DBS Loans Singapore

About DBS Bank

DBS Bank is one of the largest banks in Singapore and offers several financial products that are customisable an innovative. DBS Bank cares about its customers and ensures that the services offered by them are tailored to meet the changing needs and requirements of the customers. Spread across 18 markets in Asia with over 280 branches, DBS bank has not only made its presence felt in Singapore, but also, all over the globe. The bank, headquartered in Singapore, has also spread its operations in South Asia, South East Asia and Greater China.

History of DBS Bank

DBS Bank was established in the year 1968. It was set up in order to take over all activities of industrial financing from the Economic Development Board. Today there are numerous branches of DBS Bank all across the island. In both Singapore and Hong Kong DBS holds dominant market positions in treasury and markets, consumer banking, securities brokerage, asset management, debt fund raising and equity.

In the year 1998, the world witnessed the merger of POSB Bank and DBS Bank. Thus, the bank gained more than four million customers and also earned a dominant share in the market. In the year 1990, Post Office Savings Bank was renamed and was called POSB Bank. DBS Bank spend huge sum of S$ 1.6 billion and finally took full control over POSB Bank in the year 1998.

POSB Bank still operates in Singapore with numerous branches and several ATMs. The merger helped the customers of both banks to use the services offered by both the banks. In the year 1999, DBS Bank made its presence felt in Hong Kong by acquiring Kwong On Bank. Kwong On bank was then a part of Fuji Bank. It was renamed and called DBS Kwong On Bank in Hong Kong. In 2001, Dao Heng Bank and Overseas Trust Bank were also acquired by DBS.

For local incorporation, CRBC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) approved DBS bank in the year 2006. DBS has its branches at all the prime locations in China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanning. DBS was also the first bank from Singapore which introduced the Union Pay debit cards in the land of China.

Bowa Bank of Taiwan was integrated into all the operations of DBS Bank in the year 2008. With several outlets in Taipei, DBS has forty distribution outlets all across Taiwan.

DBS Bank operates via several branches in India including Chennai, Bangalore, Kohlapur, Cuddalore, Salem, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Moradabad, Nasik and Surat. There is stake of 37.5 percent that DBS has in DBS Cholamandalam Finance.

PT Bank DBS Indonesia is spread across 11 cities with 39 branches in Indonesia. This has given DBS 99% owned subsidiary. DBS, in the year 2012, also mentioned that they would purchase a major stake in Bank Danamon.

Performance History of DBS Bank

DBS cares for its customers and is completely committed to a governance that is effective. DBS continues to protect all the interests of the stakeholders too. This is done in order to promote the Group's sustainability for a long term. DBS grabbed the Gold at the Corporate Awards in 2014 for being the Best Managed Board.

The bank has continued to perform by serving the customers with innovative solutions and customisable products. DBS bank has also earned the name of 'Safest Bank in Asia'. The name has been given to them by Global Finance and they have retained their title for six long years, 2009 to 2014. DBS also launched mobile banking service in 2010 which helped them to enhance their performance all the way more. The service is available for both DBS and POSB customers. It allows them to pay their bills, transfer funds, manage their accounts, etc. over the phone itself. This has reduced a lot of hassle and tagged DBS as one of the immensely well performing banks in the world. By 2013, Singapore witnessed 839,000 mobile banking customers.

Why choose DBS Bank?

DBS being one of the largest banks in the world has earned value and name among its customers through dedicated service. May it be credit cards, loans or any other financial product, DBS never fails to satisfy you. DBS provides great service both online and at branches. It is very easy to avail their products and services. The promotional offers from DBS Bank are extremely lucrative and beneficial for the customers. Enjoy a myriad of perks and features that come with the products offered by DBS Bank.

Loans offered by DBS Bank

You might be in need of financial support at any given point in your life. You might need help while buying a new home or purchasing a new car. You might just need a loan for educational purposes. At times, you need loans for personal reasons too. No matter what the reason is, the Development Bank of Singapore is always there to help you with the loans. Loans provide you with a lump sum amount that you need for a specific purpose. The rates of interest on the DBS Loans are also attractive. Thus, going for a loan from DBS Bank can definitely prove to be a wise decision for you.

DBS Home Loans

Home Loans are required when you plan to buy a new house and renovation purposes. There are different types of Home Loans offered by DBS Bank that come with a lot of customisation and innovation. They are as follows.

DBS Personal Loans

You might need financial support for personal loans. The personal loans offered by the Development Bank of Singapore come with attractive rates of interest.

Car Loan –

It is a matter of pride and joy to own a car. Going for a loan for buying your car can definitely be a good option. DBS offers car loans at attractive rates of interest. The loan will provide you with the upfront money that you need to buy the car.

