NTUC Health Insurance PrimeShield

This health insurance plan has been designed to complement the Basic ElderShield, which offers coverage for severe disability. With PrimeShield, you will get guaranteed disability benefit every month for life or at least until you recover from the disability.

Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed disability benefit on monthly basis for life (if you continue to be severely disabled).
  • Option to pay the premium from your Medisave account - up to S$600 per person per year.
  • Access to Income Treats rewards programme. It is a rewards programme, where you can get deals with NTUC’s participating merchants.
  • Yearly premium payments for a fixed period that is based on your age at the time of policy entry. The table below shows the entry age and payment period.
Entry age (previous birthday) Payment period
40 years to 46 years Until you turn 65 (previous birthday)
47 years to 64 years 20 years


NTUC PrimeShield Coverage

Coverage type Coverage details
Severe disability
  • Monthly disability benefit for life (after deducting any amount being paid under ElderShield)
  • One-time lump sum payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability payout
Care benefit for dependant child (up to 21 years old) Extra 25% of your monthly disability benefit for a maximum of three years
Get-well benefit One-time lump sum payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability payout, in the event of your recovery
Death during severe disability One-time lump sum payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability payout, in the event of your death

Eligibility Criteria

You must fulfil the following eligibility criteria to get this policy:

  • You must be a Singaporean or a Singaporean PR.
  • Your age must be between 40 years and 64 years (previous birthday).
  • You must have the Basic ElderShield policy.


Q. Can I cancel my PrimeShield policy?

A. Yes, you can cancel your PrimeShield policy. If you wish to terminate it within 60 days of the policy commencement date, you will get complete refund of your premium. However, if you terminate it after 60 days, then you will not get any refund.

Q. How to terminate PrimeShield?

A. You must complete the termination form (available on NTUC PrimeShield webpage) and either submit at any of the NTUC branches or send it via post to NTUC.

Q. Will NTUC inform me about my policy renewal?

A. Yes. Two months before your policy renewal date, you will get a renewal notice from NTUC.

Q. Can I buy PrimeShield policy from NTUC if I have bought the ElderShield policy from some other insurer?

A. Yes, you can buy PrimeShield policy from NTUC even if you had bought the ElderShield from any other insurer. You will have to mention the name of your ElderShield insurer, as well as your monthly benefits from the ElderShield policy on your PrimeShield application form.

Q. Does the PrimeShield policy hav a Non-forfeiture feature?

A. Yes, PrimeShield has non-forfeiture feature. After you complete a minimum number of payments, your policy will be considered as paid-up. Here, in such cases, your policy will not get terminated for non-payment of premium. Instead, you will get reduced benefits.

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