Grab a credit card that gives you better rewards & more!

    Zodiac Prepaid Cards

    A limited edition prepaid card presented to you by Maybank, the Zodiac Series strikes a personal note with its customers. For 2015, the card features the Goat and has been on sale from 9th February 2015. This card allows you to carry your money in a small plastic card and pay for your purchases easily. The best part about this card is that you don’t pay any interest!

    What’s in a Zodiac card?

    The Zodiac card makes shopping a breeze with acceptance at establishments worldwide. This card brings you more flexibility for your purchases. All you need to do is sign for your purchase with no worries about bills later on. There is absolutely no annual or maintenance fee! With a host of benefits, this card is quite enticing. It serves as a great budgeting tool as well. You can top up your card with the spending limit you set for yourself or your loved ones, and spend only the balance available in your card.

    How much is it?

    The card is available for S$25. Maybank is offering two cards for the price of one! The card comes empty and you need to top it up. The minimum a card can be loaded with is S$10. The maximum you can credit it your card with is S$500.

    How do I get a card?

    You can purchase this card at any of the 22 Maybank branches. You can hold multiple cards up to 20 cards at once! After you top-up your card, you can register it and start using it immediately.

    Why register the card?

    Registration enables more benefits which will enhance the functionality of the card for you.

    • You can shop online with the added security of the one-time authorisation code which will be sent to your mobile.
    • Your card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.
    • You can top up your card at Maybank ATMs, through online banking and at AXS stations.
    • Statements will be provided via Internet banking.
    • You can report theft or loss of card and block it to prevent any fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.
    • You will be given more top-up options.
    • You also have more options when the card expires.

    How to use the card?

    After registration, you can start using your card immediately.

    • At stores, hand the card over to the merchant and sign for you purchase. Take you card back and carry on.
    • You can use it to pay for purchases online at participating 3D Secure merchants. You will receive a one-time pin code on your mobile phone which you need to enter online to authorise the transaction. The OTP may also be generated by your Security Token if you are using one.

    Who can apply?

    • The card is available to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. All you need is your Singapore NRIC.
    • The card can also be purchased by foreigners who can present a passport and a Singapore Employment Pass or Work Permit.

    Gift a Zodiac Series card

    The Zodiac Series card is an ideal gift for someone special or your loved ones. The card is fully transferrable after purchase. If you gift a card, your recipient will need to register the card at a Maybank branch after which the card can be topped-up for easy and hassle-free payments. The card is also great for managing allowances for your kids and teenagers. It gives them a spending limit and inculcates financial responsibility.

    When it ends

    These limited edition cards have an expiry date. Your card will expire on the date specified on your card. When your card is no longer valid, you can collect the balance on your card from any of the Maybank branches within 30 days. If you don’t collect it within the 30-day period, a fee of $2 will be levied per month. You can transfer the amount to a Maybank savings or current account. You can also transfer it to another Maybank prepaid card, debit or credit card. For registered cardholders, you can avail of a cashier’s order. Registered cardmembers also have the exclusive benefit of mailing in the refund form with a photocopy of their identity card to receive any balance amount on the card. They need not visit the branch in person whereas non-registered users need to go to the bank personally.

    Maybank customers stand to benefit the most as there is no processing fees levied for this service. For others, a handling fee of S$5 is charged per refund.

    The Zodiac card is ideal for those who don’t want to have a credit card. The card serves more like a debit card where you won’t spend more than you have. You need not worry about statements and bills to be paid later. It eliminates the need to carry cash around. These cards are signature based and make your transactions easier.

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