Grab a credit card that gives you better rewards & more!

    UOB Lady's Solitaire Card for Rewards

    The UOB Lady Solitaire Card is exclusively available only to women. It is designed to make shopping a rewarding activity (with UNI$ and SMART$) and also to give you access to other exclusive benefits and experiences such as eShop services for a more secure shopping experience, and free parking on weekends. Planning to spend some alone on your own or feel like heading out to spend the evening with some of your friends? Then check out some of the top clubs this card gives you complimentary access to. Get rewards when you shop for daily essentials, convert your large payments into smaller ones by making use of the LuxePay facility, and more with this credit card.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Reward points on online/retail shopping 10 UNI$ for every S$5 on min. spends of S$3,000
    Reward points on grocery SMART$ rebates [1 SMART$=S$1]
    Reward points on taxi rides 10x UNI$ for every S$5
    Complimentary travel insurance US$1 million for accidents during travel

    Shopping Can Be a Goldmine of Rewards at 10 UNI$ per S$5

    If you love shopping, this card is going to make you love it even more. What if you were to be rewarded for something you love doing? That’s exactly what you get here, with the card giving you 10 UNI$ for every S$5 you spend when you shop at luxury brand outlets such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Mulberry, Jil Sander, and Marni among others.

    Apart from luxury products, you also get 10 UNI$ for every five Singapore dollars you spend while shopping at departmental outlets in Singapore. You can also get the same rate of rewards when you spend abroad and also when you shop online in foreign currencies. Is all that shopping getting you tired? Then take a cab back home and get rewarded with the same rewards as above when you use this card to pay for your local cab rides.

    Complimentary Access to The China Club Singapore

    Want to spend an evening out with your friends at a fancy club? With this card, you can. And that too, for free! The China Club Singapore, located on top of one of the most prestigious commercial towers, The Capital Tower, is an exclusive club that gives you a splendid view of the whole Singaporean skyline. If you’re looking to impress someone, this is the place to take them to. The place offers special personal service combined with an environment of warm hospitality. It also features great food and private rooms.

    Complimentary Seat Upgrade at MBS Theatre

    The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Theatre is a great place to spend time watching some of your favourite plays. This famous theatre is known for its quality and for putting on spectacular shows. Using the UOB Lady Solitaire Card, you can get complimentary upgrades on your seats. At the Mastercard Theatres at MBS, you can get upgraded to the A reserve from the B reserve.

    UOB Lady's Solitaire Card

    Earn SMART$ Rebates on Daily Essentials

    What if we told you that shopping for everyday essentials for your family need not be as boring or mundane as it seems right now? Well, that’s exactly what this card promises by rewarding you with SMART$ when you shop at places like Jasons, Guardian, Cold Storage, Giant, and Market Place. These SMART$ are just like your regular Singapore dollars, each of them being equal to S$1. You can use the SMART$ you accumulate to get discounts on your very next shopping bill.

    Additional benefits

    • Enjoy attractive promotional offers on your card. Refer to the dedicated page on our website to know more.
    • Enjoy comprehensive protection for your online and offline retail purchases.
    • Get free parking for two hours over the weekend at top malls in Singapore, subject to a minimum spend of S$50.
    • Get specially designed healthcare and wellness packages at Thomson Well Women Clinic with this card.
    • Get complimentary upgrade of seats at Marina-Bay-Sands-based Mastercard Theatres.
    • Use the complimentary MasterPass mobile wallet for storing your shipping and payment details. Checkout becomes faster once you have registered for it.
    • Get free limousine transfer to Changi Airport twice a year.
    • Get free access to China Club Singapore.
    • Get two complimentary LoungeKey airport access every year.
    • Get priority table reservations and specially curated menus just for you.
    • Benefit from the World Elite Concierge service.
    • Get a complimentary bottle of wine on your visit to select restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.
    • Get a complimentary meal for your kid on your visit to select Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts.
    • Get complimentary drinks on special weeknights when you pay with your card.
    • Spend S$100,000 on the card in a year and get an annual fee waiver.

    Earning Rewards

    Important things to know about UNI$ reward points are:

    • Get UNI$1 for every S$5 you charge to your card in general.
    • Get an additional UNI$9 for every S$5 you spend on overseas shopping in foreign currencies, taxi rides, departmental store purchases, luxury brand purchases, and online shopping in foreign currencies. Charge a minimum of S$3,000 and a maximum of S$5,000 on your card within a statement cycle to enjoy this offer.
    • Get a maximum of UNI$9,000 on eligible transactions per statement cycle.
    • Bonus UNI$, if any, earned by a supplementary cardholder, will be accrued to the principal cardholder’s account.
    • Get UNI$ on your card spends only if the account is active and in good standing.

