OCBC FRANK Credit Card


    OCBC launched the OCBC FRANK Card six years ago targeting the young new generation crowd with a limited budget. It is one of the best entertainment credit cards offered by OCBC and comes with distinctive card designs catering to everyone’s aesthetics. So your card can have a pug, a colourful pattern, a cityscape, a slogan, a train engine, or a bag of fries – whichever image takes your fancy from the 120+ designs available.

    OCBC Frank Card Review

    With the OCBC FRANK Card, you will get cash rebates when you dine out, shop online or go out to watch movies. You can make payments via OCBC OneTouch, Visa payWave, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Android Pay. OCBC FRANK is suitable for youngsters as well as people looking to save on entertainment spends.


    • Low annual fee: The annual fees of this card is very low at just S$80, which is waived for the first two years. Id you spend at least S$10,000 in a year, the subsequent year’s annual fee will be waived.
    • Contactless payment: For all purchases lower than S$100, you can make use of Visa payWave contactless payment system.
    • Visa Checkout: With this feature, your credit card details will be stored securely for your online shopping expenditures. This will enable faster checkouts.

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    There are numerous benefits of getting an OCBC Frank Credit Card. Let us take a detailed look at them:

    • Personalisation: You can personalise your FRANK Credit Card by picking a design that will reflect your persona. You can pick from over 120 diverse card designs.
    • NETS FlashPay: You can skip the transport queue with NETS FlashPay Auto Top-ups. This will even give you rebates.
    • Mobile Payments: You can link the card to mobile apps and make payments using Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Android Pay. These transactions also qualify for cash rebates.
    • OCBC OneTouch: With OCBC OneTouch app, you can keep tab of all your transactions by using just your fingerprint.
    • Money In$ights: With Money In$ights you can track all your transactions, set budgets, spend on diverse categories, request for SMS alerts and more.


    • OCBC PayLite: Until 31 March 2018, if you convert your transactions to PayLite using online form or online banking, you qualify for the following gifts:
      • Cashback of S$10 for a 1-year tenure
      • Cashback of S$15 for an 18-month tenure
      • Cashback of S$20 for a 2-year tenure
      • Double the above cashback if your transaction value is S$1,500 or more
    • Pizza Hut: You will get a S$10 voucher when you spend any amount at Pizza Hut using your OCBC FRANK Card. This offer is applicable only until 31 March 2018. The voucher will be valid for a period of three months from the date of issue.
    • Shopee: Up to 1 July 2018, you will get a discount of S$7 if you spend at least S$15 and use the promocode ‘OCBCNEW7’. You should be a new Shopee customer to enjoy this privilege. If you are an old Shopee customer, then you can save S$3 on purchases of S$30. Use the promocode ‘OCBC3OFF’ when checking out.
    • The Boathouse, Phuket: Use your OCBC credit card when booking your room or restaurant here, and enjoy the following discounts:
      • 40% on room tariff if booked between 16 April and 27 October 2018
      • 20% on room tariff if booked by 15 April 2018
      • 25% on food bill at the restaurant

      The stay has be completed by 31 October 2018, and you should stay for a minimum of two nights to enjoy these privileges. You won’t get any discount on the taxes and booking fee.

    • Expedia: You will get a discount of 10% on hotel bookings with your OCBC FRANK Credit Card using the voucher code: OCBC10HOL. This promotion is valid until 31 January 2019.

