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    Commercial Property Loan

    A commercial property refers to a property that is not used for residential purposes. A commercial property loan can be used for the purchase of office units, shop houses or to build your investment portfolio. Two main purposes for purchasing a commercial property are for building your business and for strengthening your investment portfolio.

    Features of Commercial Property Loans Offered in Singapore

    Find below some of the prime features offered by banks in Singapore for commercial property loans:

    • Receive quantum of financing (QOF) up to 80% of the valuation of your property or the market price, depending on whichever of the two is lower.
    • You can also choose to unlock cash using your property and get financing up to 120% of your property valuation.
    • Choose from myriad variable interest rate packages often pegged to 1-month, 2-month or 3-month SIBOR rates.
    • Choose from flexible loan tenures of up to 30 years or 70 years of age, depending on whichever of two occurs earlier.
    • Some banks offer additional benefits such as subsidies on valuation fees and legal fees, free processing of application, complimentary fire insurance, etc.
    • You also have the option to refinance your existing commercial property loan.
    • Fees and charges such as prepayment fees, cancellation fees, late payment fees, etc. may be applicable.
    Commercial Property Loan

    Banks in Singapore that Offer Commercial Property Loans

    Here are some popular banks in Singapore that offer commercial property loans to customers:

    • DBS
    • UOB
    • OCBC
    • Standard Chartered
    • Citibank
    • CIMB
    • RHB
    • SBI Singapore

    Who is Eligible to Apply for a Commercial Property Loan in Singapore?

    Applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria can apply for a commercial property loan in Singapore:

    • Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners can apply for this loan.
    • Employees and self-employed individuals can apply for a commercial property loan.
    • You should be at least 21 years old at the time of application.
    • Certain banks require a percentage of local shareholding to be eligible.
    • Other eligibility criteria that vary from bank to bank include minimum income, minimum loan amount and minimum property value criteria.

    What Documents Should be Submitted When Applying for a Commercial Property Loan?

    Here are some of the important documents that banks will require of you when apply for this loan:

    • Identity proof documents such as NRIC and passport copies of all applicants and owners of the property.
    • In case of a new property purchase, the Option to Purchase or the Sales & Purchase Agreement copy must be submitted to the bank.
    • In case of refinancing of your existing commercial property loan, a loan statement showing your repayment history and outstanding balance (preferably the last 12 months) will be required.
    • Other documents regarding your property that may be required include tenancy agreement, a copy of the Title Deeds, stamp duty certificate for the purchase of your property, etc. may be required.
    • Income proof documents include payslips, Income Tax Notice of Assessment, CPF Contribution statements, etc.

    How to Apply for a Commercial Property Loan

    There are several ways in which you can apply for a commercial property loan with a bank including:

    Apply online:

    This is one of the easiest ways to apply for a commercial property loan wherein you can visit the bank’s website and apply for the loan online. You will be required to fill an application form and upload the necessary documents to complete the application process for the bank to consider your loan.

    Some banks require you to the download the application form, take a print out, fill-in the required information, attach the supporting documents and mail the completed application form to the bank.

    Some banks encourage customers to apply online by offering exclusive perks on online applications. For example, DBS offers customers 100% fees subsidy on online applications (subject to terms and conditions).

    Making an appointment:

    You can make an appointment with the bank to start the process. You can meet a bank representative who will assist you with the loan process. Banks that offer this option have a contact sheet wherein you will be required to leave your contact details and a representative will contact according to your convenience to take the process forward. Some banks also offer a contact sheet for any doubts or enquiries you may have regarding the loan offered and a representative will contact you to clarify the same.

    Calling the bank:

    You can call the bank and express interest in the loan and a staff representative will take you through the process of applying for the loan.


    Some banks such as OCBC and DBS allow you to send a text message to the bank or an email to start the application process.

    Visiting the bank:

    You can visit the nearest branch of the bank you wish to apply for the commercial property loan with and apply for the same, directly in person.

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