Education Loan –

In today’s world it is very important to get proper education. Studying in good colleges and universities is absolutely necessary for getting good jobs. But these colleges and universities have a lot of fees and charges associated with their courses. Thus, you will need a substantial amount of money to pursue these courses and complete your higher education. For this purpose, you can easily avail an education loan from any of the good banks. They will also over lucrative rates of interest and it will not be difficult for you to repay the loan when you complete your education too. There are different types of Educational Loan provided by the Development Bank of Singapore

  • Study Loan
  • Computer Loan
  • Tuition Fee Loan

Products and Services offered by DBS in Singapore

DBS offers several products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of the customers. May it be your day-to-day banking needs or your long term investment plans, DBS has a solution for all your financial issues. The list below will help you to understand more about the products and services offered by DBS Bank for their prized customers.


  • Fixed Deposits
    1. S$ Fixed Deposit
    2. Premier Income Account
    3. Foreign Currency Deposit
  • Savings Accounts
    1. DBS Remix eSavings Plus
    2. DBS eSavings Plus SP / EP
    3. eMySavings Account
  • For Expatriates
    1. DBS Expatriate Programme
  • Pay with Ease
    1. Local Funds Transfer
    2. Bill Payments
    3. Overseas Funds Transfer
  • Bank with Ease
    1. DBS mBanking
    2. DBS mBanking
    3. SMS banking



  • Structured Investments
    1. Structured Deposits
    2. Previous Offering
  • Trading and Funds
    1. Invest Wise Tools
    2. Market Updates
    3. Unit Trusts
  • FX and Cash Management
    1. Currency Linked Investments
    2. FX Services
  • SRS and CPF
    1. CPF Investment Account
    2. Supplementary Retirement


  • DBS Personal Loans
  • DBS Cashline
  • DBS Instalment Loan
  • DBS Credit Limit Review
  • DBS Home Loans
  • DBS Bridging Loan
  • DBD Renovation Loan
  • Managing Your Mortgage
  • DBS Education Loan
  • Study Loan
  • Computer Loan
  • Tuition Fee Loan
  • Car and Secured Financing
  • Asset Line
  • Share Financing
  • DBS Auto Loan


  • Travel and Car Insurance
    1. Overseas Study Insurance
    2. Drive Shield Car Insurance
    3. BBM Travel Insurance
  • Home
    1. My Protector Mortgage
    2. Home Shield Insurance
  • Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance
    1. My Life Choice
    2. We Care
    3. My Protector Level Plus
  • Education
    1. My Edu Plan
  • Maid, Wallet and Cards
    1. Card Shield Prime Plus
    2. Cash Shield Prime Plus
    3. Maid Insurance
  • Medical and Health
    1. My Shield

Retirement Plans

  • Retirement Planning
  • We can Help
  • Retirement Facts

Branches of DBS Bank in Singapore

DBS Bank has several branches across Singapore. The list below will help you know about these branches.

  • Bishan Branch
  • Thomson Branch
  • DBS Ang Mo Kio Level 3
  • DBS Ang Mo Kio Basement 1
  • Toa Payoh Branch

DBS Bank Awards and Accolades

  • Singapore Service Excellence Medallion
  • CXFS Asia Summit and Awards
  • Asia One, People’s Choice Awards
  • Global Finance, The Innovators
  • Global Finance, Best Subcustodian Banks Awards
  • Global Finance, Treasury and Cash Management Providers 2015
  • The Asset, Asset Servicing, Fund Management and Investor Awards
  • Corporate Governance Asia, Asian Excellence Award
  • Cards and Payments Asia, Smart Award
  • Gallup, Great Workplace Award
  • Global Finance, World’s Best bank Awards
  • Nanyang Technology University (NTU), NTU Major Employer Award
  • CORENET Global, Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year
  • 4As, Singapore Creative CSR Awards
  • HRM, HRM Awards
  • Global Finance, Best Investment Banks Award
  • Global Finance, Treasury and Cash Management Providers 2015
  • Global Finance, Best Trade and Supply Chain Finance Awards 2015
  • Global Finance, Best Foreign Exchange Provider Awards 2015
  • The Asset, Treasury, Trade Risk and Management Awards
  • The Asian Banker, Transaction Banking Awards
  • The Asian Banker, Technology Implementation Awards
  • The Asian Banker, Excellence in Retail Financial Services International Awards
  • Retail Banker International, Retail Banker International Trailblazer Summit
  • Marketing Magazine, Mob-Ex Awards
  • Private banker, Private Banker International
  • Euromoney, Euromoney Awards for Excellence
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