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Citibank Rewards Programme

Citi offers a number of cards that reward you each time you use them to pay for purchases made in Singapore and also when you spend on your travels abroad. These cards give you cash back, rewards points, air miles, and other privileges such as promotions in partnership with selected merchants, both locally and internationally. Through such offers, Citi aims to make its services as rewarding as possible. Redeem cash back and rebates instantly when you shop at more than 300 locations in the country, and when you spend on daily expenses. You can accumulate the air miles you get on Citi cards and use them to get discounts on airline fares and hotel bookings (if allowed). You can make your next vacation cheaper by utilising your air miles.

Types of Card Rewards Offered by Citi

Citi offers the following rewards programmes on its cards:

  • Cash Back: For members who hold the Citi Cash Back Card, the bank offers an additional cash back of 7.75% over and above the normal retail cash back of 0.25%, bringing the total to 8%. This 8% cash back applies to groceries, petrol, and dining expenses paid through this card, all over the world. You get this reward when you spend at least S$888 a month on the card. The maximum cash back you can accumulate is S$25 per month for each category. The bank also offers a 20% cash back on Deliveroo orders until 19 August 2018.
  • Rebates: Citi offers rebates in different ways when you charge your monthly spends to certain cards. The specific cards and the types of rebates they give you are:
    • SMRT$ – The Citibank SMRT Card gives you savings in the form of SMRT$ on your daily spends. You can get savings of 5% when you use this card to spend on groceries, movie tickets, fast food orders, and coffee. You can also get 3% savings when you shop online. To get these SMRT$, you need to spend at least S$300 every month on this card, failing to meet this requirement will earn you 0.3% less SMRT$. On all other purchases you will get 0.3%. You can then redeem them for vouchers or cash rebates.
    • Citi Rebates – The Citi M1 Card is a good option for those who want to pay their recurring M1 bills on a regular basis through their credit card. This card gives you Citi Rebates of up to 10% when you use it to pay your recurring M1 bills if you spend more than S$600 every month on it. You get 0.3% Citi Rebates for all other retail purchases. When you purchase at M1 stores, you can earn Citi Rebates of up to 1%. Other Citi credit cards also earn you Citi Rebates of up to 10%. You can redeem your rebates at more than 300 locations on the island.
  • Rewards Points (Citi ThankYou Points): You can get Rewards points when you use certain Citi cards to pay for your expenses related to shopping for merchandise such as bags, shoes, and clothes. These purchases can be made either at department stores, retail stores or online, both overseas and in Singapore. There are two Citi cards focussing on offering rewards which are in the form of Citi ThankYou Points:
    • Citi Rewards Card– Earn 10x Rewards with the Citi Rewards Card when you buy shoes, bags, or clothes. You can redeem these rewards points when you buy other merchandise with participating outlets all over the world.
    • Citi Prestige Card The Citi Prestige Card offers you 6 Citi ThankYou Points for each S$1 you spend abroad, and 3.25 Citi ThankYou Points for each S$1 you spend in Singapore. You can also convert these Citi ThankYou Points into Citi Miles at the rate of 2 Citi Miles for every 5 Citi ThankYou Points.
  • Citi Miles: Citi Miles offer a way to get future discounts on airfares, hotel bookings, and holiday spends. The Citi PremierMiles Visa Card gives you 1.2 Citi Miles when you spend S$1 on local transactions and 2 Citi miles for every S$1 transaction you make when you’re travelling abroad. Each Citi Mile is equal to one regular mile. You can accumulate as many Citi Miles as you want. They also don’t have an expiry date.

Cash Back Programme of Citi

Citi offers cash back on the following card:

Card Name Cash back Earned Cash back Earned Cash back Earned
Citi Cash Back Card 8% cash back for spends on groceries, petrol, & dining capped at S$25 per category per month. Minimum required spend on the card – S$888 per month 0.25% cash back on all other transactions. No cap on cash back accumulation. Cash back of 20% on Deliveroo orders. Cap of S$25 per month. Valid till 19 August 2018.

