Great Eastern Maid Insurance Singapore Review 

MaidGR8 provides financial coverage to your maid for a number of different situations as required by the Ministry of Manpower. You can choose from 3 plans, and go with the one that best suits your budget. Further, this insurance plan provides coverage not only for your maid, but for you and your family members as well.

Key Highlights of MaidGR8 

Here are the details of the cover offered by this insurance plan

Benefit Plan A Plan B Plan C
Insurance Guarantee NA S$5,000 S$5,000
Permanent Disability Cover Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000
Medical Expenses Up to S$2,000 Up to S$2,000 Up to S$3,000
Treatment for Accident Up to S$150 Up to S$150 Up to S$150
Death Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000
Hospital and Surgical Expenses Up to S$15,000 Up to S$15,000 Up to S$30,000
Wages and Levy Compensation ( max 60 days) NA Up to S$35/day Up to S$35/day
Termination and Rehiring expenses NA Up to S$350 Up to S$500
Repatriation Compensation Up to S$10,000 Up to S$10,000 Up to S$10,000
Recuperation Benefits (max 60 days) NA S$20/day S$30/day
Liability to Third Party NA Up to S$50,000 Up to S$50,000
Special Grant NA S$1,000 S$3,000
Maid’s Personal Effects NA Up to S$300 Up to S$300

General Exclusions

There are certain situations under which you are not covered by this policy. Some of the exclusions from the insurance are as follows:

  • Cases arising out of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Claims arising as a result of acts of war, riots, or terrorism.
  • Cases arising out of self-harm or suicide attempt.
  • Communicable diseases which require the patient to be quarantined by law.
  • All types of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Claims as a result of incidents under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Complications arising due to childbirth, or pregnancy.

Premium Payment

Here is what your premium payment will look like, depending on the contract duration and plan you choose to go with:

Contract Duration Plan A Plan B Plan C
14 months S$217.21 S$278.20 S$353.10
26 months S$143.38 S$187.25 S$235.40

Here’s How You Can Buy MaidGR8

If you decide to go with MaidGR8, you can purchase this policy online from the Great Eastern official website. You need to enter the insurance particulars and you can get a quote in a matter of seconds. Finally, you can review the offer and make payment online.

You can also take a print out of the form present on the website and send it to Great Eastern after completing it along with a signed Letter of Indemnity. While submitting the form, you also have to attach a copy of Work Permit Renewal/ In-Principle Approval Letter, and copy of maid’s passport.

How Do I Make a Claim?

Here are the steps to follow, if you want to make a claim:

  • Download and print the claims form that is present on the Great Eastern website.
  • Fill in all the relevant details.
  • Attach the completed form with all the necessary documents that you might need to support your claim.
  • You can send the completed form with the documents by post to the address given on the website.

How Can I Cancel MaidGR8

If you wish to cancel the policy, you can do so by giving Great Eastern a seven-day notice through a registered letter. If you cancel the policy within 270 days of start date, you are entitled to a refund of the policy premium. The following table shows how much refund you are entitled to, depending on the cancellation period:

Cancellation Period Premium Refund
Within 60 days 80% of the premium
Within 61 days to 120 days 50% of the premium
Within 121 days to 180 days 30% of the premium
Within 181 days to 270 days 20% of the premium

Contact Information

If you want to get in touch with Great Eastern regarding any enquiry, you can do so in the following ways:

  • You can get in touch with Great Eastern by calling on +65 6248 2888
  • You can also send an email to the address given on the website.
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