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    Cashback Credit Card

    Cashback cards refund to you a certain percentage of the transacted amount when you make purchases. While some cards give cashback on certain eligible categories, others give it for all spends. You can earn cash rebates or cashback on categories such as local spends, foreign spends, foreign currency spends, groceries, entertainment, utility bills, fashion brands, online shopping, contactless payments, and more. This cashback can be used to offset your utility bills or retail purchases.

    Recommended for Cashback Cards
    Card with No Earning Cap American Express True Cashback Card
    Best Unlimited Cashback Card Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card
    Cashback on Groceries and Dining Citi Cash Back Card
    Cashback on Contactless Shopping DBS Live Fresh Card
    6% Voucher Rebates at Takashimaya DBS Takashimaya American Express Card
    Cash Rebates on Daily Spends POSB Everyday Card
    Best Sign-up Bonus HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
    Cashback on Foreign Currency Payments ICBC Global Travel Mastercard
    Card with Lowest Interest Rate Maybank Platinum Visa Card
    Cash Rebate on Fuel Purchase Maybank DUO Platinum Mastercard
    Top Everyday Essentials Card OCBC 365 Credit Card
    Best for GE Premium Payments OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card
    Cash Rebate on Entertainment OCBC FRANK Credit Card
    Great Discounts on Shopping OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card
    Best Card for FairPrice Purchases OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card
    Best Rebates on Electronics OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card
    Cashback on School Fees Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World Mastercard
    Top Entertainment Card with Taxi Perks UOB YOLO Card
    Cash Rebate at Departmental Stores UOB Delight Credit Card
    Citi Rebate on M1 Telco Bills Citi M1 Card
    Cashback Credit Card

    Citi Cash Back Card - 8% Cash Back on Dining & Grocery

    You’ll also get 8% cash back on dining (includes order placed on online food delivery marketplaces such as FoodPanda), Grab rides (Valid till 31 December 2018), and groceries. All other retail spends will fetch you 0.25% cash back. There is no minimum spend requirement on cash back earned through the base rate. However, cash back earned on categories that earn additional cash back, will be capped at S$25 per category per month.

    Card Highlights:
    • Save up to 20.88% on fuel purchased at Shell and Esso.
    • Make ERP payments conveniently by linking your card to EZ-Pay.
    • Get 10% Citi Rebate in addition to existing offers at more than 300 stores through Singapore.
    Cashback Credit Card

    American Express True Cashback Card - 1.5% Cashback All Spend

    Get cashback of 1.5% on all eligible spends. For the first 6 months after card approval, get 3% cashback on all eligible spends up to S$5,000 spent on the card. Eligible transactions made on supplementary cards will also be considered for calculation of the total cashback you can earn on your principal card. You can save more by benefitting from the True Cashback deals in addition to the cashback offer.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy exclusive dining privileges around the world under the American Express Selects and Global Dining Programme.
    • Get emergency assistance anywhere in the world from the American Express Global Assist Team.
    • Enjoy a 1-year fee waiver on your card.

    Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card - No cashback cap and No Minimum Spend

    Earn 1.5% cashback on eligible spends with no minimum spend requirement and no cap on cashback earning rate. Additionally, enjoy exclusive privileges from Mastercard with discounts on travel and entertainment, among other benefits. Also get 1+1 privileges at Soup Restaurant until 31 December 2018

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy annual fee waiver for 2 years.
    • This card doubles up as an EZ-Link card.
    • Up to 21% fuel savings at Caltex until 31 December 2018.

    HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card - 5% Cashback on Local Grocery Stores

    Get cash rebate of 5% on your daily purchases. These include selected recurring bills, fuel, and groceries (includes all local supermarkets and grocery stores). This offer is valid for your recurring mobile, cable tv, broadband, and other telecommunication bills. If you’re a Starhub customer, you can sign up for this offer directly through the bank’s website. If you’re a subscriber of services provided by other local telecommunication companies, contact them directly. In addition to the regular 5% cash rebate, you can also get another 16% instant discount when you purchase fuel from Caltex or Shell.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get cash rebate of up to 5% on your daily essentials
    • Get 1 Rewards point for every S$1 you charge to your card.
    • Link your card to Apple Pay on a compatible Apple device and make hassle-free, contactless payments anywhere.

    OCBC 365 Credit Card - Up to 6% Cashback on Dining & Online Spends

    Get 6% cashback on weekend dining when you charge the dining bills to your card. You’ll also get 3% cashback on weekday dining both within and outside Singapore. You can also earn cashback at the same rate when you charge your online shopping purchases to this card. This includes Grab and Uber cab bookings. You’ll also get 5% cashback on fuel, 3% cashback on grocery, 3% cashback on recurring telco bills, and 0.3% cashback on all other spends. Spends on EZ-Link and TransitLink of up to S$200 in a calendar month will earn cashback of 0.3%. Cashback can only be earned at an accelerated rate if you post S$600 in eligible transactions in a calendar month. Otherwise, the flat rate of 0.3% will apply. You can earn a maximum of S$80 in cashback in a participatingicular calendar month.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a complimentary travel cover of up to S$200,000.
    • Enjoy personalised concierge assistance anywhere, anytime.
    • Enjoy a number of Visa Signature privileges with this card.

