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    Best Shopping Credit Cards in Singapore

    Shopping credit cards in Singapore help you stretch your dollar by offering discounts, cashback, reward points, and interest-free purchase payment options among other things. While some shopping cards reward you more for online shopping, there are others that offer you great in-store discounts and deals. There are still others that reward spends in the overseas shopping category. Some co-branded cards offer additional rewards, redeemable vouchers, and discounts when you use your card at a partner merchant outlet.

    Cards Name Recommended for
    OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card Retail Purchase
    Citi Rewards Card Clothes, bags and shoes shopping
    American Express CapitaCard CapitaLand Vouchers
    UOB Lady’s Card Women to Earn Rewards
    UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card Purchase of Luxury Items
    DBS Takashimaya American Express Card Takashimaya Voucher Rebates
    DBS Takashimaya Visa Card Takashimaya Gift Vouchers
    Maybank World Mastercard Retail Stores and Boutiques
    DBS Black Visa Card Interest-Free Payment
    OCBC Titanium Rewards Card Overseas Spending
    OCBC Cashflo Credit Card Automatic Instalment Payments
    NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card airPrice Stores, Warehouse Club, and Unity
    OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card Purchase of Electronic Items at BEST Denki
    FRANK Credit Card Online Shopping
    Standard Chartered MANHATTAN Platinum Mastercard Cashback
    UOB JCB Card Shopping at Japanese Merchant Outlets
    Metro-UOB Card Metro Departmental Stores
    DBS Woman’s World Card Online Shopping
    HSBC Advance Credit Card Shopping with Apple Pay
    Best Shopping Credit Cards

    Citi Rewards Card - Enjoy 10X Rewards on Shopping

    Get 10x Rewards points when shopping at stores whose main business activity is clothes, shoes and bags (as per the appropriate MCC). The 10x Rewards points is valid on online shopping websites as well as department stores, in Singapore and overseas. Earn 10 Rewards points per S$1 spent which is equivalent to 4 Citi Miles. You can earn up to 120,000 Rewards points every anniversary year. Your Rewards points will be valid for 5 years. You can redeem your accumulated points for gift vouchers, cash rebate or convert to Citi Miles and redeem for flight tickets at partner airlines.

    Card Highlights
    • Enjoy year-long online shopping discounts on select brands when using your card for payment.
    • Get 1 Rewards point for every S$1 you spend on other categories.
    • Get a complimentary travel cover of up to S$1 million when you charge your travel expenses to this card.

    Standard Chartered MANHATTAN Platinum Mastercard - Earn Up to $800 Cashback for Shopping

    Get up to 3% cashback when you shop with this card. All your local and overseas purchases are eligible. The maximum cashback you can earn in a year is S$800. Cashback is calculated on a monthly basis depending on the date on which the relevant statement is generated. If you spend less than S$1,000 in eligible transactions in a month, cashback will be awarded at the rate of 0.5%. If you spend more than or equal to S$1,000 but less than S$3,000, cashback will be awarded at the rate of 1%. The rate of cashback will be 3% for eligible monthly transactions of S$3,000 or more. The maximum cashback you can earn per quarter has been capped at S$200.

    Card Highlights
    • You can transfer funds, worth S$1,000 or more, from your card at 0% interest and a one-time processing fee.
    • Link your card with mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, and make hassle-free, contactless payments.
    • Cashback is also available for dining and entertainment expenses charged to your card.

    DBS Takashimaya American Express Card - Get upto S$100 Shopping Vouchers

    Get voucher rebates of up to 6% when you use this card at Takashimaya Square, B2 and Takashimaya Department Store. You can also get an additional 10% discount during special in-store sale events, which are held from time to time. During such special in-store promotional events, you will also get complimentary delivery of your purchased goods, if you meet the minimum spend requirement. You’ll also get 0.5% voucher rebates on spends outside Takashimaya stores. If you visit Takashimaya stores in Japan and shop, you’ll get up to 5% voucher rebates, subject to fulfilment of conditions.

