UOB JCB Card for Cash Rebate: Yet to Get Reviews

    Credit Card Application

    If you are a Japanophile, you might want to check out this card. It is customised for use at Japanese merchants in Singapore. It could also be very useful if you visit Japan often. Here are some key benefits of the card:

    • Get 6% cash rebate on your purchases at select Japanese merchants in Singapore. There is a cap on how much rebate you can earn in a month.
    • Get 0.3% rebate on all other purchases. There is no cap on this.
    • Enjoy exclusive privileges in Japan, such as complimentary Wi-Fi and access to VIP airport lounges.

    Best suited to: Those who buy groceries at certain Japanese departmental stores, love to eat at Japanese restaurants, or frequently travel to Japan.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Annual fee S$64.20 (first year fee waived)
    Cash rebate on shopping and dining at Japanese merchants
    • 6%, if your total monthly spend is S$300 or above
    • 3%, if your total monthly spend is less than S$300
    Cash rebate on all other retail spends 0.3%
    Complimentary travel insurance N/A

    Additional benefits

    • Get access to FREE Wi-Fi at over 200,000 hotspots in Japan, including airports, convenience stores, public transport, cafes, and more.
    • Earn SMART$ rebate of up to 10% at more than 400 participating merchants in Singapore. The rebate is credited right at the moment you make a transaction and can be used to offset your subsequent purchases. 1 SMART$ is equivalent to S$1.
    • Annual fee for the principal card is waived for the first year, while the first supplementary card is free for life.
    • There are various promotional offers, both in Singapore and Japan.

    Earning Cash Rebate

    • Get up to 6% cash rebate at select Japanese merchants in Singapore, including Ichiban Sushi, UNIQLO, Tokyu Hands, Isetan, Kuriya Japanese Market, Sushi Tei, Meidi-Ya, Kuriya Dining, and Ichiban Boshi by spending at least S$300.
    • Get 3% cash rebate at participating Japanese merchants if you spend less than S$300. This rebate is capped at S$50 per month and is awarded only on the purchases made locally and in local currency.
    • Get 0.3% rebate on all other purchases.
    • UOB credits the total rebate earned during a month in your card account by the next month’s statement. You can read complete terms and conditions here: http://uob.com.sg/assets/pdfs/jcb-card-rebate-terms-and-conditions.pdf.

    Let Us Illustrate:

    Take a look at the two examples below to understand how much rebate you will earn when your total monthly spend is over S$300 and when it’s less than S$300.

    Example 1
    Merchant Monthly spending Rebate earned
    Ichiban Boshi S$300 S$18 (S$300 x 6%)
    UNIQLO S$400 S$24 (S$400 x 6%)
    Meidi-Ya S$100 S$6 (S$200 x 6%)
    Total rebate earned in the month S$48
    Example 2
    Merchant Monthly spending Rebate earned
    Kuriya Dining S$100 S$3 (S$100 x 3%)
    Isetan S$100 S$3 (S$100 x 3%)
    Sushi Tei S$80 S$2.4 (S$80 x 3%)
    Total rebate earned in the month S$8.4

    Redeeming your Earned Cash Rebate

    • Use the cash rebates earned with this card to offset your monthly card bill.
    • It can’t be transferred or exchanged for cash, goods/services, credit, products, or any other privilege.

    Interest rates

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.9% p.a.
    Cash advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment payment plan 0%

    Other Fee and Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Overseas transaction fee 2.8%
    Late payment fee S$90
    Over-limit fee S$40
    Cash advance fee 6% of the withdrawal amount or S$15, whichever amount is higher
    Supplementary card fee First card fee waived permanently. S$32.10 for every subsequent card

    Activating the card for overseas expenses

    Yes, you have to get the magnetic stripe at the back of your card activated for use at retail outlets without EMV payment terminals overseas.

    Use one of the following methods to activate the magnetic stripe on your card:

    • Online through UOB’s website.
    • Visiting any nearest branch of UOB.
    • Visiting a UOB ATM.
    • Downloading the activation form from the bank’s website, completing it, and sending it to the bank.

    Instalment Payment Plans Available


    • Convert your large credit card purchases into interest-free instalments.
    • Spread your payment over 3, 6, or 12 months.
    • A one-time processing fee will be applicable, based on the tenure of your instalments. It is:
      • 3% if you’re spreading out the amount over 3 or 6 months.
      • 5% if you’re paying the amount over 12 months.

