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    OCBC Credit Card Bills Payments

    Paying bills for your credit cards from OCBC or some other bank, or recurring bills is convenient with the payment methods offered by OCBC.

    With OCBC’s payment services, you can avoid long queues and other inconveniences.

    Ways to Pay OCBC Credit Card Bills

    You can pay your card bill using any of the following modes:

    AXS Station:

    • Visit your nearest AXS terminal.
    • Select “Bills” from the display menu.
    • Select the type or category of bill you want to settle.
    • Follow the instructions on the display screen to enter or retrieve the relevant information.
    • Verify the information and payment amount entered and click on the “confirm” button.
    • You’re all set and you can proceed to pay the bill. Simply follow the instructions on the screen in front of you.
    • You’ll receive confirmation on completion of a successful transaction.
    • Take a print-out of the payment receipt.

    Up to 3 days may be needed for processing of the bill from the time of payment.

    AXS e-Station:

    • Visit the official website owned by AXS.
    • Select the “Start Now” option under AXS e-Station tab.
    • Select the “Pay Bill” option on the next screen and then select the billing organisation.
    • Follow the instructions to enter the relevant details and also the payment amount.
    • Add the transaction to your payment cart by clicking on the “Add to Payment Summary” button.
    • Multiple bills can be added to the payment cart, one after the other, in the same manner.
    • Click on the “Proceed to Pay” button to open the payment panel.
    • Choose your preferred payment mode, validate the information entered, and follow the instructions to complete your payment.
    • After a successful transaction, you’ll see confirmation of the same on the next screen. Hit “send” to get yourself a soft copy of the same.

    This mode may also take up to 3 business days before your bill gets settled.


    • Fill out the fields on your cheque.
    • Write the account(s) details on the back of the cheque. Don’t forget to mention the card number and branch details.
    • Don’t forget to cross your cheque.
    • Mail it to the bank or put it inside a drop-box.

    Up to 3 business days may be required for your card bill to be settled.

    Payment through FAST:

    • Transfer funds from your account in another bank using FAST, also known as Fast and Secure Transfer, an online technology.
    • Log into your internet banking account.
    • Select the funds transfer option.
    • Add your OCBC card to the list of payees, if it hasn’t already been done.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment and choose the FAST option to complete the payment process.

    This is an instant payment method.

    OCBC’s Self-Help Terminals – ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines:

    Only OCBC current and savings account holders can use this facility.

    • Visit an ATM or cash deposit terminal.
    • Enter the relevant details.
    • Follow the instructions on the display screen to complete the payment.
    • Collect your confirmation slip/receipt after a successful transaction.

    The settlement of bill is almost instantaneous.

    OCBC Online Banking:

    This option is available only to current and savings account holders of OCBC.

    • Log into the bank’s website.
    • Select the “Payment & Transfer” on the panel.
    • From the drop-down menu, select the “Pay Bills” option.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction.
    • You’ll get confirmation once the transaction is successful.

    The settlement is instantaneous.

    OCBC Mobile Banking:

    • The steps are quite similar to the online banking mode.
    • This app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

    This mode of settlement is also instantaneous.

    Interbank GIRO for Automatic Bill Payment:

    • Download the interbank GIRO form from the bank’s website.
    • Fill in the form.
    • After completion, mail it to the Bras Basah Post Office branch of OCBC.
    • Alternatively, you may also access it through your personal internet banking account if you’re an OCBC savings or current account holder.
    • Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account at least one day before the payment due date.

    The bank may take up to six weeks to process your GIRO application.

    Ways to Pay Recurring Bills

    The following are the different modes for payment of recurring bills:

    • Online banking
    • Mobile banking
    • OCBC Easi-Pay Bill Payment Service

    Note: You can use the first two options only if you have a current or savings account with OCBC.

    The following recurring bills can be paid using OCBC cards:

    • Payment of certain taxes and government fees.
    • Payment of fines.
    • Payment of utility bills.
    • Payment of newspaper subscription fees.
    • Payment of M1 bills.
    • Payment of fees and taxes to town councils.
    • Payment of StarHub bills.
    • Payment of other telco bills.

    How to Apply for Recurring Bill Payment Service?

    Online Banking:

    • Log onto your account.
    • Choose “Pay Bills” under the “Payment & Transfer” menu.
    • Choose a billing organisation, and follow the instructions to set up your recurring bill standing instruction.
    • Check with the organisation to see if they support online bill payments. Once registered, the payments would be made automatically.

    Mobile Banking:

    • Open the app.
    • Log into it.
    • Select “Pay Bills” from the menu bar.
    • Select the billing organisation, if it is available and add it to the list of payees.
    • Select the payment issuing account, the organisation, the date of transfer, and the amount to be paid.
    • Verify the details and click the “Confirm Payment” button to complete the process.

    OCBC Easi-Pay:

    • Download the form from the bank’s website.
    • Fill in the details of the payee organisations.
    • Mail it to the bank.
    • You will receive a consolidated bill at the end of each month.

    How to Disable Standing Instructions for Recurring Bills?

    To terminate a standing instruction for recurring bills, contact the merchant or authorise OCBC to issue instructions for termination to the merchant.

    Ways to Pay Credit Card Bills of Other Banks

    Online Banking:

    • Log onto your personal internet banking account.
    • Select the “Payment & Transfer” option.
    • Choose the “Pay Credit Card from Another Bank” option.
    • Visa and Mastercard credit cards can be paid using this mode.
    • Certain Amex and Diners Club cards can be paid, too.
    • The payment is instantaneous.

    Mobile Banking:

    This method is almost similar to the one described above.


    • Insert your card.
    • Enter the card PIN.
    • Select the “Bill Payment” option from under the “More Services” on the display screen.
    • Select the “Pay Other Bank’s Credit Card” option from the panel.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process.

    Things to Keep in Mind About Credit Card Bill Payments

    Voyage Tax Payment Facility:

    • This facility is available on the OCBC Voyage Card.
    • Earn additional VOYAGE Miles when you pay taxes.
    • You can either pay your taxes at one go or spread the payments over 12 months.
    • A nominal processing fee of 1.9% will apply.
    • Download and complete the tax payment facility form from the bank’s website.
    • Mail it to the Robinson’s Road branch of the bank.
    • The application processing time is usually three days.
    • Upon approval, an SMS will be sent to you.
    • The tax payment process may take up to four business days. A confirmation letter will be dispatched to you upon approval.
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