    Card Highlights
    • Get 2 Takashimaya Bonus Points for every S$10 you charge to your card on Takashimaya spends, subject to fulfilment of conditions.
    • Charge a minimum of S$250 to your card in-store and get a top up of S$6 to your CashCard that can be used for offsetting your parking charges.
    • Enjoy exclusive shopping and dining deals across Singapore under the DBS Lifestyle Privileges programme.

    NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card - Enjoy 12% Rebates at Unity In-Store

    Get a rebate of up to 12% on everything at FairPrice if you meet the minimum outstore spend requirement of S$400 in the same month. Outstore spend excludes your spends at FairPrice stores, Unity, Warehouse Club, and FairPrice website. The rebate would only apply if you spend a minimum of S$20 at a FairPrice store in a single transaction. You can also earn rebate of up to 12% on purchases made at Unity. The 12% rebate will include - 7% LinkPoints rebate, 4% FairPrice Annual Cash Rebate, and an additional 1% rebate for cardholders who credit their salary into their NTUC-OCBC Starter Savings Account.

    Card Highlights
    • Save up to 18.5% on fuel at Esso. In addition, you can also save up to 2.4% by earning Esso Smiles Points.
    • Get up to 3% off books and other items at Popular. The rebate will be offered in the form of 4.5 LinkPoints for every S$1 spent. While 0.33 points will be credited to your card in the same statement cycle in which the transaction was completed, the remaining 4.17 LinkPoints will be credited over the next 1 to 2 billing cycles.
    • Enjoy an additional validity of 6 months on your accumulated LinkPoints.

    OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card - Get 12% Rewards on Electronic Items

    Get 12% BEST Rewards, equivalent to 3% cash rebates, when you purchase electronic items and appliances from BEST Denki stores using this card. Items, purchased using the non-interest instalment plan, will also be eligible for this rebate. There is no minimum spend. You can also get BEST Vouchers worth up to S$80. You can also earn an additional rebate of 2% if you spend at least S$10,000 and 2.5% if you spend at least S$20,000 at BEST Denki stores in a year.

    Card Highlights
    • Get discounts of up to 25% when you shop at retail stores in Singapore.
    • Spread your payment over 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months at 0% interest.
    • Get invited to exclusive events and workshops from time to time.

    Maybank World Mastercard - Get 10x TREATS Points at Boutiques

    Get 10x TREATS Points per S$1 when you shop at retail outlets and boutiques in Singapore. 10 TREATS Points are equivalent to 4 miles. TREATS Points don’t have an expiry date. This offer is valid till 31 December 2018, unless stated otherwise by the bank. The TREATS Points, earned from a valid transaction made at a participating merchant outlet, will be credited to your card account directly. If the retail outlet isn’t on the Maybank records, TREATS Points earned, will be awarded only after the new outlet or merchant details have been added to Maybank’s records. TREATS Points won’t be awarded for online shopping.

    Card Highlights
    • 10x TREATS Points will be awarded per S$1 when you shop for fuel or dine.
    • Enjoy complimentary access to Jet Quay
    • Get concierge service round the clock.

    Metro-UOB Card - Enjoy Instant 10% Discount at Metro Stores

    Get a discount of 10% on the regular-priced items when you shop at Metro stores with this card. You’ll get a discount of up to 20% when you shop at Metro during your birthday month. Additionally, you’ll also get 5% Metro$ rebates on your purchases at Metro departmental stores. The 10% discount is offered on all items with blue tags every day. This offer is available all through the year. The 5% Metro$ rebate is available on all Metro merchandise including sale items. These can be exchanged for Metro Shoppers Cheques, which can be used for offsetting the value of your future purchases. The Metro$ rebates expire after 12 months from the month in which you had earned them.

