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    DBS/POSB Credit Card Bill Payment

    DBS makes it convenient for its customers to pay credit card bills. The bank provides multiple modes of making payments so you can settle your bills using at least one way or the other.

    Ways to Pay DBS Bank Credit Card Bills

    DBS/POSB credit card bills can be paid by utilising one of the eight payment modes listed below:


    It is a smart banking facility designed for your smartphones.

    • Punch in your User ID and Password to log in to digibank and follow it up by choosing “Account Summary”.
    • Next, choose the card number and follow it up by clicking on “Pay Now” option.
    • Enter the 6 digit iB secure PIN, and choose either “Pay Full Amount” or “Pay Minimum Amount” option.
    • Conclude by clicking on “Next” followed by selecting the “Confirm” option.

    SMS Banking

    Choose to pay credit card bills with SMS Banking.

    • Register for this service by sending the registration text to DBS/POSB through an SMS.
    • Choose to make either minimum payment or payment in full.
    • SMS the respective text for making minimum or full payment to the specific number.


    Visit the closest ATM to directly pay your card bills.

    • Insert the card into the ATM machine and type in your PIN.
    • Click on “More Services” and follow it by choosing “Credit Card/Bill Payment”.
    • Choose either DBS Amex, Mastercard, or Visa network and type in the Bill Reference Number or the credit card number.
    • Choose the type of debiting account.
    • Enter the payable sum and click on “Confirm”.

    digibank Online

    You can pay your credit card bills online using netbanking service with digibank Online.

    • Use your User ID and password to log into the digibank Online account, and follow this by choosing “My Accounts” option.
    • Select “Credit Cards” option, and consecutively enter the 6 digit iB secure PIN.
    • Choose the card account for which you want to make the payment, and select “Pay Card” option.
    • Choose the debiting account and confirm the amount you must pay, and follow it by selecting the “Immediate” option.
    • Click “Next” and follow it by clicking on “Submit”.

    Video Teller Machine

    It is relatively one of the new payment modes on your DBS/POSB credit cards. This mode combines the option of using virtual teller help through live video streaming.

    • Either insert your NRIC along with the credit card or get your passport scanned to finish up with the authentication stage.
    • Next, choose “Other Transactions” option, so that an Officer could get in touch and help you in paying the credit card bills.
    • Once the process is complete, collect the NRIC and the card.

    AXS e-Station/AXS m-Station/AXS Station/AXS QuickBill

    You can use any of the services such as AXS Station, AXS m-Station, AXS e-Station, or AXS Quick Bill to pay credit card bills for your DBS/POSB card.


    Your card bills could also be cleared through cheques.

    • Write a cheque payable to DBS-Cards.
    • Mention the account number and the amount payable on the back of your cheque.
    • To submit the cheque, you could either drop it in any Quick Cheque Deposit box by visiting a branch, or you could mail it to the specific bank address.

    Interbank Giro

    This payment mode allows you to automatically pay your credit card bills each month. However, you will have to set up this service before you can start using it.

    You can set up this arrangement using digibank Online and follow the steps listed below:

    • Use User ID and PIN to log in to your digibank Online account.
    • Next, choose “Pay” option for bills and cards, and follow this step by clicking on the “Add GIRO Arrangements” option.
    • Use the 6 digit iB secure PIN for logging in and choose the specific credit card under “Billing Organisation”.
    • Enter the 12-digit credit card number as your Bill Reference Number, and follow it by clicking on “Next”.
    • In the concluding step verify the transaction details, follow the 2-Factor Authentication procedure, and click on the “Submit” option.

    Ways to Pay Recurring Bills

    You can assign standing instructions to your card to make use of the recurring bill payment feature. This will help you clear bills in case of certain merchants without facing any hassle.

    DBS enlists the following merchants, where you can make use of the recurring payment feature:

    • StarHub Ltd.
    • MSIG
    • M1 limited
    • SP group
    • Singapore Town Councils
    • Prudential

    How to Apply for Recurring Bill Payment Service

    • You have to fill up the Recurring Payment Form and mail it to the bank in order to activate the Recurring Bill payment facility.
    • Alternately, set up a recurring bill payment arrangement by directly getting in touch with the merchant who offers the facility.

    How to Disable Standing Instructions for Recurring Bills

    The standing instructions for a recurring bill payment arrangement can be terminated by getting in touch with the respective merchant.

    Ways to Pay Credit Card Bills of Other Banks

    You have the option of paying credit card bills of other banks with DBS. The payments are usually secured through DBS Money safe Guarantee, and the facility is available free of any charge.

    There are essentially two ways in which you can pay credit card bills of other banks with DBS:

    • Through iBanking
    • Using digibank app

    Things to Keep in Mind About Credit Card Bill Payments

    The things you must keep in mind before making credit card bill payments include:

    • It will take a minimum of 3 working days before your credit card account gets credited if you’re paying credit card bills using a cheque.
    • The cheque must be crossed before you send it to the bank.
    • To make payments ensure that one of the following accounts have funds:
      • DBS Savings/Savings Plus account
      • DBS SGD Current/Autosave account
      • POSB Savings/Current account
    • There is no fee associated when you pay credit card bills of other banks using funds in your DBS account.
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