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    Dining Credit Card

    Those who like to dine with family, friends, and colleagues at fine dining restaurants and popular cafes can certainly benefit from a dining credit card. With a dining credit card, you can satisfy your discerning taste buds with delicious food prepared by some of the best chefs on the island as well as earn discounts and reward points on each spend. A few cards combine online dining benefits. For instance, your card might have an offer which allows you to get food delivered to your place, either for free or at a discounted price. You can also enjoy discount on online food orders with certain credit cards. We have compiled a list of the most popular dining credit cards offered across several banks in Singapore.

    Card Name Annual Fee (p.a.) Earning Rate Min. Spend Requirement
    American Express Platinum Credit Card S$321 Save up to 50% with discounts on select hotels and restaurants NA
    UOB YOLO Card S$192.60 Up to 12% cash rebate on dining S$600 per statement month
    Citi Cash Back Card S$192.60 8% cash back on dining S$888 per statement month
    OCBC 365 Card S$192.60 6% on weekend dining, 3% on weekday and overseas dining S$600 per statement month
    HSBC Revolution Card S$160.50 5x Rewards on local dining NA
    HSBC Visa Infinite Card Retail customers: S$650 Premier Banking customers: S$488 Up to 50% off total bill at participating restaurants NA
    American Express Platinum Reserve Card S$535 Save up to 50% on food bills for unlimited visits at select 5 star hotels in Singapore NA
    UOB Visa Infinite Card S$1,926
    • 2 miles per S$1 spent on overseas dining
    • Up to 50% off at select restaurants
    Citi SMRT Card S$192.60 5% savings on fast food S$300
    HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card Free for life Up to 2% cash rebate on F&B outlets
    • S$400 to earn 1% cash rebate
    • S$800 to earn 2% cash rebate
    HSBC Visa Platinum Card S$192.60 Up to 2% cash rebate on F&B outlets
    • S$400 to earn 1% cash rebate
    • S$800 to earn 2% cash rebate
    BOC Family Card S$190 Up to 10% cash rebate on dining S$700
    BOC Zaobao Card S$190 Up to 10% cash rebate on dining S$600
    Maybank World Mastercard S$240 10x TREATS Points (= 4 miles) per S$1 spent on dining NA
    Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card S$180 8x TREATS Points for every dollar spent S$300
    OCBC Voyage Card S$488 1.6 Voyage Miles per S$1 spent on local dining NA
    Dining Credit Card

    Best Dining Rebate Credit Cards for Restaurants and Hotels

    There are several banks in Singapore that offer credit cards that come with dining benefits. These banks include American Express, HSBC, Citibank, UOB, OCBC, BOC, and Maybank to name a few. The benefits and offers differ from card to card, and bank to bank. Some cards might provide you with discount on dining at selected restaurants or outlets, while others might offer you with 1-for-1 privileges on food or drinks depending on the partnering restaurant. Some of these cards also reward you in the form of cashback or cash rebate when you spend on food or drinks. Besides, there are credit cards that provide you with rewards points on your dining expenses, which could be later redeemed towards offsetting other spends. Banks in Singapore offer credit cards that are particularly tailored to offer you with dining benefits. Here is a list of 16 popular credit cards in Singapore that offer dining benefits.

    Dining Credit Card

    Citibank SMRT Card - 5% SMRT$ Rebate on Coffee or Fast Food

    The Citibank SMRT Card is another card that helps you save on dining as well as coffee spends at selected restaurants and outlets. This card provides you with up to 5% SMRT$ rebate when you spend on coffee or fast food. You can save 4.7% in the form of SMRT$ rebate if you have spent less than S$300 in a particular statement month. However, if your minimum monthly spend stands at S$300 or more, you get to earn the additional 0.3% SMART$ rebate, thus providing you with the maximum 5% SMART$ rebate.The participating outlets for dining include PastaMania, Subway, KFC, Burger King, Toast Box, Pizza Hut, BreadTalk, McDonald’s, and Sakae Sushi. The SMRT$ rebate will also be applicable across coffee outlets which include the Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Coffee Club, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks Coffee, The Connoisseur Concerto (tcc), and Dome Café.

    HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card - 2% Cash Rebate Across all f&b Outlets

    The HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card provides you up to a 2% cash rebate across all food and beverage outlets in Singapore. The cash rebate will not be provided for hotel dining. You must, however, meet the minimum spend criteria per quarter to qualify for the cash rebate. Spend a minimum sum of S$400 for 3 months of a quarter to qualify for a 1% cash rebate on your dining expenses. Or spend S$800 each month in the quarter to get 2% cash rebate on your dining spends.

    UOB YOLO Card - Earn 12% Rebate on Dining Transactions

    The UOB YOLO Card provides you up to 12% rebate on dining. New UOB cardmembers who spend at least S$600 per month will earn 12% rebate on dining transactions for the first 3 months. Existing customers as well as new customers (post 3 months) will earn 8% rebate on local and overseas, weekend dining and 3% rebate on weekday dining on meeting the minimum monthly spend of S$600. In case you fail to meet the minimum spend criteria, you will earn a 0.3% rebate on all spends. The total rebate earned per month is capped at S$60. With this card, you can also make use of the UOB YOLO EAT! programme which lets you enjoy some of the best and exclusive offers on dining across a range of restaurants in Singapore. You also have the option of selecting restaurants by setting the preferred location in Singapore.

    BOC Family Card - Cash Rebate Capped at S$100

    The BOC Family Card using earns you a 10% cash rebate on your everyday dining spends. The cash rebate is applicable on all days of the week and for both local and overseas dining spends. However, the cash rebate amount is capped at S$100 each statement month across all spend categories.

    BOC Zaobao Card - Earn 10% Cash Rebate

    Another BOC credit card, the BOC Zaobao Card also rewards you when it comes to dining. With this card, you can earn 10% cash rebate on dining spends. However, to qualify for the cash rebate, you have to qualify in terms of a minimum spend requirement. The minimum spend amount stands at S$600 per statement month. Besides, the cash rebate amount earned is capped at S$80 per statement month and includes all spend categories.

    Best Dining Rewards Credit Cards

    With dining rewards cards, you will earn rewards points with every qualifying transaction made on dining. Dining transactions can include dining at restaurants, bars, and cafes. Some cards also offer rewards on online food orders. Depending on the card, there may be a minimum spend requirement in order to earn the maximum rewards offered on dining, however, not all rewards cards have this requirement. The rewards points earned can then be used to offset future transactions, exchanged for vouchers, get cash credit or even converted to air miles under the bank’s frequent flyer programme. Most banks that offer rewards cards have an online rewards catalogue via which you can redeem your rewards points on categories including dining, shopping, travel, health & wellness, and more.

    Dining Credit Card

    American Express Platinum Credit Card - Up To 50% Savings on Dining Expenses

    This card offers an array of dining privileges. The American Express Platinum Credit Card offers most of these dining privileges as part of its Platinum Dining Programme. Under the Platinum Dining scheme, you can earn up to 50% savings on your dining expenses at over 60 restaurants across Singapore. Love Dining @ Hotels is one such privilege which allows you to save up to 50% on food bills. This benefit is applicable for unlimited visits across selected 5-star hotels in Singapore. With this card, you get The Far Card Classic Membership for free. The membership is originally priced at S$425 nett and allows you to enjoy up to 50% savings on food expenses at Fairmont Singapore, Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore, and Swissôtel Merchant Court. There is also the Love Dining @ Restaurants privilege under which you can enjoy up to 50% savings at selected renowned restaurants around Singapore.

    American Express Platinum Reserve Card - Enjoy 1-for-1 or Free Drinks

    Another dining card, the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card also provides most of the dining privileges provided on the American Express Platinum Credit Card. These include the Love Dining @ Hotels and the Love Dining @ Restaurants programs where you can enjoy 50% savings on food bills at selected hotels and restaurants, respectively. This card also provides cardholders with several privileges and invitations to dinners from Michelin starred guest chef dinners. Besides, you can also make use of privileges such as American Express Selects as well as The American Express Global Dining Program that are applicable on restaurants worldwide. Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, this card also offers the “Chillax by American Express Platinum” privileges that gives you access to several 1-for-1 offers or complimentary drinks across selected nightspots in the city. You can enjoy 1-for-1 or free drinks at Horse’s Mouth Bar, 1-Altitude, The Mad Men Attic Bar, and a couple of other nightspots across the city.

