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    American Express Personal Card For Rewards

    The American Express Personal Card is a charge card that allows you to earn points while ensuring peace of mind with shopping and travel protection. Here are some of its key features:

    • This card’s Membership Rewards Programme lets you earn rewards points for almost all eligible purchases.
    • The card has various offers across categories such as dining, shopping, and hotels.
    • Additionally, this card has enhanced security features.

    Best suited to: Earn you rewards points on your shopping, dining, and other spends. You can earn Membership Rewards points on all eligible purchases.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Annual Fee S$120
    Rewards point on other eligible spends 2 Membership Rewards points on every S$1.60 spent
    Complimentary travel insurance Coverage of up to S$200,000

    Additional benefits

    There are several other benefits for the American Express Personal Card, listed as follows:

    • You can enjoy additional privileges across categories such as sports or music, such as advanced tickets or complimentary wine offers under the American Express Invites programme. This programme also has dining privileges.
    • Under the Live the World programme, you can enjoy several dining, shopping, and hotel privileges from around the globe.
    • This card also offers the American Express Selects programme, which allows you to enjoy a wide range of dining offers across several restaurants, both within Singapore and overseas.
    • It comes with the Purchase Protection feature, where you will be covered for repairs or replacement of goods that you purchased, in cases where they were stolen or damaged. This policy will cover you for a timeframe of 90 days. Under this policy, you will receive up to S$8,000 for each item. The maximum coverage that will be applicable in a particular year stands at S$80,000.
    • The card also offers the Global Assist benefit, where you will be provided with immediate advice or referral for an English-speaking doctor or lawyer, whenever you need one. You can access this service from anywhere around the globe, and it will be available 24/7.

    Earning Rewards

    The Membership Rewards Programme listed under this card lets you earn rewards points on all your eligible spends. You can earn 2 rewards points for every S$1.60 spent on eligible purchases. You can apply for this programme by reaching the American Express Customer Service hotline. The points earned can also be transferred.

    There are two options you could choose from, under the Membership Rewards Programme. These options are listed below:

    • Non-Frequent Traveller Option: The rewards points earned under this plan can be used for redeeming shopping and dining rewards. An annual fee of S$10 will be levied if you opt for this plan.
    • Frequent Traveller Option: You must pay an annual membership fee of S$40 if you select this plan. The rewards points earned under this plan can be redeemed for flights and hotel bookings, besides shopping and dining rewards.

    Let Us Illustrate:

    Let’s consider a case where you spend across dining, shopping, and other retail purchases in a particular month. Under the Membership Rewards programme, you can earn 2 rewards points for every S$1.60 spent across eligible categories. For instance, when you spend S$160 for dining in a month, you can earn 200 reward points. The following table illustrates the earning mechanism for rewards points when you spend across various categories in a particular month:

    Spend categories Monthly spend Points earned
    Dining S$160 200 points
    Shopping S$320 400 points
    Other retail spends $480 600 points
    Total S$960 1,200 points

    Redeeming your Earned Rewards

    The redemption of points will be governed by the following factors:

    • The points earned under the Membership Rewards Programme can be redeemed across various categories which include dining, shopping, flight bookings, hotel bookings, groceries, and more.
    • The points earned can also be converted under Frequent Flyer and Frequent Guest Programmes. There are seven primary airlines listed under the Frequent Flyer Programmes, for which you can convert your rewards points into miles of the respective airlines. The Frequent Flyer Programme will include Singapore KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, Emirates Skywards, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Royal Orchid Plus, Dynasty Flyer, and British Airways Executive Club.
    • You have to convert a minimum of 450 rewards points for each programme, and it would take a minimum duration of up to 4 weeks for the transfer to be processed. Under this conversion scheme, every 450 rewards points would earn you 250 miles of the respective airlines.
    • These rewards range from fashion and beauty products to eat-out offers. To redeem the rewards points or convert them, you can get in touch with American Express customer service hotline. However, the bank will charge you a fee of 800 rewards points from your account if you redeem or convert these points by calling the customer service hotline.
    • You can also redeem your rewards online without paying any additional fee.
    • You can conveniently use the points earned on eligible card transactions across categories such as shopping, dining, and more. This privilege is provided as a part of the Flexible Rewards feature, which allows cardmembers to use the points earned for credit.
    • The rewards points can also be used to redeem e-Vouchers. In such cases, you will be provided with an e-code, once the order is confirmed.

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    American Express Personal Card comes with a complimentary travel insurance policy which covers you for accidents which may occur while using a public conveyance. This policy would cover you in cases involving loss of a life due to an accident, or in scenarios that result in specific loss, such as loss of both hands, both feet, etc. This policy extends coverage to the cardholder up to a sum of S$200,000.

    The following table illustrates the different benefits covered under this policy and the respective coverage provided against each benefit:

    Type of benefit Coverage provided
    Cover for life lost due to an accident Up to S$200,000
    Cover for specific loss due to an accident Up to S$200,000

    Who All Will Be Covered by the Insurance?