    Important things to know about SMART$ rebates are:

    • Get SMART$ rebates by shopping in popular departmental stores like Giant, Cold Storage, Jasons Supermarket, Guardian, or MarketPlace.
    • Use your SMART$ balance to offset your next purchase for greater savings. One SMART$ rebate is equal to S$1.

    Calculate Rewards Points from UOB Lady's Solitaire Card

    Let us assume that you charge S$3,500 on your card. Of this, you spend S$700 for buying luxury items, S$700 on online shopping made with foreign currency, S$700 on overseas shopping made through foreign currencies, S$600 for buying essentials at departmental stores, and another S$600 on taxi rides. You also spend S$200 on local supermarkets for which you earn SMART$ rebates.

    The following table shows the points you earn and the equivalent miles per spend category:

    Spend categories Monthly spend Points earned Equivalent miles
    Shopping (luxury items) S$700 UNI$1,400 2,800 miles
    Grocery (Departmental stores) S$600 UNI$1,200 2,400 miles
    Taxi rides S$600 UNI$1,200 2,400 miles
    Online shopping with foreign currency S$700 UNI$1,400 2,800 miles
    Shopping overseas with foreign currency S$700 UNI$1,400 2,800 miles
    Total S$3,300 UNI$6,600 13,200 miles

    Redeeming your Earned Rewards

    You can redeem your UNI$ reward points in any one of the following ways:

    • Call the bank’s hotline number.
    • Visit an Instant Rewards partner merchant.
    • Visit the dedicated rewards page on the bank’s website.

    UNI$ to KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles:

    • Convert your UNI$ points to KrisFlyer or Asia Miles at the rate of UNI$1 for every 2 miles.
    • Points can be converted in blocks of 10,000 miles only.
    • Get in touch with the respective airlines to confirm a successful conversion.

    About SMART$ rebates:

    • Get SMART$ rebates on the spot at participating merchants on purchase of:
      • Fuel.
      • Retail products.
      • Insurance products.
      • Wellness products.
      • Groceries.
      • Restaurants and more.
    • Call the bank to know more about SMART$ rebates.

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    Particulars Maximum coverage
    Accident coverage on domestic and international trips Up to US$1 million on foreign trips and up to US$100,000 on local trips
    Travel inconvenience Up to US$7,500
    Protection against medical emergencies during travel Up to US$2 million
    Protection against luggage loss or delay Up to US$3,000
    E-commerce purchase protection Maximum of US$1,000 on a single occurrence, subject to an annual aggregate of US$1,000
    Purchase protection Maximum of US$3,000 per occurrence, subject to an annual limit of US$20,000
    Wallet protection Up to US$500 per occurrence, subject to a yearly limit of US$500
    Protection against damage from collision Up to US$50,000, subject to a maximum annual limit of US$50,000
    Warranty extension Up to US$500, subject to a maximum yearly limit of US$2,000

    The summary of protection mentioned above will be effective till 31 March 2018. Check to learn more about exclusions, and other terms and conditions.

    Who All Will Be Covered by This Insurance?

    • The primary Cardholder.
    • His or her family which may include:
      • His or her spouse.
      • Civil partner.
      • Up to three dependent children.

    For the spouse of the cardholder:

    • A sub-limit of 50% is applicable:
      • A maximum of US$250,000 for accident protection.
      • A maximum of US$1 million for medical evacuation or repatriation of mortal remains.
      • A maximum of US$500,000 for medical costs.

    For the dependent children of the cardholder:

    • A 10% sub-limit under the complimentary travel insurance coverage is applicable:
      • A maximum of US$100,000 for expenses incurred on serious injuries and illnesses.
      • A maximum of US$200,000 for medical evacuation and/or repatriation of mortal remains.
      • A maximum of US$10,000 for protection against accidents during travel.

    UOB Lady's Solitaire Card Interest rates

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.9% p.a. subject to a minimum charge of S$3
    Cash advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment payment plan 0%

    UOB Lady's Solitaire Card Fee and Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual fee S$588
    Overseas transaction fee
    • An administrative fee of 2.8% on all UOB cards processed by Mastercard#.
    • Any transaction made in Singapore dollars but processed outside the country by Mastercard will attract a 1% administrative fee.
    Late payment fee S$90
    Over-limit fee S$40
    Cash advance fee 6% of the amount withdrawn subject to a minimum charge of S$15
    Supplementary card fee S$288 (First and second supplementary cards will be free)

    Note: #UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card is a Mastercard.

    Activating the card for overseas expenses

    You’re advised to activate the metal strip on your card for POS transactions overseas and then disable it on returning to Singapore because magnetic strips are easier to duplicate than EMV chips.

