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    Your parents and other elders must have advised you to save money so that you can meet your financial responsibilities. It is quite possible that you do save money on a regular basis but even then the savings may not be sufficient to help you deal with unavoidable and unfortunate events in life. Hence, it is advisable that you take help of insurance policies that can help you to deal with unfortunate events in life and also help you to protect your financial assets. Insurance policies from reputed companies like Great Eastern can even help you to save more money and build your financial assets.

    Overview of Great Eastern Insurance Company

    Great Eastern is one of the most popular oldest insurance companies in Asia. It is also the largest insurance group in Malaysia and Singapore. Established in 1908, the insurance company has more than 20 branches and assets in the tune of S$61.8 billion. Great Eastern has around 4.5 million policyholders who benefit from the wide range of features offered by the company with its insurance policies. The company offers a variety of insurance products that meet the needs of all kinds of customers. The different insurance products offered by Great Eastern include save & invest policies, individual & family policies, retirement policies, and policies that are employee-centric (for businesses).

    Types of Insurance offered by Great Eastern

    Great Eastern is a very trusted name in the world of insurance companies in Singapore and the different insurance policies offered by the company come with a variety features that are very customer-centric. You will enjoy flexible terms, low premium payments, comprehensive coverage and other beneficial features when you opt for an insurance policy from Great Eastern. The different insurance policies offered by Great Eastern are listed below.

    1. Great Eastern Term Insurance - The Company offers three different types of term insurance policies that come with a ton of beneficial features. One of these policies is a mortgage care policy that can help you ensure that the mortgage payments of your house are take care of in your absence, in case something unfortunate happens to you. The other two term insurance policies from this company can provide you with protection against Total/ Permanent Disability, Death and different types of Terminal Illnesses. You will enjoy the flexibility of making premium payments on a monthly, half-yearly, quarterly or yearly basis and these policies will provide you with very extensive coverage against a variety of conditions. The three term insurance policies offered by Great Eastern are as follows:
      • Supreme Term
      • Supreme Living Term
      • MortgageCare
    2. Great Eastern Life Insurance – Life is very uncertain and unpredictable and you can never be sure of your future. The only way to ensure that your loved ones are protected in your absence is by opting for an extensive life insurance policy, such as the ones offered by Great Eastern, that can reduce the financial burdens of your loved ones in your absence. The company offers a range of life insurance policies for people with all kinds of needs. They will not only provide protection to your loved ones in your absence, but they will also offer you with numerous beneficial features such as higher premium amount on maturity and so on. Great Eastern offers the following life insurance policies:
      • Direct - Great Life
      • FlexiLife
      • FlexiLife Multiplier
      • Prestige Life Gold
      • Smart Life Advantage
      • Supreme Protect

      You can also opt for various riders to enhance the protection provided by Great Eastern life insurance policies.

    3. Great Eastern Mortgage Insurance – Your house is one of your greatest possessions as it is the place where you find the comfort of being with your loved ones after a hard day of work. Hence, you need to make sure that your house is protected at all costs so that your loved ones will never have to lose their home. The mortgage insurance policy from Great Eastern, known as MortgageCare, has been designed to ensure that the mortgage payments of your house are made on time and the loan amount is paid in full in your absence, if something happens to you. You can opt for this policy either as an individual or jointly with your spouse if both of you are the co-owners of the house. You can also opt for an add-on that will provide you with protection against more than 30 critical illnesses.
    4. Great Eastern Accident Insurance – Accidents can happen any time and you can never be prepared enough to deal with them. Accidents can bring with them a lot of financial burdens as you might need to spend money on healthcare services after being injured in an accident. By opting for an accident insurance policy from Great Eastern, you can assure that you will be offered with the required financial assistance in case you meet with an accident. You will have a range of policies to choose from based on your needs. These policies can help you take care of your medical expenses, hospitalisation fee and the cost of seeking treatment in case you are injured in an accident. The accident insurance policies offered by Great Eastern are listed below.
      • AccidentCare Plus II
      • Essential Protector Plus
      • PA Supreme
      • Junior Protector Plus
      • Golden Protector Plus
      • Prestige PACare
    5. Great Eastern Health Insurance – The health insurance policies from Great Eastern will offer you with enhanced coverage during the various stages of an illness. You will also receive high payouts and protection against a variety of medical conditions, and so you will not have to worry about your medical expenses. Instead, you will be able to concentrate on your health and take proper rest so that you can recover soon. The payout offered can be as high as S$200,000 with some of these policies from Great Eastern. If you are a working individual, you can be offered with income benefits in case you are unable to work due to an illness. Thus, your family will not have to face any financial difficulties even if you are unable to work due to illness. The health insurance policies offered by this insurance company are listed below.
      • Critical Care Advantage
      • ElderShield Comprehensive & ElderShield Value Plus
      • LifeSecure
      • Supreme MediCash
      • SupremeHealth
      • TotalShield
    6. General Insurance – Great Eastern offers both commercial and personal insurance plans to consumers in Singapore. The commercial plans have been designed to protect your business against unforeseen events while the personal insurance plans can help you to safeguard your lifestyle against a wide range of events that are uncertain.
    7. The Commercial Insurance policies from Great Eastern cover the following:

