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    Travelling comes with a huge amount of uncertainty. Travel insurance is one product that relieves your stress in cases such as loss of documents or personal belongings, mishap with experiences such as delayed flight, sickness, accidents, or medical emergencies during travel, etc. If you are a frequent traveller, travel insurance plans will really work well for you. You can get an insurance plan for any problems you face while travelling. FWD has many insurance plans that make your life easy.

    Types of Travel Protection Provided by FWD

    There are three widely used plans provided by FWD, and they are:

    • FWD Premium: It is the least expensive plan among the three plans in the company’s portfolio. This is a good fit for journeys within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or other areas of Asia. It provides good coverage for death, accidents, assistance during emergencies, and trip cancellations.
    • FWD Business: This is a mid-range insurance plan with relatively less expensive premiums. The main focus areas of this plan are cover for travel inconvenience categories such as flight delays, cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, etc.
    • FWD First: This plan provides comprehensive coverage of medical expenses incurred overseas, because of which it is slightly costlier in terms of premium. If you travel very often you must go for the FWD First plan, since it offers a wide range of protection.

    Features and Benefits of FWD Travel Policies

    Coverage Amount
    Premium Business First
    Damage, loss or theft of personal belongings S$3,000 (Single item sub-limit = S$300) S$5,000 (Single item sub-limit = S$500) S$7,500 (Single item sub-limit = S$500)
    Baggage delay (for delay of every 6 hours – S$200) S$200 S$600 S$1,000
    Travel delay (for delay of every 6 hours – S$100) S$300 S$500 S$1,000
    Accountability for damage or injury that is accidentally caused by you S$500,000 S$750,000 S$1 million
    Automatic extension of travel cover 7 days 14 days 21 days
    Emergency assistance across the world (maximum limit)
    Assistance for 24 hours Covered Covered Covered
    Emergency medical evacuation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Emergency telephone charges S$200 S$300 S$400
    Overseas medical expenses
    Adults less than 70 years S$200,000 S$500,000 S$1 million
    Adults more than 70 years S$40,000 S$100,000 S$200,000
    Overall family limit S$500,000 S$1.25 million S$2.5 million
    Medical expenses as you return to Singapore
    Adults less than 70 years S$10,000 S$25,000 S$50,000
    Adults more than 70 years S$2,000 S$5,000 S$10,000
    Overall family limit S$25,000 S$62,500 S$125,000
    Death or Permanent disability caused while travelling
    Adults less than 70 years S$200,000 S$300,000 S$400,000
    Adults more than 70 years S$40,000 S$60,000 S$80,000
    Overall family limit S$500,000 S$750,500 S$1 million

    Additional Benefits

    You can also get additional riders from FWD, such as:

    • Protection on sports equipment up to S$2,000 in case of any damage or theft. This involves equipment like golf clubs, skis (boards and poles), diving gear, snowboards, bicycling, wakeboards, and fishing tackle equipment.
    • Get pet care at S$50 for every 6 hours.
    • Get protection from fire or theft on your home contents while you are travelling. The plan amount is up to S$6,000.

    How to apply for FWD Travel Insurance?

    You can apply for FWD policies by requesting a quote from the insurer. You can do one of the following:

    • Get your insurance quote online.
    • Call +65 6820 8888 for a quote and get further details.
    • Visit FWD’s office to get your insurance policy.

    How to Make a FWD Travel Protection Claim

    • You can call the emergency assistance number +65-6322-2072 or go tofwd.com.sg to check the claims portal.
    • You must inform FWD as soon as possible or not later than 30 days about the claims under this policy. You will be asked to fill the forms for relevant information under the policy claims. You have to assist FWD for processing your claim. This involves, in some cases, attending court for giving evidence.
    • You must provide all the necessary documents (on your expenses) for the claim like medical reports, transport, airline, police reports, trip and accommodation invoices, etc.
    • Your claim can get rejected if documents are not produced.
    • You may have to undergo medical examination (under FWD’s expenses).

    Check your Eligibility for FWD Travel Insurance

    To get a travel policy from FWD, you need to have:

    • Singaporean identification document that is valid, like NRIC, work permit, employment pass, student pass, or long-term visit pass.
    • You can claim your insurance only if you start and end your trip in Singapore unless it’s mentioned in any other way in your policy.

    Key benefits of buying FWD Travel Policy

    Some of the key benefits and salient features of FWD travel protection are:

    • Affordable premiums
    • Comprehensive coverage
    • A click to claim process
    • Unlimited medical evacuation coverage
    • Protection of your sports equipment
    • Haze-delay coverage

    FWD Travel Insurance Hotline

    If you have any queries, you can call the FWD hotline on +65-6322-8888 or you can also visit the FWD office.

    Important things to know about FWD’s Travel Policies

    • Your claim will be rejected and there will also be a police report against you locally if it is proven that your claim is dishonest, fraudulent, or intentionally exaggerated.
    • You will not get the purchase price of your property claims, you will only get the value of items at the time of damage.
    • If there is any legal action against you, it must be informed to FWD promptly and immediately.
    • The amount that you are required to pay with regard to this policy must be in Singapore dollars. The expenses incurred overseas will be converted into Singapore dollars at a reasonable rate of foreign currency exchange selected by FWD.
    • The insurance applies only for the trips that are within the insurance period.
    • Trip cancellation or postponed trips, loss of deposit, Insolvency Protection benefits, begin from the date of booking of your trip or 30 days before your trip starts.
    • Insurance coverage for all other benefits start when you leave for your trip.


    Q. Who can apply for FWD Travel Insurance?

    A. FWD offers travel policies to the following group of people:

    • Individual covering one person
    • Couples covering two persons
    • Families covering adults (maximum two) and their child or children who are legally dependent.
    • Groups covering maximum up to 20 people.

    Q. Are all countries included in FWD’s travel insurance plan?

    A. Not all countries are included in FWD’s travel protection plan. Any country where the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding travel, are excluded from the insurance plan.

    Q. Who can buy this travel insurance?

    A. Those who are more than 18 years old having an NRIC, FIN or S-Pass can purchase this insurance policy.

    Q. What all information do I need while getting a quote from FWD?

    A. Below listed information is required:

    • Single or annual travel plan
    • Travel insurance plan for individual, couple, family, or group.
    • Travel destination with travel period
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