Chubb Home and Contents Insurance

If you own a house, you must have home insurance coverage as there could be many situations wherein your house can undergo damages. Your house can catch fire or be robbed. It would affect your furniture, personal belongings, and the interiors of your house. It is best to get an insurance policy that covers the costs of repair and renovations.

The comprehensive Chubb Home and Content Insurance Policy not only insures events affecting the house, its items, and the people living in it but also provides 24x7 emergency assistance service. It offers three kinds of plans based on the number of generations in the household that you want to include.

Plan Gen 1 Plan Gen 2 Plan Gen 3
Who all are covered? You and your legal spouse. You, your spouse, and your children. You, your spouse, your children, and your parents.

What All Does It Cover?

The Chubb Home and Content Insurance policy provides four distinctive coverages. Their features are explained below.

Covers Your Home

In the event of theft by forced entry, an accident, or damage done by a third party in your house, you can claim up to S$180,000*. It covers damage and loss of home contents and internal structures. Some examples of home contents are television, computer, laptops, furniture, and cabinets.

Coverage for Guests

An insured home will receive up to S$1 million* coverage for personal liability. This applies to accidents occurring to anyone present in the household. For instance, if a guest slips and falls by accident while in your house, you will receive reimbursement on the medical expenses.

You will receive a payout of S$20,000 in case of an accidental death inside the insured premises.

Covers Your Lifestyle

In case of loss or damage to personal belongings, such as jewellery and watches, anywhere in the world, insured persons will receive S$2,000* coverage.

You will receive a compensation of S$5,000 if the items in question are sports equipment.

Provides Emergency Help

You will also be entitled to Emergency Home Assistance Services. Suppose you have a pipe leak, you can call up the assistance and get contact details of reliable service providers.

*For the exact premium amount and coverage limit provided in each type of plan, contact the insurance company through the ‘Contact us online’ icon provided in the insurance policy page.

How Do You Make a Claim?

You have two options to report a claim:

  • You can mail them at ‘[email protected]’.
  • You can make a claim via your insurance agent.

After you submit a claim, you will receive an acknowledgement within two days. Make sure you provide all details, with proofs for your reimbursement process to go smoothly. Once approved, you will receive your payment in 10 working days.

Now you know that you can go for the Chubb Home and Contents Insurance policy if you want a comprehensive insurance for your house, items present in it, personal accessories, and accidents happening to the people present in the premises.

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