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    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card

    OCBC is one of the major banks in Singapore. It provides an exclusive set of credit cards with offers across categories such as travel, rebates, and rewards. They are tailored to meet specific financial needs of the users.

    Great Eastern Cashflo Card Review

    The Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card is one such card offered by OCBC Bank which can convert your premium for Great Eastern insurance plans into interest-free instalments over a term of 12 months. The card is unique because of the automatic conversion of bill to monthly instalments, and the special insurance premium-payment benefit.

    Using this card, you can split the bills for other retail spends over terms of 3 to 6 months at zero interest. You can also earn between 0.5% to 1% cash rebate on your spends. Essentially a rebates card, it also provides you with health and wellness privileges.

    However, the card will prove more beneficial when you opt for insurance plans with Great Eastern Life or Overseas Assurance Corporation, as you can enjoy 0% instalment payment plans. Besides, the 0% IPP scheme is also useful while making large payments on purchases.


    Some of the primary features for the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card include:

    • The OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card lets you make use of the 0% interest on instalments while you pay the insurance premium over a term of 12 months.
    • All the expenses you make using the credit card can be converted into monthly instalments. If your monthly bill is less than S$1,000, then the transactions are converted into a 3-month instalment plan. If your monthly bill is S$1,000 or more, then the conversion is into a 6-month plan. Such conversions are only applicable on transactions of S$100 or more. This is known as the trigger amount.
    • You can also opt for extending the term of your instalment plan. A 3% on the outstanding amount will be charged for a term of 3 and 6 months; while for a period of 12 months, 5% will be charged on the outstanding amount.
    • Furthermore, if you want to close the instalment plan on any transaction, you can do so by paying a fee of S$150.
    • The annual fee for this card is waived for the first 2 years. The annual fee can be waived from the third year by spending S$5,000 or more per year.


    Here’s a list of privileges that come with this card:

    • You earn rebates on paying the premiums of chosen Great Eastern insurance policies.
    • The credit card also comes with the Live Great Programme, which is a comprehensive programme dedicated to healthy living. The programme comes with exclusive offers on health and wellness plans offered by Live Great. You can also earn invitations to Live Great workshops and seminars. You can access the Live Great – Health & Wellness app, besides a plethora of tools, articles, and tips that help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


    There are several promotions running currently on the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card. Some of them are listed below:

    • Worldhotels: The OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card is running a promotional offer in association with Worldhotels that provides you with an additional discount of 15%, on top of best available rates when you stay for a minimum period of 2 nights. The offer also guarantees late check-out till 3pm, besides complimentary access to Business Centre or Business Lounge and internet. The offer is valid until 31 March 2018.
    • Cathay Pacific: You can enjoy year-long exclusive all-in fares on both Economy Class and Premium Economy Class when you book through cathaypacific.com/sg/ocbc using your credit card. The offer will stay valid till 30 June 2018 on travel plans made before 31 July 2018.
    • OCBC Explorer Travel Insurance Plan: Save 50% on premiums for single-trip plans and 25% on annual multi-trip plans until 30 June 2018, if you pay using this card.
    • Montigo Resorts, Nongsa: Use the promocode OCBCMRN20 at this resort and get 20% discount on room rates, 15% discount on a la carte spa services, and 10% discount on food and beverage at its restaurants. To take advantage of this offer, book your rooms or services before 31 March 2018.

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    Rewards programme

    The rewards system for using the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card is given below:

    • You are guaranteed a cash rebate of 1% on paying premiums for certain Great Eastern life and general insurance plans, paid for using the credit card.
    • You can get 0.5% cash rebate if the monthly transactions are below S$1,000.
    • You can also earn 1% cash rebate on bills standing at S$1,000 and above.

    You can use the accumulated rebates to offset your credit card bills. However, the rebates are subject to a cap of S$100 per month.

    Instalment Payment Plans

    The OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card allows cardmembers to automatically split their bills using instalment plans over a tenure of 3 months or 6 months at 0% interest. When your spend is below S$1,000, you can choose to pay over a term of 3 months, and you can pay over a period of 6 months when your spend is S$1,000 or above.

    Additionally, you can also choose to pay over a term of 1 year for certain Great Eastern life and general insurance plans, when you charge the bill to your OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card. The 0% interest also applies on this term.

    Fee and charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$160.50 p.a. (waived for the first two years)
    Supplementary card fee S$80.25 p.a. (waived for the first two years)
    Interest rate 25.92% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$80
    Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of sum that has been withdrawn, depending on whichever is higher
    Interest on cash advance It stands at 28.92% p.a., and if the interest charges for a month are not fully repaid, the rate of interest will be calculated in a compounding manner, with minimum charge of S$2.50.
    Administrative fee for IPP termination S$150 which is for speeding up the process of paying the automatic instalments

    How to activate OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card?