    DBS Live Fresh Card - 5% Cashback on Contactless Shopping

    Get 5% cashback on eligible online spends and contactless payments made through Visa payWave. Payments made via mobile wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay will also fetch you cashback of up to 5%. However, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$600 in a calendar month to be eligible for this cashback offer. The cashback for this card is capped at S$60. You can earn up to S$20 on online spends, up to S$20 on payments made through Visa payWave, and up to S$20 on other spends.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 0.3% cashback on other eligible transactions.
    • Activate the EZ-Reload facility and use it as your EZ-Link card.
    • This card has been designed by Mark Ong, a famous snicker artist.

    UOB One Card - 5% Cash Rebate on all Your Spends

    Get up to 5% cash rebate on all your spends. In order to benefit from this card feature, you’ll have to charge a minimum of S$2,000 worth of qualifying transactions per month to your card for at least three consecutive months. Additionally, you can also get SMART$ rebates at more than 400 participating merchants all through the island. SMART$ works like Singapore dollars and can be used to offset your purchases instantly. Since you can earn cash rebates at an accelerated rate with this card, you can also save more every time you make a purchase.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get up to 3.33% p.a. interest on your UOB One deposit account.
    • Save up to 24% on fuel at SPC and 20.8% on fuel bills at Shell.
    • If you spend a minimum of S$12,000 p.a., you’ll enjoy an automatic annual fee waiver on your card.

    POSB Everyday Card - 6% Cash Rebates on Daily Essentials

    Get cash rebates of up to 6% on daily essentials from certain merchant outlets such as Watsons, Sheng Siong, SP Group, SPC, and Starhub. There is no minimum spend requirement. You can get a cash rebate of up to 5% on your grocery shopping at Sheng Siong. Use your card to get a 3% cash rebate on personal care products from Watsons. For all your recurring utility bills from SP Group, you can get 1% cash rebate. More mobile and broadband services, and in-store purchases from Starhub, you’ll be offered a cash rebate of 1%.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 5% cash rebate on overseas purchases.
    • Get cash rebate of 3% on medical spends.
    • Get cash rebate of 0.3% on all other spends.
    Cashback Credit Card

    Maybank Family & Friends Card: Save up to 8% on Groceries & Transport

    Get 8% cashback on daily essentials such as groceries, transport, and retail transactions completed at selected merchants in Singapore and Malaysia. You’ll have to spend a minimum of S$1,000 in eligible transactions to benefit from this offer. If you, however, charge more than or equal to S$500 but less than S$1,000 per calendar month to your card, you’ll earn cash rebates at the rate of 5%. For all other purchases, you can earn cash rebates at the rate of 0.3%. There is no cap on earnings for the base cash rebate rate.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy a 3-year annual fee waiver on your card.
    • Get 3x interest returns on your Maybank Family Plus account when you charge transactions to this card.
    • Enjoy complimentary and discounted access to JetQuay.

    Maybank Platinum Visa Card - Up to 3.33% Rebate on Local Spends

    Get cash rebates of up to 3.33% on all your local spends. The rebates offered will be automatically used to offset your card bills. Simply spend a minimum of S$300 every month in a quarter to get cash rebates. Spend a minimum of S$300 every month of a quarter and earn cash rebate up to S$30. Spend a minimum of S$1,000 every month of a quarter and earn cash rebate up to S$100. Payment of card fees, certain recharges and other miscellaneous charges are excluded from this offer to earn rebates. Enjoy a low annual interest rate of 15% on this card.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get cash rebates of 0.3% on your overseas transactions.
    • The quarterly service fee of S$20 is waived on this card under the 3-year fee waiver.
    • Get comprehensive travel cover of up to S$500,000 with this card.

    Citi M1 Card - Up to 10% Citi Rebate on M1 Spends

    Get 10% Citi Rebate on your recurring M1 bills, 1% Citi Rebate on purchases made at M1 stores, and 0.3% Citi Rebate on all other retail spends. The Citi Rebates earned, can be used to offset purchases at more than 300 merchant locations. If you spend less than S$300 in local and foreign transactions, you’ll earn Citi Rebate of 0.5% on your recurring M1 bills. For a total spend of more than S$300 but less than S$600 in a month, you’ll get Citi Rebate of 3%. For transactions exceeding S$600 per month, you’ll get 10% Citi Rebates. This offer is only valid for recurring M1 bills.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a replacement SIM in case you lose or damage your M1 SIM.
    • Enjoy fee waivers on activation of Data Passport and M1 value added service connections, subject to certain exclusions.
    • Instead of offsetting your M1 bills or retail purchases, you may also convert your accumulated Citi Rebates into KrisFlyer miles or SunPerks Points.