    Card Highlights
    • Get invitations to exclusive Metro events and previews which includes the Double Metro$ Day.
    • Get UNI$1 for every S$5 you charge to your card.
    • Charge a minimum of S$150 worth of Metro purchases to your card and get free delivery. During storewide events, the minimum spend requirement is raised to S$250.

    OCBC Titanium Rewards Card - Earn 10X OCBC$ for Overseas Shopping

    Get OCBC$10 for every S$1 you spend on overseas shopping. Whether you’re shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores when abroad, you’ll be awarded rewards points or miles. OCBC$10 is equivalent to 4 miles. You can earn a maximum of OCBC$120,000 within 1 year from the month in which you had got the card. You will get 10x OCBC$ if you purchase shoes, clothes, bags, babywear or electronic gadgets. You can also earn rewards at an accelerated rate when you make mobile payments (until 31 December 2018), shop at departmental stores, or pay for personal care (until 31 December 2018). For purchases in categories besides the ones mentioned above, when you shop overseas, you’ll get OCBC$1 for every S$1 you spend.

    Card Highlights
    • Get OCBC$10 for every S$1 when you do the following locally:
      • Make payments with your mobile (offer valid until 31 December 2018)
      • Invest in personal care (valid until 31 December 2018)
      • Buy electronic items, gadgets, clothes for babies/children, bags, clothes, or shoes.
      • Buy items from local departmental stores.
    • Get OCBC$1 for every S$1 you spend on other purchases, locally.
    • Get the best online deals with OCBC’s ecommerce protection.

    UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card - Get UNI$10 on Luxury Retail Brands

    Get UNI$10 for every S$5 you spend on luxury brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni, Jil Sander, Mulberry, and more. You’ll also get UNI$10 for shopping at local departmental stores, ecommerce websites, and when overseas. In addition to the UNI$1 per S$5 that is awarded on all spends, you’ll earn an additional UNI$9 points for every S$5 you spend on certain categories including shopping. This is, however, subject to a minimum spend of S$3,000 and a maximum spend of S$5,000, captured in a single billing cycle. The total bonus UNI$ points that can be earned from eligible spending has been capped at UNI$9,000 per cardholder, in a relevant statement cycle.

    Card Highlights
    • Get UNI$10 per S$5 you spend on cab rides in Singapore.
    • Get SMART$ rebates at participating outlets. They work just like regular Singapore dollars. These points can be used to offset the future purchases.
    • Get exclusive invites to member-only clubs, restaurants, and special events.

    DBS Woman’s World Card - 10X DBS Points for Online and Overseas Purchases

    Get 10x DBS Points for every S$5 spent on online shopping. The bank defines an online purchase as a retail transaction made using online payment modes and processed by a merchant through Visa or Mastercard. It uses system indicators, used by merchants and their acquiring banks, and passed onto DBS, to determine an online transaction. Normally, you would get 1x DBS Point for local online spends and 3x DBS Points for overseas online spends for every S$5. The additional 9x DBS Points for local and 7x DBS Points for overseas online transactions would only be credited to your account on the first S$2,000 you spend every calendar month.

    Card Highlights
    • Get 3x DBS Points per S$5 on all overseas spends.
    • Get 1x DBS Point per S$5 for all other spends.
    • Get special discounts at participating merchant outlets under categories like travel, dining, fashion, beauty & wellness, and entertainment.

    FRANK Credit Card - Get 6% Online Shopping Rebate

    Get a cash rebate of up to 6% when you make purchases online. These rebates are applicable across multiple categories, including purchase of clothes and gadgets, hotel and flight ticket reservations, Grab rides, movie tickets, and certain Paypal transactions. Barring certain online spend categories, the bank offers a 6% discount on any spend that qualifies as an online purchase in accordance with Visa codes or as identified as one by the acquiring bank of the merchant. Payments made via phone or mail orders won’t be considered under the online spend category. Payment of credit card bills is also excluded.

