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    HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment

    HSBC offers different ways of paying your card bill. Apart from ATM networks and different branches, you can opt to pay your bill at over 1,000 locations in Singapore. HSBC offers you the convenience of paying your bill at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. The HSBC credit card bill payment service is unique and makes life easier for you when it comes to paying the bills for your credit card.

    Ways to Pay HSBC Credit Card Bills

    You can pay your HSBC card bill in the following ways:

    AXS Station

    You have the option of paying your HSBC card bill at over 700 AXS stations located in different parts of Singapore. AXS stations not only offer the convenience of paying card bills, but also other utility bills. Here are the steps that you need to take to make the bill payment:

    • Enter your credit card number
    • Enter your name and the amount you need to pay (at least S$5)

    Payments made through AXS stations on weekdays after 3:00 p.m. and weekends will be processed only on the next working day.

    SingPost and SAM

    With numerous SAM kiosks located strategically across various parts of Singapore, it is very easy to pay your card bill. These kiosks will fulfil your postal and payment needs beyond the working hours of post offices. However, it will take three weeks to process the payment made using SAM.

    The various modes of payment available on SAM include:

    • GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD)
    • eNETS Debit
    • Credit/Debit Cards

    You will not be charged for using SAM when you make your card bill payment.


    Pay your HSBC card bill at any 7-Eleven store located in Singapore. Since 7-Eleven is open 24/7 and has extensive coverage in Singapore, you have the convenience of paying the bill anywhere, anytime.

    This service is free of cost and you do not require any monthly statement. You just have to give your card number to the cashier with a payment amount of at least S$5. The time taken to process will depend on the payment mode that you have used.

    Bulk Cash Deposit Machines

    You can also pay your card bill using the various Cash Deposit Machines located across various parts of Singapore.

    HSBC Personal Internet Banking

    Enjoy greater convenience and flexibility when you pay your bill using online banking. You have the option of paying the bill immediately or you can schedule it for any time in the future. With online banking, the payment gets processed instantly. Here are the various steps that you will need to take to pay your card bill using online banking:

    1. Select the account you want to use to pay your bill and choose the payee.
    2. Enter the sum that needs to be paid.
    3. Select the date and frequency of the payment of the bill.
    4. Make sure you have entered all the details that you will need to track your payment.
    5. Take a look at all the details you have entered and click “Confirm” to proceed.
    6. The acknowledgement page confirms your payment is done successfully.

    Ways to Pay Recurring Bills

    If you want to consolidate all your bill payments, you have the option of applying for HSBC recurring bill payment. By doing so, you will also get the opportunity to earn Rewards Points. You can convert your monthly bills for StarHub and Town Councils into HSBC Rewards Points.

    How to Apply for Recurring Bill Payment Service

    You can apply for this service by calling the HSBC hotline number or you can mail your application to the Robinson Road branch of the bank.

    How to Enable/Disable Standing Instructions for Recurring Bills

    You can enable standing instructions for recurring bills by filling and submitting the Standing Instruction (Transfer of Funds) form online.

    Things to Keep in Mind About Credit Card Bill Payments

    Here are the things that you need to keep in mind about HSBC credit card bill payment:

    • You can move your bill payment forward by up to 30 days.
    • The bill payment service is not available for foreign currency accounts.
    • You can change your forward dated bill if the payment has not been processed.
    • You cannot make a bill payment of over S$50,000 per day.
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