    Citibank SMRT Card - Up to 7.3% Savings on Daily Essentials

    Get 5% SMRT$ rebates when you purchase groceries from local departmental stores such as FairPrice, Sheng Siong, and Giant. You’ll get 7.3% SMRT$ rebates at FairPrice Xtra Kalang Wave. 5% rebate will only be offered on single transactions worth S$50 or more. For anything less, SMRT$ rebates of up to 3% will be offered. Also, for consolidated monthly spends less than S$300, 0.3% less rebate will be provided. You’ll also get up to 5% SMRT$ rebates on fast food, movie, and coffee. You can also save up to 3% on online shopping.

    Card Highlights:
    • No convenience fee will be charged for EZ Reload automatic top-ups.
    • Enjoy an annual fee waiver for 2 years.
    • You can redeem SMRT$ for cash rebates or gift vouchers. Cash rebates will appear as credits in your card bill in the relevant billing cycle.

    HSBC Premier Mastercard - Up to 6% Cash Rebate on Daily Expenses

    Get up to 6% cash rebate on your daily expenses. You can enjoy up to 5% cash rebate on your purchases at local grocery stores. You’ll also get 5% cash rebate on recurring cable tv, mobile, and broadband bills. With this card, you’ll also enjoy up to 6% cash rebates on petrol. You’ll also get up to 2% cash rebate on local restaurants although hotel dining is excluded from this offer. To earn cash rebates at an accelerated rate, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$800 per month, for three consecutive months. You’ll earn cash rebates at a lower rate on a minimum spend of S$400 per month in a calendar quarter.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get an instant discount of 14% on purchasing fuel from Shell and an instant discount of 16% on purchasing fuel from Caltex. This is in addition to the regular cash rebates offered.
    • Get 1 Rewards point for every dollar you spend.
    • Enjoy end-to-end travel privileges when you charge your travel expenses to your card.

    HSBC Advance Credit Card - Up to 3.5% Cashback on All Purchases

    Get up to 3.5% cashback on all purchases that you charge to your card. Additionally, there is no minimum spend requirement for this offer. If you’re a retail banking customer, you’ll enjoy cashback of 2.5% on your card if you spend more than S$2,000 per month and 1.5% if you spend up to S$2,000 on your card. If you’re an HSBC Advance banking customer, you’ll enjoy 1% additional cashback on all spends. The monthly cashback limit stands at S$70 for retail banking customers and S$125 for HSBC Advance customers.

    Card Highlights:
    • As an HSBC Advance customer, you’ll enjoy a perpetual waiver of annual fees on your primary and supplementary card accounts.
    • Get cash rebate worth S$90 when you refer your friends and family members to HSBC cards.
    • Link your card to Apple Pay on your compatible Apple device and make secure and private transactions at contactless terminals at participating stores.
    Cashback Credit Card

    SAFRA DBS Card - Get 3% Cash Rebate on Contactless Payments

    Get 3% cash rebate on all local Mastercard contactless transactions and eligible online spends with this card. However, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$500 per calendar month to qualify for this offer. You can offset your purchases on the spot with your accumulated SAFRA$ cash rebates at participating merchants and 6 SAFRA Clubs in Singapore. You can also log in to your internet banking account and redeem your SAFRA$ points against KrisFlyer miles or for offsetting your card bills. Cash rebates are capped at SAFRA$50 per calendar month per card account. This card is available to SAFRA members only.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a cash rebate of 0.3% on all other retail spends.
    • Enjoy exclusive facilities at SAFRA Clubhouses across Singapore.
    • Link your card and pay for your public bus rides with Mastercard Contactless.

    DBS Takashimaya Visa Card - 5% Voucher Rebates In-Store

    Get 5% Takashimaya voucher rebates with the DBS Takashimaya Visa Card. These vouchers can be used to offset your future purchase bills. Every S$30 worth of Takashimaya vouchers can be redeemed for 100 Takashimaya Bonus Points. These points can be used to pay for your Takashimaya retail purchases. You’ll also get 0.5% voucher rebates for out-store spends. So, for every S$2,000 charged to this card outside Takashimaya stores within a quarter, you can redeem S$10 worth of Takashimaya vouchers. This offer is valid till 30 September 2018. Some of the exclusions are payment of card fees, membership fees, top-ups and payments to prepaid cards, payment to financial institutions, and cash withdrawal among others.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get an additional 10% discount during in-store sale events.
    • Enjoy S$6 cash top-up of your CashCard for parking outside Takashimaya stores when you spend a minimum of S$250 within the store.
    • Get 5% discount at Takashimaya Japan.