Rebate Programme of Citi

The rebate program of Citi is as follows:

Card Name Rebate Earned Rebate Earned Rebate Earned Rebate Earned
Citibank SMRT Card Up to 5% savings in the form of SMRT$ when you purchase groceries. Up to 5% savings when you spend on dining and coffee. Savings of up to 5% on movie bookings & up to 5% savings on books and toys. Up to 3% savings when you shop online, 2% on health & beauty products, and 5% at Pet Lovers Centre.
Citi M1 Card Up to 10% Citi Rebate on recurring M1 bill payments. Up to 1% Citi Rebate when you purchase from M1 stores. Up to 0.3% Citi Rebate on all other retail transactions. 10% Citi Rebate when you shop at M1 stores for device accessories.
Citibank Clear Card 10% Citi Rebate at Starbucks. Minimum spend requirement is S$10. 5% Citi Rebate at Subway. Minimum spend requirement is S$10.    

Other Terms & Conditions for Citibank SMRT Card:

  • Minimum spend per month should be S$300.
  • SMRT$ accumulation is capped at 600 SMRT$ for every qualifying period.
  • Groceries purchases should be made from Giant, Fair Price, Sheng Siong, and Fair Price Xtra Kallang Wave (additional savings up to 2.3%).
  • Dining & coffee rebates apply at places such as Burger King, Sakae Sushi, McDonald’s, BreadTalk, Coffee Club, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks Coffee, and Dome café.
  • Movie booking rebates apply at Filmgarde, Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes, and Golden Village; & rebates on books and toys at Toys”R”Us and POPULAR Bookstores.

How to Redeem SMRT$ & Citi Rebates

  • You can use your accumulated SMRT$ to pay for your purchases at participating merchants.
  • You could also log into your Citibank Online account and get vouchers in exchange for your SMRT$.
  • You can convert your SMRT$ into cash rebates by sending an SMS to the bank in the required format. The conversion rate is S$5 cash rebate for every 5 SMRT$.
  • To redeem your Citi Rebates, you can send an SMS in the required format to the bank, call the CitiPhone Banking service, or log into your Citibank Online facility.
  • You can use your accumulated Citi Rebates to set off your next M1 bill, or get discounts on your purchases at any of the participating merchants.
  • You can also convert your Citi Rebates into SunPerks points or KrisFlyer Miles.

Rewards Points Programme of Citi

Card Name Rewards Earned Rewards Earned Rebate Earned
Citi Rewards Card 10x Rewards points for every S$1 you spend on shopping for clothes, shoes, or bags from department stores, retail stores, or online, in Singapore and abroad. 1x Rewards point for every S$1 you spend on all other transactions.  
Citi Prestige Card 6 Citi ThankYou Points for each S$1 you spend abroad. 3.25 Citi ThankYou Points for each S$1 you spend on local transactions. Up to 30% extra Citi ThankYou Points depending on your relationship with Citi.
Citibank Clear Card 1 Citi ThankYou Point for every S$1 you spend on any transaction. Accumulated Citi ThankYou Points are valid for a maximum of one year.    

Other Terms & Conditions:

  • For the Citi Rewards Card, Rewards points accumulation is capped at 20,000 Rewards points per month & 120,000 Rewards points per year.
  • For the Citi Prestige Card, there is no minimum spend criteria or cap on rewards accumulation.