    Activation for local use

    You can activate your OCBC credit card in on of the following ways:

    • SMS Banking: You must send an SMS to 72323 in this format: ACTNRIC or Passport numberthe last 4 digits of credit card. SMS the same to (65) 9327 2323, if you’re overseas.
    • OCBC Online Banking: You must go to ocbc.com.sg/activate and key in the final 8 digits of the credit card number, besides punching in the date of expiry and the NRIC/Passport/FIN. You will receive an OTP on your mobile which you must input on the portal for the card to get activated.
    • You can contact 1800 363 333 and speak to the customer care executives, asking them to activate your card.
    • Alternately, you can visit the nearest OCBC branch.

    Activation for overseas use

    For overseas use, you can use any of the following ways to activate your card:

    • You can visit www.ocbc.com/magstripe or OCBC Online Banking for overseas activation.
    • You can also contact 1800-363 3333. You’ll need the Phone Banking PIN for this purpose.
    • You can also visit any OCBC Branch with your NRIC/Passport.

    Foreign currency transactions

    Transactions in a foreign currency other than in US dollar, are converted to US dollar first and then to Singapore dollar. This is based on the exchange rate decided by MasterCard, Visa or other card network. A currency conversion charge is applicable on foreign currency transactions, which stands at 1% of the transaction amount for the card network and 1.8% for the bank.

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    How to apply for the Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card

    You can apply for this card online through the OCBC website or through a third party source providing such services. You can also visit the closest OCBC bank branch to apply for the card.

    Eligibility criteria

    Minimum age:

    • The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
    • Supplementary card applicants must be 18 years old.

    Minimum income:

    • Singaporeans & permanent residents: The minimum level of annual income for such individuals stands at S$30,000.
    • Foreigners: Foreigners must earn S$45,000 or more per year to qualify.

    Documents required

    Salaried individuals

    • A copy of both sides of the NRIC
    • A copy of latest 6 months of CPF contribution statement
    • A copy of the latest salary slips

    Self-employed/variable income earners

    • A copy of both sides of the NRIC
    • A copy of the latest 12 months of CPF contribution statement
    • A copy of the most recent Notice of Assessment from the IRAS


    • A copy of passport
    • A copy of employment pass showing a validity of at least 6 months while applying
    • A copy of the latest payslip
    • A copy of the latest Notice of Assessment from the IRAS

    Supplementary card applicant

    • Singaporeans and PRs who enroll as salaried individuals must submit a copy of NRIC.
    • Foreigners must submit Passport AND copy of Employment Pass OR Work Permit OR Dependent Pass OR Student Pass OR Long term visit pass with at least 6 months validity.

    Interest rates

    This card charges an interest of 25.92% p.a., on all retail transactions. The interest calculation is made on a daily basis starting from the first transaction date until the date payment is made to the bank in full. This is subject to an interest-free period of 23 days.

    On the other hand, the interest on cash advance stands at 28.92% p.a., calculated on the amount you withdraw from the card. This is however, subject to daily compounding with a minimum charge of S$2.50, if the monthly interest charge is not received in full by the bank. There is no interest-free period on cash advances.

    Bill payments

    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card users must make minimum repayments each month, which is calculated as 3% of the current balance that’s outstanding or a flat amount of S$50, depending on whichever amount is higher. However, if the credit limit has been exhausted, or there’s any outstanding dues from before, then the minimum payment will be calculated bit differently. It will include the 3% of the current balance that’s outstanding, plus the previous outstanding due or amount which exceeds the credit limit.

    You can make you credit card payments using several modes, such as:

    • Mobile banking
    • Online banking
    • FAST Funds Transfer
    • ATMs and cash deposit machines
    • Automatic GIRO deductions
    • AXS Stations
    • Cheque
    • Cash payment at OCBC branches

    What should you do if your OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card is lost/stolen?

    In case the credit card is lost or stolen, you must immediately call on 1800 363 3333 and report the loss or theft. If you fail to report on time, the bank could hold you liable for all unauthorised transactions made on the card.

    If the bank was notified immediately about the loss or theft of the card, or unauthorised disclosure of PIN, and you help the bank in the recovery of the charges incurred, the liability amount for yourself will not be more than S$100. However, the loss must not have happened due to your negligence or default.

    Frequently Asked Queries from Our customers

    Q. Do my transactions get split into instalments even if I’m exceeding the credit limit?

    A. No. If you are going over the credit limit on this card, it will not be converted to instalments.

    Q. What happens if I don’t pay one of the instalment amounts fully for a month?

    A. The bank will levy the regular interest rate and other fees as applicable on regular transactions, on the outstanding balance.

    Q. What happens if I don’t pay the credit card bill for a month or two?

    A. Apart from that being recorded as a default in your credit report, the bank will cancel your instalment plan conversions and you will become liable to pay the full pending amount. You may also not be allowed to convert future purchases into instalments.

    Q. Can I change the 0% IPP trigger amount?

    A. The default amount at which a transaction is converted to 0% IPP is S$100. But you can change the amount to whatever suits you. If you don’t choose a trigger amount, then the bank will assume a minimum transaction requirement of S$100.

    Q. What is not considered as part of yearly spends eligible for annual fee waiver?

    A. The following transactions don’t count when the bank calculates what is eligible to get you an annual fee waiver:

    • Cash-On-Instalments
    • Refunded amounts
    • Cash advances
    • Bank charges

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