    DBS Takashimaya American Express Card - 6% Voucher Rebates In-Store

    Get 6% voucher rebates with this card. You can also earn 2 Takashimaya Bonus Points for every S$10 you charge to your card. You can redeem every 100 Takashimaya Bonus Points for S$30 worth of Takashimaya Gift Vouchers. These rebates can be used to offset future purchases at Takashimaya. For every S$2,000 charged to your card outside Takashimaya per quarter, you can redeem S$10 worth of gift vouchers to offset your purchases. This offer is valid till 30 September 2018. Payment of recurring bills, My Preferred Instalment Plans, and local and foreign retail spends, qualify for this offer.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy exclusive shopping and dining privileges at more than 1,000 selected merchants across Singapore.
    • Make secure and quick contactless payments with Visa payWave.
    • Get complimentary delivery service on meeting the in-store minimum spend criteria.

    DBS Live Fresh Student Card - 0.3% Cashback on All Eligible Spends

    Get cashback of 0.3% on retail transactions that you charge to this card. Not only can you get more value for money when you shop online, order food online, reserve hotel rooms online, or book a cab online but also when you make Visa payWave purchases at participating merchants across the city-state. Check the bank’s website for the spend exclusions. This card is also automatically enrolled for EZ-Reload. That means, it can be used as your EZ-Link card, too.

    Card Highlights:
    • This card has no minimum income requirement and it also offers a credit limit of S$500. That makes this card great for students and young, working professionals. If you earn at least S$30,000 a year, you may also request an upgrade of the credit limit on your card.
    • You may link this card to your DBS savings account and make it function like an ATM card.
    • Mr Sabotage, famed sneaker and sweatshirt artist, has worked on the aesthetics and design of this card.

    OCBC Cashflo Credit Card - Up to 1% Cash Rebate on All Spends

    Get a cash rebate of 0.5% on all purchases, when your total monthly card bill is below S$1,000 and a cash rebate of 1% if the monthly bill is S$1,000 or above. Your payments will also be automatically split into 3-month instalments on transactions above S$100 but below S$1,000 and split into 6-month instalments on transactions worth S$1,000 at least. Due to the these two major benefits, this card helps you enjoy greater control on your cash flow and stretch your dollars.

    Card Highlights:
    • Annual fee waived for the first 2 years.
    • Enjoy annual fee waiver for the subsequent year on spending at least S$5,000 by your card anniversary date.
    • Get 14% discount on petrol at Caltex.

    OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card - Up to 12% Rebate at FairPrice

    Get 12% rebate on the expenses charged to your card at Fairprice stores. Cardholders with NTUC membership will enjoy this special benefit. This offer is valid only if a cardholder charges S$400 worth of transactions outside FairPrice, Unity, FairPrice Online, and Warehouse Club within the same calendar month. This offer is only valid for Visa transactions above S$20 outside FairPrice. The 12% rebate comprises 7% LinkPoints rebate, 4% FairPrice Annual Cash Rebate, and an additional 1% rebate for cardholders who agree to credit their salaries to the NTUC-OCBC Starter Savings Accounts. Check the bank’s website for exclusions.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 12% rebate at Unity.
    • Get 3% discount at Popular.
    • Get 1% LinkPoints rewards recurring telecommunication bills from organisations such as M1, Singtel, and Starhub.

    OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card - Up to 7% Rebate at FairPrice

    Spend S$500 a month outside FairPrice stores to get 7% cash rebate at Warehouse Club and FairPrice stores. You can also get 3% rebate when you shop from the FairPrice website. Qualifying spend include telecommunication recurring bills, insurance premiums, EZ top-up, purchases made at Popular bookstore, and other retail purchases. The cash rebates will be provided in the form of LinkPoint Rewards. 150 LinkPoints is equal to S$1. While 5.67% rebate or 8.5 LinkPoints will be offered by OCBC, the remaining 1.33% rebate or 2 LinkPoints will be offered by FairPrice, bringing the total to 7%. LinkPoints will be credited to your card account within 60 days of the relevant transaction.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a discount of up to 18.5% and also get 2.4% Smiles Savings when you purchase fuel from Esso.
    • Get 18% off all fuel grades and also earn an additional 0.2% LinkPoints rebate on purchasing fuel from Caltex.
    • Get 0.22% LinkPoints rewards all your Visa spends.

    OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card - Up to 3% Savings at the Brand

    Get 12% BEST Rewards equivalent to 3% cash rebates when you use this card to purchase electronic items from BEST Denki. This offer is valid for all purchases made at BEST Denki including those purchases which have been made under the 0% instalment payment plan. If you spend at least S$10,000 at BEST Denki with your card, you’ll get an additional cash rebate of 2% and if you spend at least S$20,000, you can earn an additional 2.5% cash rebate. Only transactions made at BEST Denki will qualify for the annual cash rebate. Use these rebates to offset your future purchases at BEST Denki.

