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    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card for Cash Rebate

    Large expenses can be difficult to pay for especially when you have quite a few of them. This card brings you the convenience of splitting the cost of your monthly purchases into a number of instalments, reducing the burden of large payments on you. This facility comes free of interest. if your expenditure is less than S$1,000, you can choose to pay the amount over 3 months. For all expenditures of S$1,000 or more, you can pay them in instalments over a period of 6 months. The OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card also gives you rebates on payments made through it. In addition to this, it also gives you exclusive wellness and health benefits. For certain insurance plans of Great Easter General and Great Eastern Life, you get the added benefit of paying the annual premiums over a period of 12 months. The other benefits offered by this card include discounts on movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes and discounts of up to 50% on travel insurance plans from Explorer.

    Key Features

    Features Description
    Cash rebate on retail spends Up to 1%
    Cash rebate on certain Great Eastern General & Life Insurance Plans Up to 1%

    Get Special Offers With the Live Great Programme

    The Live Great Programme brought to you by Great Eastern Life is a wellness and holistic health programme specially curated to offer you the support you need if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle. It gives you special offers on wellness and health options, exclusive invites to workshops and seminars conducted by Live Great, special access to the app, tips, tools, and articles that promote healthy living.

    Life is Better With 1% Rebates

    A card that makes paying large expenses easier and gives you rebates on your monthly bills? That’s exactly what you get with this card. Get rewarded with cash rebates of 0.5% if your monthly spends are less than S$1,000. If you spend at least S$1,000 or more every month, you get cash rebates of 1%. This card also rewards you with 1% cash rebates when you pay the annual premiums of selected general and life insurance plans of Great Eastern. This rebate will be credited automatically into your account (card account) and you can use them to get discounts on your bills every month.

    Additional Benefits

    • Get exclusive invitations to Live Great workshops and seminars.
    • Get exclusive access to Live Great apps, tips, tools, and articles for improved lifestyle.
    • Enjoy exclusive promotions almost all through the year on your card.
    • Auto-split payments for eligible transactions and Great Eastern life and general insurance plans into 3, 6, or 12 equal monthly instalments.

    Earn Rewards

    Cash rebates will be offered on your card depending on the total monthly card expenditure.

    • Get a cash rebate of 0.5% on a monthly bill below S$1,000.
    • Get a cash rebate of 1% on a monthly bill of S$1,000 or above.
    • Get a cash rebate of 1% on selected GE policy premiums paid through the card.
    • Up to S$100 can be earned in the form of cash rebates in a month.
    • Cash rebate earned by both principal and supplementary cardholders will be credited directly to the card account of the principal cardholder.
    • These cash rebates are subject to terms and conditions.

    Calculate Cash Rebate from OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card

    Let us assume that the retail expenses charged to your card was worth S$800 last month. You had paid a premium of S$500 on a Great Eastern Life Insurance product that you own. Then the cash rebates that you would earn are:

    Spend category Monthly spend Cash Rebate Rate Cash Rebate Amount
    Retail spend (total) S$800 0.5% S$4
    Great Eastern Life Insurance premium S$500 1% S$5
    Total S$1,300 S$9

    Let us now assume that the total retail expense charged to your card for this month has been S$1,200 and you had also paid a premium of S$1,150 on a Great Eastern General Insurance plan. Then the cash rebates that you would earn are:

    Spend category Monthly spend Cash Rebate Rate Cash Rebate Amount
    Retail spend (total) S$1,200 1% S$12
    Great Eastern General Insurance product premium S$1,150 1% S$11.5
    Total S$2,350 S$23.5

    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card Interest Rate

    Type of Interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.92% p.a.
    Cash advance 28.92% p.a.
    Instalment Payment Plan 0%

    How to Redeem Cash Rebate?

    • The cash rebate earned during a billing cycle will appear in the monthly statement.
    • It’ll be automatically used to offset monthly card bills.

    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card Fees & Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual fee S$160.5 (Waived for the first two years)
    Overseas Transaction Fee 2.8%
    Late Payment Fee S$100
    Cash Advance Fee 6% of the withdrawn amount subject to a minimum of S$15
    Supplementary Card Fee S$80.25 (Waived for the first 2 years)
    Instalment Plan Termination Fee S$150
    Tenure extension 3% of the balance for 3 and 6 months, 5% of the balance for 12 months

    Activating the Card for Overseas Use

    • The magnetic stripe on your card has to be activated if you wish to make retail transactions at non-EMV terminals abroad.
    • You’ll also have to activate the overseas cash withdrawal feature.
    • These features are kept in a deactivated state by default for security purposes.
    • The overseas cash withdrawal feature can be activated via the following modes:
      1. SMS banking (immediate)
      2. Mail in forms (may take up to 7 days)
      3. OCBC online banking (immediate activation/deactivation)
    • The magnetic stripe on the back of your card can be activated or deactivated through the following modes:
      1. Online banking (immediate)
      2. SMS banking (may take up to 1 day)
      3. The bank’s website (immediate activation/deactivation)

