Grab a credit card that gives you better rewards & more!

    DBS NUS Alumni MasterCard for Rewards

    Made specifically for the alumni of NUS, this credit card gives you 1 DBS Rewards Point per 5 dollars you spend on it. You can accumulate these points and redeem them for gifts from the DBS Rewards Catalogue. What’s more, every transaction you make on the DBS NUS Alumni Card contributes toward support for the students of NUS in awards and bursaries. As an alumnus of the institution, you also get to enjoy a variety of privileges related to shopping, dining, and wellness on the campus.

    Key Features & Benefits

    Feature Descriptions
    Rewards points on dining 1 DBS point for every S$5
    Rewards points on online/retail shopping 1 DBS point for every S$5
    Rewards points on grocery 1 DBS point for every S$5
    Rewards points on all other retail spends 1 DBS point for every S$5
    Complimentary travel insurance N.A.

    Additional Benefits?

    • Enjoy privileges on campus such as a 20% discount on the rental amount at Shaw Foundation Alumni House as part of AlumNUS exclusives.
    • Get a 10% discount on entry tickets to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.
    • Get 5% off all NUS-branded items.
    • Get complimentary entry to al NUS Libraries.
    • Enjoy healthcare benefits at Raffles Medical at discounted rates.
    • Enjoy special promotional offers across categories on your DBS NUS Alumni Mastercard. Check the dedicated page on our website for the latest promotions.

    Earn Rewards Points

    • The DBS points earned will be rounded off to the nearest whole number and credited to your account.
    • The points will be credited the day after the retail purchase is charged to your card.
    • All points earned on supplementary card(s) will be credited to the main card account.
    • View the points awarded on your card statement.
    • The points earned in the first year will expire within 12 months from the date of card approval. Thereafter, points will expire within a year of them being earned.
    • Points earned can be converted to KrisFlyer miles, Asia Miles, and BIG Points by joining DBS’ Frequent Flyer Programme.

    Calculate Miles from DBS NUS Alumni MasterCard

    Let’s say that you spent S$2,500 on your DBS NUS Mastercard this month. S$450 was spent on eating out, S$700 was spent on groceries, S$650 on online purchases, and the remaining S$700 on all other retail transactions. The points earned per category are:

    Spend category Monthly spend Points Earned Equivalent Miles
    Dining S$450 90
    Grocery S$700 140
    Online Shopping S$650 130
    Other retail spends S$700 140
    Total S$2,500 Points earned: 500 Miles earned: BIG Points: 1,500 Miles (A minimum of 500 DBS points is required to convert to BIG Points that can then be converted to AirAsia miles). KrisFlyer Miles and Asia Miles: 1,000 Miles (You need a minimum of 5,000 DBS points to redeem them for miles in blocks of 10,000 for KrisFlyer Miles and Asia Miles.)

    Redeem Earned Reward Points

    Redeem your reward points by:

    • Logging onto the bank’s online banking portal to choose vouchers for the following:
      • Dining.
      • Shopping.
      • Movie discounts, and more.
    • By calling the DBS helpline. Redeeming points through telephone will require 15% more points than the normal.
    • By choosing the “Pay with DBS Points” option for online purchases.
    • By converting points to miles from Singapore Airlines and AirAsia or to BIG Points as part of AirAsia’s Freedom Flyer Programme.

    If you redeem points for a voucher:

    • A hard copy of the voucher will be mailed to your registered address.
    • Present it along with your DBS card and NRIC number to the participating merchant.

    DBS NUS Alumni MasterCard Interest Rate

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail Purchases 25.90% p.a.
    Cash Advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment Payment Plan 0% p.a.

    DBS NUS Alumni MasterCard fees & Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual Fee S$128.40 (waived for 2 years)
    Overseas Transaction Fee
    • DBS administrative fee: 1.8% of the transaction amount
    • MasterCard conversion factor: 1% of the converted amount
    Late Payment Fee
    • Outstanding balance up to S$50: No charge
    • Outstanding balance S$50.01 and higher: S$100
    Over Limit Fee S$40
    Cash Advance Fee 6% per transaction or S$15, whichever is higher
    Supplementary Card Fee S$77.04 (annual fee waived for 2 years)

    Activating the Card For Overseas Use

    • The magnetic stripe of your card has to be activated for carrying out retail transactions at non-EMV POS terminals abroad.
    • Activate your card through any of the following methods:
      • SMS
      • DBS/POSB iBanking
      • DBS/POSB Digibank app
      • Any DBS/POSB ATM
    • Deactivate the magnetic stripe on your card as soon as you return to Singapore. This is in line with credit card security best practices.