    Card Highlights:
    • Charge a minimum of S$200 to your card in a single receipt on purchase of heavy/bulky items at BEST Denki and get free delivery.
    • Pay 16% of the purchase price of an item extra to get more coverage under the Safety 5 Premium Warranty Programme.
    • Get invited to exclusive member-only events, product seminars, and special workshops.

    OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card - 1% Rebate on Premium Payments

    Get 0.5% cash rebate on consolidated monthly bill below S$1,000 and 1% on consolidated monthly bill of S$1,000 or more. Get 1% cash rebate when you purchase selected Great Eastern General Insurance plans or Life Insurance products. Purchases valued over S$100 but below S$1,000 are automatically divided into 3 monthly instalments and purchases valued S$1,000 and above are divided into 6 monthly instalments. Some Great Eastern Life and General Insurance products can be distributed into 12 monthly payment plans. The cash rebates earned by you will be automatically credited to your card account. You may use these rebates to offset your card bills.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy lifestyle and healthcare privileges with this card.
    • Enjoy discounts on movie ticket purchases and Combo Sets at Cathay Cineplexes until 31 December 2018.
    • Enjoy an annual fee waiver for 2 years.
    CashBack Credit Card

    OCBC FRANK Credit Card - Up to 6% Rebate on Online Spends & Entertainment

    Get up to 5% cash rebate on entertainment with this card. While the higher rate of 5% is offered at KTVs, selected cafes, bars, movie theatres, and clubs from Friday to Sunday, a lower rate of 3% is offered at these places of entertainment on other days of the week. With this card, you can also earn 6% cash rebate on online retail transactions - purchase of clothes and accessories, gadgets, booking of hotels and travel packages, and even Grab rides. 0.3% cash rebate on all other spends. The monthly cash rebate cap stands at S$60. In order to be eligible for cash rebates, you’ll have to charge at least S$400 in offline transactions.

    Card Highlights:
    • You’ll also get 3% cash rebate on your first two NETS FlashPay automatic reload.
    • Enjoy contactless payments wherever you go. Simply link your card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, depending on the device compatibility.
    • Enjoy exclusive StarHub offers and privileges from StarHub.

    OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card - 5% Rebate at Al-Futtaim Group Stores

    Get 5% cash rebate all year round across 18 fashion brands at more than 80 retail outlets in Singapore. There is no cap on rebates earned from in-store spends. These rebates will be offered on all in-store items on top of other existing promotional offers and special discounts. Cash rebates, earned from eligible transactions, will be credited immediately to your card account. For some of these brands, cash rebate will be posted in the form of Rob$ Rebate. For some, the rebate offered will appear in the form of OCBC$ Rebate. For the remaining brands, you’ll get rebates in the form of RSH Group Rebate.

    Card Highlights:
    • For every S$2 spent at stores that don’t sell any of these 18 fashion brands, you can earn Rob$1.
    • For every S$2 spent overseas, you can earn Rob$3.
    • Enjoy special in-store privileges such as access to members-only events, private sale events, and special prices and promotional deals.

    UOB UnionPay Card - 2% Cashback on All Local & Overseas Expenses

    Get a cash rebate of 2% on all the transactions you charge to your card. There is no minimum spend requirement. This offer is applicable on all local and overseas retail transactions. As this card is accepted by more than 41 million merchant outlets worldwide, you can enjoy this benefit on spends made almost anywhere in the world. Enjoy up to 21.6% savings on fuel at SPC

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy 24-hour concierge service.
    • For purchases of S$100 or less, you can make secure and convenient contactless payments at participating merchant outlets with UnionPay QuickPass.
    • Get a maximum discount of 10% when you shop at duty-free shops at more than 100 international airports.

    Singtel-UOB Card - Save up to S$360 on Singtel Bills

    Get cash rebates of up to S$360 on the recurring Singtel bills you pay every year. If you charge Singtel bills of less than S$50 a month, you’ll get a cash rebate of 1%. If your monthly Singtel bill payment is more than or equal to S$50 but less than S$100, get a cash rebate of S$1. For payments greater than or equal to S$100 but less than S$300, you will get a cash rebate of S$3. If your monthly Singtel bill is more than or equal to S$300 but less than S$500, you’ll get a cash rebate of S$10. For bill payments equal to or exceeding S$500, you’ll get a cash rebate of S$30.

    Card Highlights:
    • Cash rebates will be awarded based on the consolidated Singtel bill payment in a particular card statement cycle.
    • Singtel vouchers of up to S$300 will be offered every year.
    • There is a perpetual waiver on annual fees.