    You can apply for SmartPay through your personal internet banking, or by filling out an online application form. You can also apply for this facility through an SMS. Check out some terms and conditions applicable to SmartPay:

    • The transaction amount must be at least S$500.
    • The amount must not exceed your credit limit.
    • You must apply for SmartPay within 14 days of your credit card statement in which the transaction to be converted is posted.
    • You must have demonstrated good repayment behaviour on the card.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    • Cash up to 75% of your total credit limit or available limit, whichever is lower, can be withdrawn.
    • Cash advance can be taken:
      • Through UOB ATMs.
      • Through internet banking.
      • Over the bank counter.
    • The interest on cash advance is charged from the day of withdrawal till the time it is settled in full.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To ensure that your application is not rejected, check the eligibility parameters of this card on our UOB credit cards page.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    • Report the incident to the bank immediately through their hotline.
    • File a police complaint immediately and submit it to the bank.
    • Provide proof to the bank that you took all possible measures to avoid the incident.
    • Assist the bank in any other way possible.

    Your liability for unauthorised transactions will be limited to S$100 unless:

    • Your involvement in the fraud is established.
    • Gross negligence on your part is proven.
    • You fail to cooperate with the bank.

    The bank may waive off the liability at its own discretion.

    Credit cards come with attractive perks and promotions. These promotions change very often. Here, you can get all the latest credit card offers on one page.

    Credit Card Tips


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    Citibank SMRT Card Citibank SMRT Card
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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    UOB Bill Pay Service, GIRO

    UOB’s automatic Bill Pay Service will let you combine all the monthly bills to participating merchants into one. To sign up for this feature, you must download the form from the website of the bank, fill it and send it by fax or mail to the bank. To discontinue this service, you must contact the bank.

    If you want to create a standing instruction for credit card monthly payments, use the interbank GIRO form on the site. Fill it up and send to UOB. In case you need to cancel this arrangement, contact the respective merchants/service providers.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status

    Online or in person

    Visit the website of the bank or log in to internet banking if you are already a customer, to apply for this card. UOB also promises same day delivery of your card if you apply online with all the relevant details. Alternatively, you could also walk-in to any branch of UOB to apply.

    You can call the bank’s customer service hotline to track your application status.

    How to Check Balance

    Mobile/Online/Phone banking services

    To check your existing balance use any of the following:

    • Online banking
    • Phone banking
    • UOB Mighty mobile banking

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    ATM/GIRO/AXS/iNETS/SAM and others

    You can use any of the following options:

    • UOB ATM
    • iNETS Kiosk
    • AXS machines
    • SAM machines
    • Cash payment
    • Phone banking
    • Interbank GIRO
    • Internet banking
    • Cheque payment

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of outstanding balance or S$50

    You are required to pay the higher amount between 3% of the outstanding balance and S$50. If there are pending dues on your account, you must pay those too.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    21 days

    If you have fully paid the previous bills, you will get an interest-free period of 21 days on your transactions. This is applicable from the date of generation of the bill.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Be Used With?

    PayNow/Samsung Pay/Andoird Pay/Apple Pay/UOB Mighty

    Credit card contactless payments can be made through the following mobile wallets:

    • PayNow
    • Apple Pay
    • UOB Mighty
    • Android Pay
    • Samsung Pay

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    This card can be used with EZ-Link card. When the balance in the EZ-Link card is low, this card will automatically top-up the EZ-Link card with money. To enjoy this service, you must download and sent the form to the Transit Link office.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Contact the hotline number

    You can call the 24/7 hotline to get guidance about blocking or unblocking the card.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Complete the relevant form and send to bank

    To reset the PIN of the card, you must download the form, complete it and send it to the bank.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    Mentioned in the monthly bill

    The billing cycle varies from person to person, but is usually considered from the time your card was approved. The due date before which you must make payments will be mentioned in the statement you receive every month.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Submit the form

    To request for a card replacement, you can download the form, fill in the details and mail it to the bank.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card

    Contact the bank

    You must get in touch with the bank to request for a temporary increase in your credit limit. However, this temporary increase is valid for only a few purposes like the following:

    • Travel
    • Medical
    • Wedding
    • Hospitalisation
    • Burial arrangements
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