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    UOB HDB Home Loan

    This loan is provided by UOB when you want to buy a resale or new HDB flat. The loan can also be used to refinance the current loan on your HDB flat.

    What Are the Benefits and Home Loan?  

    • UOB provides a loan quantum of up to 75% of the purchase price or the valuation of the resale or new HDB flat, depending on the lower value of the two.
    • You can secure the loan even if you are the owner of a private property, are not planning to upgrade to a larger flat, have made use of the HDB Concessionary Loan rate, or get a monthly household income of more than S$8,000.
    • You can apply for the UOB HDB Loan after you qualify for the HDB Concession Loan as well.
    • UOB also offers you a bridging loan so that you can make the downpayment for your new house while you are waiting for proceeds from the sale of your existing property.
    • UOB offers competitive fixed and floating interest rate packages.

    Promotional Offer

    If the HDB refinancing loan of at least S$300,000 is approved by UOB and accepted by you by 28 February 2019, you can receive a stick vacuum cleaner by Electrolux (cordless) worth S$379 and a cash rebate of S$1,650. You can also convert your package for free in the case of an increase in the mortgage rate in the first 2 years of disbursement of the loan.

    How to Apply for UOB HDB Loan

    Permanent Residents and citizens of Singapore:

    • Go to UOB’s official website and navigate to the UOB HDB Loan web page. On this page, click on the ‘Apply Now’ option.
    • An application form is generated that is pre-filled with your personal details already available on MyInfo.
    • If you submit the forms between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., your application will be processed on the same day.
    • Forms submitted at other times will be processed the next business day.


    • Fill your personal details on the UOB Property Loan Contract Form available online and submit it.
    • The bank will get in touch with you to give you further instructions.

    Contact Details of UOB

    For further enquiries, contact UOB in the following ways:

    • Call UOB on 1800 222 2121. Overseas customers must call on +65 6222 2121.
    • Write to UOB at ‘Robinson Road, P.O. Box 1688, Singapore 903338’.
    • Submit an enquiry form and wait for the bank executives to get in touch with you.
    • Visit your nearest UOB branch.

    UOB offers a high quantum of financing up to 75% of the flat value. Buy your dream home at an early age and repay the loan amount at your own pace.

    Eligibility Criteria for UOB HDB Home Loan

    In order to be eligible for an HDB home loan from UOB, you should have a monthly income of minimum S$8,000.

    Also, you can apply for this home loan product from UOB even if you:

    • are the owner of a private property
    • do not plan to upgrade to a bigger flat
    • have already enjoyed Concessionary HDB Loan rates in the past
    • qualify for a Concessionary HDB Loan

    Documents Required

    When you apply for a UOB HDB Home Loan, you will most likely need to submit the following documents:

    For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents:

    • UOB Property Loan Application form – filled and signed.
    • Photocopy of NRIC or Passport.
    • The following Income documents:
      • Most recent computerized payslip or IR8A.
      • 2 years Tax Return (self-employed).
      • 2 years Commission statements (commission based employees).
    • Option to Purchase:
      • Most recent CPF Account Statement (in case of CPF usage).
      • Most recent CPF Withdrawal Statement/Option of Sale for existing property, if applicable.

    For Foreigners:

    • UOB Property Loan Application form – filled and signed.
    • Photocopy of Passport.
    • Photocopy of ID Card for Malaysian Citizens.
    • The following income documents:
      • Most recent payslip/Employment Letter and last 3 months bank statements with salary credit.
      • Last 3 months bank statements and last 2 years Tax Assessment notices (self-employed).

    Referral Rewards

    You can refer your friends, family or acquaintances to apply for an HDB Home Loan from UOB and with each referral, you can get up to S$1,000 as a reward.

    This offer is available only for existing customers of UOB.

    How does the referral work?

    Accepted loan amount Rewards offered
    Less than S$1 million S$300 worth TANGS Gift Card
    S$1 million to less than S$3 million S$750 worth TANGS Gift Card
    S$3 million or more S$1000 worth TANGS Gift Card

    The rewards are calculated based on each successful referral and a referral is considered as a success only when the referred customers accept the offer letter from the bank.

    UOB HDB Home Loan FAQs

    1. Does the HDB Home Loan come with fixed or floating interest rate?

      An UOB HDB Home Loan will offer you with different packages that will either have fixed rates, floating rates or both fixed and floating interest rates.

    2. I am the owner of a private property. Can I apply for a HDB Home Loan from UOB?

      Yes, you can apply for an HDB Home Loan from UOB even if you are the owner of a private property.

    3. Can I apply for a HDB Home Loan to purchase properties in foreign country?

      No, this loan is only offered for the purchase of HDB properties in Singapore.

    4. What is the maximum amount that I can avail with this loan?

      You can avail up to 80 % of the valuation or the purchase price of your HDB flat (new / resale), whichever is lower.

    5. What is the minimum income requirement for UOB HDB Home Loan?

      You need to have a minimum monthly income of S$8,000 to apply for this home loan from UOB.

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