    Instalment Payment Plans

    • Convert big-ticket purchases, charged to your card, into small, affordable instalments with the My Preferred Payment Plan.
    • Split the payment into equal monthly instalments for up to 12 months.
    • 0% interest will apply only if you make instalment payments in full within 12 months.
    • A one-time processing fee will apply.
    • The effective interest rate (EIR) for 18 months or 24 months will be 7.86% p.a. and 5.98% p.a. Respectively. A one-time processing fee of 6% will apply on both these tenures.
    • Spend at least S$100 if you want to opt for this plan.
    • Up to 10 separate transactions can be combined under a single My Preferred Payment Plan.
    • No DBS points will be awarded for transactions related to this payment plan.

    Cash Withdrawn on Credit card

    • Withdraw cash with your card to meet urgent cash shortfalls. The withdrawal would, however, be subject to the credit limit available on your card.
    • There is no daily minimum withdrawal limit.
    • The daily maximum withdrawal limit stands at S$3,000 for cash withdrawals made from DBS/POSB ATMs.

    Card is Lost/Stolen

    • Notify DBS immediately by calling the customer service hotline.
    • File a report with the police and submit a copy of the same to the bank, if asked for.
    • Provide a letter detailing the incident and other documents asked for by the bank.
    • Your liability for any unauthorised transaction made with your card will be limited to S$100, provided:
      • You were not involved in the fraud as per the bank’s assessment.
      • You were not grossly negligent while handling your card as per the bank’s assessment.
      • You have complied with all the other requirements of the bank.

    Many banks do not provide all the credit card details on a single page and often customers have to wade through different pages. However, on our site, you’ll find all you want to know on one page.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Through iBanking/Recurring Payment Form With the Bank/Recurring Bill Payment Arrangement with Merchants

    • You can enable auto debit option using your DBS iBanking account.
    • If you’re not using internet banking, you can download and submit the completed ‘Recurring Payment Form’ to DBS.
    • You can also opt for this facility directly with participating merchants who offer this facility.

    disable auto debits to a specific merchant, you need to get in touch with the concerned merchant directly.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status

    Through iBanking/Card & PIN/Online and Follow Up With the Bank

    You can apply for the DBS NUS Alumni Card in the following ways:

    • If you’re an existing customer, you can apply using your iBanking login credentials.
    • Apply using your existing credit card and its PIN.
    • Apply through the bank’s official website.

    you can either use your iBanking account or DBS phone banking service to check the status of your credit card application.

    How to Check Balance

    Through Digibank/Phone Banking/iBanking/SMS

    Check your card’s balance in the following ways:

    • digibank
    • Phone banking
    • iBanking
    • SMS banking

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Through digibank/iBanking/ATMs/Cheque/SMS Banking/GIRO/VTM/AXS

    • digibank
    • iBanking
    • Cheque
    • SMS Banking
    • Interbank Giro
    • Video Teller Machine (VTM)
    • AXS Station/AXS m-Station/AXS e-Station/AXS QuickBill

    Through VTM/ATM/Digibank/Cheque/SMS/GIRO/AXS/iBanking

    Pay your credit card bill in the following ways:

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of the Outstanding Balance or Min S$50

    our minimum payment will either be 3% of your outstanding balance or S$50, whichever amount is higher. You will also be liable to pay any outstanding balance from your past billing cycles and any amount that is exceeding your predefined credit limit.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    20 Days

    the interest-free period on the DBS NUS Alumni Card is 20 days from the date your monthly statement was generated.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Card Be Used With?

    >Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay

    link your DBS NUS Alumni Card to following mobile wallets:

    • Samsung Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    your DBS NUS Alumni Card can be utilised for EZ-Link transactions. However, you will not be eligible to earn any rewards for these transactions.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Online/Call Customer Service Hotline

    you can choose to block or unblock your DBS credit card either through the bank’s website or by calling DBS 24-hour Customer Service Hotline.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Through iBanking/Online Form/VTM/Digibank

    reset your credit card PIN in the following ways:

    • iBanking
    • Online form
    • Video teller machine
    • digibank

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    20 Calendar Days for Minimum Payment/1 Month for Full Payment (Can Start on Any Date)

    • Your billing period will vary depending on the number of working days in a month and will be specified on your monthly statement.
    • The due date for minimum payment is 20 calendar days from the date on which your card statement is generated. For example, if your statement was generated on 5 October, then your payment will be due on 25 October.
    • The due date for full payment is the date on which your next statement is generated.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Through iBanking/Card & PIN/Online Form/Customer Service Hotline

    you can request a replacement card in the following ways:

    • Through your iBanking credentials
    • Use your existing card details and PIN
    • By downloading and submitting an online form via the bank’s website
    • Call the DBS 24-hour customer service hotline

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card?

    Online Form/iBanking

    • Increase your card’s limit on a temporary basis either through an online form or via your iBanking account.
    • Temporary increase is only available for these reasons - wedding, travel, hospitalisation, funeral expenses.
    • Maximum increase of S$4,000 is permitted.
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