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    DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card Review

    The Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card is one of the most popular credit cards offered by DBS in Singapore. The card comes loaded with a range of exciting features and benefits. Predominantly an air miles credit card, the card lets you earn miles on every dollar you spend, both locally and overseas. Let’s take a look at the most prominent features and benefits associated with the card, while we also discuss the fee details, eligibility parameters and more.

    Features of the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

    • The card lets you earn 3 air miles for every S$1 you spend using the card on online hotel and ticket reservations. Some popular merchants include,, and
    • The maximum amount that can be converted to air miles is capped at S$5,000 a month.
    • For every S$1 you spend using your card at overseas destinations, you can earn 2 air miles. Also, every S$1 you spend locally in Singapore will earn you 1 air mile.
    • The air miles you earn using your card on spends – both Singapore and overseas – never expire.
    • Under the exclusive Jet Setter privileges offered by the DBS Altitude Visa Credit Card, you can earn up to 6 air miles for every S$1 you spend using your card on Expedia, and up to 10 air miles against every dollar spent at Kaligo.

    Benefits of the DBS Altitude Credit Card

    • You can make your bill payments in an extremely convenient manner – through internet banking or through the DBS mobile application.
    • You can track your expenses with ease. Every transaction you make using your card will prompt a notification by the bank.
    • Air miles accumulated through the card can be used to offset the expenses towards your next travel destination.
    • The 24-hour butler service provides you with real-time assistance to make hotel or travel reservations.

    DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card Promotions

    • Expedia: Earn up to 6 air miles for every S$1 you spend using your card on The offer is valid on online transactions you make using your card and is valid till 31 March 2018.
    • Kaligo: Earn up to 10 air miles for every S$1 you spend at Kaligo using your DBS altitude Visa Signature Credit Card. The promotional offer is only valid on online transactions and can be used till 31 December 2017.
    • Alila Hotels and Resorts: Get exclusive benefits at Alila Hotels and Resorts with your DBS Altitude Credit Card. The package includes a 2-night stay at a Superior Room, a 2-night stay at a Studio Room, daily a la carte complimentary breakfast, spa treatments, 3-course dinners and more. You will also get complimentary Alila Hospitalities a combination of resort packages. You can enjoy the offers at Alila UBUD, Alila Uluwatu, Alila Manggis and Alila Seminyak. The cost for the Manggis and Seminyak package is USD700 and the promocode is ALSM2017. The cost of the Seminyak and Ubud package is USD750 and the promocode is ALSU2017. The cost of the Seminyak and the Uluwatu pacakge is USD1,685 and the promocode is AVUS2017. The cost of the Ubud and Uluwantu package is USD1,600 and the promocode is AVUU2017. The offer is valid till 31 March 2018.

    Insurance Benefits with DBS Altitude Credit Card

    As a DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card holder, you will receive a travel insurance cover of S$1 Million. This covers various aspects of travel inconvenience and personal liability. Accidents or inconveniences sustained during travel or during the time of your vacation are covered under the insurance plan. The insurance product offered by DBS is called TravellerShield. The insurance covers both you and your family members.

    DBS Altitude Visa Signature credit Card Fees and Charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$192.60 (1 year annual fee waiver)
    Interest rate 25.9% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$100 if outstanding amount is more than S$50
    Cash advance fee 6% of the withdrawn amount
    Interest on cash advance 28% p.a.

    How to apply for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

    If you want to apply for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card, you have to visit the DBS website and fill out the online application form available on the bank’s website. You’ll also have to submit your documents – proof of identity, residence and income – following which the bank will get in touch with you and clarify your details. Your application will then be reviewed, and approved if your profile meets the bank’s internal credit norms.

    DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card Eligibility

    The following eligibility parameters need to be met in order to apply for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card:

    • The applicant should be at least 21 years of age.
    • The card is available to Singaporean citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners.
    • The minimum income for Singaporean citizens is S$30,000.
    • The minimum income for Foreigners is S$45,000.

    Documents required to apply for DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

    Salaried individuals:

    • Copy of NRIC, Income Tax Notice of Assessment, latest computerised payslips.

