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    Best Groceries Credit Cards

    We found 3 Best Groceries Credit Cards

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    Best Groceries Credit Cards


    Top Singapore credit cards for grocery shopping

    Shopping for groceries can very well be a boring affair, isn’t it? Definitely so if you have to force yourself to visit a supermarket every now and then and reload your supplies at home. Well, that aside, let us give this conventional thought a break and look at things a little differently. Consider this – how about a scenario where grocery shopping suddenly lacks boredom and doesn’t really have to be an activity that plummets you into irritation and annoyance. What if grocery shopping suddenly became an exciting affair, quite contrary to popular opinion? This sure is an eventuality if you make your purchases the right way!

    There are certain credit cards that can stamp out the element of boredom in grocery shopping. These credit cards let you earn excellent reward points, cashbacks and discounts on grocery shopping, and can be used to purchase groceries at supermarket and retail outlets across the Island State.

    Best Groceries Credit Cards

    Features of Groceries Credit Cards

    Many top banks in Singapore offer credit cards that can popularly be classified as groceries credit cards, owing to the benefits and discounts they provide when they’re used for grocery shopping. Let us look at some salient features of groceries credit cards.

    • These cards offer special discounts at popular grocery stores across Singapore. Discounts can be in the range of 5%-15%, or even more, in the case of some cards.
    • For purchases above a certain limit, these cards offer you free delivery charges.
    • Groceries can also be purchased online using these cards – you’re rewarded for online purchases as well.
    • Most of these cards are tied with a minimum amount that has to be spent in order to earn big cashback and attractive discounts.
    • The annual fee on these cards isn’t excessively high. In cases of select cards, the annual fee is waived for one or two years – this can vary from one card to another.

    Benefits of Groceries Credit Cards

    • These credit cards let you earn and save big on grocery shopping through cashbacks, rebates, savings, discounts and rewards.
    • These cards allow for cash withdrawals at ATMs. Cash withdrawals are subject to interest charges and cash advance handling charges.
    • Supplementary cards also come with the same benefits and privileges as primary cards.
    • These cards come with a spate of other benefits including dining discounts, savings on fuel at select fuel stations across Singapore, reward points at retail outlets, and more.
    • Discounts are higher at certain grocery outlets and online marketplaces for grocery shopping. This is contingent on the card in question and the bank offering the card.

    Reward programmes

    While some of these credit cards let you earn cashback, some others let you earn reward points on purchases. These reward points can be converted into attractive offers, discount vouchers and air miles (in the case of select cards). In the case of some groceries credit cards, reward points earned can be used to offset your next outing to the grocery store.

    Eligibility criteria

    Most credit cards have more or less the same eligibility criteria in terms of the minimum age and income requirements. The minimum age to apply for the card is 18 years and minimum income for Singaporeans and permanent residents can range between S$30,000 to S$40,000. For foreigners, the income requirement to be eligible can be slightly higher, ranging from S$40,000 to S$80,000, depending on the card and the bank offering the card.

    Documents checklist

    The documents that need to be submitted to the bank vary for salaried individuals, self-employed individuals, individuals with varied income, and foreigners. Again, the requirements can vary from one card to another, depending on the bank that’s offering the card.

    • Salaried individuals: Copy of NRIC, latest computerised payslips, latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment.
    • Self-employed individuals: Copy of NRIC, banks statement for the last 3 months, latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment, proof of CPF contribution history for the last year.
    • Individuals with varied income: Copy of NRIC, bank statements for the last 3 months, proof of income, CPF contribution history, latest income tax notice of assessment.
    • Foreigners: Copy of passport, employment letter obtained from the employer, employment pass with a minimum validity of 6 months (this can vary from one bank to another), latest computerised payslips.

    How to apply for groceries credit cards?

    You can apply for these groceries credit cards by visiting the official website of the bank offering the credit card you wish to apply for and fill out the online application form. After filling out the form, you are required to upload the relevant documents - documents to be submitted depend on whether you are a salaried individual, self-employed individual or a foreigner. Once that’s done, a representative from the bank will get in touch with you and obtain additional details required to complete your application process. The bank will the process and review your application and approve it if all eligibility conditions are satisfied. Approval of your credit card application is at the sole discretion of the bank.

    Groceries credit cards available in Singapore

    • ANZ Credit Cards
    • UOB Credit Cards
      • The UOB Delight Credit Card: Enjoy a cashback of 8% at Giant Supermarkets and Cold Storage Supermarkets.
      • The UOB One Card: Enjoy cashbacks of up to 5% on grocery shopping with the UOB One Card.
    • Citibank Credit Cards
      • The Citi Cashback Card: Earn cashbacks of up to 8% at supermarkets across Singapore when you use your Citi Cashback Credit Card.
      • The Citibank SMRT Card: Enjoy cashbacks of up to 7% at Giant supermarkets and Shen Shiong supermarkets and a 5% cashback at FairPrice supermarkets with the Citibank SMRT Credit Card.
    • OCBC Credit Cards
      • The OCBC NTUC Plus! Credit Card: Earn cashbacks of up to 10% at FairPrice supermarkets when you use the OCBC NTUC Plus! Credit Card to make purchases.
      • OCBC Plus! Credit Card: Enjoy cashbacks of up to 7% at FairPrice supermarkets across Singapore with the OCBC Plus! Credit Card.
    • Maybank Credit Cards
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