    Your card can be activated for overseas or deactivated on return using one of the following methods:

    • Call the 24-hour hotline number.
    • Do it online using the dedicated bank website page.
    • Use an UOB ATM near you to activate the magnetic strip.
    • Visit a branch in Singapore to complete the activation process.
    • Download the relevant form from the bank’s website, fill it out, and mail it back to the bank.

    The magnetic stripe on your card can be activated:

    • Permanently. You’re advised against this.
    • Temporarily. The feature will be automatically deactivated after the end of the period.

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    UOB Lady’s LuxePay:

    • Pay for luxury items like expensive bags or shoes you have purchased in easy instalments.
    • Charge a minimum of S$500 on your card to be eligible for this plan.
    • This is a no-interest plan.
    • No processing fee is charged on this instalment payment plan.
    • Spread your pay over 6 or 12 monthly instalments with this plan.
    • Apply for this plan through the dedicated page on the bank’s website.
    • This plan can be used for any eligible local, overseas, or online shopping transaction.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    • Up to 75% of your total credit limit or available credit limit, whichever is lower, can be withdrawn.
    • A minimum of S$200 and a maximum of S$3,000 can be withdrawn with this card.
    • You can withdraw cash by:
      • Calling the bank.
      • Visiting an ATM.
      • Sending an SMS to the bank.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Find out this card’s qualifying criteria on this page before applying for it.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    • Report the incident to the bank immediately on detection by calling the bank’s customer care hotline.
    • Replacement cards will only be offered from an UOB branch in Singapore.
    • As per the current rules, your liability for any unauthorised use of your card will be limited to S$100 if:
      • You have reported the incident to the bank at the earliest.
      • You have not been involved in the fraud.
      • You have not acted negligently in handling of your card.
      • You have filed a report with the police and submitted a copy of the report to the bank, if asked for.
      • You have cooperated with the bank in all possible ways.
    • The bank will independently investigate the matter.
    • Your liability for unauthorised transactions may be waived off by the bank at its discretion, especially if it is established that you were a victim of a fraud.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Fill and send the GIRO form

    To set up a standing instruction for paying either full or minimum of the credit card bill every month, you have to:

    • Download the Interbank GIRO form from the bank’s website.
    • Fill it up.
    • Fax or mail the completed form to the bank.

    To terminate this payment set-up, contact the bank.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status

    SMS/in person/online/through netbanking

    To apply for the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, you’ll have to:

    • Send an SMS and save time if you’re an existing cardholder.
    • Apply using your internet banking account if you’re an existing customer.
    • Fill up the online form and upload the supporting documents if you are:
    • A new customer OR
    • A foreigner.

    If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, head to a UOB branch in Singapore. Call the bank’s 24-hour hotline number to check your card application status.

    How to Check Balance

    Phone or Online Banking, UOB Mighty Mobile

    Check your card usage balance via:

    • Phone banking.
    • Internet banking.
    • UOB Mighty mobile banking.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    ATM/GIRO/SAM/AXS and others

    Your bill payment options are:

    • ATM.
    • iNETS Kiosk.
    • AXS terminals.
    • SAM machines.
    • Phone banking.
    • Interbank GIRO.
    • Crossed cheque.
    • Internet banking.
    • Through cash at a branch.

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    S$50 or 3% of pending dues

    Your minimum monthly payment liability is 3% of the outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher. Any overdue from the previous billing cycle and any amount used over your credit limit will also have to be settled.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    21 days

    The interest-free period on this card is up to 21 days if outstanding balance from the previous billing cycle has been paid in full.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Be Used With?

    Android Pay/Samsung Pay/UOB Mighty/Apple Pay/PayNow

    Your card can be linked to the following mobile wallets for contactless payment:

    • UOB Mighty
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • Android Pay
    • PayNow

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    You can set up automatic top-up of your EZ-Link cards in the following manner:

    • Download the relevant form from the bank’s website.
    • Fill it out.
    • Indicate the EZ-Link card that you wish to top up.
    • Send it to the Transit Link office.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Contact the hotline number

    Contact UOB through their customer care number to block or unblock your card.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Fill and send the PIN Change form to UOB

    If you want a replacement PIN, do the following:

    • Download the relevant form.
    • Fill in the relevant details.
    • Mail it to the bank.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    One month

    The period of billing and the due date by which you need to make card payments can be found in your monthly credit card statement. The billing cycle generally depends on the number of business days in the period under consideration, and commences from the date of card approval.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Send card replacement form to the bank

    To apply for a replacement card, you must:

    • Download the card replacement form.
    • Fill it up.
    • Mail it to the bank.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card

    Call the bank

    For temporary credit limit increase, call the bank. Terms and conditions may apply.

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