    Card Highlights
    • Get 5% rebate on entertainment from Friday to Sunday and 3% on the remaining days of the week.
    • Get a 3% rebate on your first 2 automatic top up of your NETS FlashPay card.
    • Get a rebate of 0.3% on all other spends.

    UOB JCB Card - Get Up to 6% Rebate at Japanese Stores

    Get up to 6% rebate on your transactions at Japanese stores such as UNIQLO, Tokyu Hands, Isetan, Meidi-Ya, Kuriya Dining, Sushi Tei, Ichiban Boshi, Kuriya Japanese Market, and Ichiban Sushi. You’ll receive 6% rebate only if you spend a minimum of S$300 in a calendar month. If you don’t meet the minimum spend criterion, you’ll get a rebate of 3%. The total cash rebates you can earn in a calendar month is capped at S$50. Cash rebates aren’t offered on donations made to religious or charitable institutions, and payments made for government services. For payments made outside the participating merchant outlets, you’ll get a cash rebate of 0.3%.

    Card Highlights
    • Get up to 10% SMART$ Rebates at more than 400 participating outlets.
    • Get free access to Wi-Fi at more than 200,000 hotspots at Japan.
    • Access top airport lounges in Japan for free.

    OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card - 5% Rebate for Ratails Brands at Stores

    Get a discount of 5% when you shop for 18 leading fashion brands at more than 80 stores in Singapore. The rebates earned will be credited to your card account immediately, a feature that makes this card stand out from most others. Check for the cash rebates earned by you in your monthly statements. There is no cap on rebates. You can earn this exclusive rebate on all the in-store merchandise at participating outlets, in addition to other offers and promotions. You can earn rebates on brands such as Zara, Reebok, Lacoste, and Bebe. Check the bank’s website for the full list of brands and the participating outlets.

    Card Highlights
    • Get Robs$1 for every S$2 spent on shopping outside the 18 participating brands.
    • Get Robs$3 for every S$2 spent overseas.
    • On weekends, enjoy an hour of free parking at certain malls in Singapore where Marks & Spencer outlets and Robinsons stores are located, subject to fulfilment of certain terms.

    UOB Lady’s Card - Get UNI$5 on Online Shopping

    Get UNI$5 for every S$5 you spend on shopping at local departmental stores, overseas shopping, and on online shopping, where transactions have been made in foreign currency. Normally, you’ll be awarded UNI$1 per S$5 you spend. However, for certain categories like shopping, an additional UNI$4 points will be awarded for every S$5, subject to a minimum spend of S$3,000 and a maximum spend of S$5,000, and posted in the relevant billing cycle. For each statement cycle, the bonus UNI$ points awarded to a single cardholder will be capped at UNI$4,000.

    Card Highlights
    • Get UNI$5 per S$5 you spend on cab rides in Singapore.
    • Enjoy free parking for a couple of hours, on weekends, at Scotts Square, Shaw House, Forum The Shopping Mall, [email protected], Shaw Centre, and Paragon, subject to terms and conditions.
    • Buy items with an interest-free instalment payment plan called LuxePay when you buy an item worth S$500 or more. You can spread your payments over 6 or 12 monthly instalments.

    DBS Takashimaya Visa Card - Get 5% Voucher Rebates at Departmental Stores

    Get 2 Takashimaya Bonus Points for every S$12 you charge to your card. Every 100 Takashimaya Bonus Points can be redeemed for Takashimaya Gift Vouchers worth S$30. You can redeem your Takashimaya Gift Vouchers to offset your future purchases at the store. Visit the Customer Service Centre, Level 3, at Takashimaya to redeem your gift vouchers. Takashimaya Bonus Points are directly credited to your account. It can’t be combined with your main and/or supplementary card account(s).

    Card Highlights
    • Make hassle-free contactless payments with Visa payWave.
    • Get 5% voucher rebates when you shop at Takashimaya departmental stores.
    • Enjoy special deals and discounts at top restaurants and shops with DBS Lifestyle Privileges.