    Self-employed individuals:

    • Bank statement for the last 3 months, Copy of NRIC, CPF contribution history for the last 1 year, Notice of Income Tax Assessment.

    Individuals with varied income:

      • Copy of NRIC,Bank statement (last 3 months) and latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment.


      • Copy of Passport, Employment Letter, employment pass, valid work permit and latest computerised payslips.

    Cash Withdrawals/Advance Charges (domestic and overseas)

    The DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card allows you to make cash withdrawals from ATMs, both domestic and overseas. These withdrawals will attract a cash advance handling fee, amounting to 6% of the withdrawn amount, and interest charges (compounding interest) that currently stands at 28% p.a. The interest will be charged on an everyday basis until the entire amount is repaid in full.

    DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card Foreign Currency Transactions charges:

    Foreign currency transactions performed using the card will attract an administrative fee which is levied by the bank, and a currency conversion fee levied by the card association.

    Currently, the administrative fee charged by DBS can go up to 1.8%. Retail transactions will be charged with a currency conversion fee, charged by the card association, of 1% on the converted Singapore dollar amount.

    DBS Altitude Credit card Bill Repayments

    As a cardholder, you are required to make a minimum monthly payment of 3% of your total outstanding balance by the due date in order to avoid any penal charges. It is advisable to pay off your entire bill every month if you don’t want to attract any interest charges.

    DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card Interest rates

    The annual rate of interest on transactions is 25.90% p.a. Interest is calculated and levied at a compounding rate.

    What you should do if your DBS Altitude Visa Signature card is lost/stolen?

    If your credit card is lost or stolen, you must contact the bank immediately and inform about the loss/theft of your credit card. You must provide details of your card and information on the most recent transactions you’ve performed using your card. The bank will then verify your identity and block your credit card, disallowing further transactions from taking place. Note that the liability for lost/stolen credit card is S$100. Banks will investigate if you’ve acted fraudulently or in gross negligence, especially in the light of unauthorised transactions that have taken place on your card before you’ve reported the loss/theft of your credit card.

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    News About DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

    • DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer.

      Particulars – Charge your DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card with SGD 1,000 and avail 8,000 bonus miles. This must be done within the first two months from date of approval of the credit card.

      Terms and Conditions – Please, get in touch with DBS Bank to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

    • DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card offers Bonus Miles

      Earlier known as the Development Bank of Singapore, the DBS Bank offers a host of credit cards that come with a plethora of lucrative offers and exclusive privileges. Offers on almost every card from DBS bank are categorised into base offers and time sensitive offers.

      For the Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card, DBS has put up a new time bound offer that ends by June 30, 2016. The offer is valid if the card is applied for online through the portal of DBS. Post the issuance of the card, one can charge a minimum of 1000 Singaporean Dollars per month to the card for the first two months and earn 8000 bonus miles. These miles can be used to avail air tickets or redeemed for discounts. Standard terms and conditions of DBS bank will apply for this offer.

      19th April 2016

    • DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card Promotion 2016

      Runtime - This is an ongoing promotion that is valid until March 30, 2016.

      Particulars – This promotion is valid for new DBS / POSB credit card customers.

        • Apply for a DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card within the promotion period (March 30, 2016).

        • Spend a minimum amount of SGD 1000 each month on your new credit card for the initial 2 months from your card approval date and you will earn 8000 bonus miles.

      Terms and Conditions –

        • Applicants who have cancelled their Card within the last 12 months before the commencement date of the promotion will not be eligible to apply for this promotion.

        • The earned points will be credited in the qualifying member’s card account within 60 days of the last month where the qualifying purchase was made.

        • For further details on this promotion or for more information on the terms and conditions, please feel free to contact the bank.

    • Go contactless with the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

      Run Time-This is an ongoing offer

      Particulars- With the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card you can make all your payments at more than two thousand merchant outlets, just by tapping on your card. No pin or signature is required while transactions. Enjoy more with the fastest miles earning card in Singapore.

      Terms and Conditions - Please, contact the bank for more information about the terms and conditions.

      08th September 2015

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