UOB PRUsave Series Life Insurance

UOB PRUsave Series is a set of endowment plans, with each plan designed to help you save for your future while protecting your loved ones against the unforeseen. These plans offer you flexibility to choose your policy term, premium payment term, maturity payouts, currency, as well as supplementary riders for enhanced coverage. Take a look at these plans in detail:


It’s a regular premium endowment policy that not only helps protect your loved ones but also allows you to increase your savings for the future. At maturity, the plan pays out a guaranteed sum assured as well as non-guaranteed bonuses. Depending on your financial plans, you can choose a policy term that best meets your requirements. Check out the key features and benefits of PRUsave:

  • Flexibility in policy term: You can choose the policy term from 10-45 years, based on your financial plans for the future.
  • Maturity payouts: Once the policy matures, you can choose to receive your benefits in lump sum or in yearly instalments.
  • Coverage: The plan covers you against death, total/permanent disability, and terminal illness. However, you can’t claim both total/permanent disability and terminal illness. Also, it covers you against total/permanent disability and terminal illness till the policy anniversary on which you will turn 65. If total/permanent disability happens before the age of one, the plan pays out only one-fifth of the sum assured.
  • Death benefit: The plans pays out 100% sum assured plus any non-guaranteed bonuses as death benefit.
  • Optional riders: With PRUsave, you can further enhance the coverage by adding the following optional riders:
    • Crisis cover III: This rider provides you with protection against 30 critical illnesses as specified in the policy.
    • Crisis waiver III: This rider takes care of your remaining premium payments once you are diagnosed with any of the 30 critical illnesses listed in the policy. It helps ensure that you have sufficient funds to get treatment for your illness while continuing the policy.
    • Payer security III: This rider has been designed to protect your child’s future in the event of your death, total/permanent disability, or terminal illness. With Payer security III, all your future premium payments are waived till the policy anniversary before your child reaches the age of 25 or till the end of your policy term, whatever happens first.

PRUsave limited pay

Also a regular premium endowment plan, PRUsave limited pay lets you pay off your premiums within a shorter time frame of 5, 10, or 15 years while enjoying the benefits for a long term. In addition to the sum assured, the policy also pays out accumulated, non-guaranteed benefits (if any). Check out some key features and benefits of PRUsave limited pay:

  • Premium payment term: This plan allows you to pay off your premiums within a shorter time period. You can choose to pay your premiums over 5, 10, or 15 years, depending on the policy term. You can choose the policy term from 10, 15, 20, or 25 years.
  • Maturity payout: With this plan, you can choose to receive your death benefits as lump sum amount or as yearly instalments.
  • Comprehensive coverage: PRUsave limited pay provides coverage against death, total/permanent disability, and terminal illness. However, terminal illness and total/permanent disability are covered till the policy anniversary on which you will reach the age of 65. You can’t claim both terminal illness and total/permanent disability benefits.
  • Non-guaranteed bonuses: The death benefit under this plan includes your guaranteed sum assured as well as non-guaranteed bonuses (if any).
  • Supplementary benefits: Like PRUsave, this plan also lets you add certain optional riders to enhance the coverage, including Crisis cover III, Crisis waiver III, and Payer security III.

PRUsave max limited pay (SGD)

PRUsave max limited also allows you to pay your premium over a short period of time. It’s a guaranteed issuance plan, so you don’t have to go through medical examinations or answer any questions about your health. It pays out your maturity benefit in lump sum. Take a look at some of the key benefits of this plan:

  • Guaranteed issuance plan: Since this is a guaranteed issuance plan, you won’t have to take medical examinations.
  • Shorter premium payment term: If your policy term is 10 years, you can pay off your premiums in just five years.
  • Lump sum maturity payout: You will receive your maturity benefits in lump sum once the policy matures.
  • Coverage: The plan covers you only against death. As death benefit, it pays out 105% of your total premium amount paid till date or the face value of your policy plus any non-guaranteed bonuses net of any outstanding loans, whichever is lower.
  • Choice of currency: If you see better investment opportunities in the US economy, this plan allows you to invest in US Dollar denominated assets as well.
  • Max protector multiplier: Available as an optional rider with this plan, Max protector multiplier allows you to enhance your coverage to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, should the unfortunate happens. When you purchase this rider, you will enjoy accidental death benefit, which pays out double the amount of your sum assured, and accelerated disability benefit, which pays out 100% of your sum assured.

How to Apply for UOB PRUsave Series Plans

Once you have figured out the right plan for your coverage and future savings requirements, you can visit any nearest branch of UOB to apply for it. You can also leave your contact details on the bank’s website, so UOB representatives can get in touch with you.

How to Make a Claim

You can file your claim by simply filling out a claim form available on UOB’s website. You will have to attach the supporting documents with the form before sending it out to the bank.

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