DBS Treasures Debit Card

This card has been designed to encourage you to make contactless payments for a smooth and hassle-free experience. It offers 5% cashback on all local Visa contactless transactions and 0.3% cashback on all Visa transactions. Read on to understand everything you need to know about this card.

Features & Benefits of DBS Treasures Debit Card

DBS Treasures Debit Card
DBS Treasures Debit Card Reviews Best for Making Contactless Payments

The primary benefits and features of this card include:

  • Earn 0.3% cashback on all your Visa transactions. No minimum spend requirement.
  • Earn 5% cashback when you make Visa contactless transactions or when you pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
    • You must spend at least S$400 on eligible transactions to be eligible for the cashback.
    • Only the transactions of up to S$200 will be eligible for cashback.
    • Your monthly cash withdrawals through this card should not be more than S$400.
    • The maximum 5% cashback you can earn in a month is S$50.
  • Link this card with your DBS Multi-Currency Account to enjoy overseas transaction fee waiver on up to 11 foreign currencies.
  • Payments can also be made through NETS FlashPay in a contactless manner, at more than 30,000 outlets across Singapore. This can be used to pay for your Comfort and CityCab rides. Besides, NETS FlashPay can also be used to pay for car parking or ERP.
  • With this card, you can withdraw money from more than 1,000 DBS/POSB ATMs.
  • You have to simply use the secure PIN to pay for your transactions, both locally and overseas.


  • Chope: Spend a minimum of S$90 and get a discount of up to S$12 when you dine with Chope.
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    • Existing users: Get S$6  off by entering this promo code - “First 6 digits of DBS/POSB card + DBS”.
    • This promotion is valid till 31 December 2018.
  • M Boutique Hotel, M Roof Hotel and Ariva Prio Serviced Residences: Get a discount of 10% on bookings. It also offers a discount of S$38 on a round trip ticket on Majestic Fast Ferry. The promotions are valid till 31 December 2018.
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  • Ace: Spend a minimum of S$250 and get 15% off your bill and a return voucher worth S$50. This promotion is valid until 31 December 2018.

Note: Terms and conditions as determined by DBS will apply and to know the entire terms, visit the website of the bank.

Fees and charges

Type of Fee Fee Details
Annual fee S$0
Fee for retail transactions in foreign currency
  • A 1% conversion fee is applicable for all transactions converted through Visa
  • An administrative fee of 2.65% is also applicable on the Singapore dollar sum that has been converted, for all Visa-based foreign currency transactions
Dynamic currency conversion fee An administrative fee of 2.8% will be applicable on the converted Singapore Dollar sum. This also includes the 1% Visa-imposed fee.
Fee for cash withdrawal at overseas ATMs
  • A 1% conversion fee is applicable for all transactions converted through Visa, in case of overseas withdrawal
  • An administrative fee of 2.65% is also applicable on the Singapore dollar sum that has been converted, when you withdraw at ATMs overseas
Liability for lost or stolen card S$100

Note: Foreign currency conversion fee will not be applicable for those who have the debit card linked to their DBS Multi-Currency Account.

Eligibility criteria

First and foremost, to be eligible for this debit card, you have to be a DBS Treasures customer. You must also have a signature-linked DBS Current, DBS Savings Plus, DBS Autosave, or POSB Savings account. In terms of age and income, the following criteria will hold valid:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old or above.
  • Income: There is no minimum income requirement for this card.

However, there is no requirement in terms of documents that you have to provide. The bank will simply verify your signature against previous records. You must ensure that the signature from your previous bank records matches the signature you made on the application form.

How to Apply for DBS Treasures Debit Card

You can apply for this debit card by using any of three methods listed below:

  • You can get in touch with your Relationship Manager.
  • You can also walk in directly to the nearest DBS branch.
  • Alternately, you can apply using your iBanking login.

List of Other Debit Cards by DBS

  • DBS Visa Debit Card
  • DBS Visa Debit Card
  • PAssion POSB Debit Card
  • DBS Takashimaya Debit Card
  • SAFRA DBS Debit Card
  • DBS NUSSU Debit Card


Q. What are the 11 foreign currencies for which I don’t have to pay any foreign exchange charge if I have a DBS Multi-Currency Account?

A. You will not be charged any foreign exchange charge for the following 11 currencies if you have a DBS Multi-Currency Account:

  • US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • Thai Baht
  • Sterling Pound
  • Swedish Kroner
  • Norwegian Kroner

Q. Do I have to spend any minimum amount to qualify for the 0.3% cashback?

A. No, you don’t have to make any minimum spend to qualify for the 0.3% cashback.

Q. What is debit limit imposed on me for Visa payWave transactions or transaction where card is not present?

A. DBS imposes a debit limit of S$2,000 on you, for Visa payWave transactions or transaction where card is not present.

Q.  How does conversion of retail transactions in foreign currency work?

A. All Visa-based retail transactions made in US Dollars are directly converted into Singapore Dollars. For foreign transactions made in currency other than US Dollars, they are initially converted into US Dollars, before they are eventually converted into Singapore Dollars.

Q. What is the maximum administrative fee I might be charged as a conversion factor?

A. You shall not be charged an administrative fee of over 3.25% as a conversion factor.

Q. When will my bank account be refunded with the sum deducted in case of unauthorised transactions?

A. Your bank account will be refunded with the sum deducted, besides the liability cap that will be applicable, within 14 business days. However, you have to submit all the relevant information asked by the bank before the refund is made.

Q. How do I Link my DBS Treasure Debit card with my DBS Multi-Currency Account?

A. To link your DBS Treasure Debit card with your DBS Multi-Currency Account, you must simply click on “Change card Linkage” option using Digibank or internet banking.

Q. When will I receive the cashback earned for transactions made in a particular quarter?

A. The cashback earned in particular quarter will be credited to your primary card account, only in the month that follows. This will be reflected in your debit card statement.

Q. How can I change the spending limit for my debit card?

A. You can change the spend limit on your debit card using iBanking. The following steps will guide you with this process:

  • You must login to your iBanking using the User ID and PIN provided.
  • Next, you have to select the “Cards” option and click on “Change Debit Card Limit”.
  • In the subsequent step, login using your 6-digit iB Secure PIN.
  • Conclude this process by selecting the “Card Account” and stating the limit you prefer to update.
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