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    DBS Bank offers a range of credit cards to its customers which belong to categories such as rebates, rewards, miles, and students. There are several co-branded cards offered by the bank which provide exclusive privileges when you use the card at partner outlets. The DBS Esso card, per say, not only helps you save on fuel at Esso filling stations, but also offers a host of other fuel-related privileges. DBS also offers cards specially dedicated for use by students or women. You can earn DBS Points on some of the cards offered by the bank which can be redeemed for offsetting future transactions across several online merchants as well as at participating outlets.

    DBS Altitude Card to Fly with SIA Suites and Earn Miles

    Key Highlights
    • Get 3 miles with each S$1 spent on online hotel and flight transactions.
    • Receive 2 miles with each S$1 spent on an overseas transaction (in foreign currency).
    • Get 1.2 miles with each S$1 spent on a local transaction.

    Do you believe that travel is food for your soul? If yes, you should consider the DBS Altitude Card. True to its name, its mile earning rate allows you to scale new heights when it comes to travel. You get 3 miles for every S$1 you spend on flight and hotel transactions (capped at the first S$5,000 you spend each month), 2 miles for every S$1 you spend overseas, and 1.2 miles per S$1 spent locally. If you’re looking for more ways to earn miles, then how about this – you get 10,000 bonus miles each time you pay the annual fee on your card. And none of what has been stated is the best part about this credit card. The best part is the fact that DBS understands travellers like yourself all too well and they know that wanderlust can strike at any time. This is precisely why the miles you earn with the DBS Altitude Card do not expire. The more you spend, the more you get to travel! So, go ahead and use your credit card, you won’t be disappointed!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Live Fresh Card with 5% Cashback and Zouk Privileges

    Key Highlights
    • Get a cashback of 5% on contactless purchases and online shopping.
    • Get a cashback of 0.3% on all other spends.
    • Cashback is capped at S$60 per month.

    If you believe in playing by the rules, provided you are the one who sets them, then you should consider getting the DBS Live Fresh Card. With a brand new glow in the dark design custom made for DBS by Mr Sabotage (whose designs have graced the feet of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and Linkin Park frontman, Mike Shinoda), this credit card lets you earn up to 5% cashback on online shopping and all Visa payWave purchases. All of your other spending lets you earn 0.3% cashback. You do need to spend a minimum of S$600 each month to earn the cashback (capped at S$60 per month and S$20 per category), but seeing the benefits this card offers, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spend this amount. With the Live Fresh Card, you also get exclusive party privileges courtesy Zouk and the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to let your hair down at Ultra Beach Bali! Don’t let the fact that this trip to Bali is valid only until 31 July 2018 get you down because DBS Live Fresh is the official party card for ZoukOut! So, go ahead and get your early bird tickets now! So, all you rule breakers and party goers, go ahead, forge your own path and paint the town red with the DBS Live Fresh Card!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$128.40 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    POSB Everyday Card with 20% Rebates on Everyday Spends

    Key Highlights
    • Earn 5% cash rebate at Sheng Siong.
    • Get 3% rebate at Watsons and on medical transactions.
    • Get 1% rebate on recurring utility bills.

    True to its name the Everyday Card can be used, well, every single day. With this credit card, you get up to 20% cash rebates on your daily essentials. From petrol purchases to utility bills and everything else in between, all of your spends are rewarded. Apart from saving every single day, you can use the rebate that you earn to offset your credit card bills or redeem them for KrisFlyer miles and Comfort/CityCab taxi rides through POSB iBanking. In addition, you also get access to POSB’s suite of dining, entertainment, and shopping benefits! Maybe there’s a reason that this card is Singapore’s most-loved rebate card. So, why not give it a shot?