    How the Instalment Payment Plan Works

    • When you buy selected Great Eastern Life and General Insurance plans, your payment will automatically be split into 12 monthly instalments.
    • Split any other spend into 3- or 6-month instalments depending on the value of your purchase:
      1. 3 monthly instalments if your bill is between S$100 and S$1,000.
      2. 6 monthly instalments if your bill is equal to or more than S$1,000.
    • The first instalment will be added to your card account the day you make the purchase, and the subsequent instalments will be charged on the same day each month.
    • When the instalment payment plan is activated, your credit limit is blocked for the whole amount and not just the month’s instalment amount. For example, if your purchase amounts to S$1,000, then the credit limit on your card will go down by that amount. As and when you pay back the instalments, the card’s credit limit will be restored to that extent.
    • You can set a trigger amount on the card. This is the amount of purchase in a single bill that will be automatically converted to instalments. The default trigger amount is S$100 unless you specify a different amount in your card application form. Your chosen trigger amount cannot be less than S$100, and it has to be an amount that is the nearest hundred dollars. This means that the amount has to be in multiples of 100 only.
    • You’re allowed to extend the instalment payments if the balance is S$500 or more. The extension application should be received by the bank 7 working days before the billing date for it to be processed at the right time. You can make an application through phone banking or in writing. You will have to pay an extension fee, though.
    • If you want to pay off the entire transaction amount before the instalment period ends, then you will also have to pay an administrative fee as specified below.
    • If you fail to pay the instalments on time, the usual interest rates and late payment fees will be applicable.

    Cash Withdrawn on Credit Card

    • The cash withdrawal limit is directly pegged to the credit limit available on your card.
    • Up to a maximum of S$1,000 per transaction can be withdrawn from OCBC ATMS subject to availability of credit limit on your card.
    • Daily cap on OCBC ATM withdrawals stands at S$20,000.
    • Overseas ATMs may have a different daily withdrawal limit.
    • Cash can be withdrawn through any of the following modes:
      • ATMs:
        • Any OCBC ATM in Singapore.
        • Any ATM connected to the Visa or Mastercard payment network outside Singapore.
      • Branches:
        • Any OCBC branch in Singapore
        • Any Visa- or Mastercard-affiliated branch abroad
      • Hotline:
        • Call the respective hotline, whether you’re in Singapore or abroad, and talk to a customer care executive.
      • ATMs:
        • Any OCBC ATM in Singapore.
        • Any ATM connected to the Visa or Mastercard payment network outside Singapore.
    • Branches:
    • Any OCBC branch in Singapore
    • Any Visa- or Mastercard-affiliated branch abroad
    • Hotline: Call the respective hotline, whether you’re in Singapore or abroad, and talk to a customer care executive.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Visit our OCBC credit cards page to check the eligibility criteria for this card.

    Lost/Stolen Cards

    • Report the incident to the bank immediately on detection.
    • You won’t be held liable for unauthorised transactions once you have informed the bank.
    • Liability for unauthorised transactions due to disclosure of PIN or loss of card will be limited to S$100, provided:
      • The bank was informed within a reasonable period from the date of occurrence of the incident.
      • A statutory declaration was provided to the bank in a format prescribed by it.
      • A police report was filed, if asked for and a copy of the same was submitted to the bank.
      • It is established beyond reasonable doubt that you weren’t responsible for the card fraud or loss.
      • You assisted the bank in recovery of the authorised charges to your card.
    • A card retrieved after a formal report has been filed, has to be returned to the bank. Cut it into pieces before returning it to the bank. Under no circumstance should it be used again.
    • The bank may issue a replacement card based on its sole discretion. A replacement fee may be levied.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Through GIRO

    By submitting the GIRO form to OCBC, you would be able to make the full or minimum payments every month on your credit card. This will be an automatic debit from the account you specify in the form.

    How to Apply for the Frank Card & Check the Application Status

    At branch/Online

    Apply for this card by visiting the specific page of the card on the bank website, or go to a branch office. The status of the card application can be known by getting in touch with the bank.

    How to Check Balance

    Internet/mobile/phone/SMS banking

    The balance of your credit card can be checked in any of the following ways:

    • SMS Banking
    • Phone Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • Internet Banking

    How Can the Bill Be Paid

    GIRO/FAST/online or mobile banking and others

    You can pay your credit card bills in the following ways:

    • FAST
    • Cash
    • eNets
    • Cheque
    • PayNow
    • Demand Draft
    • AXS Terminals
    • Interbank GIRO
    • Phone Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • Internet Banking
    • Internet Banking
    • OCBC Pay Anyone
    • NETS or CashCard
    • Telegraphic Transfer
    • Pay by any other card

    How Much is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card

    3% of the dues or S$50

    At least 3% of the balance or S$50 (whichever is more) needs to be paid every month on the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Card, or you will have to pay penalties. If you have spent more than your credit limit, the over-limit amount also needs to be paid off.

    What Is the Grace Period

    23 days

    For 23 days from the date of statement generation, you won’t have to pay interest charges on purchases if you have settled all previous bills fully.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Card Be Used With

    Garmin Pay/Apple Pay/Fitbit Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay

    You can make use of the following mobile wallets with your OCBC card:

    • Fitbit Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Garmin Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link


    You can top-up your EZ-Link Card automatically in case of low balance, through your OCBC credit card.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Call OCBC hotline

    To stop or resume services on your card, contact OCBC’s 24x7 customer support number.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Phone banking

    To change your card’s PIN, call the bank through phone banking.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and Bill Due Date

    Check your Bill

    Due dates and billing cycles will be available on your monthly statement. The billing cycle takes into consideration the number of business days in the month.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Contact the Bank

    Replace your lost or damaged card by contacting the bank (through hotline or phone banking).

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of Your Card

    Phone Banking/Hotline

    If you want a short-term increase in your credit limit, call the phone banking or customer care number.

    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card Reviews

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