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    Rewards Programme

    FRANK is the cool kid on the block with whom you can checkout, hang out and cash in. The card rewards purchases in the following ways:

    • You will be awarded a cash rebate of 6% for online retail transactions. This includes all goods or services purchased via the internet, be it fashion or electronic purchases, movie or flight tickets, or Uber/Grab rides or hotel reservations. Purchases made via mail or phone are not included.
      • Exclusions: Payments made towards bank fees, instalment payment plans, payments to the government, cleaning services, real estate transactions, insurance premium payments, professional services such as Google or Facebook ads, subscriptions to services such as NatGeo magazine or Google Adwords, prepaid accounts such as FEVO, bills for hospital, schools and utility services, and charity are not counted towards the rebate.
    • You will get a 5% rebate from Friday to Sunday and 3% rebate during weekdays at participating cafes, cinemas, bars, clubs and KTVs.
    • In addition, you will get a 3% rebate on your ?rst two NETS FlashPay Auto Top-ups. The minimum transaction amount is S$50.
    • The higher rebates are given out only after you spend on goods and services worth at least S$400 offline using your FRANK Credit Card. You can earn a maximum of S$60 in rebates each month.
    • On everything else, you will get a cash rebate of 0.3%. This is the base rebate given out for all transactions, including online purchases, entertainment spends and NETS FlashPay top-ups, if you do not meet the criteria of S$400 in offline transactions.

    For more details check out https://www.frankbyocbc.com//pdf/terms-and-condition-for-FRANK-cash-rebates-rewards-programme.pdf.

    Instalment Payment Plans

    All OCBC credit cards provide interest-free instalment plans using which you can shop at about 1,000 participating merchants throughout Singapore. These stores exist in different categories like health & wellness, insurance, travel, education, automotive and more. You need to apply for a 0% Instalment Payment Plan at the time of purchase or within a few days, as specified by the bank. If you want to pay off the instalments before the specified tenure, you will be required to pay a termination fee of S$150.

    Another instalment plan offered by OCBC is the PayLite. There is no selected list of merchants for this plan; instead, you need to have a minimum bill amount of S$500 to convert your payments to PayLite. A processing fee of 3% is applicable on these conversions, and the effective interest rate changes depending on the tenure of the plan (the shorter the tenure, the higher the cost to you).

    Fees and Charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$80 (Free for the ?rst 2 years)
    Supplementary card fee S$40 (Free for the ?rst 2 years)
    Interest rate 25.92% per year
    Late payment charges S$100
    Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of the sum withdrawn – whichever is greater
    Interest on cash advance 28.92% p.a. Minimum charge of S$2.50
    Administrative fee 1.8% of the transaction amount

    How to Activate/Use OCBC FRANK Credit Card Overseas

    You can activate your credit card through the following channels:

    • Visit the OCBC bank website and activate it.
    • Make use of the phone banking or online banking facility of OCBC.
    • Call 1800 363 3333 and speak to customer service executive.
    • Visit the nearest OCBC bank branch.

    Foreign Currency Transactions

    When you buy an item outside Singapore using your Singapore-issued card, the amount is first converted into US dollars and then to Singapore dollars. Most banks and card networks levy a service charge for making these conversions.

    If you use your OCBC credit card to make transactions using foreign currency, an administrative fee of 2.8% will be charged. This fee includes two components, 1% charged by MasterCard and 1.8% by OCBC. A Dynamic Currency Conversion fee of 1% of the transaction amount will be charged if you use your OCBC card to make payments in Singapore dollars overseas.

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    Cash Withdrawals/Cash Advances

    All OCBC credit cards can be used to withdraw money during emergencies. You can either use the Cash-on-instalment feature or the Cash Advance facility to withdraw money. Cash-on-instalment is like a personal loan that you take from your card. The repayment tenure is 1 year to 5 years and the effective interest rates start from 11.47% a year. There is also a processing fee of 2% of the amount. You can also transfer money from your credit card to a different account. To be able to use this service, you will either have to submit a form online via OCBC website or send an SMS to 72222.

    If you require cash immediately, you can apply for cash advance with OCBC credit cards. If your OCBC FRANK Card is approved after 22 August 2012, you are eligible to get a maximum of 70% of your credit limit via cash advance. If your credit card was approved before 22 August 2012, you can withdraw as much of the credit limit is remaining on the card.

