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Everyone loves to lead a happy and joyful life with their loved ones. But one must remember that problems do not give prior notice before walking in. Unpredicted and unprecedented events may occur anytime, anywhere. You must be prepared to tackle such situations at ease. insurance schemes provide you with the cover that you require in such situations and support you financially too. Once the financial side is taken care of, things become much easier for you to handle. Your house, your car, your belonging and most importantly your life requires protection and security. Give a healthy and secured life to yourself and your loved ones and keep enjoying your precious moments.

Overview AVIVA Insurance

AVIVA is one of the leading companies providing general insurance in Singapore. It provides integrated shield schemes that are approved by Medisave. AVIVA is the pioneer insurance company which brought in general insurance in Singapore. They offer their innovative and customised solutions online so that it the process is quick and hassle free. The company has made its presence felt as the largest healthcare insurance company in the Lion City and has been serving to protect and cover the servicemen of Singapore Armed Forces since 1983.

There are different types of insurance schemes offered by AVIVA. The list below will help you to know these scheme better.

  • AVIVA Term Insurance
  • AVIVA Life Insurance
  • AVIVA Health Insurance
  • AVIVA Car Insurance
  • AVIVA Home Insurance
  • AVIVA Personal Accident Insurance
  • AVIVA Travel Insurance
  • Direct Purchase Insurance
  • SAF Insurance

AVIVA Term Insurance

AVIVA Term Life Insurance scheme is also known as My Protector policy. It provides a lot of flexibility for the customers and it is also extremely affordable. The plan is customizable and you can choose coverage as per your convenience and lifestyle needs. If you are someone looking for a value for money, customizable and quality coverage then AVIVA Term Insurance is your one stop solution. The policy provides a lump sum coverage in case of permanent disability, major illness or death of the insured. You can also choose between the decreasing term and level term.

AVIVA Life Insurance

Life is full of unexpected events and you should be ready to deal with any situation, if and when it arises. AVIVA Life Insurance provides you with financial support when your life takes a sudden turn and gives you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve.

The Whole Life plans provide you with comprehensive coverage and there is no fixed period for the policy. There are two types of Whole Life Plan Insurance policy.

  • MyLifeChoice – This particular plan offers coverage of up to 275% of the total assured amount in case of permanent disability, critical illness, death etc. and guarantees a lump sum pay out when there is a claim. In case you lose your job, the premium payments will be put on hold for a year. However, during this period you will still be covered under the insurance plan.
  • Lifetime Flexi – This insurance plan allows to choose from the different options that are customizable, innovative and suits your needs the most. You can also opt to move from one base cover option to another base cover option as per your convenience and change in needs. No matter how much fluctuations the market experiences, the Lifetime Flexi Insurance plan from AVIVA will continue to provide you with the best coverage in any event of death, critical illness, temporary or permanent disability, etc.

The term life insurance provides different insurance plans which not only cover you during unexpected situations, but also, provides you with the flexibility that you need and deserve.

  • Global Protection – The Global Protection plan from AVIVA is extremely cost efficient and customisable. You can choose between amount of coverage, coverage duration, level and decreasing term, multiple currency options, etc. and opt for the one and suits all your requirements.
  • Ideal CI Protector – If you are planning to go for a plan which provides cover for two critical illness under the same umbrella then the Ideal CI Protector Insurance Plan is definitely your one stop solution. The plan provides cover against thirty five critical illnesses, permanent or total disability up to an age of 65 years and death. Even if you have made claims during the first critical illness, you are still entitled to make a second claim for the other critical illness that is diagnosed.
  • My Protector – AVIVA My Protector Plan is extremely flexible and affordable too. It is designed to offer you the exact coverage that you need. You can now choose between decreasing term and level term. The policy lets you choose the riders and compliments your coverage plan.
  • My Family Cover – This insurance plan protects you and your family from all unfortunate events by providing you innovative solutions and financial support. You can now manage your grocery bills, school fees, car loan repayments, etc. It offers coverage in an event of permanent disability, critical illness and death.

AVIVA Health Insurance

AVIVA Health Insurance, also knowns as AVIVA Medical Insurance or My Shield, is approved by Mediaslave and offers comprehensive medical coverage which takes care of all the needs and requirements for you and your family. This particular insurance plan is extremely affordable and provides free coverage for all your children, up to an age of 20 years, as long as your spouse and you are covered under the plan. Children are also covered against any accidental damage suffered by them including fractures. The Letter of Guarantee or LOG provided by AVIVA allows admission to hospitals without worrying about the initial admission expenditures. You can renew AVIVA My Shield is renewable and offers you a coverage for a lifetime. The plan is customizable, hence, choose the features as per your convenience.