How to Redeem Rewards Points (Citi ThankYou Points)

  • You can instantly redeem the Reward points (and Citi ThankYou Points) you accumulate for vouchers at more than 500 rewards outlets and off-set your purchases at these stores. Simply shop at any of the participating outlets and give them your Citi credit card while paying. The value of vouchers you get may differ from one participating merchant to another.
  • You can also redeem your Rewards points for a range of merchandise from all over the world or book your favourite vacation destination via Citi ThankYouSM Rewards. Present your Citi credit card when you’re paying and use the points you have accumulated to pay instead of using your credit limit.
  • Using Samsung Pay, you can choose the “pay with points” option to pay for your purchases with the accumulated points rather than paying with cash or using your credit limit. You can also do this with your credit card. You will get an SMS containing a link through which you can choose how many points you want to redeem.
  • Convert your points into miles and use them to get discounts on flight ticket fares and hotel bookings at participating hotels.
  • Alternatively, you can convert these points into instant cash rebates on your monthly card statement by sending an SMS to the bank. The bank will instantly credit the cash rebate into your account. The conversion rate is S$10 cash rebate for every 4,200 points.

Miles Programme of Citi

Card Name Rebate Earned Rebate Earned
Citi PremierMiles Visa Card 2 Citi Miles for every S$1 when you spend in foreign currencies. There is no limit to how many miles you can accumulate nor is there any minimum spend criteria. 1.2 Citi Miles for every S$1 you spend on local transactions. There is no limit to how many miles you can accumulate nor is there any minimum spend criteria.

How to Redeem Miles

  • You can redeem your accumulated Citi Miles for merchandise, reduction in airfares, discounts on hotel bookings, cash rebates.
  • Through the Citi ThankYouSM Rewards programme, you can pay directly for your flights and hotel bookings using your Citi Miles. You can also use them to get merchandise from international brands through this programme.
  • Get discounts on flight ticket fares when you redeem your Citi Miles with leading airlines such as KrisFlyer, Infinity MileageLands, Flying Blue, Asia Miles, Qantas, Executive Club, Garuda Frequent Flyer, Royal Orchid Plus, Qatar, Enrich, and Etihad Guest. The conversion or redemption is done at the rate of 1 regular mile for every 1 Citi Mile.
  • Also, redeem your accumulated Citi Miles with hotel loyalty programmes at the rate of 1 HG rewards club point for each Citi Mile.
  • By sending an SMS to the bank, you can redeem your Citi Miles and get cash rebates. You will get S$10 cash rebate for 1,400 Citi Miles. The rebate will be credited directly into card account.
  • You can also use your accumulated Citi Miles to pay for shopping transactions at various participating merchants all over the world.

Citi also gives you a number of other ways by which you can earn rewards. The following list gives you details on what rewards they offer and how you can get them:

Welcome Bonus: This is a one-time offer that the bank gives you when you sign up for a suitable card. These bonuses may differ from one card to another.

For example, some of the Citi cards give you a welcome offer of S$120 as cash back when you apply for them and charge your purchases to them. The welcome cash back gift is given in sets of S$20 cash back for every month of the qualifying spend period in which you spend at least S$200 or more in each of those months, for 6 months.

The Citi Prestige Card gives you a welcome gift when you apply for the card and your application gets approved by the bank. You get 62,500 Citi ThankYou Points (equivalent to 25,000 Miles). You will get this welcome gift when you pay the annual fees of S$535 that is applicable on the card.

Referral Bonus: Citi rewards you when you refer a friend to apply for a card and the application gets approved. When you refer your friend to apply for certain Citi cards, you will get a cash back of S$50 when your friend’s application is approved by the bank. Your friend will get a cash back of S$120 if he/she spends at least S$200 per month for 6 consecutive months.

This is how the referral bonus programme works:

  • You have to generate a unique referral link online through the bank’s website.
  • Share this unique link with your friends.
  • Your friends must use this link to complete an online card application.

Renewal Bonus: Citi also rewards you with additional bonuses when you renew your cards. For example, the Citi Prestige Card gives you a bonus of 62,500 Citi Dollars which is equal to 25,000 Citi Miles when you renew it annually.

Supplementary Card Bonus: You may also get a reward when you apply for a Citi supplementary card. These promotions are offered from time to time.

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