    This insurance policy will cover those who are either primary or supplementary cardmembers of the American Express Personal Card. This policy will also cover the cardmember’s spouse, and children below the age of 23. Additionally, if you want to be eligible for this policy, this card account must be billed in Singapore Dollars.

    Interest rates

    Type of Interest Charge
    Retail Purchases
    • This is not applicable
    • The due amount must be paid in full in Singapore Dollars, as soon as you receive the monthly statement
    Cash Advance
    • This is not applicable
    • The due amount must be paid in full in Singapore Dollars, as soon as you receive the monthly statement

    Other fee and charges

    Type of charge charge
    Overseas Transaction Fee Commission fee standing at 2.5% of the sum converted
    Late Payment Fee 2.5% of the overdue balance outstanding, charged on a monthly basis, or S$60 for each month, depending on whichever is of higher value.
    Cash Advance Fee 5% handling fee charged on the withdrawal sum, for each transaction
    Supplementary Card Fee S$75

    Activating the card for overseas expenses

    The American Express Personal Card needs to be activated for overseas use. You can do this by using one of the following methods:

    • You can activate and use this card overseas by visiting the American Express website.
    • Besides, you can also reach American express by calling at 1800 296 7722 if you’re within Singapore. In case you’re overseas, you can activate your card by calling at +65 6296 7722

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    You can withdraw cash or get cash advances using this card, only when you apply for the Express Cash facility. This facility can only be used by cardmembers with at least six months of membership, and they have to fill and submit the enrolment form to use this facility.

    The Express Cash facility allows you to withdraw up to 20% of the limit fixed for the charge card. However, it is subject to the available balance on your card. In case of overseas withdrawals, you can withdraw a sum of up to $2,500 in cash, or using American Express Travellers Cheques. You can utilise this facility only once in every 2 two weeks.

    The bank will charge you a 5% transaction fee on the cash withdrawn. However, if you’re using Travellers Cheques, you have to pay a commission fee of 1%.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To know more about the eligibility parameters for this card, visit our American Express credit cards page.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    If your card is lost or stolen, you should get in touch with the bank and report the incident as soon as possible. Once you have notified the bank about the theft, loss, or misuse, you will not be held liable for any misuse of it. In such a case, your liability will be restricted to S$100.

    You can call the American Express Customer Care hotline if you want to report such an incident within Singapore for your American Express Personal Card. There are separate numbers for local and overseas calls, which can be found here.

    It is always good to get a card based on your spending category. You will find credit cards here which suit your spending habits and lifestyle.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions?

    Through Post/Email/Fax

    You must enrol for Direct Debit payment by downloading, completing and sending the form to the bank in the following ways:

    • Via post
    • Through a secure email
    • Via fax

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status?

    Apply Online and Follow Up With the Bank

    • Apply online on the bank’s website.
    • A new card application can take around 7 to 10 business days to be processed.
    • To enquire about your card application status, you must call at the hotline number for ‘American Express New Accounts’.

    How to Check Balance?

    Enrol for Online Services Facility

    • In order to check your current balance, you have to register with ‘Online Services’.
    • Once you register, you just have to log in with your account credentials to get started.
    • You can view your billing information such as card statement, where and when you have spent your card, spending amount, payment date, etc.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Through GIRO/Cash/Cheque/SAM/AXS

    There are several methods to pay your charge card bill, which are listed below:

    • Cash Payment
    • Internet Banking
    • Interbank GIRO
    • Cheque
    • SAM or AXS Stations
    • Automatic Bill Payment Service

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    Since the American Express Personal Card is a charge card, the concept of minimum monthly payment is not applicable here. You must pay your credit card bill in full every month, immediately after you receive your card statement.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    As this is a charge card, there is no grace period offered.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Card Be Used With?

    Apple Pay

    You can use this card with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is accepted is many stores including restaurants & bars, theatres, shopping malls, departmental stores, etc.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card?

    If your card is lost/stolen, damaged or in any other case where you wish to block your card, you must immediately call at Amex hotline number and inform which is available for 24-hours.

    You can follow the same steps to unblock your card.

    How to Reset the PIN?

    Through Internet or Phone Banking

    In order to reset the PIN of your card, you must either use Internet Banking or Phone Banking.

    • You must follow the onscreen instructions for Internet Banking.
    • For Phone Banking, you must request for the PIN reset and then you will get further assistance.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    1 Month (Can Start on Any Day of the Month)

    The bill is generated on monthly basis and you must pay it in full payment.

    How to Get a Replacement Card?

    Call the Amex hotline or write an email requesting for a replacement card.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card?

    You can temporarily increase the limit of the card but it is only applicable under certain circumstances and you must be an Amex card member for a minimum of 6 months. You should contact Amex customer service representative to increase your credit limit.

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