Maybank Life Insurance

You work very hard all your life to improve your lifestyle and to provide your family with a high standard of living. The money saved over the years may not be enough to support the same lifestyle, in case you are unable to earn an income. In your absence, your family might find it difficult to meet their financial responsibilities and continue living in the same manner as they do today. Hence, you should opt for a life insurance policy that can offer you with comprehensive coverage and also protect yours’ and your loved one’s financial interests. Maybank Life Insurance policy, known as ePREMIER legacy is one such policy that can provide you with the protection that you require.

Overview of Maybank Insurance

You can never go wrong by opting for the banking and financial products offered by Maybank. It is one of the oldest foreign banks in Singapore and has a rich tradition of offering people in the country with excellent quality of service. Maybank offers a wide range of services and products that cater to all kinds of banking related needs of people in the Lion City. Apart from the usual products like loans, credit cards, debit cards, savings accounts etc., Maybank also offers a variety of insurance policies and plans. Maybank Insurance policies are designed to offer the policy holders with the maximum protection possible.

Maybank Life Insurance

The whole life insurance policy from Maybank, known as ePREMIER legacy, is one of the most sought after insurance policies in the island. It is underwritten by Etiqa Insurance and offers very extensive coverage. You will need to pay the premium of the policy only once and in return you will be offered with insurance cover for your whole life. This policy has been designed to ensure that your legacy lives on even in your absence and that your loved ones will not have to deal with any financial burdens if something happens to you and you are not there in their lives. This policy offers customized and simple solutions to supplement your lifestyle and the lifestyles of your family members. It can help you to preserve your wealth and make sure that it is distributed as per your wishes in your absence.

Features and Benefits of ePREMIER legacy

  • You will only need to pay the premium once and will be offered with insurance coverage your whole life.
  • In the event of your death, your loved ones i.e. your nominees will receive a guaranteed lump sum payment of minimum S$500,000.
  • The policy will offer you with a lump sum payment and other benefits in case you are faced with a terminal illness.
  • The policy comes with assurance guarantee of liquidity and you will and upon the issue of your policy, you will be offered with guaranteed surrender value of 80 percent of the single premium amount that you pay.
  • The policy will help you to preserve your wealth and also make sure that the lifestyle of your loved ones is not affected in your absence.

Please get in touch with the representative of Etiqa Insurance at any of the branches of Maybank to know more about the exceptions, coverage and terms and conditions of this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the minimum guaranteed amount offered with the ePREMIER legacy insurance policy?
  2. In case you are faced with death or a terminal illness, your loved ones will be offered with a guaranteed lump sum payment of minimum S$50,000 with this policy.

  3. What are the time periods available for premium payments with the ePREMIER legacy policy?
  4. This life insurance insurance policy from Maybank comes with a single premium and so no time periods are available for premium payments.

  5. Can I terminate the policy at any time?
  6. Yes, you will be able to terminate the policy when you want however, early termination of the policy will result in high costs in the form of fees and other penalties. Besides, the surrender value offered will be less than the premium amount paid by you.

  7. Can I apply for this life insurance policy online on Maybank’s website?
  8. No, you cannot apply for this policy online on Maybank’s website. You will need to visit Maybank’s branch and speak to an Etiqa Insurance specialist there to apply for this policy.

  9. Is there any promotion available with the ePREMIER legacy policy at present?
  10. Currently, Maybank is not offering any promotions with this insurance policy. However, the bank might offer such promotions in the future. Keep visiting this page from time to time as we will keep you updated about such periodic promotions.

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