    You will be charged an interest of 28.92% with a 6% cash advance fee (minimum S$15). You can use Visa/MasterCard ATMs overseas and OCBC ATMs in Singapore to get the cash. Alternatively, you could visit any OCBC branch locally or an overseas bank with Visa/MasterCard affiliation to withdraw the money. If you want to opt for Dial-a-Cash, call 1800 363 3333 (from Singapore) or +65 6363 3333 (from outside the country) to get the money.

    How to Apply For OCBC FRANK Credit Card?

    If you want an OCBC FRANK Card, you can apply directly on the website of the bank. You can also personally visit the nearest branch of OCBC with all the valid documents and submit the application form.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Minimum age: 21 years
    • Minimum income:
      • Singaporeans & permanent residents: S$30,000 or above.
      • Foreigners: S$45,000 or more.

    Documents Required

    • Salaried individuals
      • A copy of your NRIC.
      • Income documents – last three months’ payslips, most recent income tax NOA, CPF contribution history statement of the past 12 months.
    • Self employed/variable income earners
      • Copy of your NRIC and last two years’ NOA.
    • Foreigners
      • Employment Pass which must have a validity of at least six months
      • A copy of the passport with a validity of at least six months
      • Income documents – last three months’ payslips, most recent income tax NOA

    Interest rates

    Credit card interest rates are compounded daily. The effective annual rate of interest on transactions on the FRANK card is 25.92%. This is applicable after an interest-free period of 23 days. The interest is applicable only on the amount you carry over to the next statement. The minimum interest levied is S$2.50 per month.

    Bill Payments

    You will have to pay either S$50 or at least 3% of your outstanding credit card balance, whichever is higher every month. If you have any payments that are pending from the previous months, you will have to pay them in the prevailing billing period.

    There are numerous methods to pay your credit card bills, including cash deposits at OCBC branches, AXS terminals, and cheque deposits. However, to avoid getting charged any late fees, you must use faster methods of paying that are:

    • OCBC self-help machines: You can use ATM machines or Cash Deposit Machines, if you have an OCBC savings bank account, to pay your credit card bills.
    • Funds Transfer via FAST: To pay via Fast and Secure Transfer, you must take the following steps:
      • Log in to the online banking platform.
      • Choose the Transfer Funds option.
      • In your payee list, add your OCBC credit card.
      • Select the FAST option and make the payment.
    • OCBC online banking: To pay using OCBC online banking, you must take the following steps:
      • Log in to your OCBC internet banking account.
      • Choose “Payment and Transfer”.
      • Choose “Pay Bills”.
      • Complete the transaction by following the instructions.

    This service is also available on the OCBC mobile banking application.

    To pay your bills using your OCBC current/savings account, you can apply for GIRO and submit the InterBank GIRO application form. It might take up to six weeks for your application process to complete. With this automatic payment option, the due amount will be debited from your account automatically every month. Ensure that you have enough money in your account, a day before the due date.

    What Should You Do If Your OCBC FRANK Card is lost/stolen?

    Call the hotline number 1800 363 3333 (24 hours) for assistance to block your card in case your OCBC FRANK Card is lost or stolen. If you lose your OCBC credit card or if it gets stolen, you are liable to pay not more than S$100 incurred on fraudulent payments on the card. You shall not be held liable if the security of your credit card is breached and it is used to make an illegal transaction after you have notified the bank of your card getting lost/stolen. If the card is stolen, make sure to fire a police report and submit it to the bank as proof of your innocence. The bank will deduct the relevant amount for all transactions that were done before you gave the notification to the bank, even if the transactions were done without your knowledge.

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    News About OCBC Frank Credit Card

    • OCBC Frank Credit Card Promotion

      Runtime: Till 31 Jan, 2016

      Particulars: Apply for an OCBC Frank credit card by 31 Jan, 2016 and get cash reward of up to SGD 88 when you spend a minimum amount of SGD 400 in the initial 30 days of receiving the card. You will also be eligible for the perks and privileges offered with this card.

      Terms and conditions

      This OCBC credit card promotion is limited to only the initial 500 card holders who are not more than 30 years old. Please contact the bank to know about all the applicable terms and conditions.

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