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    UNI$ Rewards Programme

    The UNI$ Rewards Programme is one of the credit card reward plans offered by UOB Bank. Most of the rewards credit cards offered by UOB are part of the UNI$ programme. UNI$ can be accumulated and redeemed for attractive products, services and instant discounts. Each UOB credit card has different rates of UNI$ awarded for your purchases, from 1 to 10 UNI$ per S$5 spent.

    Features of UNI$

    • UNI$ is valid for 2 years from the quarter in which it is collected.
    • UNI$ can be redeemed only by primary cardholders. Supplementary cardholders also get points for their transactions, but those points are accrued in the account of the primary card member.
    • If you have more than 1 UOB credit card that gives you UNI$, they all accumulate in the same account, allowing you to get more points at a faster rate.

    UNI$ Instant Rewards

    One of the most taxing things about reward points is the waiting period for redemption, right? To overcome this, UOB allows you to encash your UNI$ instantly, for discounts at participating outlets. Some of the instant rewards available currently are

    • Andersens of Denmark Voucher worth S$20 for 2,220 UNI$
    • CapitaVoucher worth S$20 for 2,220 UNI$
    • Pull & Bear Voucher worth S$30 for 2,050 UNI$
    • Best Denki Voucher worth S$50 for 5,280UNI$
    • Hugo Boss Voucher worth S$100 for 8,888 UNI$

    You could check the UOB Rewards website before your next shopping spree to ensure that you can take advantage of the instant rewards. These instant rewards do not generally need more than 6,500 UNI$, thereby allowing you to make redemptions at shorter intervals instead of waiting for a long time for large UNI$ accruals.

    UNI$ rewards catalogue

    UOB’s Island of Rewards contains not only Instant Rewards that can be redeemed at stores directly, but also products, services and discounts that can be obtained traditionally, through a gift voucher. You can also exchange your UNI$ for miles, especially if you own one of the miles credit cards. Some of the rewards currently available are

    • S$20 vouchers from Atos Wellness, Atos Nutrition, Atos Fitness Club, Body Therapeutics, Inner Harmony, Spa Elements, Spa Symphony, and Spa Infinity, for 2,000 UNI$
    • UOB Travel Voucher worth S$50 for 2,888 UNI$
    • S$50 voucher from Paradise Group of Hotels for 5000 UNI$
    • Cash rebate of S$100 for 87000 UNI$, for UOB Visa Signature cardholders
    • 10,000 KrisFlyer Miles for 5,000 UNI$

    Eligibility criteria for earning UNI$

    To qualify for the UOB UNI$ Rewards Programme, you need to have one or more of the following UOB rewards credit cards

    You also earn accelerated UNI$s if you are a UOB Privilege Reserve or Privilege Banking member. UOB corporate credit cards, credit cards that give you cash rebate, and credit cards that give SMART$, are not part of the UNI$ programme. You will not earn any UNI$ if you convert your transactions into any of the instalment payment plans available with UOB.

    UNI$ accumulation

    UNI$s are earned by both primary and supplementary cards from the qualifying credit card list. However, UNI$ is accumulated in the account of the primary cardholder and only the primary card member can redeem the points. The accumulation rate for different cards are as follows

    • UOB PRVI Miles cards These UOB miles credit cards give you –
      • 6 miles (3 UNI$) for every S$1 spent on major airlines and hotels
      • 2.4 miles (1.2 UNI$) for every S$1 spent outside Singapore
      • 1.4 miles (0.7 UNI$) for every S$1 spent locally
      • 20,000 loyalty miles (10,000 UNI$) every year on spending S$50,000 or more in a year
    • UOB Visa Signature Card You get 10 UNI$ per S$5 on online purchases, petrol, Visa payWave transactions and payments made outside Singapore. For other expenses, you get 1 UNI$ per S$5 spent, without any upper limit on earning points.
    • UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card You can earn 10 UNI$ (or 4 Miles) per S$5 spent on online shopping, entertainment and Visa payWave transactions. This card also gives you SMART$ for certain purchases.
    • UOB Lady’s Card Accumulate 5 UNI$ for every S$5 spent on clothes at local departmental stores and overseas, and when shopping online in foreign currencies, with a minimum spend of S$3,000 abroad per statement period. For overseas spending of over S$5,000 and all other spending in Singapore, cardholders will earn UNI$1 for every S$5
    • UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card Get 10 UNI$ with every S$5 spent, with a minimum spending of S$3,000 per statement period at luxury retailers such as Marni, Mulberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jil Sander and others.
    • UOB Visa Infinite Card Cardholders earn UNI$3.5 for every S$5 spent inside Singapore. Further, card members also earn UNI$5 on S$ spent overseas.

    UNI$ validity

    UNI$s are valid for a period of 2 years from the quarter in which they were earned. For example, if you earn 500 UNI$ in October 2016, which falls in the quarter October to December 2016, it is valid till December 31, 2018. The vouchers redeemed on the UNI$ will be valid for 3 months from the date of issuance.

    How to redeem UNI$

    You can redeem your UNI$ in any of the following ways

    1. Instant rewards Presenting your card and UNI$ value at selected stores, cafes and shopping malls, and get instant discounts and redemption vouchers.
    2. Online redemption Visit the UOB Rewards website and input your card details. Here you will be able to see your accrued reward points, and redeem it for vouchers that can be used at stores, restaurants, flight and hotel bookings, etc.
    3. App redemption Open the UOB Mobile app on your smartphone and go to the ‘Rewards’ section. Just like online redemption, here you can see your points and choose the reward you want in lieu of the UNI$.
    4. Phone redemption If you can’t access any of the above, you can also call UOB’s 24-hour Call Centre and follow the IVR instructions to redeem to your points.

    Before redemption, ensure that your registered mobile phone number is with you, and in case your number is not already registered, get it linked to your account. This will help you through the one-time password security feature that accompanies the online, mobile and phone redemption methods. UNI$ redemptions made online, through the app or via phone banking, will take 7 working days to process.

    The redeemed vouchers cannot be cancelled, but can be replaced. The replacement, however, will cost you an administrative fee of S$10 per replacement. Conversion to KrisFlyer or other frequent flyer programmes is also subject to a fee of S$25.

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