Grab a credit card that gives you better rewards & more!

    UOB Visa Signature Card for Rewards

    The UOB Visa Signature Card gives you rewards on all purchases you make in Singapore, without a cap on how much you can accumulate in a given period. The card gives you UNI$ when you spend on your travels overseas. It also gives you UNI$ when you use contactless modes of payment and on online and petrol spends. You can also get SMART$ rebates when you shop at participating stores. These rewards are available all through the year. This card helps you save money on petrol expenses in Singapore. With added benefits like insurance coverage for accidents, and emergency medical aid, you can travel in peace.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Rewards points on online transactions in foreign currency UNI$10 per S$5
    Rewards points on overseas spends in foreign currency UNI$10 per S$5
    Rewards points on petrol UNI$10 per S$5
    Rewards points on contactless payments UNI$10 per S$5
    Rewards points on all other retail spends UNI$1 per S$1
    Complimentary travel insurance Up to S$500,000

    Please note – There is a minimum spend requirement and cap on your earnings, which we shall discuss a little later.

    Spending Becomes 10x Rewarding With UNI$

    Are you travelling overseas any time soon? If so, taking this card along with you abroad will help you get 10x UNI$ when you use it to pay for your expenses in foreign countries. It also gives you the same rate of rewards when you buy petrol at participating outlets in Singapore. Do you shop online a lot? Then use this card to pay for your online purchases and get 10x UNI$. The card also gives you 10x UNI$ when you use it to make contactless payments. On all your other spends in the country, get 1x UNI$. Truly rewarding.

    SMART$ Rebate Programme

    This is yet another way in which this card rewards you. When you shop at participating merchants, you are eligible to get SMART$ rebates. These rebates are available all the year round and each SMART$ is the same as 1 Singapore dollar. You can accumulate the SMART$ you earn and use them to get discounts on future purchases. Do keep in mind that SMART$ rebates remain valid only for 6 months from when they were issued. So make sure that you use them before they expire.

    UOB Fuel Power Savings

    Driving your own car can become expensive. Using the UOB Fuel Power facility, you can save on your petrol expenses. This programme gives you the best prices for petrol at 98 different outlets on the island. At Shell petrol stations, you will be able to save up to 20.8% on petrol when you use this card to pay.

    Travel in Peace

    Whenever you travel, especially if you’re going overseas, you might be worried about a number of things that can go wrong. The UOB Visa Signature Card helps ease your fears by giving you benefits such as coverage of a maximum of S$25,000 for emergency medical aid, repatriation, and evacuation. The card also gives you a coverage of half a million Singapore dollars as part of the Public Conveyance Personal Accident policy. Travelling just became that much less burdensome.

    UOB Island of Rewards

    The UOB Island of Rewards gives you privileges and benefits across various categories. You can convert the UNI$ you earn and accumulate into cash rebates. You can also redeem them to get vouchers related to shopping, dining, and travel. You can make use of these vouchers to get offers and discounts at more than 100 merchants participating in this programme in Singapore. Apart from this, you can also convert your UNI$ into vouchers right away at more than 1,000 stores on the island.

    Additional benefits

    • Get an annual first-year fee waiver for the main card along with a free supplementary card.
    • Apply online before 1:00 p.m. and get the card delivered to you on the same day.
    • Make convenient bill payments with this card through contactless Samsung Pay.
    • Visit our UOB credit cards promotions page to check out the latest promotions.

    Earning Rewards - How it Works

    • Earn up to UNI$10 with every S$5 spent on contactless payments made through Visa payWave, Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay; online and overseas transactions in foreign currency; and petrol spends.
    • Spend at least S$1,000 in Singapore dollars and get 10x rewards on petrol and contactless payments.
    • Spend at least S$1,000 in foreign currencies and get the online and overseas spend benefits.
    • Get UNI$1 per S$5 on all other local spends. There is no minimum spend criteria for this.
    • No more than UNI$4,000 can be earned in a month/statement period.
    • Get SMART$ rebates at participating merchant outlets in the country. Each SMART$ is equivalent to S$1.
    • A spend of S$50 at an outlet, which offers 6% SMART$ rebates, will earn you a rebate of S$3. It will be credited to your account as SMART$3.

    Calculate Rewards Points from UOB Visa Signature Card

    Let’s say you’ve spent S$2,500 in a month on different categories. The following table shows monthly spends across different categories and the UNI$ rewards earned on each.

    Spend category Monthly spend Points earned (UNI$)
    Dining (Visa payWave or online payment) S$400 800
    Online shopping S$400 800
    Petrol S$500 1,000
    Groceries (Visa payWave or online payment) S$500 1,000
    Other retail spends S$700 700
    Total expenditures per month S$2,500 4,000 (the maximum you can earn)

    Redeeming your Earned Rewards

    • Redeem your reward points for vouchers from over 4,000 participating merchants by:
    • UNI$ can be traded for dining and shopping vouchers with UOB Island of Rewards.
    • Reward points can be exchanged for KrisFlyer and Asia miles.
    • Reward points can be redeemed for travel vouchers from Jetstar and Scoot.
    • Points can also be redeemed for other store/brand vouchers.

    SMART$ Rebates:

    • Get SMART$ rebates at participating merchant outlets in the country.
    • Some of the most popular outlets where you can use SMART$ to offset purchases are:
      • BreadTalk
      • Shell
      • Cathay Cineplexes
      • Shell
      • Guardian
      • Market Place
      • World of Sports
      • Gordon Max
      • Tissot

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    UOB offers a free travel insurance policy with personal accident benefit and immediate medical assistance or evacuation. This policy will cover you if you charge your entire travel fare to the card.