    HSBC Advance Credit Card - Get 3.5% Cash Back on Shopping

    Link your card to Apple Pay on your compatible Apple device and start making easy, fast, and reliable payments. After you have linked this card to Apple Pay, you can make payments on the web, in app, and in store (contactless). You can make payments with your Apple devices such as Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. When you link this card to Apple Pay, you’ll continue to earn the same rewards that are offered on the principal card. A unique code is generated for every single purchase, which ensures that your card details aren’t saved on your device or the merchant’s, minimising risks of fraud. You can use Apple Pay at checkout counters with the Apple Pay or “contactless payment” signal.

    Card Highlights
    • Get cashback of up to 3.5% on all your purchases.
    • Advance banking customers of HSBC will enjoy a perpetual waiver on the annual fees of the card.
    • Payments can be made conveniently with Visa payWave at participating merchants.

    American Express CapitaCard - Earn 3X STAR$® at CapitaLand Malls

    Get 3x STAR$ rewards when you shop at any CapitaLand Mall using this card. Earn 5 STAR$ for every S$1 you spend at CapitaLand Malls. In addition, 10 STAR$ will be awarded on purchase of goods and services, at the end of every month, on a cumulative basis. The points will be awarded in blocks of S$1, capped at S$1,200 in a calendar month. Additionally, you can also earn 10x or 50 STAR$ per dollar on purchase of goods or services at 65 participating merchant outlets at CapitaLand Malls. This is on top of the regular earn rate.

    Card Highlights
    • Get 1x or 5 STAR$ on every S$1 you shop anywhere else.
    • Enjoy gourmet pleasures at special rates and along with other rewards at more than 400 top-rated restaurants under the American Express Invites programme.
    • Get 24-hour assistance anywhere in the world with a single call.

    DBS Black Visa Card - Get Up to 3X DBS Points on your Purchases

    Use your card to make purchases at retail outlets and apparel stores in Singapore and get the option of buying with interest-free payment plans. You can spread your payment over 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Currently, the processing fee charged is 0% against the normal 5%. The processing fee waiver offer is valid till 31 December 2018. The My Preferred Payment Plan is only applicable on retail transactions. You have to spend a minimum of S$100 in a single transaction to be eligible for this plan. An administrative fee of S$150 will be levied for early repayment or termination of your card.

    Card Highlights
    • Get 3x DBS Points per S$5 you spend on local Visa payWave transactions.
    • Get 1x DBS Point per S$5 on all other purchases.
    • Enjoy gourmet dinners and haute couture fashion with your card under the DBS Lifestyle programme.

    OCBC Cashflo Credit Card - Earn 1% Rebate for Monthly Instalment Payments

    Enjoy better control over your monthly budgets and finances by splitting your large-ticket purchases into small and convenient monthly instalments. This plan can, however, be activated for purchases worth S$100 or more. Split your payments over 3 months when the value of your purchase is below S$1,000 or over 6 months when the value of your purchase is S$1,000 or more. The credit limit available on your card must be sufficient to block out the entire purchase value. It will be restored with every instalment payment. An administrative fee of S$150 will be charged for early repayment or termination of the card account.

    Card Highlights
    • Get cash rebates of 0.5% on monthly bills below S$1,000 and 1% on monthly bills of S$1,000 and above.
    • Get a discount of up to 55% on Explorer Travel Insurance if you charge it to your card.
    • Enjoy a range of promotional offers.

    Disclaimer: The “best” cards that have been enumerated here have been done so without any prejudice against any brand, card, or other spend categories.

    How to Choose the Right Shopping Card?