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Woman's Card with 10X DBS Points on Overseas Spends

    Key Highlights

    A card that knows what women want and extends this knowledge to men as well. You get 5 DBS Points or 10 miles for every S$5 you spend online and 1 DBS Point or 2 miles on everything else. You can use these points to redeem them for retail, travel, and other lifestyle privileges. What’s more? You also have the option of splitting your purchases into monthly instalments up to 12 months at 0% interest. So, shop now and pay later is a possibility! In addition to all of this, you also get to enjoy fashion, beauty and wellness, and dining discounts courtesy DBS!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$160.50 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS ESSO Card with 27.6% Savings on Fuel Expenses

    Key Highlights
    • Get instant 17% savings on your fuel bills at Esso service stations islandwide.
    • Earn Smiles Points on your dining, shopping, and other card purchases and enjoy free fuel.
    • Enjoy 0% interest-free instalment payment plan for motor insurance and road tax (exclusive to customers with a DBS/POSB savings or current account).

    Owning a car in Singapore is nothing short of expensive. Add to it the amount you have to pay for fuel and you have more money being burned. The solution? DBS’ Esso Card, of course! This credit card lets you save up to 27.6% on your fuel purchases. You are also auto-enrolled into the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme, which gives you up to 2.3% additional fuel savings. Want more? Well, each time you buy one litre of Synergy fuel at any Esso station in Singapore, you get 1 Smiles Point which can be used for more savings on your fuel purchases! With the DBS Esso Card, you also get to enjoy 0% interest-free instalment payment plans for motor insurance and road tax. So, what are you waiting for? Looks like it’s time to hit the road with this card in hand!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$85.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    SAFRA DBS Card with 3% Cash Rebates

    Key Highlights

    All of us hope to live a life of luxury without having to pay a luxurious fee. Who wouldn’t want to be able to unwind at a spa or stay at ab beautiful chalet while on a staycation? Well, DBS and SAFRA have decided to make this fondest wish of yours, true! With a minimum spend of S$500 per month, you can get up to 3% cash rebate on all Mastercard contactless transactions made locally, 3% cash rebate on online transactions, and 0.3% rebate on all other transactions. The cash rebate is credited in the form of SAFRA$, so of course, there are SAFRA benefits as well! You can redeem your SAFRA$ to offset purchases made at SAFRA Clubs and other participating merchants. You can also convert your SAFRA$ to KrisFlyer miles ensuring that the flight tickets to your holiday are taken care of! And it doesn’t end here. You also get exclusive access to the various facilities available at any of the 6 SFARA Clubs. Additionally, cash rebate isn’t the only thing you earn! You also get 1 SAFRAPOINT for every S$1 you spend at SAFRA Clubs and participating SAFRA merchants. You can redeem your points for exciting vouchers! If this isn’t the best of both worlds, then what is?

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    No annual fee. SAFRA membership fee applies. 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Live Fresh Student Card with 5 Years Fee Waiver

    Key Highlights

    A credit card with no income requirement to be met? No, there isn’t anything wrong with your eyesight. You read it right! The DBS Live Fresh Student Credit Card comes with a S$500 credit limit and a design created by sneaker artist extraordinaire Mr Sabotage and comes with 0.3% cashback when you shop online and when you make Visa payWave transactions. You also get to enjoy exclusive Zouk party privileges such as complimentary entry and discounts at selected bars and clubs across Singapore. If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe this will convince you: this credit card can also be used as an EZ-Link Card and an ATM card if you link it to your savings account. So, go ahead and make student life that much more interesting with the DBS Live Fresh Card!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$128.40 (Waived for 5 years) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Takashimaya Card with 6% Rebates at Takashimaya Stores

    Key Highlights

    If all your days are a ‘let’s-indulge-in-a-little-retail-therapy’ kind of day, then the DBS Takashimaya Cards are for you. There are two versions of this card (both equally inviting) – the Visa card and the American Express card. You can shop until you drop with either credit card since you get up to 6% voucher rebates at Takashimaya Department Stores and Takashimaya Square, B2. In addition to voucher rebates, you also earn 2 Takashimaya Bonus Points when you charge S$10 to your Amex card and S$12 to your Visa card. Moreover, as a savvy shopper, you probably do understand the importance of sales. Which is why you also get an additional 10% off during select sale events! You also get complimentary delivery when you spend S$200 during promotion days and S$100 on all other days. And it isn’t just shopping at Takashimaya that is rewarded. All of your shopping, dining, and basically all of your spendings is rewarded with 0.5% voucher rebates that can be offset at Takashimaya Department Stores! If you are looking for a reason to shop, then look no further!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Woman's World Master Card with Overseas Spending Benefits