    The table below shows the coverage of the travel insurance:

    Benefits Sum assured/percentage of sum assured
    Personal accident S$500,000
    Immediate medical evacuation or assistance S$25,000
    Repatriation coverage S$25,000
    Death 100%
    Loss of limbs 100%
    Loss of eyesight 100%
    Permanent Total Disability 100%

    UOB Visa Signature Card Interest rates

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.9% p.a.
    Cash advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment payment plan 0%

    UOB Visa Signature Card Other Fee and Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual Fee S$214 (waived for the first year)
    Overseas transaction fee 2.8% on the transaction amount
    Late payment fee S$90
    Over-limit fee S$40
    Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of the amount, whichever is higher
    Supplementary card fee S$107 (second card onwards)

    Activating the card for overseas expenses

    The magnetic stripe of all UOB credit cards must be activated for overseas use. You can follow the steps below to activate:

    • Through the card’s webpage
    • Via the bank’s 24x7 customer care number
    • At any UOB branch
    • By downloading and sending the activation form to the bank

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    • Convert your purchases worth a minimum of S$500 into easy instalments with SmartPay, UOB’s no-interest instalment payment plan.
    • Tenure options are:
      • 3 months
      • 6 months
      • 12 months
    • No UNI$ rewards or SMART$ rebates will be awarded for payments made in relation to this scheme.

    The processing fee and EIR (in case you do not pay the instalment amount in full) for the different tenors are:

    Tenure Processing fee EIR (p.a.)
    3 months 3% 18.18%
    6 months 3% 10.43%
    1 year 5% 9.5%

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    • Cash advance facility available with your card is useful for cash emergencies.
    • Cash up to 75% of the credit limit available on your card can be withdrawn from any ATM in Singapore or any UOB/PLUS/Cirrus ATM in a foreign country.
    • The daily withdrawal cap is S$3,000.

    Eligibility Criteria

    If you want to apply for this card, check out our UOB credit cards main page for a list of eligibility parameters.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    Notify the bank immediately by:

    • Calling the customer service hotline.
    • By writing a letter to them.
    • File a police report and send a copy to the bank, if asked for.
    • Send a statutory report to the bank in the prescribed format if asked for.

    Your liability for unauthorised transactions will be pay limited to S$100 if it is proven:

    • That you weren’t grossly negligent.
    • That you weren’t complicit in the fraud.

    Choosing one credit card from multiple options is not easy especially when you are not sure about the category. However, we can help you choose a card tailored to your requirements. If you want to know more, you can find credit cards here.

    Credit Card Tips


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    HSBC's Revolution Credit Card HSBC's Revolution Credit Card
    Annual Fee: S$160.50 (2-year waiver) Who Is It For: Who shop online & dine often What You Get: 5x Rewards points
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    Citibank Clear Card Citibank Clear Card
    Annual Fee: S$29.96 (1-year waiver) Who Is It For: Tertiary students What You Get: 1 Citi Dollar for each S$1
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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Through GIRO arrangement

    Set up GIRO payments to your credit card bill by linking a bank account through the relevant form on UOB official website. Cancel this setup by communicating with your relationship manager at UOB.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status

    Online form/SMS/internet banking

    You can apply for the card through bank’s website or in person at a branch. Other methods are:

    • If you are a new customer or a foreigner, download the form from bank’s website, fill it out, and submit it along with the supporting documents.
    • If you are an existing customer with internet banking access, use your existing details with the bank to apply.
    • If you are an existing UOB credit cardholder, simply send an SMS.

    How to Check Balance

    Phone, internet or mobile banking

    You can check your card balance through:

    • Phone banking
    • Internet banking
    • UOB Mighty mobile app

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Cheque/Cash/iNETS/GIRO and others

    There are multiple ways of paying credit card bill:

    • Cheque
    • iNETS Kiosks
    • Phone banking
    • Interbank GIRO
    • Internet banking
    • SAM and AXS machines
    • Any Singapore UOB ATM
    • Pay by cash at a branch or at Cash Deposit Machines

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of the balance or S$50

    Your minimum monthly payment would be 3% of the current outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher. It will also include any amount due from previous statements and any amount borrowed in excess of the credit limit.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    21 days

    The grace period, also known as interest-free period, is 21 days starting from the date of the generation of the statement. During this period, if you have cleared all previous bills fully, you will not be charged any interest on the transactions you made with the card.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Be Used With?

    Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Android Pay/PayNow/UOB Mighty

    • PayNow
    • Apple Pay
    • UOB Mighty
    • Android Pay
    • Samsung Pay

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    Yes, it can be used to automatically top-up your EZ-Link card. To link this card with your EZ-Link card, you will have to download a form from the bank’s website and send it to the bank.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Call the 24x7 hotline

    You can call the bank’s 24-hour customer service helpline to get your card blocked or unblocked.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Fill out the PIN reset form

    To reset your card PIN, you will have to fill out a relevant form with details of your card and send it to the bank.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    Check your monthly statement

    You can find out about your billing cycle and bill due date from your monthly statement.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Fill and send form to bank

    In case your card is lost, damaged, or expired, you can get a replacement form by filling out a replacement application form and submitting it to the bank.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card

    Contact UOB

    You can get in touch with the bank to get your credit card limit temporarily increased.

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