      • Fire and extraneous perils
      • Daily benefits
      • Theft and hold-up
      • Money insurance
      • Plate glass
      • Personal accident for directors/ sole proprietors/ partners
      • Public liability

      Here are the Personal Insurance policies offered by Great Eastern:

      • TravelSmart Premier
      • HomeSupreme
      • PA Supreme
      • Maid Supreme Plus
      • Drive and Save Plus
    8. Education Insurance – If you want to secure your child’s future by providing him or her with the ideal education, you should opt for the education insurance policy offered by Great Eastern. It is known as Supreme Education and it can offer you with high and guaranteed payouts so that you will not face any difficulties in paying for your child’s education. The policy has been designed in such a manner that it will take care of the living expenses of your child, in case you are no longer there to care of him or her, due to an unfortunate event. You will enjoy the flexibility of choosing the maturity age and premium term of the policy along with other benefits.
    9. Retirement Plans – When you retire, you might not be able to earn a monthly income and so you might find it difficult to take care of your living expenses. As the cost of living is rising at an exponential rate, you might not be able to live on your savings alone when you retire. Hence, you can opt for a retirement plan from Great Eastern so that your future will be secured and you can retire in peace. These retirement policies will offer you with a monthly income for life so that you will never have to face any financial burden in meeting your living expenses. You will also enjoy other long-term benefits when you opt for these policies. The two retirement insurance plans offered by Great Eastern are as follows:
      • Supreme Retirement
      • Annuities
    10. Travel Insurance – With a travel insurance plan from Great Eastern, you can travel in peace as you will be covered against unexpected events that you might face on your trips. You can enjoy a hassle-free trip or a vacation with your loved ones as the Travel [email protected] policy will offer you with a lump sum payment of up to S$100,000 in case of death/ disablement, up to S$200,000 in case of death while traveling by public transport and up to S$200,000 as medical reimbursement. You can easily apply for these travel insurance policies online and enjoy a variety of benefits that are usually not available with policies offered by other financial institutions. Great Eastern provides the following travel insurance policies to Singaporeans:
      • Travel [email protected]
      • TravelSmart Premier
    11. Car Insurance – When you drive on the roads, you expose yourself and your vehicle to a variety of risks, particularly the risk of meeting with an accident. You can protect your vehicle against these risks by opting for the Drive & Safe Plus car insurance policy from Great Eastern. It will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle in case of an accident and will also protect you against 3rd party liabilities. For any damage done to 3rd party property, you can get up to S$5,000; up to S$3,000 for legal expenses and up to S$20,000 as a personal accident benefit. Besides, in case of an accident you can benefit from the assistance provided by the support team of Great Eastern and the hassle-free claims process offered by the company.
    12. Home Insurance – Your home and its belongings need to protected as much as any other possession of yours. Hence, you should opt for a comprehensive home insurance policy such as the ones provided by Great Eastern. The company offers a range of plans that can take care of all your home insurance related needs and you can also opt for an additional rider to get coverage against personal accidents and liabilities. With the HomeCover plan, you can get up to S$80,000 to cover building damages, up to S$20,000 to cover the belongings of your home and you will not be penalized or underinsuring as it is a first loss plan. The following home insurance policies are offered by Great Eastern:
      • GreatHome Multicare
      • Home [email protected]
      • HomeCover
      • HomeSupreme
      • ValueHome
    13. Maid Insurance – If you want to protect your maid and also your interests as her employer, you should opt for the maid insurance policy from Great Eastern, known as Maid Supreme Plus. This policy will offer round the clock coverage and will protect the health and overall wellness of your maid. Given that the helper helps you to keep your house in order, it is your responsibility to protect her against illness and adverse health conditions. This policy will help you to meet your responsivities towards your helper and will offer numerous benefits. The policy will offer up to S$40,000 in case of accidental death/ disablement, up to S$10,000 as post-accident benefits and up to S$15,000 per annum for meeting Hospital/ Surgical expenses.

    Apart from the above, Great Eastern also offers Wealth Management and Investment plans that can help you to increase your financial assets and secure your future. These plans will help you to manage your finances effectively so that get the maximum value from your income.

