you with attractive discounts when you travel in Malaysia and shop from there.

    MayBank Credit Cards frequently come up with innovative and lucrative promotional offers that are irresistible to customers. Attractive discounts at LAZADA (a popular online shopping mall), accommodation at high-end resorts like LEGOLAND at throwaway fare, free tickets for concert performances, heavy rebates on air tickets are some of the key perks a MayBank credit card holder has been enjoying.

    Check For Latest Maybank Credit Cards Promotions

    MayBank commenced its operations in Singapore in December 1960 as a registered commercial bank. The last 55 years has seen a quick and aggressive expansion in terms of reach as well as financial services they offer. Currently, Maybank has 27 service stations in the country to help meet every banking needs of individuals, groups and organizations alike.

    As a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) in Singapore, it has 22 offices peppered across the country and over 30 ATMs in prime locations. Maybank is also part of atm5, the country’s only shared ATM network merging the reach of more than 140 sites of the seven QFBs.

    Maybank is dedicated to bringing unified banking and an extensive range of value-added financial products and services to clients from all backgrounds. By yoking the cutting-edge technology, customers are able to easily carry out their banking businesses at any time via conventional or electronic channels.

    1. How do I get my transactions alerts?
    2. It will be sent as an SMS to your phone. You can update your contact details by mailing it to their customer care email id.

    3. How can I change the threshold sum I had agreed to at the time of application?
    4. You can change or update it by downloading an ‘SMS Transaction Alerts Service Form’ and send it filled to your nearest MayBank branch.

    5. Will I be able to get an extension of the validity of my Redemption Points or Gifts if I need to?
    6. In this case, extension will not be granted.

    7. How can I know if a merchant website is facilitated by 3-D Secure?
    8. The merchant portal will show the logo of 3DS card schemes such as MasterCard SecureCode, VISA's Verified by VISA or JCB's J/Secure.

    9. Who is entitled to MayBank TREATS Points Rewards Programme?
    10. The MayBank TREATS Points Rewards Programme is accessible to everybody who has a Maybank Credit Card issued in Singapore. Some of the exceptions are Maybank eVibes, MayBank Platinum Visa Card and MayBank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard card holders. It is not charged.

    11. I have applied for FlexiCash. How long will my loan approval take?
    12. FlexiCash promises speedy loan approvals. It will only take 3 days from the date of application for your FlexiCash to get approved.

    13. I am unable to make my Credit Card payments by the due date. Will I be charged a higher interest rate?
    14. Yes. If you fail to make your Credit Card payments on time (by the due date) , you will either be charged 5% of the minimum amount due or S$50 depending on whichever is higher.

    15. I am only 18 years old. Can I still apply for a Maybank Credit Card?
    16. Yes. Maybank has introduced the eVibes Credit Card that is specially designed for students aged 18 and above. This card comes with a S$500 credit limit and 1% cash rebate on all purchases made.

    17. If I want to apply for PoshEzyPay, how long do I have to repay the entire amount?
    18. You can spread your instalment payments between 3 to 6 months after using PoshEzyPay for making a payment.

    19. What is the annual fee for the Cash Advance feature offered by Maybank?
    20. There is absolutely no annual fee charged for the Cash Advance feature offered by Maybank.

    21. Is there a Credit Limit available for different Credit Cards offered by Maybank?
    22. Not all Credit Cards that Maybank offers come with a preset credit limit. For instance, the personal Credit Card offered ‘Catholic High Alumni Platinum Associates Card’ calculates your credit limit on the basis of your CPF salary ceiling of S$5,000 a month. This requires you to submit your CPF Contribution History Statement so your credit limit can be determined. On the other hand, the student Credit Card offered by Maybank, ‘Maybank eVibes Card - The Student Card’ comes with a preset credit limit of S$500. ‘The Maybank Business Platinum MasterCard’ finds the balance between the two where you can decide the preset limit for the Credit Card before giving it to your employees.


    MayBank is not oblivious to the fact that Singapore is a country with considerable credit card debt. As cash or card argument gains steam, you also have to remember that like any modern day invention, ‘wise use’ is the key when it comes to plastic money. Banks cannot inculcate discipline and money management. Only you can do that. And if that is not a problem, why miss out cashing in on the benefits?

    News About Maybank Credit Cards

    • Receive exclusive Christmas gifts with your Maybank card

        Mercedes-Benz E-Class with COE+: Whenever you make a purchase worth S$10 with your Maybank card, you get 10 chances to win a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class! This offer is valid until March 31, 2017.

        Online shopping: Shop online with Maybank cards from different stores from stores such as 1030AM, A Better Florist, Amazon, etc. and get discounts of up to 50% and double cashback as well.

        Entertainment: Get 30% off single entry passes at Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru with your Maybank card. You can also receive 15% rebate on products available at Angry Birds Shop. Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is also giving a discount of 15% on child and adult entry ticket.

        Dining: Use your Maybank card to receive 25% off delightful meals at The Fullerton Hotel & The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and Millennium Hotels & Resorts.

      Terms and conditions:

        • These promotions are applicable until December 31, 2016.

        • These offers are valid only on Maybank debit or credit cards issued in Singapore.

        • These promotions cannot be clubbed with any other discount or offer.

      12th December 2016

    • From August 31st, Maybank cardholders can use Samsung Pay

      Maybank cardholders will now be able to make transactions at the merchant location in Singapore using Samsung Pay. This is a move by the bank to strengthen their digital presence across Singapore. This service comes two months after the launch of the mobile wallet service that was launched in Singapore. The Maybank cardholders can add their debit and credit cards to a compatible Samsung phone and pay at stores by holding their phone near the contactless reader. The service will be offered by 5 Samsung Galaxy smartphones, they are, Note7, S6 edge, S7, S& edge and Note 5.