    UOB Delight Credit Card - Up to 8% SMART$ Rebates on Groceries

    Enjoy 8% SMART$ rebate on groceries purchased from departmental stores such as Jasons, Cold Storage, Guardian, Market Place, and Giant if you spend at least S$800 per month, 3% SMART$ rebate for a monthly spend greater than or equal to S$400 but less than S$800, and 0.3% for spends below S$400. You can also earn up to 3% SMART$ rebate on contactless payments and select recurring bills, and 0.3% SMART$ rebate for all other retail spends without meeting a minimum spend criterion.. In addition to the said SMART$ rebates, you can also get discounts of 10% at selected house brands at Guardian, Cold Storage, and Giant stores.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get up to 75% discount on hotel bookings anywhere in the world and enjoy other travel benefits all through the year.
    • Enjoy up to 20% petrol savings at selected petrol stations.
    • Enjoy exclusive dining privileges with this card.

    UOB JCB Card - 6% Rebate on Shopping & Dining at Japanese Outlets

    Get 6% cash rebate when you shop or dine at top Japanese merchant outlets such as Kuriya Dining, Isetan, Ichiban Boshi, Kuriya Japanese Market, Ichiban Sushi, Sushi Tei, Tokyu Hands, Meidi-Ya, and UNIQLO when you spend at least S$300 in a calendar month. If you don’t meet the minimum spend criterion, you would still earn a cash rebate of 3%. On all other spends, you’ll earn a cash rebate of 0.3%. You can earn a maximum cash rebate of S$50 per calendar month. Cash rebates aren’t awarded on payments made for government services, and donations to charitable/religious organisations.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy complimentary access to certain airport lounges in Japan.
    • Get complimentary access to more than 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan.
    • Enjoy an annual fee waiver for 1 year.

    UOB YOLO Card - 12% Cash Rebate on Booking Grab Ride

    Get up to 12% cash rebate on booking Grab rides, on entertainment, and dining if you sign up for this card for the first time and up to 8% cash rebate if you an existing UOB cardholder. You’ll also get 3% cash rebate on online shopping for fashion accessories and travel packages. 0.3% rebate will be offered for everything else. To earn cash rebates at an accelerated rate, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$600 per calendar month. In case you fail to meet the minimum spend criteria, you’ll earn cash rebate at the base rate of 0.3%. You can also earn 10% SMART$ rebates at more than 400 participating stores in Singapore.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a complimentary travel cover of up to S$500,000.
    • Get a discount of up to 13% at partner travel fare aggregator and metasearch websites.
    • Start investing into Unit Trusts with the UOB Young Professionals Solution and grow your wealth quickly.

    ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Card - Up to 8% Cashback on Retail Purchases

    Get a maximum of 8% cashback on retail purchases made at retail stores connected to the UnionPay payment network. For retail spends on qualifying spends not exceeding S$500 for each of the any three consecutive months, you’ll get cashback of 0.5% for the first month, 0.5% for the second month, and 0.5% for the third month. For retail spends at merchants connected to the UnionPay payment network that exceeds S$500 for each of the any three consecutive months, you’ll get cashback of 2% in the first month, 5% in the second, and 8% in the third. The cashback entitlement for the three months in question will be capped at S$50, S$60, and S$80, respectively.

    Card Highlights:
    • No cashback will be awarded on top-ups and recharge of prepaid payment cards.
    • Get an exclusive discount of up to 10% on booking flights with China Southern Airlines until 30 September 2018.
    • Valid transactions charged to a supplementary card will be considered for calculation of the total qualifying spend on the principal card account.

    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Card - Up to 12% Cashback Dining

    Get cashback of 3% on the total spend, provided you charge a minimum of S$1,000 per month to your card and cashback of 1% on the total spend, when you charge less than S$1,000 per month to your card. You can earn cashback of up to S$60 per month. The bank will also consider all the qualifying transactions made on supplementary cards for calculating the monthly cashback earned by you on your principal card. Certain transactions such as card fees and charges are excluded from the cashback offer. Cashback will be credited to your card account within 30 business days from the end of the month in which an eligible transaction was made.

    Card Highlights:
    • Enjoy annual fee waiver for 3 years.
    • Get up to 12% off when you dine at selected restaurants.
    • No administrative fee will be charged on transactions made in RMB. Special cash advance fee rates will apply for cash withdrawals made via partner ATM networks in Mainland China.

    ICBC Visa Dual Currency Card - Up to 8% Cashback on Retail Visa Purchases

    Get cashback of up to 8% on qualifying retail transactions charged to this card. The transactions must be made at retail outlets connected to the Visa payment network. If you make qualifying spends for three consecutive months of up to S$500, you’ll get 0.5% cashback for the first month, 0.5% cashback for the second, and 0.5% cashback for the third. For qualifying spends above S$500 for each of the any three consecutive months, cashback will be capped at 2% for the first month, 5% for the second, and 8% for the third. Cashback will not be awarded for top-ups and recharges.

    Card Highlights:
    • Cashback will be capped at S$30 for the first month, S$40 for the second, and S$60 for the third of any three consecutive months, where the qualifying spend criteria has been satisfied.
    • No cashback will be offered on payment of fees related to trading, brokerage, and forex.
    • The cashback earned remains valid for 1 year from the time of issue.