    Riders – The different add-on riders offered by Great Eastern are listed below.

    For Critical Illness:

    • Critical Care Advantage Rider
    • Critical Illness Protector (Series 3)
    • HER Living Assurance Rider
    • Junior Living Assurance Rider Plus
    • MortgageCare (Living Assurance) Rider II
    • Parent Assurance Benefit (CI)

    Pregnancy Risk Cover

    • Smart Critical Care
    • Smart Early Critical Care

    For Disability/ Hospitalisation:

    • Hospital Income Benefit Rider
    • Lifetime Hospital Benefit Rider
    • LifeSecure Rider
    • Pay Assure Rider
    • TotalShield Plus Rider

    For Term Plans:

    • MortgageCare Rider
    • Parent Assurance Benefit

    For Personal Accident:

    • AccidentCare Plus II Rider
    • Accidental Permanent Disablement Benefit Rider
    • Double Accident Protector
    • Essential Protector Plus Rider
    • Smart Accident Protector

    For Waiver of Premiums:

    • Payer Benefit (Living Assurance) Rider
    • Payer Benefit Rider
    • Payer Benefit Rider (ILP)
    • Payer Benefit Rider (ILP) (Living Assurance)
    • Premium Waiver Rider
    • Premium Waiver Rider (ILP)
    • Smart Early Critical Care Payer Benefit Rider
    • Smart Early Critical Care Premium Waiver Rider

    Great Eastern Insurance Promotion and Offers

    Guaranteed Saver SG50 – Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore with a guaranteed payout of 2% per annum and also get up to S$500 worth premium vouchers till 17 August, 2015.

    Personal Accident Plan Promotion – Get CapitaVouchers worth S$30 when you opt for the Personal Accident Plan offered by Great Eastern, till 31 August, 2015.

    Smart Life Advantage Promotion – Get up to S$450 worth of vouchers from CapitaVouchers or a Samsung GALAXY Tab S LTE (8.4") by signing up for the Smart Life Advantage plan till 30 September, 2015.

    SG 50 Baby – If your baby is born recently, you can get complimentary health coverage for 1 year for the baby and Live great benefits, on registration.

    SG 50 Wishes – Let the company know about your wishes and tell them why it is important to you as Great Eastern might fulfil those wishes of yours as part of its SG50 celebrations. The company will fulfil 50 wishes in total.

    Periodic Corporate Promotions

    The following periodic promotions are being offered by Great Eastern at present:

    Life Accident Protector

    Plan Type Promotion Offered
    Plan D Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$30
    Plan B OR Plan C Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$20
    Basic Plan OR Plan A Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$10


    Plan Type Promotion Offered
    TotalShield Platinum Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$50
    TotalShield Platinum Lite Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$30
    TotalShield Gold OR TotalShield Silver Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$20

    Regular Premium Plans

    Plan Type Promotion Offered
    Minimum S$1,800 Basic Annual Premium via [email protected] Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$100
    Minimum S$600 Basic Annual Premium via [email protected] Vouchers for Cold Storage worth S$50

    Note - The periodic promotions mentioned above are only valid for cases that are submitted between 1 July, 2015 to 31 December, 2015.

    Great Eastern Insurance FAQs

    1. When is a person eligible for disability benefits under the health insurance policies from Great Eastern?
    2. A person is eligible for disability benefits if he/ she cannot perform these 6 activities: feeding, washing, transferring, toileting, dressing and mobility, which are considered as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

    3. For the Flexi Maternity Cover policy, does the cover for expecting mothers start from the first week of pregnancy?
    4. No, with this insurance policy from Great Eastern the cover for expecting mothers starts from the Thirteenth Week of pregnancy and it continues till 30 days (1 month) after the child is born.

    5. How many critical illnesses are covered by the Supreme Protect life insurance policy?
    6. This life insurance policy covers 37 different critical illnesses and offers up to 200% of the assured sum as a lump sum payment for 5 critical illnesses that are in the advanced stage.

    7. What are the payouts offered with the Maid Supreme Plus plan?
    8. The Maid Supreme Plus plan from Great Eastern offers payouts of up to S$40,000 in case of accidental death/ disablement, up to S$10,000 as post-accident benefits and up to S$15,000 per annum for meeting Hospital/ Surgical expenses.

    9. What are the payments options provided by Great Eastern for paying insurance premiums?
    10. The payment methods offered by Great Eastern are as follows:

      • Internet Banking
      • GIRO
      • AXS
      • Payment at branches of OCBC Bank
      • Cheque payments
      • Cash payments

      Note – if you live abroad, you can make payments through bank draft or telegraphic transfer.

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