      13th September 2016

    • Maybank Cathay Platinum Movie Promotion

      Runtime: This is an ongoing promotional offer. It will continue till August 31, 2016.

      Particulars: If you spend a minimum amount of S$1,000 in three retail transactions then you can enjoy a pair of platinum movie tickets at Cathay. Only the first 50 cardholders are eligible for this offer.

      Terms and Conditions: Please get in touch with the bank to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

    • Maybank Platinum Debit Card Cathay Promotion

      Runtime: This is an ongoing promotion that started on July 11, 2016 and is valid until August 31, 2016.


        • Apply for a Maybank Platinum Debit Card and charge at least S$250 and make a minimum of 3 transactions on your card within the promotion period.

        • SMS the bank and receive 2 complimentary movie vouchers from Cathay.

      Terms and Conditions:

        • This promotion is only applicable on personal Platinum Debit Cards that have been issued in Singapore.

        • This promotion is applicable on the 1st 200 successful redemptions.

    • Maybank Manchester United Flyaway Lucky Draw

      Runtime: This is an ongoing promotion that started on July 2, 2016 and is valid until October 9, 2016.


      Charge your Maybank Manchester United Card for a minimum of S$50 and get 1 chance to participate in the Flyaway Lucky Draw that includes the following prizes:

        • Grand Prize – 2 Pairs of a Trip for 2 for the LIVE Match in December 2016 happening at Old Trafford. The prize includes economy flight tickets + 3 Star Hotel twin sharing accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights.

        • Third Prize – One Winner will receive a Signed Boot by Chris Smalling.

        • Fourth Prize - One Winner will receive a Signed Boot by Jesse Lingard.

        • Fifth Prize – One Winner will receive a mystery box containing 5 items that have been picked by David De Gea.

        • Sixth – Twelfth Prizes – Seven Winners will receive the following:

          • 1 Winner will receive a Team Signed Jersey between 2015 and 2016.

          • 2 Winners will receive an Individual Signed Jersey between 2015 and 2016.

          • 4 Winners will receive an Individual Signed Pennant.

      Terms and Conditions:

        • Each Maybank cardholder will be be eligible to win only 1 prize.

        • All the winners for the Manchester United Flyaway Lucky Draw will be selected at random for each of the prizes.

        • For further details on this promotion or for more information on the terms and conditions, please feel free to contact the bank.

    • Maybank SGD 50 Cashback Promotion

      Runtime: Till 11 Mar, 2016

      Particulars: Spend a minimum amount of SGD 800 with your Maybank Credit Card for purchasing air tickets directly from any airlines and enjoy cash rebate of SGD 50 on redemption. You will need to be one of the first 400 people to redeem to avail the offer.

      Please contact Maybank Singapore to know about all applicable terms and conditions.

    • Maybank Credit Card Charge and Redeem Promotion

      Runtime: 3 Mar, 2016 to 31 Mar, 2016

      Particulars: Enjoy a range of gifts when you use for Maybank cards for your spends.

        • Spend a minimum of SGD 1,500 with your Maybank Credit Card and get 2 Admission Passes from S.E.A. Aquarium and Madame Tussauds and another 4 Admission Passes from Imagine | Native.

        • Spend a minimum of SGD 4,500 and enjoy International Lunch / Dinner Buffet for 2 at Todai Singapore.

        • Spend a minimum of SGD 5,000 and get 2 1-day Adult Passes from Universal Studios Singapore.

        • Spend a minimum of SGD 6,000 and get a Diamond Cookware Set (4 piece) from Happycall.

      Please contact the bank for applicable terms and conditions.

    • Maybank Credit Card Cash Rebate Promotion

      Runtime: From now till 31 Mar, 2016

      Particulars: Spend a minimum amount of SGD 1,000 overseas till 31 Mar, 2016 with your Maybank Visa credit card and get cash rebate of SGD 120. The offer is valid for all Visa credit cards offered by Maybank.

      Please contact the bank to know about all applicable terms and conditions.

    • Maybank CreditAble Promotion

      Runtime: ongoing promotion

      Apply for new credit cards along with CreditAble personal line of credit from Maybank, charge a minimum amount of SGD 400 or withdraw the same amount from your CreditAble account within 1 month of the cards being approved and get a complimentary automatic watch worth SGD 509 from Arbutus.

      Terms and Conditions

        •You will need to apply for at least 2 credit card from Maybank along with CreditAble in order to be eligible for this promotion.

        •The promotion is valid only for new CreditAble customers and Family & Friends, Platinum Visa, Manchester United Platinum Visa and / or Horizon Platinum Visa cardholders.

        •You will enjoy a waiver of annual fee for 3 years, for your Maybank credit card

        •Even foreigners are eligible for this promotion

        •Other terms and conditions laid down by the bank might be applicable

    • Maybank Singapore Opens its First Branch in Punggol

      Maybank Singapore opened its first branch in Punggol in an effort to attract young customers. The bank reported that it is expecting its customer base to increase by two times in 4 years in the Sengkang and Punggol area. The bank cited data from the Department of Statistics in Singapore to note that Punggol had the highest percentage of children in the city at 11 percent and 10.9 percent in the last 2 years. There are 22 branches of Maybank in Singapore and the Punggol branch will be the first to operate on Sundays.

      18th January 2016

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