    ICBC Global Travel Mastercard - Earn 3% on Overseas Transactions

    Get unlimited cashback of 3% on qualifying overseas/foreign currency transactions. There is no restriction on the number of transactions or any limit on the cashback that you can earn. There is also no minimum spend requirement. Some of the transactions excluded from this offer are card fees and charges, top-ups, payments to prepaid accounts and card, tax payments, payments related to trading of securities, and more. Cashback will be credited to your card account within 30 business days from the end of the month in which an eligible transaction was made.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get cashback of 1.5% on local spend.
    • Make contactless payments for tickets of Land Transport Authority and TransitLink public conveyance.
    • Enjoy an annual fee waiver for three years on this card.

    Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card - 1.6% Cashback with No Limit

    Get 1.6% cash rebates on all local spends. There is no limit on the amount of cashback you can earn with this card. There is also no minimum spend criterion. You can further increase your savings and return on investment through the discounts that you’ll enjoy on various spend categories. You’ll get 10% off purchases made on the FC Barcelona Official Online Store Asia Pacific and get 5% off your purchases made at FCBotiga official store at Camp Nou.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 2x TREATS Points for every S$1 spent on foreign currency transactions. These points can be redeemed for cash credit, shopping/dining vouchers, and more. TREATS Points can’t be converted to KrisFlyer miles and Asia miles.
    • Stand a chance to win a trip to Camp Nou to catch Barcelona live in action, every football season, subject to terms and conditions.
    • Enjoy a complimentary travel cover of up to S$300,000 when you charge your travel-related expenses to your card in full.

    Maybank eVibes Card: 1% Cashback on All Eligible Spends

    Get 1% cash rebate on everything you buy with this card. The date on which an eligible transaction is posted to your card account will be used for the purpose of calculation of your card spend. All retail transactions charged to your card will be eligible for cash rebates. Cash rebates will be calculated correct to 2 decimal places and won’t be rounded off. No cash rebate will be awarded by the bank for transactions that are deemed to be commercial or corporate in nature. Transactions completed in a particular month but not posted to the card account in the same month will be considered for cashback calculation in the next month.

    Card Highlights:
    • This card, designed specifically for students in the tertiary education level, offers student benefits including a credit limit of S$500 on the card.
    • Enjoy a wide array of in-store and online promotions. These offers may be subject to terms and conditions, and expiry.
    • Enjoy instant online access to transactions made and posted to your card account, anywhere and anytime.

    Maybank DUO Platinum Mastercard: 5% Rebate on Fuel Purchases in Singapore

    Get 5% cash rebates every time you charge your fuel purchases to this card in Singapore or Malaysia. Transactions made at participating petrol stations in Singapore and Malaysia, classified under MCC 5541 and MCC 5542 will be considered to be valid. Cash rebates will be calculated correct to 2 decimal places and won’t be rounded off. Transactions, deemed to be corporate or commercial in nature by Maybank, won’t earn you any cash rebates. If you charge a minimum of S$1,000 worth of fuel purchases per month on or before 31 July 2018, you can get cash rebates of 13%.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 1 TREATS Point per S$1 on all other charges.
    • Use the contactless feature of your card to simply tap and pay for your train and bus rides.
    • Get a complimentary travel insurance cover of up to S$500,000 when you charge your travel expenses to your card.

    Standard Chartered Spree Card - 3% Cashback on Foreign Currency Transaction

    Get cashback of 3% on all online spends completed in foreign currency and also on vPost spends. Cashback of 2% will be offered on online spends made in Singapore dollars. The same rate will also apply for payments made via mobile wallets and on contactless payments at selected retail outlets. With this card, you can earn up to S$60 in cashback every month. There is no minimum spend requirement, too. Till 31 July 2018, you can also get up to 20% cashback, capped at S$30 a month, on Grab rides taken in Singapore or abroad.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get cashback of 1% on all other retail purchases.
    • Get purchase protection on items bought online. If you can find an item bought online using this card at a lower price on another website within 30 days of your purchase, AXA Insurance Singapore will refund 50% of the difference in price, subject to a maximum of S$250 per covered item. Other terms and conditions apply. This offer is valid till 8 October 2018.
    • Save up to 19.78% on monthly fuel purchases at Caltex till 31 December 2018. Other terms and conditions may apply.
    Cashback Credit Card

    Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World Mastercard - Earn up to S$800 a Year

    Get up to 3% cashback on eligible transactions such as payment of school fees for tuition centres, local and overseas retail transactions - dining, shopping, and entertainment, online payments on purchases made through the seller’s website, and instalment payment plans. You can earn up to S$200 in cashback every quarter and up to S$800 a year. Cashback is calculated on a monthly basis depending on the date in which a qualifying transaction was posted to your card account and the statement cycle. Cashback for a quarter is posted a month from the end of the quarter. Cashback won’t be offered on certain transactions such as balance transfer, payment of card bills/charges, top up of prepaid cards and accounts, and AXS/ATM transactions, to name a few.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get an annual fee waiver for 1 year.
    • Get a free credit report within 30 calendar days from card sign-up. You can get it from CBS. The free report isn’t available for renewed or replaced cards.
    • There are 3 cashback tiers - 0.5%, 1%, and 3%, depending on the consolidated monthly spend amount.