    HSBC’s Revolution Card - 5x Rewards Points on Every S$1 Spent

    The HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card offers you Rewards points on your dining expenses. This card provides you with 5x Rewards points on every S$1 spent on dining expenses at restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes across Singapore. There is no minimum spend requirement that needs to be met to qualify for the 5x rewards benefit. S$1 spent is equivalent to 5 points or can be converted to 2 air miles. Your Rewards points will be valid for 3 years. However, the 5x rewards will not be applicable on dining transactions made within hotels.

    HSBC Visa Infinite Card - 15% Discount on 50 Popular European Restaurants

    If you want to enjoy a delicious array of cuisine ranging from Cantonese to European, the HSBC Visa Infinite card is an option to consider. You can also enjoy an exclusive discount on European dining. You can charge your credit card to enjoy the exclusive discount on dining expenses at participating restaurants in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. The restaurants include the Marriott Cafe, Pool Grill, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, and Crossroads Cafe. You can enjoy a 25% discount if you dine alone, a 50% discount if you dine with a guest, a 33% discount if you dine with 2 guests, a 25% discount if you dine with 3 guests, and a 20% discount if you dine with 4-9 guests. You also get a 15% discount on your dining bills across 50 popular European restaurants. The discount on European dining experience is applicable at Forlino, One Fullerton; Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar; Il Cielo, Hilton Singapore; Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental Singapore; and Basilico, Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel.

    Dining Credit Card

    OCBC Voyage Card - 1.6 Voyage Miles per S$1 Spent on Local Dining

    Another OCBC credit card, the OCBC Voyage Card is essentially a miles card offering 1.6 Voyage Miles per S$1 spent on local dining. Voyage Miles earned on this card do not expire. The card also comes with Voyage Exchange, a personal concierge service that you can make use of 24/7 to make reservations at restaurants for any occasion. Also enjoy exclusive deals on dining with Visa Infinite Exclusive benefits.

    UOB Visa Infinite Card - 2 miles per S$1 Spent on Overseas Dining

    The UOB Visa Infinite Card is an invitation-only card offering 2 miles per S$1 spent on overseas dining. Additionally, enjoy special dining privileges at some of the finest restaurants in Singapore. These privileges could be in the form of a complimentary glass of wine or a private tour of the kitchen. Besides, you can also access priority booking to an exclusive range of restaurants including Jade Dragon, Macau; Ilhochic, Seoul; Wallsé, New York; Pierre Gagnaire, Tokyo; L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon, Shanghai; Aureole, Las Vegas; Rowley's, London; 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Shanghai; Unkai, Tokyo; and Le 39V, Paris. With this card, you can also enjoy dining privileges at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. Get up to 50% discount on food bills for weekday lunches at Oasis, StraitsKitchen, mezza9, and Pete’s Place.

    Maybank World Mastercard 10x TREATS Points on Selected Resturants

    With this card, you can earn 10x TREATS Points (equivalent to 4 air miles) for every S$1 spent when you dine at one of the exclusively selected restaurants. These include Crystal Jade, Paradise Group, Les Amis’ Group of Restaurants, and Imperial Treasure. The TREATS Points earned can be redeemed for cash credits or vouchers. They can also be redeemed for air miles. These Points will remain valid until 31 December 2018. You can also enjoy the world-class global concierge service provided by Maybank which is accessible 24/7. Using this service, you can even engage with private chefs.