    Key Highlights
    • Get 10 DBS Points (or 20 miles) for every S$5 spent online.
    • Earn 3 DBS Points (or 6 miles) for every S$5 spent overseas.
    • Get 1 DBS Point (or 2 miles) for every S$5 spend on anything else.

    Note: Miles will be credited to you in the form of DBS Points (1 DBS Point is equal to 2 miles).

    Despite its gender-bending name, the DBS Woman’s World Card is for both men and women. And it is one of the easiest ways to get rewarded for all of your spends! Spend S$5 online and you get 10X DBS Points or 20 miles. If you travel and love shopping overseas, then every S$5 you spend overseas gets you 3X DBS Points or 6 miles. Also, feel free to make big-ticket purchases with 0% interest payment plans! You can redeem your points for retail, travel, and dining vouchers or convert them to air miles! So, stop looking for a reason to not spend and go ahead and splurge. After all, the more you spend, the more you earn!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS Black Card with 3X DBS Points on All Purchase

    Key Highlights

    You know how people say that black never goes out of style? Well, they’re right! With the DBS Black Cards, you can earn up to 3X DBS Points for every S$5 that you spend on Visa payWave purchases made in Singapore. If you have always worried about charging a big purchase to your card, you don’t have to anymore. Thanks to the DBS Black Cards, you can convert any large purchase into 0% interest instalment plans! So, if you, like Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company), believe that any colour is fine – so long as it’s black, then you should definitely give these cards a shot!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (Waived for 1 year) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS NUS Alumni Card With Special Privileges for Alma Mater

    Key Highlights

    Relive the memories of your formative years with the DBS NUS Alumni Card – the only credit card that gives back to your alma mater. Each time you use your card, DBS makes a contribution to NUS scholarships and awards. In fact, with this card, you also enjoy dining, shopping, and entertainment privileges while on campus and throughout Singapore. And in case, supporting the students of your alma mater isn't a good enough reason to get this card, you also earn 1 DBS Rewards Point for every S$5 you charge to your card. Points can then be redeemed for vouchers from the DBS Rewards catalogue.

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$128.40 (Waived for 2 years) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    DBS NUSS Card a Must Card for Every NUSS Members

    Key Highlights

    Why own a separate NUSS membership card and a credit card when one card will do? The DBS NUSS Card offers you the convenience of owning just one card. The annual fee on your credit card is waived as long as you are a NUSS member. So, what else does an all-in-one card such as this give you? Well, you can earn 2 DBS Rewards Points for every S$5 that you spend at any NUSS F&B outlet and 1 DBS Rewards Point per S$5 charged anywhere else in Singapore. Your points can be redeemed for retail, travel, shopping, and lifestyle vouchers! In addition to this, you also get to enjoy other privileges such as discounted rates on movie tickets, hotel bookings, and shopping. The best part? You get to enjoy promotional offers provided both by DBS and NUSS! So, get more of what you want with this credit card!

    Annual Fee Transactions Rates Cash Advance Rates
    S$192.60 (No annual fee if you’re a NUSS member) 25.9% p.a. 28% p.a.