AVIVA Car Insurance

AVIVA Car Insurance is one of the best coverage that you can get for your car. In the event of an accident if you have no fault then your NCD will not be affected. You will also get guaranteed repairs for your vehicle for 12 months. In the event of an accident, the policy makes sure that you reach home safely and provides you with a drop till home. Avail free roadside assistance which helps you in case of a car breakdown. You will also get a free look in period for 14 days. If you do not like the features and benefits offered by the policy, you can always drop the idea of going for it.

AVIVA Home Insurance

This particular insurance plan protects your home along with all your belongings and offers you the peace of mind that you deserve. It is a comprehensive coverage scheme and the claim process is easy, quick and hassle free. The AVIVA Home Insurance policy can be modified as per your convenience and you only pay for whatever extra you are adding to your scheme. You can change, customize and renew your home insurance scheme online, whenever you want. The Emergency Assistance is ready to help you 24X7 and you also get a free look in period for 14 days. You can always drop the scheme after 14 days, in case you do not like the plan.

AVIVA Personal Accident Insurance

While enjoying your life you must also prepare yourself for any unexpected event. AVIVA Personal Accident provides you with coverage for you in an event of an accident. You can now choose from the three different variants of Personal Accidents coverage plans offered by AVIVA, namely, Standard, Plus and Lite. Married couples can avail a discount of 10% on the Family Plan and the Child Cover comes for free. No matter where you are in the world, the policy provides you with personal liability cover. Enjoy a free look in period for 14 days. If you like the features and benefits, then continue with the scheme. In case you don’t you can always drop the plan.

AVIVA Travel Insurance

This travel insurance provides you with the best coverage options when you are traveling. Choose from the different plans, namely, Travel Plus and Travel Lite and opt for the one that suits all your needs. Customize your travel insurance policy and renew it any time you want. The claim process is extremely easy, quick and hassle free. The AVIVA Travel Insurance Plan not only provides coverage for you, but also, for all your loved ones. Avail the Emergency Travel Assistance 24X7 and enjoy the comprehensive coverage all across the world. Be the globetrotter you always wanted to be and enjoy the peace of mind while traveling. May it be a single trip or multi trip on a yearly basis, the AVIVA Travel Insurance scheme never fails to cover you.

AVIVA Direct Purchase Insurance

It is of utmost importance that you go for an insurance policy knowing the fact that that uncertain and unexpected events can occur any time but the future needs to be secured. There are two different types of Direct Purchase Insurance Plans offered by AVIVA.

  • Direct AVIVA Whole Life – Avail a huge pay out amount in the event of permanent disability, critical illness or death and you can also accumulate all the potential bonuses on a yearly basis. You are entitled to pay the exact same premium amount which is guaranteed throughout the term of the premium.
  • Direct AVIVA Term Life – Avail a coverage amount of up to $ 400,000 and receive a lump sum pay out in the event of critical illness, permanent disability and death. May it be 5 years, 20 years or up to the age of 65 years, you can always select your own cover term.

SAF Insurance

This particular insurance plan is designed for SAF and MINDEF personnel along with their loved ones. Avail a coverage that meets all your needs and is also affordable. You can enjoy this hassle free coverage up to an age of 65 years and a live a peaceful life that you deserve. You are entitled a cover amount of up to S$ 1,000,000 in the event of critical illness, permanent disability or death. Enjoy several privileges on your Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Car Insurance when you are covered under the SAF Insurance scheme. In case of an unfortunate event of disability the cover plan continues to provide you with the best in class security till the age of 55 years. The Living Care and Living Care Plus offers ultimate protection and security against all critical illness that one is diagnosed with. The SAF Insurance Plan also provides personal accident coverage round the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions - AVIVA Insurance

  1. Can I get a quote from AVIVA instantly for my Car Insurance Scheme?
  2. Yes, you can avail a quote for your car insurance from a website instantly.

  3. Can I purchase a car insurance policy more than 1 year?
  4. Yes, you can purchase a car insurance policy more than 1 year.

  5. Does AVIVA provide third party fire and theft insurance plan?
  6. No, AVIVA provides you with a comprehensive plan so that you and your vehicle are insured against all odds as comprehensively as possible.

  7. How should I make sure that I qualify for AVIVA Travel Insurance?
  8. If you are a resident of Singapore, not above the age of 70 years and going for a round trip that starts and ends at Singapore, you can qualify for the AVIVA Travel Insurance Plan. For more information, contact the customer care department of AVIVA.

  9. What is the difference between Travel Lite and Travel Plus?
  10. The basic and the most prominent difference lies between Travel Lite Insurance Policy and Travel Plus Insurance policy lies in the maximum payments that need to be made per person, per trip.

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