    Best Dining Cash Back Credit Cards

    Dining cashback cards work in a manner similar to how any other cashback card would, you can earn a certain percentage of the amount you spend on food bills back into your account. For instance, let’s assume that your card gives you a 5% cashback when you dine out at a particular restaurant. So, if you spend an amount of S$300 at this restaurant, you will get a cashback of S$15. The eligible transactions could also include drinks depending on the bank, or the card, or the type of deal. You can often earn cashback when you order food online. Another thing to note here is that the cashback earning rate could vary from deal to deal, restaurant to restaurant, and card to card. Usually, cashback is credited to your account on a monthly basis. Usually, cashback credit cards that offer specific cashback rates on select categories such as dining, will have a minimum spend criteria. In order to earn additional cashback, you will have to meet this spend requirement, failing which you will only earn a flat cashback rate (usually 0.25% to 0.3%)

    Dining Credit Card

    OCBC 365 Card - Earn 6% Cashback When you Dine Locally

    With this card, you can earn a 6% cashback when you dine locally during weekends. You can also earn a 3% cashback on your weekday dining spends or when you dine outside Singapore. The cashback is applicable at restaurants, caterers, fast food outlets, and cafes who identify themselves as a “dining” merchant. However, the cashback benefit will not be applicable in case of local dinings who have their businesses running within a hotel, country club, or a bar. To qualify for this cashback benefit you have to spend a minimum of S$600 each month. In case you fail to meet the minimum send criteria, you will be earning a flat 0.3% cashback on all your spends, including dining. The total cashback amount for this card is capped at S$80 for each calendar month across all eligible categories.

    Citi Cash Back Card - 8% Cashback on Foodpanda and Deliveroo Orders

    This card provides you with an 8% cash back on your expenses across restaurants, cafes, and bars throughout the world. The 8% cash back will also be applicable on Foodpanda as well as Deliveroo orders. You must, however, spend a minimum amount of S$888 each statement month to be eligible for the cash back benefit. The cash back will be capped at S$25 each month for spends made across the dining category. You can also make use of the Citibank Gourmet Pleasures if you own this card. This provides you with access to some of the best dining deals across the city-state. These promotions can be either in the form of return vouchers, discount on food bills, or 1-for-1 offers, available at selected restaurants in Singapore.

    Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card - Earn Air mile on Dining Spend

    With the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card, you will earn 8x TREATS Points (equivalent to 3.2 air miles) on every S$1 spent on dining, both locally and overseas. The air miles earned on dining spends is applicable for all meals and at any restaurant. However, to earn rewards at this accelerated rate, a minimum monthly spend of S$300 is required. You can redeem your earned TREATS Points for dining vouchers in addition to other redemption offers including miles, cash credits and more.

    Disclaimer: The cards listed here are have been chosen without any bias on the basis of brand, bank, card. The word “best” has no separate implication in terms of value, whatsoever.

    Benefits of Dining Cards

    Here are some benefits of using dining cards:

    • Your dining transactions can earn you accelerated rewards for future redemptions.
    • Some cards offer additional perks on food orders such as free deliveries and extra discounts.
    • Cards offering dining programmes can earn you discounted meals at fine-dining establishments and special invites to Michelin starred chef dinners.

    5 Tips for Picking the Best Credit Card for Restaurants

    Here are few tips that will help you choose the dining credit card that will best suit your requirements:

    • Choose depending on your preferred dining locations: Often, dining credit cards provide you with benefits on dining spend at selected restaurants, bars, or cafes. There could be restaurants or bars that you frequent more often. If you find a credit card that rewards you on your food spends at such places, it could be your ideal dining credit card.
    • Choose depending on the type of reward you want: Different dining cards provide rewards in the form of cashback/rebate, rewards points and miles. Choose a card depending on what type of reward you prefer. If you find it useful to earn rewards points so that you can redeem it later for vouchers, opt for a rewards credit card. On the other hand, if you prefer cash credited into your account, go for a cashback credit card.
    • Don’t look just at points or cashback on dining: Apart from extra rewards points or cashback online or at restaurants, look for cards that have a lot of dining promotions. This will help you maximise the benefits of a credit card.
    • Get a card that offers other rewards as well: Dining cards usually carry an array of other privileges and benefits which are not just limited to spends on food and beverages. So, you must ideally opt for a card that provides you with added benefits that you will find useful – for example, cashback on fuel spends or rewards on overseas travel. Taking a separate card only for dining transactions is not going to be very beneficial.
    • Compare the annual fee to the benefits offered: If the annual fee outweighs the rewards offered on the card, then it will not be beneficial for you. Choose a card that offers an annual fee waiver for the first few years or one that charges a low annual fee. Also, if the card you want charges a high annual fee, then look at the additional privileges offered along with rewards programme.
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