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CIMB Rewards Programme

CIMB offers cash rebates on travel, dining, and shopping. You earn these rebates with a certain minimum spend criterion. The moment you charge to your credit card, you get awarded with up to 10% cash rebate. One of the most unique benefits of these cards is that if you travel frequently for work or plan your vacations around Malaysia or Indonesia, you will receive discounts from the bank’s listed partners on dining, lifestyle, and retail outlets. With CIMB credit cards, you can earn unlimited cash rebates when you spend on retail at either local or overseas outlets. There are no caps on the amount of rebates you can get in a month. Added to this, you can also enjoy special discounts of up to 50% on dining when you use your card to dine at a participating restaurant.

Cash Rebate Programme of CIMB

The bank offers cash rebates on the following cards:

Card name Cash rebate earned Cash rebate earned Cash rebate earned
CIMB Platinum Mastercard 10% on travel 10% on beauty, wellness and health 0.2% on all other retail spends
CIMB Visa Signature 10% on wine and dine 10% on online transactions made in foreign currencies 0.2% on all other retail spends
CIMB World Mastercard 1% on all retail spends - -
CIMB Visa Infinite 2% on travel and overseas transactions 2% on online spend in foreign currency 1% on all other retail spends

Things You Should Know About These Cards

CIMB Platinum Mastercard: Spend at least S$500 in a month and make a minimum of eight transactions of at least S$30 in the same month to earn the 10% cash rebates. Also, the cash rebate has a cap of S$60 per month. Once you accumulate cash rebates up to the limit, you will earn 0.2% cash rebate on all transactions. An administration fee of 2% charged on foreign currency transactions will be credited as cash rebate in the following month.

CIMB World Mastercard: The 1% cash rebate does not have any cap on the amount you can earn in a month. You can earn this rebate even when you pay through i.PayPlan Instalments.

CIMB Visa Infinite: Spend a minimum of S$2,000 in a month to earn the 2% cash rebate. The 2% rebate includes 1% base rate and 1% additional cash rebate. There is no cap on the earning rate of the base cash rebate and even when you pay through i.PayPlan Instalments, you can earn a rebate.

Do More With Your Cash Rebates

  • The cash rebate earned on the main card can be used to offset the purchases made in the following month after the rebate has been credited.
  • These cash rebates do not have any expiry dates.
  • The cash rebates cannot be exchanged for cash or gifts.
  • You can redeem these rebates to purchase flight tickets, book hotels, offset purchases made in foreign currencies.

Knowing how the cash rebate programme works will help you save money on your transactions. But, there are other ways you can maximise the cash rebates you earn with your card. Keep an eye out on special offers and discounts. Below are some of the ways you can add to your rewards:

Welcome bonus: Check with CIMB before you apply, to see if they offer any welcome bonus for new members. The bonus can be in the form of cash rebates in this case. Generally, such offers have an expiry date. So, make sure you are aware of such promotions and apply for the card during this period. Some cards will require you to spend a minimum amount within the first few months before awarding you with the bonus.

Card renewals: Get in touch with your bank when you want to renew your card subscription to see if they offer any rewards for renewals.

Referral bonus: Certain cards provide cash rebates when you refer the card to a friend, he/she applies, and the application get approved. Check with CIMB from time to time to see if they offer such programmes.

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