    In order to choose a right shopping credit card that suits your needs, consider the following:

    • Check your monthly expenditure on shopping. If it is not too high, it does not make much sense to get a dedicated shopping card in the first place.
    • Check if you can make enough benefits from a particular card. If the benefits are too low, you will not save anything significant.
    • Look for a card that offers discounts on your favourite shopping brand.
    • Compare shopping credit cards in Singapore from various banks, and look for the ones with the highest earning rate, lower interest rates and affordable payment guidelines.
    • Check the whole package of offers provided by a card. Don’t just choose a card from a bank you have a savings or current account with, or go with the first card you are recommended.

    Benefits of Having a Shopping Card

    If you meet the spending criteria and fulfil the mandatory terms & conditions on your card, your benefits will include:

    • Discounts for shopping at selected brands from bank’s participating merchants.
    • Cashback, cash rebate and rewards points for online and offline shopping.
    • Additional privileges on shopping and payments locally and overseas.

    Another reason to buy a shopping credit card is the cashback you receive on your purchases. Starting from 1% and sometime up to 5% or beyond, you can earn cashback on your purchases. If neither, you will definitely earn points on your charges. Safety is a major concern when using your credit anywhere. Credit card companies today have taken extreme caution and all measures to ensure safety of your card and transactions. In the present times, paying with your credit card has reduced the risk of fraud. Even in case of credit card fraud, the money lost in the fraudulent transaction will be reversed so no loss will be incurred by you. Also, another advantage of making purchases for your shopping endeavors using your credit card is that you always have a grace period to make the payments. You have sufficient time to repay the purchases made.

    Things to Consider Before Getting a Shopping Card

    Before getting a shopping credit card, you must consider several things to check if the card suits your requirement. Given below are a few things to check while getting a card:

    • Regular promotions on cards.
    • Grace period and late payment charges.
    • The perks of each shopping credit card.
    • The rate of interest charged for a cash advance.
    • The rate of interest that charged for retail purchases.
    • The minimum monthly spend requirement of all the cards.
    • Annual fee of the card and the number of years the fee is waived for.
    • Welcome offers and complimentary offers such as travel insurance.

    Credit Card Safety Tips for Regular Shoppers

    A good shopping credit card rewards your spends and gives you value for money. However, using the right card for the right shopping category is the key to get more bang for your buck. With the following tips, you will be able to save more when you use your card for shopping:

    1. Opt for an Interest-Free Instalment Plan Only If You Can Make Instalment Payments on Time.

      While 0% instalment payment plans are attractive, missing out on even a single payment may invoke higher interest rates, and penalty fees. You should opt for such a plan if you’re sure that you can repay the monthly instalments in full. Also, make sure that you have sufficient credit on your card to block out the purchase value, initially. Remember, that your credit limit won’t be restored until you make timely payments.

    2. Choose the Right Card for the Right Category

      If you shop online more than offline, try to apply for a card that offers greater rewards, cashback, or discounts on online spends. Finding a card that is in alignment with your spending habits is key to greater savings.

    3. Try to Use Your Card at Partner Stores During In-Store Promotional Events

      Many card issuers tie up with retail stores and online brands. During special events, you can get bigger discounts, rewards, cashback or more when you spend with your card. Check the terms and conditions of these offers before you start purchasing with your card.

    4. Use Your Card More at Participating Merchant Outlets Than Other Stores

      Since participating merchant outlets usually offer higher discounts, more rewards, and greater benefits than other stores, try to maximise the use of your card at these stores. Usually, you’ll either earn rewards at a lower rate when using your card at a different outlet or you won’t earn any rewards.

    5. Keep an Eye on Interest Rates and Fees

      While getting rewarded for your purchases is a great thing, don’t lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, you’re trying to save more and improve your cash flow. If a card offers rewards on certain spend categories but charges exorbitant interest rates and associated fees, or has extremely severe penalty clauses, don’t apply for such a card.

    6. Check for Perks Related to Shopping

      With some cards, you may get a free delivery of your purchased items on meeting a certain minimum spend requirement or get free parking on weekends. By using such cards, you can increase your overall savings and convenience.

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