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    Features and Benefits

    • Miles-earning: Earn miles faster with a DBS Altitude Card. The miles don’t expire.
    • Rewards points: Earn DBS Points with cards such as DBS Woman’s Cards, Black Cards, NUS Alumni and NUSS Cards. These points can be exchanged for vouchers or frequent flyer miles.
    • Cash rebates: Get cash rebates with some DBS cards when you make certain kind of transactions. DBS Live Fresh Card (5% on certain transactions), Takashimaya Cards, the SAFRA DBS Card, and the Esso Card are some of the cashback/cash rebate cards.
    • Contactless payments: Pay for your purchases through Visa payWave, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.
    • Instalment plans: Convert large purchases into smaller repayments with My Preferred Payment Plan and 0% Instalment Payment Plan.
    • Income tax payment: Pay your income tax on instalment over a period of 1 year with DBS cards. A one-time fee of 3% will be charged. The EIR applicable is 5.63% annually. Earn rewards points for paying income tax with DBS cards.
    • Recurring bill payments: Set up your repeating bills – such as telecom, utility, broadband and insurance – to DBS cards for autopay and you won’t have to worry about their due dates ever again. Some of these transactions will fetch you DBS Points.

    DBS rewards its credit card users with several rewards programmes. This includes DBS Points, SAFRA$, Takashimaya Bonus Points, Esso Smiles Points, frequent flyer miles, cashback, and cash rebates. Learn more about these rewards programmes of DBS Bank in SG.

    DBS Cards Eligibility Requirements

    Satisfy the conditions mentioned below to be eligible for the card of your choice:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age Other criteria
    SAFRA DBS Card S$30,000 NA 21 years SAFRA member
    DBS Woman’s World Card S$80,000 and above p.a. S$80,000 and above p.a. 21 years and above NA
    DBS Live Fresh Student Card NA NA 18 to 27 years (both inclusive) NA
    Other Cards S$30,000 S$45,000 21 years NA

    Documents Required

    Singaporean citizens and PRs

    Salaried employee:
    • A front and back copy of your NRIC
    • Any one of the following income documents:
      • Recent 12 months’ statement of CPF Contribution
      • Latest salary slips
      • POSB/DBS salary account statement
      • Most recent Income Tax NOA along with either of the above documents
    Commissioned/variable income individual:
    • A front and back copy of your NRIC
    • Recent 12 months’ statement of CPF or Income Tax NOA for the past 2 years
    Self-employed individual:
    • A front and back copy of your NRIC
    • Income Tax NOA for last 2 years


    • A valid employment pass/work permit and passport
    • Most recent Income Tax NOA and latest salary slips or POSB/DBS salary account statement
    • A letter from your company certifying your salary and employment

    Loans on DBS Credit Cards

    Get instant cash up to the credit limit available on your card at fixed rate of interest starting from 6.99% p.a. You can choose a tenure from 12 to 60 months, depending on your convenience and choice. Cash will be transferred almost immediately to your deposit account on approval. No further documentation is needed.

    DBS Credit Card

    Security Features

    In order to keep your DBS credit card transactions safe and secure, the bank offers several security features such as:

    • iBanking OTP
    • DBS iB Secure
    • DBS Money Safe
    • Transaction alerts
    • Secure Technology
    • Transaction Screening
    • 2-Factor Authentication

    DBS Increase Credit Limit

    • The DBS temporary credit limit increase facility can be used only for wedding, hospitalisation, and travel purposes.
    • Only a principal cardholder with a personal liability credit card can apply for this facility. Owners of DBS Live Fresh Student cards aren’t eligible for this facility.
    • Both the principal and supplementary credit card holders can utilise the amount granted via temporary credit limit increase option. A supplementary cardholder will, however, not be responsible for any kind of spend made using the temporary limit amount.
    • The entire outstanding credit card balance amount needs to be repaid by the principal cardholder.
    • An over-limit fee will apply if the additional amount utilised is repaid after the expiry of the facility temporary credit limit increase.

    DBS Credit Card Hotline: For any credit card-related queries, you could contact the bank’s customer support number.

    Things to Know About DBS Credit Cards

    How to Redeem Points?