    Disclaimer: The “best” cards listed here have been chosen from all cards available in Singapore. It doesn’t represent preference or prejudice to ot against any card or card issuer.

    Benefits of Cashback Cards

    Cashback cards are among the most popular type of credit cards in Singapore, as many surveys, including one conducted by BankBazaar, have pointed out. By making strategic use of them, you can earn significant savings on what you spend. Besides, they often combine other privileges and reward programmes. Here are their key benefits:

    • The cashback/cash rebate earning mechanism is less complicated compared to earning and redeeming rewards points or miles.
    • They can often provide a significant cashback earning rate across a specific category.
    • They can also provide you cash rebates on purchases across several categories such as groceries, dining, shopping, online spends, overseas spends, entertainment, lifestyle, fuel, and more.
    • The rebate amount is usually credited directly to your account, either right after each time you make a purchase, or at the end of the month.
    • Some cards provide higher earning rate during promotional offers.

    Why to Use Cashback Credit Cards?

    Cashback cards can prove useful to anyone, because of their unique characteristic of returning a certain percentage of the amount spent on purchases. Cards that provide rebates on retail and online purchases, such as the OCBC Frank, can really prove beneficial if you’re a regular shopper. If you eat out a lot, you would want to use a card that gives you a higher earning rate on dining spends, such as the Citi Cash Back Card. Similarly, you should choose a cashback card that gives you more benefits on whichever category you spend the most in.

    How Does It Works in Singapore?

    These credit cards are the least complicated, as you either earn back a certain percentage of your transaction amount, or you save through rebates on eligible purchases. This could be in the form of cashback points which are credited to your primary card account. Cashback/cash rebates generally have a validity period, before which you must redeem your credits. It usually extends to a year. Some cards may have never-expiring earnings. Most of these cards are also characterised by a minimum monthly spend requirement and a cap on how much you can earn back. For instance, you have to spend at least S$600 each month to qualify for the money-back benefit in case of the OCBC 365.

    Some of them don’t have any spend criteria but may have an earning limit – such as the SCB Spree Card – and a few have tiered earning rates, such as the HSBC Advance Card. There are also cards like the American Express True Cashback that have neither a minimum spend nor a cap. You can maximise the rebate by using your card wisely. Use it to make purchases across categories for which it gives you more cash rebates. Redeem the cashback earned at any point by paying a part of your bill or annual fees.

    Things to Consider Before Getting a Cashback Card

    Cash rebate/cashback cards, if used wisely, can really help you save a lot. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect rebate card:

    • Limited-time deals: Some cashback cards offer bonus cash credits or earning rate at the time of applying for a new card. Such offers will help you save significantly.
    • Category-specific cashback: Some cards provide higher cashback in specific categories. In such cases, you should always use the card when you spend in these categories. You should ideally choose a card that let you save on the categories which you mostly spend on.
    • Flat rates: Some cards provide you with a standard rate for all your spends. If your spends are equally spread out among different categories, go for a flat-rate card such as the SCB Unlimited Cashback Card. Alternatively, you could have two different cashback cards with varying higher-earning categories. However, these will still have a list of spends that are not eligible for any cash rebates. Check the terms and conditions and the cardmember agreement properly to see which transactions don’t earn you anything.
    • Minimum spending required: Many of these cards often have a minimum spend criteria. You have to spend a specific amount before you are awarded cashback on your purchases.
    • Quarterly cash rebates: Some may have quarterly rebate policies – which means that you have to meet the minimum spend criteria for 3 consecutive months to earn the rebate.
    • Cap on earnings: Many of them also have a restriction on the amount you can earn back. Once you cross the amount specified, you won’t earn the higher cashback percentage.
    • Co-branded cards: Such cards offer higher earning rates at specific affiliated outlets. If you are a loyalist of any store that has a co-branded credit card, you should consider getting it.
    • Base rate: All cards will have a base rate – apart from the categories with a higher earning rate. This base rate will not have any minimum spend criteria or limit on earnings. Once the cap is reached on the higher-earning categories, the rewards will revert to the base rate.
    • Other perks: Cashback cards also offer benefits such as rewards programmes, free travel insurance and other exclusive privileges. You should look for these benefits before making a choice, as it will help maximise the advantages.
    • Finance charges: If you do not clear your credit card bill in full every month, you will be paying interest rate on the balance that is carried forward. If you forget to pay your bill on time, then you will incur late payment fees. These finance charges, plus a high annual fee, will undo all the savings you’d have made. So ensure that you’re choosing an affordable card and making all your payments on time and in full.
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