    Redeem your points in the following ways:
    • DBS Points: Your accrued DBS Points can be redeemed for cash credits, discount vouchers, air miles, on eating out, shopping, travel, and several other categories.
    • SAFRA$:  Redeem your accumulated SAFRA$ at SAFRA Clubs and member stores, for Krisflyer Miles or for credit card bill payments.
    • Takashimaya Bonus Points: You will be able to redeem your bonus points only at Takashimaya stores.
    • Esso Smiles Points: You can redeem Smiles points for free fuel.

    How to Redeem Miles?

    iBanking/Redemption Form/Krisflyer Miles Auto Conversion Programme

    The DBS Points accrued by you needs to be converted to air miles. You can send in your redemption request in two ways:

    • Redeem online through iBanking
    • Download the redemption forms for KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and AirAsia. These forms can be found on the bank’s website.
    KrisFlyer Miles Auto Conversion Programme

    When you register for this programme, the DBS Points you’ve accumulated will automatically get converted into KrisFlyer miles every quarter. Only primary cardholders of the DBS Insignia and Altitude cards can enjoy this programme. At the beginning of every quarter, every 500 DBS Points accumulated will get converted to 1,000 KrisFlyer miles automatically. You will have to pay a fee of S$42.80 annually for enrolment into this programme.

    How to Use the Internet Banking Login?

    With the help of DBS digibank Online, you’ll be able to perform the following activities:
    • Transfer funds
    • Manage payments
    • Activate credit card
    • Reset your card PIN
    • Open a DBS account
    • Check account details
    • Apply for a credit card
    • Update personal details
    • View online statements
    • View card application status
    • Check outstanding balances
    • Set up standing instructions
    • Manage list of beneficiaries
    • Make an online transaction inquiry
    • Add, delete, and view GIRO arrangements
    • Set up various limits (ATM card Limit, bill payment limit, etc.)

    How to Check Unbilled Transactions?


    You can check for your unbilled transactions using iBanking or digibank.

    How to Check the Reward Points Earned?

    Hotline/Check Monthly Statement

    Your earned DBS Points can be checked in two ways:

    • Call the DBS 24-hour self-service hotline
    • Check your monthly credit card statement

    How to Check the Points and Miles That Are About to Expire on Your Credit Card?

    DBS Online Rewards Portal

    Log in to the DBS Online rewards website, by entering either your NRIC or passport number along with your 16-digit credit card number. After you have logged in successfully, select “My DBS Points Details”. Under this section, all your earned DBS Points will be displayed with corresponding expiry dates.

    Is There a Mobile App?

    DBS offers the following mobile apps:

    You can download the DBS mobile apps mentioned above either from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

    Does the Bank Offer Invitation Only Credit Cards?

    Yes– DBS Insignia Card

    DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card is an invitation-only credit card offered by DBS.

    How to Check Status of My Requests?

    iBanking/digibank/phone banking

    Check on the status of your requests in the following ways:

    • iBanking
    • digibank
    • Phone banking

    How to Convert Bill to Instalment Payment Plans?

    DBS offers you two types of instalment payment plans that are as follows:
    • 0% Instalment Payment Plan:
      • Split your credit card bill into 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months at 0% rate of interest.
      • This payment option can be used at participating merchants’ islandwide.
      • This instalment payment plan can be directly initiated at the store itself. However, you need to confirm with the merchant once before you make your purchase.
    • My Preferred Payment Plan:
      • Divide your credit card payment into interest-free instalments that can extend up to 24 months.
      • A processing fee will be applicable which is one-time and is generally low.
      • All your instalment repayment amounts will be completely interest-free.
      • You can convert and combine up to 10 transactions instantly.

    About DBS Bank

    DBS is the largest bank in Southeast Asia and Singapore. It is headquartered in Singapore and has seen steady growth in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Greater China. It has more than 280 branches with a huge customer base of more than four million. It has been declared as the “Safest Bank in Asia” for nine continuous years (2009 to 2017) by Global Finance. Also, Euromoney has recognised DBS as the World’s Best Digital Bank. DBS offers several banking, insurance and investment products and services to its customers in Singapore. Let us take a look at all of its credit cards in detail.

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